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Year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope

Year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope

2016 will be considered the year of the Red Monkey according to the eastern calendar. What this year promises, astrologers will tell, because the Monkey can have both positive and negative effects on our success and happiness.

At its core, Monkey is not used to taking on responsibilities, making decisions and making choices. The rest are great for this task, and you can blame them if they fail. This animal is quite frivolous, it is accustomed to enjoy life and not think about the consequences.

In this regard, building a career and achieving goals will be a difficult task. The monkey is unpredictable, and it is very difficult to predict its actions. Monkey spontaneous decisions can lead to unexpected results. But, oddly enough, these results may not be so bad.

The main thing is to trust only yourself and not to shift responsibilities and responsibility to anyone, while maintaining the ability to be responsible for what is happening in life.

In this case, you should not get upset, in fact, not everything is so bad both in work issues and in other moments of life. For example, in emotional terms, the year will be a year of fun and pleasure. The monkey is used to living for one day, so it knows how to enjoy every moment and enjoy any event. If you tune out the energetic rhythm of life of the Monkey, then many situations can be turned in their favor.

Like this animal, you should not sit still. Of course, after a year of Kozy, who was unhurried and deliberate, it would be difficult for someone to get into the faster pace of life, but if you want to achieve your goal, you will have to act.

In the year of the Monkey will be successful any undertakings associated with entertainment and interesting pastime. This also applies to personal relationships. In the coming year, according to astrologers, everything will be easier if you enter a new direction and do not worry about small things.

This period promises to be rich in events, acquaintances and discoveries. And for those who have long dreamed of going on a trip, this is the perfect time to realize a dream, especially if it is associated with warm, southern countries. Do not forget to prepare and calculate all possible developments, in order to be ready in advance at any turn.

Red is the color of fire, which makes the Monkey even more unpredictable, emotional and rejecting boring logical thinking. Therefore, starting a serious matter, it is worth preparing thoroughly and not losing trifles, while being able to experiment and make sudden moves.

It is possible to call the element of Fire to help you, which will help to get what you want. When properly applied, the fiery energy is able to remove all obstacles and pave the way for achieving the goal.

Yielding to emotions and spinning in a whirlpool of events, you can turn this year into an endless holiday. Therefore, astrologers are reminiscent of work and personal life. If you forget about these important areas, the risk of losing everything will be very high.

The annual calendar recommends not to fall into euphoria, going through a strip of success, but also not to limit yourself too much in actions. Enjoy life, appreciate its every moment and do not forget to press buttons and

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