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Why should I dream of being pregnant with a belly: interpretations of a dream book

Seeing yourself in a dream pregnant: dream interpretation in various dream books

To see oneself in a dream of a pregnant woman is a multi-valued sign, the interpretation of which is important to take into account the age and marital status of the dreamer. If the dream is seen by a married girl who in real life wants to become a mother, in the near future her desire will be fulfilled.

The dreamer will experience the happiness of motherhood and reveal new facets of her personality.

The belly of a pregnant woman in esoterics personifies life changes, joyful events and pleasant meetings. Gently stroking the belly of a pregnant woman and feeling the baby’s tremors are a sign that a favorable period will soon come to fulfill her plans and realize her wildest dreams.

The interpretation of the dream, in which the sleeping woman felt the tremors in the womb, promises her changes in life. To experience peace and tranquility is a sign that the coming changes will be favorable.

If the sleeping one felt fear, the dream tries to warn her against danger. Accidental relationships and reputation should be avoided.

For a pregnant woman, sleep is a harbinger of imminent labor. An alternative interpretation indicates that the expectant mother is worried about her child, and the dream reflects her anxiety.

Popular night vision scenes:

  • To feel the baby’s stirring and to see how he puts a handle or leg in his stomach is a sign that the dreamer will have to face a serious ordeal, after which her life will change drastically.
  • If a married girl feels like a baby is moving, then in reality she will become pregnant soon, even if she does not plan this event. An alternative interpretation refers to the fear of sleeping before pregnancy and childbirth. Morally and physically, the girl is not yet ready to become a mother.
  • Dream dream foreshadows dramatic changes in life. Possible relocation or relocation to another country.

Why should I dream of being pregnant with a belly: interpretations of a dream book

The actions of the dreamer are interpreted as follows:

  • For a young girl, a dream in which she strokes her belly is a harbinger of an imminent pregnancy in reality.
  • If a man gently touches the belly of a pregnant girl, in real life in the family of the dreamer harmony and mutual understanding will reign.
  • If a sick person strokes the belly of a pregnant woman, the dream book advises to undergo a medical examination to prevent the occurrence of complications.
  • Seeing yourself in a mirror with a stomach is a sign that the sleeping should take care of her reputation. Do not gossip and deceive loved ones. If the dreamlike behavior of the dreamer is revealed, the opinions of others about it will change for the worse.

Why should I dream of being pregnant with a belly: interpretations of a dream book

If in a dream a woman gave birth to a child, it is important to take into account the sex of the newborn when interpreting.

In the modern dream book, the birth of a baby symbolizes family happiness. If in real life the dreamer has children, then soon she will feel a sense of pride in their achievements.

The interpretation of sleep may be as follows:

  • For a married woman, the birth of a healthy child promises material well-being and good news. Her life will be filled with joyful events, romantic adventures and vivid memories.
  • Lonely girl birth of a boy foreshadows the achievement of success in professional activities. If in a dream the news about the birth of a son upset the dreamer, then in reality she is expected by minor problems and household chores.
  • The birth of a girl is an auspicious sign. In the near future, the sleeper will be able to successfully implement their initiatives. She will succeed through persistence and hard work.
  • If a woman has twins in a dream, then in her real life there will come a period of calm and stability. The birth of twins of different sexes is a sign that the dreamer is not confident in her future.

Why should I dream of being pregnant with a belly: interpretations of a dream book

The table below provides an interpretation of the plot of dreams in popular dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
  • An innocent girl dream in which she saw herself with a big belly, promises humiliation and shame. Dream interpretation advises her to avoid situations that could harm her reputation.
  • Mature woman dream book predicts universal acceptance. The merits of the sleeper will be highly appreciated by respected people.
  • Elderly woman pregnancy indicates early demise.
  • If the dreamer regularly dreams that she is in a position, this indicates possible health problems.
  • For a lonely girl in real life, a dream in which she sees herself with a small belly is a harbinger of future troubles.
  • A married woman to see herself with a small belly is a bad sign. The dreamer and her family members will face trials that they can only get through through common efforts.
  • Dream girl predicts a pregnant childbirth and the birth of a healthy baby for a pregnant girl
  • Dreamgirl unmarried girl promises controversy with a close person. Sleeping will see her lover from the ugly side and change her mind about him. Restoring the old trusting relationship will not be easy.
  • A dream for a married woman foreshadows the birth of twins, if in reality they are planning to replenish the family with their spouse.
  • Feel the child in the stomach — to favorable changes in life
  • If a married woman dreams of pregnancy, the night vision reflects her subconscious desire to give birth to a baby.
  • A lonely girl dream promises to meet a guy, a long romance with which will grow into a strong happy marriage.
  • If the dream is seen by a girl who has a boyfriend, the dream book indicates that she completely trusts her lover and values ​​their relationship.

The above interpretation reflects the ambiguity of the dream. For an objective interpretation of sleep, it is necessary to relate what was seen at night with events that occur in real life.

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