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Zodiac Sign Compatibility Horoscope: Me and My Secret Enemy

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Horoscope: Me and My Secret Enemy

12 Zodiac sign on the account of our considered hostile to us. According to the horoscope of compatibility according to the Zodiac, the communication of two such representatives of the constellation rarely ends well.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in the horoscope on the principle «I and my Secret Enemy»

  • Aries and Pisces
  • Taurus and Aries
  • Gemini and Taurus
  • Cancer and Twins
  • Lion and cancer
  • Virgo and Leo
  • Libra and Virgo
  • Scorpio and Libra
  • Sagittarius and Scorpio
  • Capricorn and Sagittarius
  • Aquarius and Capricorn
  • Fish and Aquarius

On the left is your Zodiac Sign, on the right is the Zodiac Sign hostile to you.

In life, such a partnership can end very badly for both people. In work and business such constellations rarely succeed together. This is one of the most difficult alliances.

If your colleague — 12 in the account Zodiac sign after yours, then expect from him a trick. He can «sit» for you, spread gossip and even steal ideas from you.

Married this compatibility by the Sign of the Zodiac is quite acceptable. Our 12 Zodiac signs will show us gentleness and patience, will help in everything, but at the same time imperceptibly from us, manipulate us. This pair combines sexual attraction and passion.

In friendship. If among your more or less close friends there is a person born under the 12 Zodiac sign on the account of your constellation, beware of it. He can rub you in trust and use you for his own purposes.

Astrologers recommend not to trust our Secret Enemy, as close communication in the framework of friendship or business partnership can end badly.

In family. If your child is your enemy according to the horoscope of compatibility of the signs of the zodiac, then your communication will not be easy. He will know all your secrets and weaknesses and use all the information to his advantage.

A child with such compatibility is often a talented manipulator.

Avoid close contact with your 12th Zodiac sign in your life, and then you can be protected from trouble. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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