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Yellow Dog in 2018: what astrologers promise people

What will bring people the Yellow Dog in 2018

Year of the Yellow Dog is about to come, so you should figure out what we expect from him, what surprises fate will bring. If you believe the Chinese horoscope, this year will be dominated by the elements of the Earth. What does it mean?

Let’s talk more.

Horoscope for signs of the eastern horoscope

Depending on what year of the animal on the Chinese calendar you were born, certain predictions await you.

Yellow Dog in 2018: what astrologers promise people

We collected the most reliable:

  1. For people born under the sign of the Dog, this year will be very favorable. You can safely make any wishes and feel free to dream. All fantasies come true, as if by magic.
  2. Horses and Tigers, as friendly signs with the Dog, are very lucky. They can easily realize their goals. Therefore, take a piece of paper, a pen and make a most detailed plan for the coming year. The possibilities that the universe will send will be limitless.
  3. Born under the signs of Monkey, Rabbit and Rat, the year promises no trouble. Particular attention should be paid to relationships. You can finally do your personal life quite tightly — there is every chance of finding a happy, harmonious relationship or solving problems in the current alliance.
  4. But the Serpents, Pigs and Roosters will have to sweat. The time for them will come difficult. In the course of twelve months, it is necessary to overcome various obstacles and manifest themselves in trials that fate will begin to send. It is important to maintain composure, not to succumb to difficulties. This period will temper the character and teach stamina.
  5. It is very difficult to goats, bulls, dragons. Relations collapse, it is impossible to achieve goals, difficulties, problems, negative emotions — all this will slow down the process of self-development and spoil the mood all year round. You need to stock up on incredible hard work and tremendous perseverance in order to withstand the difficult times with honor.

This is only a brief and generalized forecast, which may not be true for one hundred percent of people. Therefore, if the prediction turned out to be unfavorable for you, do not be discouraged, but analyze a more detailed horoscope for your zodiac sign for 2018.

What do astrologers promise people?

Astrologers have their own opinion about what the yellow dog will bring to people in 2018. Share the most reliable forecasts of experts.

Yellow Dog in 2018: what astrologers promise people

  1. The dog is a symbol of conservatism. Therefore, no fundamental changes or fateful fateful events can be expected. The year must pass rather calmly and in a balanced way. It is worth devoting time to creativity, creation and self-development.
  2. But situations in which the Dog will test you for strength are not excluded. It will help to figure out what is good and evil, open up masks, help the secret to become explicit. Fear is only those who masked and hid their true nature for many years.
  3. Very careful and cautious need for those who are married. Carefully check each person before letting him into his home and make him a confidant in the family. Anyone can be a traitor, so don’t be fascinated by even the most charming new friend right away.
  4. Most of all, the Dog will help people hard-working, purposeful, clearly representing what they want from life. Lazyayev and prokastinatorov she does not tolerate. Therefore, try to set goals and go to them, despite the difficulties. Turn on your performance at full capacity and you will be rewarded.
  5. Astrologers say: in 2018, the time will come for a complete and absolute reassessment of values. It is worth stopping and thinking: in the direction you are moving in life, how valuable is what you strive for? Every person needs to work this question as hard as possible.
  6. Astrologers warn: abandon the search for unattainable ideals. Truly necessary — it is near, at arm’s length. Try to see this by turning to your intuition, without listening to anyone else.
  7. It is also undesirable to dwell on material things. The yellow dog is a rather down-to-earth character, you shouldn’t reinforce its negative effect even more. The year 2018 is the ideal period for spiritual development. And money and values ​​will appear by themselves for everyone who is hard-working and honest enough.

If you are single — look for the second half. If you get tired of the tedious and unloved work — start looking for the business of your dreams, something that will inspire and ignite you.

If you have long dreamed of finding time for creativity — draw, finally, a picture, write a book, or write a song. All this should be done precisely during the period when the Yellow Dog will rule, then the undertakings will be the most successful and productive for you.

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Love and family

As we already reported above, the Year of the Yellow Dog is very favorable for building relationships. The atmosphere and energy of the surrounding space is aimed at ensuring that people enter into happy marriages, build and strengthen their love, give birth to children.

Yellow Dog in 2018: what astrologers promise people

It is very important to forget about mercantile interest. Successful and happy this year will be only marriages concluded by sincere love.

All that «by calculation» is doomed to failure and quickly end in divorce.

Astrologers advise: spend as much time as possible with your loved ones in the coming year, do not save love, gratitude and care. Then the year will be just wonderful for you, full of positive memories and pleasant emotions.

By the way, precisely those people who can arrange a personal life and become immersed in relationships (with a partner, family, friends) will succeed in other spheres of life automatically. First of all it concerns finance.

Money will come easy, without much effort.

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