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Zirconium stone properties — history of origin

The unique properties of zirconium stone

Zirconium stone (also called zircon) is one of the oldest minerals. In the jewelry industry, jewelry is often made with it, and lithotherapists highly value its magical properties.

Who is suitable for zirconium, its deposits, varieties and much more is covered in this article.

Zirconium stone properties - history of origin

The origin of the stone

First of all, let’s talk about terminology.

Zircon stone is a natural mineral, zirconium orthosilicate (the salt of this metal, which is combined with silicon).

Zirconium is a metal characterized by a silvery white shade, softness and corrosion resistance. Pure zircon in nature is impossible to meet, it is present in it, as various chemical compounds.

But do not confuse concepts and confuse zirconium with cubic zirconia. While the former is a natural gem, cubic zirconia is an artificial stone, zirconia.

Jewelers use cubic zirconias in budget jewelery, replacing diamonds with them.

You can be misled even in the store, as cubic zirconias are often called zircons. Although they do not in any way belong to their natural brethren.

The price for them is several orders lower.

In different sources, zircons are differently called hyacinths, slang and azorites.


To date, the main supplier of zirconium to the world market is Sri Lanka. At the same time, it is also the main compromiser of the mineral, because local jewelers often give out zircons for diamonds, placing them in a brilliant cut.

In addition to Sri Lanka, other large deposits are located in the United States of America, and they also have Canada, Brazil, Norway and Madagascar.

As for the Russian Federation, there are few zircon deposits on its territory. Most of the mineral is mined as a companion when diamond mines are developed in Yakutia.

Other deposits of semi-precious minerals are found in the Urals.

The extraction of zircons is carried out either in the placer granite and other types of igneous rock, or in kimberlite pipes. In more rare cases, the career method is used.

Zircon belongs to the category of rare stones. Most of the minerals found are very small in size, their mass does not even go up to 1 carat.

It is possible to meet the large copy of a stone occasionally.

Zirconium stone properties - history of origin

Zircon species

The color range of the gem is very diverse. We can distinguish such shades of zircon:

  • starlita — transparent stones, which are obtained by firing (can be cast in blue or bluish tones);
  • hyacinths — so called stones of red, orange or brownish flowers;
  • malakony — gems that have a dark brown color, they contain a small dose of radiation;
  • jargons — zircons of yellow, straw or pale golden variations;
  • Matarian diamonds are stones without any color, named after the island on which they are mined.

Medicinal properties of zirconium stone

The experts of lithotherapy say that zircon is a universal healing mineral. What effect it will have on a person depends on its type and color.

  • Gems blue shades — help to heal gastrointestinal diseases. For example, blue zirconium normalizes the activity of the digestive organs. And hyacinths contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the body.
  • Dark-colored stones are effective in treating catarrhal diseases and ailments that are provoked by hypothermia.
  • Yellow and red zircons — increase appetite.
  • Do you want to get rid of a couple of extra kilos? Then it is recommended to buy jewelry with transparent stones. They will become your assistants in the fight for harmony.
  • Also, lithotherapists assure that almost all of the varieties of this gem have a positive effect on the state of the nervous and endocrine systems. Also normalize the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Mineral Ability Mineral

There is an opinion that zircons are capable of changing their magical properties, based on their hue. This interesting stone, having the form of a double pyramid, is in demand among magicians and esotericists.

One of his abilities is the awakening of supernatural abilities in people. Jewelry with zirconiums develop the ability to predict future events.

Also, the mineral makes successful business people, entrepreneurs: he prompts them the right decisions in the process of concluding important contracts and negotiations.

Zirconium stone properties - history of origin

Miniature versions of the gem motivate to comprehend new knowledge, develop their mental abilities, add concentration and perseverance.

Moreover, earrings, rings and pendants with zircon inserts help to eliminate depressive states, provide mental balance and grant the energy necessary to cope with life difficulties.

Stone and zodiac signs

Hardest mineral energy is manifested in representatives of the Water and Earth elements. Zircons favor them most.

However, in each of the elements there is one constellation, which is better to refuse to carry the mineral — it will not bring him much benefit.

  • in the Water element it is a sign of Pisces, sometimes too soft and feminine;
  • at the Air — Libra overflowing with egoism;
  • in the Earth — too stubborn Taurus;
  • at Fire — a sharp and unstable Sagittarius.

People of these signs are not recommended to wear jewelry with any kind of gem.

As for the other constellations, all of them can fearlessly purchase products with zircons. The only «but» — Fiery elements should opt for stones of darker colors as possible.

The original or a fake?

Earlier it was mentioned that zirconium looks like a diamond. But it differs from it, first of all, in its special brilliance, but also in other parameters by which authenticity is established.

If you want to make sure that before you a real zircon, carefully examine it under a magnifying glass:

  • natural stones have frayed edges;
  • there are voids and blotches on them;
  • the cone of a natural mineral forks.

Chemists, on the other hand, can establish the originality of the mineral by checking its radiation background.

In conclusion

To summarize the article:

  • zirconium (or zircon) — often fake a diamond;
  • the stone has a large range of shades;
  • positive effect on the body, treats digestion, colds, nervous disorders;
  • helps businessmen, develops 6 sense, increases intelligence.

And finally, a video about the mineral:

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