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Zodiac Signs by Month: Personality Traits

Zodiac Signs by Month: Dates and Characteristics

Astrology is a fascinating science that gives a lot of interesting information about people, their character, behavior, and even their fate. Basically, lovers of astrology know from it only the zodiacal constellations.

If you want to learn a lot of useful information on this topic — I suggest finding out the signs of the Zodiac by months, the specific numbers of the signs of the Zodiac and their characteristics.

Zodiac Signs by Month: Personality Traits

Zodiac signs by month and day: a detailed overview

Aries (March 21 — April 20)

Aries is the first constellation in the zodiac, stands a symbol of life. By nature, such a person is very selfish, accustomed to put his own interests and needs in the first place. The surrounding reality is perceived by Aries as an attachment to his person.

True, the manifestations of naturalness and sincerity characteristic of him slightly brighten up his egoism and aggression.

He is also very trusting, sincere, a little fantasy, he is distinguished by an incredible sense of purpose and perseverance: if he sets a goal for himself, he will move towards it without retreating.

From the negative personality traits of the hot constellation, one can distinguish excessive straightforwardness. Of course, on the one hand this is good, but on the other, it often becomes the source of various problems.

Also Aries are irresponsible, they can forget about these promises and their duties. With great difficulty endures physical pain.

Taurus (April 21 — May 21)

Taurus calls the calendar of zodiac signs a solid and peaceful being, which is almost impossible to irritate. Although pour cold water on his head, even rush at him with his fists, even scream at the top of his voice — everything will be in vain.

If Taurus has a different opinion from yours — to prove something to him is simply unrealistic.

In this case, Taurus characterizes the peace-lovingness: he does not cross the road to anyone, if he is not touched. However, just starting to get it — you will encounter a huge stubbornness. Angry him, you risk finding out the perfect other person.

A man who has been behaving calmly for years, but when his patience is exhausted, he has turned into an angry bull, demolishing everything in its path.

Fortunately, such scenes for Taurus are extremely rare — they take place no more than a couple of times in a lifetime, in extreme cases, no more than a couple of times a year. Representatives of this constellation are not inclined to be nervous in case of failures — they are very persistent, face trouble with contempt and continue to pursue their goal.

Incredibly stubborn.

They are not indifferent to the opposite sex, although they themselves rarely take persistent initiative. They prefer to first see the interest in themselves, and if you are cute Taurus, then on he will start for more active actions.

Gemini (May 22 — June 21)

The horoscope of the zodiac signs for months describes Gemini as the most elusive person among all the other constellations. They are always in a state of movement: they replace their wardrobe, place of work, environment, place of residence.

It is also easy to recognize the pets of Mercury by their typical impatience. They love to speak quickly, not letting others insert a word into the dialogue.

They give preference to this kind of activity in which one can constantly receive many new impressions: they become advertising specialists, television and radio porters, journalists and so on. Also, as a rule, they have excellent literary talents and inclinations to learn languages.

Extraordinarily enterprising — in this they have no equal in the zodiac.

The sharp and stinging mind of Gemini makes him the winner in any verbal clashes. True, the natural friendliness does not allow to use this gift with malicious intent.

Airborne representatives can do many things at the same time without much effort.

Zodiac Signs by Month: Personality Traits

Cancer (June 22 — July 23)

Cancer has an excellent sense of humor — his jokes are always thoughtful, coming from the depths of his soul. More Cancers never cry crocodile tears.

And if they cry, it means that their tender, vulnerable heart was upset with tactless words or the behavior of those around them.

Offended such a person loves. Then he gloomily falls silent and never reveals what has hurt him so much.

Sometimes he harbors grievances and seeks to punish his offenders, just like a vengeful Scorpio. The only difference is that Cancers take revenge not openly, but secretly. It is worth mentioning about the unreasonable sharpness, even anger, typical for Cancers.

And not on a specific person, but on the whole world in general.

The horoscope on numbers finds an analogy of the behavior of the constellation of Cancer with its namesake animal. If this person has set a goal for himself — he will never move forward to it. On the contrary, it will create for everyone around the illusion that he is interested in something else.

However, only having felt the competition, he immediately mobilized and completed what he had begun, overtaking his rival.

And still wards of the Moon differ in heightened emotionality. Often suffer from worries and anxieties, however, positive emotions are also keenly felt, which favorably affects their health.

If his happiness is suddenly threatened, he will fall into a state of despondency, which leads to a deterioration of well-being, mistakes, miscalculations and other troubles.

Leo (July 24 — August 23)

Lions — this is undoubtedly kings, that in the animal kingdom, that in the zodiacal circle. The behavior of people born under the sign of Leo, dictated by high mobility, but also royal laziness.

You will not meet a fiery person in the dark and alone with yourself, but he is a frequent guest at official receptions, social events, parties and other public places.

To meet the intro-lion is more difficult than to meet a unicorn. Such personalities are distinguished by expansiveness, pride, and self-esteem.

Just try not to be interested in him, not to give him enough attention — you immediately see a terrible beast, ready to tear you to pieces!

All Leo is very worried about the opinions of outsiders. Therefore, if you want to achieve their location — start with the praise of its merits.

The main thing is to make relevant compliments, without unnecessary flattery.

Lviv is also characterized by insight and ingenuity: they do not suffer unpromising work, projects and plans. Choose for themselves the role of leader, leader.

Without which, the king of beasts will not exactly live — so it is without love. It is quite free to finance, often dropping large sums of money.

True, even bankrupt, will find a way to improve the situation.

Zodiac Signs by Month: Personality Traits

Virgo (August 24 — September 23)

The signs of the horoscope for months give a clear description of the man-Virgin: not demonstrative, almost silent, unsociable, prefers to stay apart. Typical Virgo appears as an intelligent young man with an armful of books under his arm, a clear mind, prone to notice various little things.

This earthly constellation does not favor parties and idleness. You are more likely to find the human Virgo working late into the night than at a club or other public place. And if they are forced to burden themselves with secular duties, they do it elegantly, but without much enthusiasm.

Consider like a bad waste of time.

Virgo is distinguished by great sincerity in absolutely everything, you can always rely on her without a doubt. But she will never show you either her sincere emotions or special financial generosity.

Both in the first and second prefers to be restrained. At the same time, the Virgin herself does not often receive reciprocal gifts, since she prefers not to be indebted to anyone, striving for complete independence.

I propose to view the signs of the zodiac by month and day the table below

Zodiac Signs by Month: Personality Traits

Scales (September 24 — October 23)

Although they are symbolized by the scales, such individuals are very far from equilibrium. They often hesitate from side to side, with difficulty reaching an even, calm state.

Just like scales — two bowls of which always outweigh one another. They strive to achieve harmony, which, however, it turns out they are quite rare.

For some time, Libra manifests terrible vigor, rushing around the city almost at the speed of light, doing a million things a day, working 20 hours a day, and sleeping only 4, but they feel great. But a turning point comes and now all the same Libra do not leave their bedroom for days, being in a state like a lethargic sleep.

Have a very contradictory character. They just adore controversy, no matter what, the main thing is that they are in dispute like fish in water. The bulk of the constellation representatives tend to fluctuate so long, choosing the right decision, that at the end the choice is eliminated by itself due to the disappearance of one or several options.

Indecision is the main flaw in the people of this sign.

Scorpio (October 24 — November 22)

Zodiac signs on dates call Scorpio very truthful, not tolerating lies and falsehood and never flattering anyone. If you are interested in learning about your true abilities, ask this question to Scorpio, and then listen to his words.

True, such an individual will reveal both your positive and negative sides, without trying to diminish them in the least.

Another typical feature of his can be called the incredible courage, contempt of death itself. Scorpios will cope with any ordeal: physical pain, poverty, ridicule, betrayal and mortal danger. And still come out victorious from any battle.

All troubles are met with pride and with contempt.

Having an excellent memory, remember that good, that bad, that was done to him. Under no circumstances will he concede what he possesses or intends to take possession of. Always behaves calmly, measuredly, without unnecessary fuss and nervousness.

He firmly knows what he wants, infinitely believes in himself and his strength.

Zodiac Signs by Month: Personality Traits

Sagittarius (November 23 — December 21)

If anyone in the whole Zodiac always tells you the whole truth in their eyes, no matter how unpleasant it may be, it will definitely be Sagittarius. And he has no purpose at all to offend you, he just is incredibly straightforward.

And also witty, resourceful, funny and truthful.

The only thing in the character of Sagittarius is not completely tactful. True, he himself considers himself an example of diplomacy, which often leads to many misunderstandings.

Sagittarius is very mobile and restless: he is simply not able to sit in one place for a long time, but constantly seeks to run somewhere.

People who have been patronized by Jupiter are remarkably fearless. The typical Sagittarius is attracted to risky occupations or at least a dangerous hobby.

They are attracted by speed, they drive headlong at their heads, and enjoy traveling by air. By the way, it can be noted that most of the famous test pilots were exactly the Sagittarius on the constellation.

They seek to constantly tempt fate, playing with death.

It should be noted, of course, and the extraordinary talkativeness of such personalities. All that they have in mind is the same in language.

It is easy to guess that they themselves often suffer from such indiscretions. Sagittarius — a passionate nature, if he is passionate about something, then give up this occupation at all 200%.

Mad about change, travel. Very generous.

Capricorn (December 22 — January 20)

Capricorns are calm and unobtrusive, prefer to observe what is happening from afar, occasionally interfering with the general conversation. He is surrounded by an aura of sadness and earnestness, which is not surprising: Saturn requires its players to be eternally disciplined and stern.

It has a very pleasant, soft voice that fascinates other people. But although it may create the illusion that Capricorn is soft, like a feather bed, in reality it is harder than a rock. If you set a goal for yourself — it will be safe to go to it, not turning off the road, not paying any attention to insults and disappointments.

Someone will deviate from the goal, but it will definitely not be a representative of this constellation.

It is impossible to say that Capricorn is not romantic — in the mood for the mood he dreams in the moonlight or writes lyrics. True, if you take a closer look, we will see that dreams are thoughts about work, and the poems are written in a clear handwriting and always with all spelling and punctuation norms. The worst thing for Capricorns is to succumb to their fears, gloominess and pessimism.

Therefore, it is necessary for him to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, practice physical exercises and look at everything that happens a little more optimistically.

Aquarius (January 21 — February 19)

What is the most unusual and unpredictable zodiac sign? Of course, Aquarius!

If you interact with it — do not be surprised by any surprises.

Such an individual is very kind, calm, but constantly challenges the society, creates various unusual antics. Often plunges into shock its absolute illogicality.

For example, he can come to a formal party with a dress code in sandals, simply because he is so comfortable. Aquarius constantly analyzes everything that happens with itself, as well as its environment.

Although they have not so many friends — they prefer quantity to quality, and sometimes they have a long and deep relationship with someone.

The individuals whom Uranus patronizes are almost never understood and often alone. It is very difficult for people to understand them, living in the future and very rarely visiting the present.

In many books on astrology it is written that «The thoughts of Aquarius will be understood only after half a century!»

With Aquarius difficult to establish any agreement. They hate being constrained by circumstances.

They also always straightforwardly express their vision of the situation, but they are not inclined to impose it on others. Respect their personal space, believing that everyone can do what they want.

This sign will never fight for anything, all the more desperate. No different aggression, although not cowardly. Simply, he is against open confrontation.

But with all this, he defends his own position to the last, as if others were not pressing him.

Fish (February 20 — March 20)

Pisces has a highly developed intuition, but at the same time there is no perseverance, perseverance, they rather go with the flow of life than actively fight for a place under the sun. Of course, there is a category of constellation people who struggle with circumstances and more than resistance — only they manage to become truly happy and harmonious.

Fish have an unusually calm, even in some places indifferent character, it seems that there is nothing that could annoy them. Manifestations of rage, anger, insults, accusations or reproaches will pass by them, without causing any harm at all.

Pisces are the final constellation in the zodiacal circle. And while Aries is associated with life, Pisces — with death, the transition to eternity.

As the last sign, they are filled with the characteristics of all previous constellations. Therefore, do not be surprised that they are just as rectilinear as Sagittarius, devoted to deeds like Capricorns, proud and funny, like Lions, fast like Twins, slow as Taurus and as idealistic as Aries.

The most powerful instrument of Pisces is humor. It is he who allows them to hide their true unwanted feelings and indirectly express their attitude to what is happening, if they do not want to do it openly.

And humor can vary — from soft, harmless jokes, ending in acrid, evil sarcasm. But even Rybki is very compassionate towards others, always eager to help everyone.

If you suddenly have no one to turn to, go to the Fish.

Now you know the dates of the zodiac signs by month and their typical personality traits. Finally, watch the video on the topic:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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