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Which of the lunar days are favorable for dyeing hair

What lunar days are most favorable for hair coloring

Not everyone knows that the quality of hair depends on the day in which it was made. The world of cosmetic procedures is strongly tailored to the lunar cycles, which means that if you want to make not only a beautiful hairstyle, but also to ensure your hair’s health and good condition, you should pay attention to this point.

Next, we have compiled a review of favorable days for hair coloring. We invite you to familiarize yourself with it.

Which of the lunar days are favorable for dyeing hair

The most suitable lunar days to color curls

5 lunar day

On this day, you will come across creative but slightly chaotic thoughts and ideas. However, you should not worry about this, because you can come to specifics later, but for now just trust your intuition.

Hair coloring today will favorably affect the state of business contacts and connections, as well as improve relations with colleagues and help to achieve their benevolence.

11 lunar day

Hair dyeing today will help to improve the workflow, solve difficult tasks and find a compromise with your colleagues.

21 lunar days

It is necessary to abandon the radical changes in the image, but it is permissible to lighten the curls by several tones. Thanks to this you will become a magnet for good and bright personalities.

27 lunar day

This is the perfect time to radically change the hair color. Due to this, you will significantly improve your financial situation and add yourself luck in life.

Which of the lunar days are favorable for dyeing hair

Acceptable lunar days, in which you can paint curls

12 lunar day

Having decided to paint today you will automatically attract money luck.

13 lunar day

Today, stop changing the color of your curls. You should not use either artificial or natural paints on this day, otherwise you can attract a whole range of problems and worsen your health.

17 lunar day

The day is suitable for lightening curls or dyeing them in unusual bright colors, for example, bright red. Henna will be the most suitable dye.

Thanks to this, you can improve your relationship with the outside world.

7 lunar day

Coloring today will wake up your sensuality and reveal the inner energy, as well as add appeal to the opposite sex.

10 lunar day

Having dyed your hair with henna or basma you will establish a relationship with your boss.

15 lunar day

Having painted curls today in darker tones you protect yourself from possible troubles.

29 lunar day

On this day, be sure to give up staining, otherwise you risk greatly worsening your relationship with relatives.

Neutral lunar day for painting

2 lunar day

Today it is worth using dyes of natural origin. Having painted their hair with them you will increase your income, as well as activate the circulation of money energy.

3 lunar day

Similar to the previous day, only natural colors are permissible today. By changing the color of your curls today, you will ensure your career growth, be able to improve relationships at work and easily solve even very complex tasks.

8 lunar day

Today you should not dye your hair, otherwise your credibility at work will greatly deteriorate.

9 lunar day

A suitable option today is the natural basis of paint. You can slightly change the color of your curls and make them a couple of shades lighter than usual.

So you protect yourself from unhappiness and any negativity.

14 lunar day

It is worth to wait a little today with a dramatic change in color, choose the shades as close to natural as possible to improve their work.

18 lunar day

The best time to conduct experiments with different tones. Both natural and radical colors are equally well suited.

Changing the color of curls today will contribute to enhancing your energy potential.

Which of the lunar days are favorable for dyeing hair

22 lunar day

On this day, it is allowed to use only natural paints and be painted exclusively in natural colors. This will help improve your financial situation.

23 lunar day

Suitable day to color curls. But do not ask for help from strangers, it is recommended to do the painting yourself or ask someone from their relatives for help.

24 lunar day

On this day, it is permissible to use only dark hair dyes, it is worth refusing light shades if you do not want to worsen your relations with your work colleagues.

Unsuitable lunar days for coloring

1 lunar day

It is worth refusing synthetic and chemical products. If you still decide to dye today, it is permissible to do it only with the help of a natural base (for example, henna or Basma).

4 lunar day

While dreaming to improve relations with financial success, as well as to improve your relations with colleagues today, you can dye your hair. At the same time, it is worthwhile to dwell on natural shades as close as possible to your natural hair color.

6 lunar day

It is not the best day to change hair color. Otherwise, you risk disrupting your natural energy balance, which is why you will provoke unnecessary quarrels and disputes at work and at home.

16 lunar day

On this day, it is permissible to use only a natural base, while it is worthwhile to dwell on dark colors that will improve your spiritual harmony.

19 lunar day

Choose natural bases and natural colors to improve your workplace and make new promising acquaintances.

26 lunar day

If you really want to do the coloring today, stop only on natural dyes and do not change the hair color in a radical way. Thanks to this you will add self confidence and find a common language with other people.

Terrible lunar days to manipulate hair

20 lunar day

The painting procedure today can cause serious harm to your business.

25 lunar day

It is contraindicated to change the color of curls using any dyes if you do not want to worsen your relationship with the outside world.

28 lunar day

It is necessary to abandon a radical change in hair color. On this day, only the highlighting of individual strands is permissible, if you wish to improve the flow of vital energy.

30 lunar day

Do not perform staining today if you do not want to be seriously disappointed. On this day, do not conduct any experiments on your hair.

Now you know which days it is worth going to the hairdresser, and which days it is better to postpone the visit to the master until better times. Be sure to consider these recommendations if you want your hair to always look perfect and radiate beauty and health.

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