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Zodiac sign Libra — general characteristics, a description of men and women

Zodiac sign Libra: balance and aesthetics in everything

Such a sign of the zodiac, like Libra, is famous for its balanced character and friendliness. But there are also negative features: the tendency to constant doubt, throwing in search of a luminous ideal and lack of determination.

Let’s talk about those born under the sign of Libra more.

general characteristics

Scales — very nice people in communication. They will always help a friend, you can easily and naturally talk with them.

Zodiac sign Libra - general characteristics, a description of men and women

The main character traits of Libra:

  1. Do not tolerate the framework and restrictions. Freedom for them is the most important thing in life, therefore, if they are trying to deprive it, Libra will literally “fade out”, losing its vitality.
  2. Excellent interlocutors. They know how to talk easily and naturally, always support them with a kind word and extend a helping hand to those in need.
  3. Lovers of beauty, aesthetes. Created to improve the surrounding space around them. Their home is usually a model of beauty and style.
  4. Balanced and calm, they are almost impossible to ruffle. But if you managed to annoy Libra, be sure: you will cease to exist for them, because they do not tolerate violators of their personal peace of mind.
  5. May be too lazy and slow. In their heads they always have a lot of ideas that Libra is able to generate from the air. But it is very rare to bring the matter to the end, due to the natural inclination to doubt everything and look for excuses.
  6. Desperate debaters. They will hold their own to the last, even if they are fundamentally wrong. Personal opinion is above all. Because of this, they can be known as egoists.
  7. They are able to concentrate, focusing their attention entirely on the work they are engaged in. But only under the condition that this business is a favorite one and brings true pleasure.
  8. All life strive for happiness through the achievement of harmony. Therefore, it is precisely among Libra that there are a lot of spiritually developed people. They love meditation, psychology, endlessly study their consciousness and the processes taking place in it.
  9. Aristocrats Usually these are people perfectly educated, with good manners. They are not ashamed to go into society, they know how to apply themselves and hold on with extraordinary dignity.
  10. Creative and talented people. It is very important for them to reveal their sense of beauty through painting, poetry, literature. music And, admittedly, it turns out that Libra is just fine.
  11. Incorrigible optimists. Negative thinking is not about Libra. They are looking for and finding a positive in everything, even in the smallest, everyday things. Charged with this attitude and others who are not able to resist the vitality of the representatives of this zodiac sign.

Next, consider the characteristics of the nature of men and women of Libra.

Description of Libra Men

If your spouse, friend or relative is Libra, you should know about its features in order to build relationships better and more harmoniously.

Zodiac sign Libra - general characteristics, a description of men and women

What is characteristic of male Libra:

  1. They love to give advice, because they are sure — they know everything! If you do not want a quarrel, you better agree, but you can stay with your opinion.
  2. Will never adapt to your expectations and bright hopes. Therefore, either accept it as it is, or look for someone else.
  3. Very rational, because of what can seem insensitive. But this is far from the case. The Libra-man may experience heat within, but will not show it, because he believes that excessive sensitivity is below his dignity.
  4. Charming, can charm anyone. But at the same time you should not hope for his serious intentions. A Libra male falls in love rarely, but immediately for life. And before the meeting with his real love will turn a lot of fleeting novels, maybe even several at once.
  5. If you want to be with such a man, you must fully obey his will. He does not tolerate female domination, and will always be the head of the family. In this and its plus — you do not have to be a strong woman, you can fully trust your partner.
  6. Controversial nature. May change my mind several times a day. But this does not mean that you can not rely on it. Simply, he is always looking for the perfect solution to any problem.
  7. If the Libra man «went into himself,» it will be very difficult to shout and draw attention to him. And do not do this. Just wait until he returns to the real world from his thoughts, and then discuss the current issues.
  8. Having obtained a Libra man, you will find yourself behind a stone wall for love and care. He is one-lover, he will never betray or offend, although you will have to put up with some unpleasant features of his character.

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Women Scales

A woman born under the sign of Libra is an incredibly harmonious and whole person. Self-development — the meaning of her life.

It will never be boring with her, you will endlessly discover all new facets of her character.

Zodiac sign Libra - general characteristics, a description of men and women

  1. Almost always looks impeccable. Beauty and aesthetics, the desire to improve, the ability to present themselves and good breeding make a real lady of the woman-Libra. Therefore, it is not a shame to appear with it even in the most sophisticated society.
  2. She loves dresses and feminine things, seeks outwardly to conform to her invented ideal. Sometimes this desire can turn into a kind of narcissism.
  3. He loves himself, people and the world as a whole. Therefore, it is pleasant to be in her company. She is a great companion who is able to support and talk on intellectual topics, and chat with her girlfriends about women’s nonsense.
  4. Compassionate and merciful, for everyone will find solace. He will listen, help in word and deed. Great friend.
  5. In a relationship, it can be flimsy, unpredictable, because of him it is quite difficult for men to deal with it. It is not clear what to expect from this girl.
  6. Smart and seeking to develop their intellectual abilities. But because of this, it can be difficult for men who do not reach this level. If she is able to remain silent at the right time, she will not be priced.

Weightedness, rationality and an extraordinary Libra mind, coupled with their charm and attractive appearance, always attract people to this zodiacal constellation.

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