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Zodiac sign Aquarius — a general characteristic for men and women

Zodiac sign Aquarius: characteristic and description of the person

Aquarius is perhaps the most «rainbow» sign of the Zodiac, which is infinitely immersed in the world of their fantasies and has a vivid imagination. Everything that happens in his head is a mystery to others, which you want to solve by all means.

Let’s talk about the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the nature of Aquarius more.

general characteristics

To understand Aquarius, you need to be born. This is a very mysterious, in some way even a mystical, mysterious person that you want to know again and again.

Zodiac sign Aquarius - a general characteristic for men and women

Description of the nature of the representatives of this zodiacal constellation:

  1. Despite the penchant for invention and constant life in the world of dreams, Aquarius is at the same time avid realists. They clearly know what tomorrow is preparing for them, and they are always ready for unexpected surprises of Destiny.
  2. In dealing with Aquarius should be prepared for the unexpected. It may seem to you that you have studied them completely, and then at one point they throw out some strange behavioral thing, creating complete dissonance with your expectations.
  3. Kind and calm, they still love to throw out the tricks and enjoy how shocked others are. But they do it wickedly, like children who want to draw attention to their person.
  4. Relationships are easy and can really make friends with former partners when feelings pass.
  5. They love themselves very much, so they strictly observe their personal boundaries, not allowing anyone to break them. They have a high internal dignity, which is felt a mile away.
  6. With all the external cloudlessness, lightheadedness, Aquarius are far from being naive. They are difficult to conduct, so the best behavior strategy with them is perfect honesty. They do not tolerate deception and do not forgive the stumbled traitor.
  7. Aquarius usually has many friends, he is a true soul, a company and a frequenter of noisy parties. But at the same time, they periodically need privacy in order to fully immerse themselves in their thoughts, without being distracted by external events and affairs.
  8. They are very perceptive, they see people through and sensitively read all shades of human emotions. Strong empaths, may even have weak extrasensory abilities. Intuition is highly developed, the premonitions almost never cheat.
  9. Often they ask very straightforward, even in some way tactless questions, which may embarrass others and annoy.
  10. They love puzzles and active mental activity. If the brain does not work, Aquarius quickly becomes boring and he is looking for another activity for himself.

On the whole, the character of Aquarius is peaceful and light. It is easy and pleasant to communicate with them.

But if you want from the category of just a friend to move into the status of a close friend or a loved one, be prepared to always be crystal clear and respect the boundaries of this person.

Aquarius man

To build a harmonious and happy relationship with a man-Aquarius, you need to be well versed in the peculiarities of his nature.

Zodiac sign Aquarius - a general characteristic for men and women

  1. His behavior is different from all other men, so you need to be prepared for the unexpected. For example, if he likes you a lot, he will become distant and cold, which can be misleading and suspect indifference.
  2. In dealing with women to whom he is not attracted, he is usually just a darling. Friendly and courteous attitude, along with the willingness to always come to the rescue, girls often take for sympathy. Therefore, you need to be careful not to break your heart. It is better to immediately find out that between you — friendship or a romantic relationship.
  3. It is very hard for Aquarius to open up in the sensual sphere, he hides his true emotions to the last, but at the same time seeks to capture the heart and soul of a partner completely. These games amuse him, turning him into a real manipulator and hunter for women’s hearts.
  4. It can be selfish, petty, even mean. But only if the woman allows such an attitude. It is enough to softly point out one day that this is unpleasant for you, and Aquarius will correct it.
  5. In relations with him it is very important to pronounce all your feelings and emotions. Do not hold in yourself insults and disappointments, tell, why this or that its behavior is unpleasant to you. He will always find a compromise, and the relationship will be harmonious and last long.
  6. To win the heart of Aquarius, you will most likely have to take the initiative, because he is rather passive and afraid of failure. A hint of what you like is enough for you, and it will not be a matter of courting.
  7. Do not be jealous of him in any case. He takes jealousy for weakness, such a woman quickly ceases to be interesting and desirable.

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Aquarius women

Aquarius girl — nature with a great sense of self-worth. She loves herself and expects the same relationship from her partner. Will never tolerate disrespectful words and actions in his address.

Just go, and return it after that will be impossible.

Zodiac sign Aquarius - a general characteristic for men and women

  1. You cannot say about a girl that she will be faithful to her partner until the end of her life. This sign is most prone to treason. But she will not change secretly — honestly will tell everything and break off the relationship.
  2. It needs positive emotions, if they are not there, the man will quickly get bored and will cease to be for her the “beautiful prince”. Therefore, one must be moderately romantic, moderately strict and a little unpredictable.
  3. This is a cat that walks by itself. She will never belong to her man entirely. Therefore, it is important to leave a small amount of personal space for it. Ideally, set aside time for privacy.
  4. Her ideas about the ideal life may differ from those accepted in society. This can only be reconciled, but such a character cannot be broken.

Moderately calm, but sometimes unpredictable Aquarians attract people with their energy and charisma. These are great friends and partners, you can rely on them.

It is only important to know certain features of the character, so as not to spoil a good relationship.

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