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Why did mom have a son: interpretation of the dream book

What did the mother dream about: interpretation of a dream about a happy and crying child

Dreams in which a mother sees her child happy and healthy are a good sign. Seeing a dying or dead child is good.

You should not be afraid after such a dream and worry about the health of your boy, as he is in complete safety. Interpretation of sleep depends on the child’s actions, age, appearance, environment, behavior, and other factors.

It is necessary to pay attention to their words and actions in relation to the child.

What did mom have a son in — dream interpretation by different dream books:

Dream interpretationDecryption
Small Veles dreamTo talk — to the problems associated with money
NewestTo unexpected news and gifts
New Dream Book 1918The onset of a favorable period in the life of a sleeping person
RussianBy luck in all areas of life
FamilyThe dreamer will be proud of her child
ItalianTo promotion
FrenchTo hard and grueling work
MayanThis is a sign that the child is doing well.
ShereminskoyThe son will live in harmony with the outside world and will not know the lack of money
ChineseIf the dream is that the son is getting married, then the child is in danger.
TsvetkovaMutual understanding and complete trust will be in relations with husband
EsotericIt is necessary to analyze the relationship with his son and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Why did mom have a son: interpretation of the dream book

If you had a dirty, untidy or beaten son, you should wait for the troubles that will be associated with the children. The dream in which the son comes home drunk has a similar meaning.

If an adult dreamed of a small child, then the mother should listen to her son’s advice, because he wants only good to her parent and knows how to make her life easier. If a small child dreamed of an adult and wealthy man, then do not worry about the future of the baby, fate favors him.

Dreamed of naked — to a happy family life and a relaxed homely atmosphere. The child will delight the dreamer with their success.

The boy dreams of a beautiful and cheerful, in clean clothes and looks completely healthy — to the happy marriage of his son and success at work.

If a woman dreams of a child who is not present, then this is a sign of readiness for motherhood. This dream is reminiscent of the true goals and desires of the dreamer in this life.

Dreamed two sons — if they do not look happy in a dream, then problems will double.

Why did mom have a son: interpretation of the dream book

The actions of the son in a dream and their values ​​are presented in the table:

What does a child doDecryption
CryingTo sadness and tears in real life
Is sickTo the deterioration of the child’s well-being and care outside the house
CallingThe son needs maternal warmth and support. We need to talk heart to heart with the boy and find out what worries him
AsksPerhaps the dreamer refused a request from her child and now feels guilty to her son.
BeatsA woman spends little time with children and does not pay them enough attention when she is at home.
Runs awaySuch a dream reflects the subconscious thoughts and fears that the son will sooner or later want to leave his parental home.
Is deadSon will live a long and happy life
Leads by the handIf a dead son who leads a mother by the hand dreams, then this is a bad omen, promising a quick death. In all other cases, it is a sign of wrong actions. Perhaps the dreamer has chosen the wrong way in life
Is playingPlaying boy promises fun and good news
HugsHugging your child in a dream — to misunderstanding and the emergence of conflicts in reality

If a woman happened to look for a missing son in a dream and call him loudly, then this plot foreshadows losses in the near future in real life. If the boy eventually came home himself, the dreamer is aware of his mistakes and she will be able to correct the situation and make up for the losses.

Why did mom have a son: interpretation of the dream book

To see a baby in a dream — to a new life stage. If the baby smiles and lies quietly in the crib, then the changes will bring only good.

If a newborn cries, something bothers him, then he should prepare for troubles that will affect work and household chores.

To hold in hands a beautiful and healthy baby — to pleasant shocks. If a woman had to spend a lot of time and effort to lull the screamed boy, then in real life she would have to work hard to implement her plans.

Dreams about a boy who has just been born have several interpretations:

  • To financial well-being, abundance and material prosperity.
  • To the birth of another child.
  • The two sons of a newborn son dreamed of — the dreamer will soon take up the difficult task that he will be able to complete with great difficulty.
  • To new creative ideas and implementation of the conceived projects.

If a boy was born dead, there will be great disappointments, failures and falls in all matters.

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