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Zodiac sign Scorpio — a general characteristic for women and men

Zodiac sign Scorpio — characteristic, patronage of the planets

Scorpio is under the auspices of the planet Pluto and the water element. This is a contradictory and bright sign of the zodiac, the characteristic of which can lead to amazement.

Also, the zodiac sign Scorpio is influenced by the planet Mars, which characterizes its belligerence and ruthlessness. But is Scorpio so awful?

Consider a detailed description in the article.

Zodiac sign Scorpio - a general characteristic for women and men

The Planets of Scorpio

The duality of the character of a scorpion is based on the influence of two planets — Pluto and Mars. Pluto gives this sign the ability to penetrate the deep essence of things on the verge of clairvoyance, Mars makes a belligerent and aggressive character.

Pluto gives mystery and mystical charm to a poisonous creature called Scorpio — it is endowed with natural magnetism and charm.

Mars gives determination to actions, fearlessness and incredible energy. Scorpios are notable for their stormy temperament and passionate manifestation of their nature.

At the same time, the ruler of the underworld, Pluto, has another effect on his charges — endows with gloom and penchant for depression. The solitude and alienation, together with magnetic attraction, form the controversial and dangerous nature of Scorpio.

The influence of the two planets on the character of Scorpio ultimately gives a fearless personality, ready to persevere to the intended goal and achieve it by any means. These are very complex unsociable people who seek to suppress and subjugate everyone around.

They are able to sow chaos and destruction around themselves, caring little about the feelings of others. Moreover, the destruction they carry for the sake of the destruction itself, without setting any goals!

From Scorpio can get a sadist, ruthless tyrant and dictator. These people can easily betray, conspire and become terrorists.

However, not everything is so simple with Scorpio, as it is influenced by another planet — Venus. Thanks to Venus, this controversial sign of the zodiac is endowed with magical charm and appeal.

This is a heartthrob, able to drive a crazy partner. Due to the romantic recklessness of Scorpios can plunge headlong into a passionate and turbulent romance, after which the partner remains exhausted and frazzled.

Water Element Effect

How does water affect Scorpio character formation? Since the water element manages the feelings and emotions of man, Scorpio perceives the world around him from the sensual side.

Often the emotions with which he is overwhelmed become destructive, but Scorpio is not able to subdue emotions to the mind — and is not going to do it.

In winter, the water in the reservoirs becomes ice, so the feelings and sensations of Scorpio are literally riddled with cold. This is a cold passion and anger on the verge of madness.

In this case, the Scorpions have a heightened sensitivity to the manifestation of subtle energies, these are good intuits.

Scorpios have a penchant for idealism and are ready to lay down their lives in the struggle for their ideals. Perseverance in achieving the goals of Scorpio can only envy. These are hard, like ice, crystals of perseverance and determination.

However, the properties of water give them fluidity, which is expressed in adaptation to any conditions and the ability to flow around obstacles. If necessary, Scorpio can turn into a rapid stream of water sweeping away everything in its path.

Water is variable, so there are no stable moments in Scorpio’s life — he is always ready for radical changes in his life. The insight of a Scorpion does not always help him in life situations — he just gets to the bottom of the essence of any person, so making friends with this gift is incredibly difficult.

Scorpio does not tolerate lies and hypocrisy, and if he notices these qualities in a person, he breaks off relationships.

Zodiac sign Scorpio - a general characteristic for women and men

The description of the zodiac sign Scorpio is controversial and complex. This he owes to the influence of various planets that are included in his horoscope. The main features of the character of Scorpio are:

  • pylkost in the presence of logic;
  • reckless courage with prudence;
  • frankness in the presence of hidden motives;
  • loyalty in the presence of egoism.

Scorpios perceive the world exclusively in black and white, they do not recognize the flickering of penumbra and the sound of soft transitions. Therefore, when observing the behavior of Scorpio, it can be noted that he constantly rushes to extremes and does not tolerate any compromises.

For all their penchant for a gloomy mood, they never lose heart and, in case of any failure, are looking for new opportunities for the realization of plans.

Go to your dream Scorpions go ahead.

With all this, the Scorpions do not rush into melee for every reason. They are able to endure many things, but, brought to a boiling point, fall on the opponent and strike with incredible power.

Men of this sign can be called the most passionate lovers and smoothies. They are emotional and sensual, can beautifully express their admiration for their partner and seek her boundless devotion.

However, they do not allow the partner to influence their decisions and are always independent in their judgments.

The love of freedom and independence rules the Scorpios, therefore attempts to subdue or break the will are useless. Scorpio is capable of expressing his opinion bluntly, not caring about the feelings of the people around him, and he does not consider that he has offended anyone.

If your favorite is Scorpio, be prepared for a hectic emotional life and forget about peace of mind. It is impossible to conquer the location of Scorpio by pretending — he sees a partner through and through.

Do not try to take away his right to lead in relationships — it is useless.

You should also take care not to give the slightest assumption of infidelity: in this case, a grandiose scandal with humiliation and insults will follow. Crying and calling out to the mercy of Scorpio is useless — he does not react to tears and sobs.

Try to preserve the mystery of his nature with all his might. If Scorpio studies his partner thoroughly, she will simply lose all interest for him.

To keep Scorpio, you need to have remarkable willpower, tremendous patience and all-consuming love.

Zodiac sign Scorpio - a general characteristic for women and men

They are mystically attractive and mysterious, they contain an unsolved mystery and magical charm. Scorpion women are filled with dignity and infallibility. Inconsistency of character is expressed in mystery with complete sincerity, passion with external equanimity.

Scorpions may look like the Snow Queen, but at the same time a partner will burn with passion for them.

Her movements are deceptively soft, like those of a panther. For the softness of the legs hiding deadly claws. Her facial expressions and grimaces are full of hidden meaning that is impossible to guess.

With all its grace and grace, the scorpion is as hard as steel. Her sharp mind can inflict a deep wound, and the determination of actions — discourage anyone.

When dealing with a female scorpion, one should not expect ordinary hysterical attacks, a sea of ​​tears and reproaches — this will not happen. You simply believe that witches exist if they did not believe in it before.

You will see with your own eyes how you can passionately love and hate furiously at the same time.

At the same time, a scorpion wife will demonstrate loyalty and sacrifice if she loves her husband. She will do everything for the sake of his career and promotion.

Of course, your own comfort is included in the calculation, however, the help of scorpions will be truly invaluable.

Do not try to change it, then much regret about this unreasonable act. Cheating scorpion calculate instantly, and the scandal will be like a small atomic war. Scorpio revenge is also useless — it is the winner in life.

Therefore, before putting a wedding ring on your finger, weigh the pros and cons.

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