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Year of the Dog 2018 — what it carries for zodiac signs

Year of the dog 2018 — the value of the symbol, the horoscope by year of birth

The new year according to the eastern calendar comes at different times, because it depends on the changing phases of the moon. Each year has its patron from the world of animals, which determines the energy of the new time. What will be the year of the dog 2018, what will it bring to the signs of the zodiac?

Consider the article.

Year of the Dog 2018 - what it carries for zodiac signs

Meaning of the yellow dog symbol

Eastern horoscope reports that the year 2018 will go under the sign of the Yellow Earth Dog. What does this symbol mean? This is one of the best symbols of the year:

In general, the year promises to be successful and stable. However, the dog does not like those who are obsessed with bad habits, so you should moderate the passion for alcohol and tobacco.

When will the year of the yellow dog come? This event will happen on the night of February 15th.

We will smoothly enter under the patronage of the elements of the earth, which means we will be filled with a sense of confidence and comfort. Earth gives not only stability and strong support — it fills the world with abundance and gives peace.

This year, you should avoid quarrels and stormy showdowns, you need to tune in to a wave of optimism and self-realization.

Zodiac signs

What should be expected in the year of the dog zodiac signs? Representatives of the animal kingdom will be able to experience the following changes in their lives.

Aries will be able to realize their potential, subject to the control of emotions. This year one cannot allow oneself to be impulsive and explosive — not those vibrations.

To temper the fervor and harmonize the internal energies is what Aries needs to succeed. Otherwise, the year will fail.

Taurus Year of the dog will bring family comfort, prosperity and enjoyment of the calm flow of life. In addition, Teltsov expects an unexpected take-off on the career ladder right at the beginning of the year!

This is the time most favored by the elements of the earth, patronizing solid and balanced Taurus.

Easy to climb and adventure Twins finally think about the meaning of “sheepskin and dressing” — is it worth the effort of results? If in 2017 energy favored adventure, then they were replaced by a wise and measured 2018 year. What should Gemini do to succeed in the dog year?

Reconsider life attitudes and values, and give preference to rationality instead of adventurism.

Cancer year will bring family joy and complete well-being. Calm balanced Cancers will receive a tremendous energy supply from the universe, which will give incredible strength to achieve their goals.

Lions In the year of the dog, ambition should be tempered and the habit of commanding everything and everyone should be pacified — this can end in disrepair. This year, Leo will have to admit that not only has the world come together — there are other talented and bright personalities around.

Virgin will be able to sigh calmly after the turbulent and rebellious vicissitudes of 2017. However, do not go too far and do not plunge into a state of despondency and total inactivity — the golden mean is always good. Spend more time with your dear people instead of pursuing productivity.

For Virgos, a proverb about a wolf and a job is more relevant than ever: it will not run away into the forest.

Libra year will give puzzles and puzzles: how to avoid the usual irresponsibility in solving the problems of loved ones? Alas, but the year of the yellow dog will not allow once again to shake off the burden of responsibility and force them to help those in need of support.

For Scorpios 2018 will be a time of dramatic change. This may be a change of job, moving to a new apartment, making a global decision.

If you are not ready for change, the year of the dog will bring discouragement and routine.

Streltsov waiting for a time of inspiration and optimism. They did not feel bad in the year of the rooster, but the year of the dog will give them incredible impressions of travel and new acquaintances.

Do not shy away from helping others — this will strengthen your reputation.

Year of the Dog 2018 - what it carries for zodiac signs

For Capricorns the year of the yellow dog will become an earthly paradise. This time is conducive to everything — and the strengthening of family relations, and the patronage of the authorities, and improving the financial situation.

However, avoid the usual grumbling and displeasure for any reason — this yellow dog will not forgive you.

For Aquarius The forecast for the year is twofold. They will be able to achieve unprecedented heights in their careers, but at the same time they will face a lack of understanding of their close ones.

To prevent this, do not forget to pay attention to family and relatives.

Pisces the horoscope for 2018 strongly advises to temper the fascination with bad habits that undermine health. The vibrations of the new time require special attention to health, not self-destruction.

Also, Pisces will have to show titanic patience to convince loved ones of the value of their attitudes.

Year of the Dog 2018 - what it carries for zodiac signs

Horoscope by year of birth

What awaits the dog in the year of the dog? This is the happiest and most successful year in life.

Dogs will receive a powerful stream of favorable energy from space, which will help to achieve the desired without effort. This is a time of star luck — do not miss your chance!

What will the year of the dog bring to the dragons? This is also a time of favorable change, as for dogs.

You will bathe in the attentive attitude of others to your own person.

Who is not lucky in the year of the dog? Rabbits and snakes should be especially cautious and prudent.

However, there comes a favorable period for you to correct your own negative qualities.

What awaits the rest of the year of the yellow dog? Other representatives of the animal kingdom of the eastern horoscope will enjoy a calm and measured flow of life.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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