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Zodiac Sign Compatibility Horoscope: Who is your protector?

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Horoscope: Who is your protector?

Each of us in the horoscope of compatibility of the signs of the zodiac is the one who was born to be our protection in life. If you want to know who is the protector for you, then count out the fourth constellation from your Zodiac sign — the people born under this Sign are your protectors.

For more information about the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in the horoscope according to the principle “I and my defender” can be found on this list:

  • You are your protector
  • Taurus — Leo
  • Gemini — Virgo
  • Cancer — Libra
  • Lion — Scorpio
  • Virgo — Sagittarius
  • Libra — Capricorn
  • Scorpio — Aquarius
  • Sagittarius — Pisces
  • Capricorn — Aries
  • Aquarius — Taurus
  • Fish — Twins

How is the relationship between these signs of the zodiac?

In work such a tandem is quite successful. As a rule, in such a union you will play an active role in solving all questions, and your advocate will, according to the horoscope of compatibility of the signs of the zodiac, “cover” you in business, support and create the best conditions for fruitful activity.

Married such a union can also be successful, especially if the protector is a woman. In such a pair, she will support her husband in everything, help and protect his peace. A woman in such a marriage can be not only a real keeper of home comfort, but also a warrior for family happiness.

If the pair is a male defender, then in such a union he will most likely become a henpecked and will fulfill all the whims of his wife. And now it is he who will support her in the rear.

In friendship such compatibility with the Zodiac in the horoscope is also very favorable. Your fourth sign of the zodiac will be for you a real support in everything. He will easily lend you money, help with affairs, give good advice and save you from trouble.

Appreciate your advocate on the compatibility signs of the signs of the zodiac, and often listen to his opinion. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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