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When the memorial day of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg is celebrated, how to pray the holy

Memorial Day of Ksenia of Petersburg: life, glorification of the saint after death

Holy Blessed Mother Xenia — one of the most revered saints of the Russian people. When she was alive, she was a ragged beggar woman from the Petrograd side of St. Petersburg and had neither national worship nor fame, although even then her actions were already known. Today, to her chapel in the Smolensk cemetery, many believers flock every day.

They turn to the saint in a variety of situations in life and by their prayers receive great consolation and help.

About the beginning of the earthly path of the holy little is known. The birth date of Ksenia Grigorievna falls on the twenties of the eighteenth century.

It is believed that the saint was born in a noble family. Upon reaching the age of majority, she married the court singing Andrei Petrov, who served in the sovereign Capella.

At that time he was in the rank of colonel.

But family happiness did not last long. Andrei caught a cold and, after a short illness, suddenly departed to the Lord. This grief struck a young woman.

But the worst thing for devout Xenia was that her beloved husband died without repentance and Communion of the holy Mysteries of Christ.

When the memorial day of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg is celebrated, how to pray the holy

It was then that a moment of rethinking of values ​​came for her, which changed the whole future life of a young woman. She understood all the frailty of a short earthly happiness and wanted to put all her strength into being with her beloved husband in eternal life.

Xenia decided to beg her beloved husband, who did not have time to adequately prepare himself for eternal life. From now on, all her time was devoted to sincere prayer for his soul and the fulfillment of the commandment of God for love of neighbor.

All further actions of the young widow indicated that she had lost her mind from grief. Wearing a deceased husband’s coat, she began to argue that "God’s servant Xenia died, and her name is Andrei Fedorovich". From now on, she began to respond only to this name.

Having distributed the property to the poor, Xenia wrote down her house to a good friend Praskovya Antonova.

An inconsolable woman tried to reason. They even conducted a mental examination, which, however, showed that she was in good sense and memory, and was fully responsible for her actions.

When the memorial day of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg is celebrated, how to pray the holy

Ksenia was ready to serve the Lord with her whole life and chose a very difficult path of service — the foolishness of Christ’s sake. She worthily walked this path, meekly accepting from people misunderstanding, condemnation, rudeness.

Barefoot, in tatters, she walked all day on the Petrograd side. But under the rags, prayer was constantly going on: with the onset of night, Xenia went out of the city and, before sunrise, prayed for the whole world, turning around alternately to all four directions of the world.

Gradually, the beatings and the reproaches ceased. The inhabitants of the Petrograd side got used to the beggar woman, and then began to respect and even fell in love with her.

At the end of her days, Ksenia was already revered by the residents of St. Petersburg as a spiritual ascetic. The merchants vied with each other to invite her to their shops, and the cab drivers asked to drive in the carriages: this promised all day long success and an abundance of customers.

Mothers were glad if she would caress the child, because they knew that the sick child would definitely recover, and the healthy one would grow obedient and kind.

For great spiritual feats, the Lord endowed the holy with the gift of foresight and miracles. During the lifetime of Ksenia, many miracles were performed, stories about which are still transmitted from mouth to mouth.

When the memorial day of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg is celebrated, how to pray the holy

When she came to see Paraskeva Antonova, St. Xenia instructed her to run to Smolenskoye cemetery rather because "God sent a son". Arriving there, Paraskeva saw a huge crowd that surrounded an inverted carriage.

A pregnant woman was knocked down, who was released from the burden of death. She had a boy whose father could not be found.

Childless Paraskeva raised and raised a child as her own son. The boy grew obedient and intelligent.

As an adult, he guarded his adoptive mother in every way, cared for and adequately supported her.

When the memorial day of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg is celebrated, how to pray the holy

Blessed Xenia, having met her good acquaintance on the street, handed her a coin with the words "Take a dime, go out". Wondering what these words mean, she ran to her house.

Even from a distance, she saw that it was burning, but had not yet reached her when, through prayer, the holy fire was extinguished.

December 24, 1761 Ksenia ran around the city, shouting: "Bake pancakes, bake!" (pancakes at the time was taken oven, remembering the dead). The next day, the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna died.

Another place associated with the fate of the holy blessed Ksenia of Petersburg, is the Smolensk cemetery. Here her ascetic labors began, here she found her own peace.

At that time, the construction of a stone church in the name of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God was going on at the cemetery. The builders, having come to work in the morning, saw that at night someone had put whole piles of bricks on the upper spans of the temple under construction. Surprised by the appearance of an invisible assistant, they decided to set night duty.

It was soon discovered that this poor woman, Xenia, was working every night, helping to build the temple of God.

Xenia died presumably at the end of the XVIII or the beginning of the XIX century. The people long before the official canonization began to honor her as a saint. Even then, her grave was crowded.

Believers came with their requests and aspirations and always received an answer to their prayers. Soon a fundraiser was announced, and a wooden chapel was erected over the grave, which was later replaced by a stone one.

In Soviet times, the chapel at the Smolensk cemetery was closed several times, then opened again. So, at the request of believers, it was opened in 1947, but in the sixtieth years it was closed again.

The memory of the saint continued to live in the hearts of Petersburgers. They came to the locked doors, believing that the saint would hear them. During these years, there was a tradition to pray at the closed chapel, leaning its forehead against its wall.

It has survived to the present day, despite the fact that the chapel has long been open and every day receives thousands of pilgrims.

In 1982, the chapel at the Smolensk cemetery was recognized as a religious object and transferred to the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church. Holy Mother Blessed Xenia was officially canonized at the Local Council on June 6, 1988.

Holy life and the experience of communicating with it are reflected in prayers and chants. For example, in sedalene (sung on voice 5) from the festive canon of Saint Xenia, translated from Church Slavonic into Russian: "A stranger in the city of St. Peter was strengthened by the goodness of God, a wise mother, was given divine miracles and gifts, having boldness for Christ God, the world would ask our souls and great mercy".

Holy blessed Xenia pray for many everyday problems:

  • about family peace;
  • about healing from serious ailments;
  • on the successful resolution of litigation;
  • about a good job.

Mother Xenia expects sincere pure prayer from believers. Having come to her chapel, it is recommended to behave as follows:

  • Standing in line, we must offer a holy prayer: you can pray in your own words, or you can take a prayer book or a book with an akathist from home.
  • Upon entering the chapel, you should submit notes about health and repose of your neighbors, buy candles to put the icon of Blessed Xenia, to attach to the tombstone. You can read troparion: "Having been impoverished in Christ’s poverty, the now immortal meal was enjoying madness with the imaginary madness of the world exposed, with humility the power of God perceived by the humbleness of God, for the gift of miraculous help that gained, Xenia blessed, pray for Christ God to save us from all evil repentance.
  • In the chapel prayers for health and memorial services for the departed are regularly served. After submitting the little notes, it will be good to pray with the priest about your loved ones.
  • After the prayer, you must approach the priest, who anoints the believers with oil, consecrated on the tomb of holy Xenia.

Many write notes with the requests of the saint and leave them at the walls of the chapel. In addition, it is believed that for the execution of the past, it is necessary to walk around the chapel 3 times.

But this is nothing more than a folk tradition. Father Victor Moskovsky, rector of the church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God, says: "The main thing is to come with faith, with prayer, and not with a magic number. "three" in the head.

After all, you can walk around the chapel 10 times, but there will be no sense. By your faith, be it unto you …"

The memorial day of Ksenia of Petersburg is celebrated according to the church calendar 2 times a year — February 6 and June 6. On this day, women and girls named Ksenia celebrate their birthday.

This whole Orthodox holiday is filled with touching praises and prayers to Holy Mother.

On this day, the Divine Liturgy is served in the Smolensk church, at which all who celebrate the day of the Angel take communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ. In her chapel, a priest with a huge gathering of believers serves a festive prayer service with an akathist.

Word "Akathist" In Greek it means "standing singing". It consists of 12 songs.

Each is a kondak (short prayer, revealing the essence of the holiday), combined with Ikos (prayer, in which the holy is glorified).

The chosen Judge and Christ is radiant with youth, holy blessed mother Xenia, who chose the herald of patience and misery, a praise for us that brings holy memory to you, which is holy memory. You also protect us from the enemies of the visible and invisible, but call us:

Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

Equal-to-the-living life of the Heavenly, good mother, upon the success of your bracee, he took the world of peace and comfort, and in his heart, loving heart, and the heart and heart, welcome, welcome, welcome Hurry hear from us for praise, to you: exalted:

Rejoice, your life is to Andrew, Christ, glad the rave of the youth; Rejoice, for your name is your repentant, who has named herself for the dead. Rejoice, in the jurisdiction of yours, Andrew, your son adored; Rejoice, having called the name of a man, denounced by a man’s name.

Rejoice, all that is thy name for those who were gracious to the people and who gave it to the poor; rejoice, destitution, voluntary Christ, glad to accept. Rejoice, forever, thou wilt reject us; rejoice, blessing the consolation of all, in prayer to you resorting.

Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

Going into your strange life, I despised the hastiness of your own house and all worldly wealth, native to the wealth of your country, the same city Petrova, seeing your humility unpleasantly sweetheart, and the sweetheart of the city, the same as the city of Petrova, seeing your humiliation of the poor

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Reason, from the God of God, you, Xenia the blissful, hid hush in my insane madness; In the bustle of the great city of Aka, the desert is inhabited by heaven, and the prayers to God for their exalted unceasingly. We, marveling at your life, cry to you praisefully:

Rejoice, the cross of heavy justice, from God to you, granted to the frame; rejoice, in the seemingly madness, the radiance of grace hiding. Rejoice, gift of perspicacity with the humbleness of a dead man, and with a push of prayer Rejoice, grant grace to the good and the rescue of the afflicted.

Rejoice, suffering human prozorlivo in the distant past matured; rejoice, wife of the son, prosecuting. Rejoice, that I am the wife of God, at the God who has asked for; rejoice, all to God in prayer who has resorted to taught.

Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

With power from above, from God to you, the heat and love of the land has bravely endured esp, crucifying itself with passion and lust. Tem of the Holy Spirit, the Enlightened One, invariably appealed to God: Alleluia!

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

O good, with the cover of oneself, with all the earth, with his own hand, he hath deftted the flesh of the kingdom of God, for the sake of God. We, seemingly, are your life, with a call to heart with joy:

Rejoice, having given away your earthly people; rejoice, heaven whoever has sought and received. Rejoice, earthly-possessing nothing, and all spiritually rich; Rejoice, living your patience with our teacher.

Rejoice, God’s love to people showing; rejoice, the fruits of piety decorated with. Rejoice, hurtfulness and kindness unto the world that appeared; rejoice, warm representative of us before the kingdom of the Most High.

Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

Life’s storm, in the city of Petrov, rebellious, with bones and kindness, overcame an esteem, benevolent mate, unaffected by the scorching world of an adhesion esteem. Tem and go to Bogu: Alleluia!

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Hearing about you, I am you, Christ’s misery is glad, comfortably comforted, weak-hearted ones who are strong, those who are deceived by the right to teach, the people of suffering to the help of your beneficiary, who prays, to the help of your suffering, to the help of your beneficiary, to the help of those who suffer, to the help of your beneficiary, to the help of those who are suffering, to the help of your beneficiary, to the help of your passion, to the help of your beneficiary, to the help of your suffering, to the help of your beneficiary, praying

Rejoice, let the Christ of all who loves you love you; rejoice, the cross of Christ happily having suffered. Rejoice, every vain from the world, dawn, and the devil which has suffered; rejoice, the gift of God is full of sins. Rejoice, love to those who are near; Rejoice, supplication to those who have offered comfort.

Rejoice, wailing the tears of tears; rejoice, thanks to the Holy Spirit miraculously warmed. Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

Goddess of God was your holiness, Xenia the Blessed, illuminating the sky of the city of Petrova. Already, by the people who perished in the madness of sin, you showed the way of salvation, all to repentance calling, even crying God: Alleluia!

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Going through your prayers in prayer, the terrors of cold and heat, pious people try to diminish your sufferings, clothes you and bring food. And you gave everything to all that was utterly overwhelmingly, desiring to preserve your safety in the secret. We, marvel at your poverty, cry out to you:

Rejoice, the heat and evil of Christ, that you gladly endure; rejoice, in prayer, everlastingly indwelling. Rejoice, hail Petrov, in all-pervading fear from the wives; rejoice, the anger of God has many averted him.

Rejoice, every day when you are standing on your nights, at the prayer of your prayers; rejoice, sweetness of heaven in poverty of spiritual taste. Rejoice, O ye who, in delight of all, all earthly have remained; rejoice, for I am all who abode in Boz.

Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

The blessing of your life, God-pleasing, is preached, imbibing you from the many-sided illnesses, sorrows and sorrows, gods and fun, old people and youth. Tem and us, glorifying thirst, God screaming: Alleluia!

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

The glorification of your servants, good mother, who are always the builders of the church of the Smolensk Stone Church, carried the esteem, facilitated the workers of the church, shone forth. Shining, and we sinning in the following call:

Rejoice, secretly doing good-tempered us our teacher; rejoice, for the advance of piety, all that call upon. Rejoice, helping the builders of the temples of God; rejoice, loves the holy blessedness of the church.

Rejoice, our labor in the way of salvation is lightening; rejoice, to you rescue the ambulance. Rejoice, all-grieving blessing the comforter; rejoice, city of Petrova, the heavenly starter.

Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

Although she got rid of the scrub of the crying doctor, the wife of the burial woman, she brought some girl to Okhtu, running, and so did her own self-comfort and comfort. And you make it like this, you advertise.

And they, in joy, will remember Bogu: Alleluia!

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

A new wonder in the prayer of your own showed you hell, blessed mate, always advertise your pious wife: “Take five, swell.” Simulate her about the fire of her house.

And according to your prayer your flame of fire is extinguished. We, however, shining brightly, cry out a praiseworthy one:

Rejoice, sorrowing people extinguish; rejoice, your boldness before God is manifest. Rejoice, candle unquenchable, in prayers to God, brightly hot; rejoice, representative of our misfortunes and pressures.

Rejoice, passion saves from the gibel; Rejoice, pious priests from the marriage of the unbelievable aversion. Rejoice, redeeming from slander from despair; rejoice at the trial of the innocent protector.

Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

A homeless woman has gone past the heel of thy life in the flesh of our motherhood, in magnificence of sorrow and fear of bearing. Now, in Jerusalem, abiding, gladly suppose God: Alleluia!

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

All of it was Heaven, Xenia the Blissful: for grieving comfort, weakness of cover and protection, for the sorrow of joy, for the impoverished apparel, for greater healing. Be glad and cry to you:

Rejoice, in the mountains, the inhabitants of the abiding; rejoice, sinful tamo prayer about us. Rejoice, good servant of the God who revealed; Rejoice, humiliated and persecuted patroness. Rejoice, Orthodoxy, with your prayers of intercession; rejoice, obedient and praying to you protecting.

Rejoice, teasing obediently; rejoice, unbelievers and detractors confounded. Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

Anyone has suffered a great deal of pain, beneficent maternity, poverty of the body, gladness and thirst, and even desertion from the people of the unsafe, even to me, the burden of insane being. You, the Lord, pray, I will call out to Him: Alleluia!

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

The mighty Vetias cannot reason, just like you, with your madness with your madness, this world has tricked you with esteem, and with its complacency, the embezzlement of cruelty and bravery shame. They do not bring a bo in you by the god of blessing and the boge of prematureness. We, your help is better received, such is:

Rejoice, O God of Spirit, the carrier; Rejoice, with your apostle Paul, praising your companionship. Rejoice, your world dubbed your imagination with imagination; Rejoice, beauty of the age of salvation Enjoy your soul! Rejoice, heavenly good with all your heart that loved; rejoice, on the way of salvation for us who call.

Rejoice, in sin of piety a terrible tiller; Rejoice, infinite doctor and merciful all that was. Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

Although saving the soul, you with your passion and lust crucified crucifixion of esteem, and, irretrievably otvergshsha, cross your heart on your own frame, laid the esteem and Christ with all your heart, followed your pattern.

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

The wall of eternity, and the refuge of the invisible, was praying to you, mother Xenia. As for the intercession and for us from those who are seen and invisible by your prayers, let us call to you:

Rejoice, in the work of the spiritual, erecting us; Rejoice, who saves you from the network of the enemies. Rejoice, incense incense, God of offerings; Rejoice, peace of God in the heart of the people bringing. Rejoice, the soul of evil in the hearts of the angry, extinguished; rejoice, giving a blessing blessing.

Rejoice, with a secret prayer from a sickness, healing; Rejoice, peace be upon the innocent wisdom of God, manifested. Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

The praise will bring peace to Xenia the blissful, who are saved by your prayers from their wrists and sorrows, and all sorts of troubles, and joyfully sing with you God: Allyluia!

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

The life of you, the holy mother, in the darkness of life illuminating the people, was the light of the illumination of the light. Thou hast sin beaten thee down from sinful sin, and sent unto the light of Christ to the holy Christ. The same and call type:

Rejoice, Orthodoxy of God of light enlightening: Rejoice, righteous Christ, peacefully residing in peace. Rejoice, laboring in many great thanks who have obtained; rejoice in the darkness of sin shining thanks to God. Rejoice, in despair, on the way of saving, that the caregiver will give a helping hand; rejoice, for those who are weak in the faith are strengthened.

Rejoice, O spirite of evil that reproves; rejoice, living your Angels surprised. Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

Thank you so much for your sake, Xenia the Blessed, who remember your memory and resort to your protection. Therefore, and to you who are praying to you, let the jet of healing flow from the God, let us call Him: Alleluia!

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

It is wonderful to have a miracle of yours, for the sake of it, for the sake of it, for the sake of it.

Rejoice, compassionate to those who suffer, our teacher; rejoice in our omnipotence of all-healing medicine. Rejoice, crucify the plate with passion and lust teaching; rejoice, for those who remember the memory of your turn and the patroness.

Rejoice, past skorbny way; rejoice, salvation the everlasting Sym improved. Rejoice, to your coffin, the attendant consummate; rejoice, for the salvation of the devotee of our kindness.

Rejoice, Xenia the Blessed, prayergirl for our souls.

Oh, holy blessed mother Xenia, in your life your cross was heavy and heavy! Take from us sinners, the prayer is this, the one who brings to you. Protect us with your prayers from the promptings of the spirits of darkness and all who think of us evil.

Beseech the All-Glorious God to give us strength and strength, and kyjdo to take the cross of his cross and in the next Christ is coming, and He will be with you: Allyluia, alleluia, alleluia! This kondak is read thrice, Ikos 1 and kondak the 1st.

After reading the akaphist, it is customary on his knees to offer the holy prayer:

O holy judgment of God Divine Xenia! Grace the graciously of yours for us, the servant of God (the name), to your honest way of praying and pleading with your help and intercession.

May God bless your warm prayers and ask our souls for the sake of God. May he sacrifice a gracious message to the Lord and pray to the Lord, and he prayed for the Son, cry for the sinners, crying, I prayed to you,

You DRC, please, do not despise us unworthy, praying for you and your help is needed, and iskhodataystvuy all whole salvation useful, like a yes yours to the Lord God with prayers received grace and mercy praise the all-satisfying treasure and Daropodatelya and God edinago, in the Trinity of the Holy slavimago. The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and good and everlasting.

Another type of glorification, offered by the blessed Ksenia of Petersburg, is the festive canon, which is read and sung at evening service. This song of praise consists of 9 songs.

Each song includes a troparion, pronounced by the reader, and an humus, performed by the choir.

The canon is constructed in such a way that in it the Old Testament prophecies are compared with the events of the new covenant, that is, they are revealed in various moments of the life of the glorified saint.

Irmos: I go through the land of the yoke, and the Egyptian evil avoided the Israelite with a cry: to the Beater and our God.

The water of baptism was washed away, the first-born sin was saved by the heath of mother Xenia, and our heart of tears of repentance cleansing, enlightenment serving the venerable holy memory of yours. In the water of baptism, the serpent of the bowman, drowning the life of thy agonizing human life, hath killed an esteem, blissful, from the slaughter and we get rid of it.

Slava: I live the inexhaustible gifts of the Christ, God bless you, God of poverty, I love you in poverty.

And now: The waters of repentance wait for the peace, Pure, and, having cleansed the meat from the impurity of sin, clean thee, the Virgin, Thy Son, and God.

Irmos: The Heavenly Circle of the Verkhovtörche, Gospodi, and Tserkva Zezditel, you are less firmly established in love, your wish, the faithful assertion, the Unity of Man-lover.

The heavenly circle of the Creator gave all life to her, gave her love for the rest of the world, walked with us and with your prayers, and favored by the Lord to the end of our days. Heavenly desires, in your life all earthly disregard esteem, walk and we, Xeni’s mother, by your prayers Heavenly lives will reach.

Slava: Heavenly devotees are desirous, country life is gone before the mass, and now with all the holy places in the heavenly places of worship.

And now: the heavenly creature, the God of God, the motherfucker, the sky, the simplest one, the sky. We insist on the heavenly way from the vast way to the heavenly way, pray.

Sedalen, voice of the 5th: Yako the page in the city of Saint Peter was a great blessing, God had been strengthened, the mother was advanced, the God-gifts and a miracle were honored. Therefore, in possession of boldness unto Christ to God, the world will ask for your soul and goodness.

Irmós: Hearts, Gospodi, look at your sacrament, mind of thy work, and glory of thy deity.

Hearing, Xenia, because Heaven is the glory of God, otvrahlla bustle of the bustle of the world, and in dwelling and loss on the land of God glorified hesi, His glory and hath. Hearing and understanding the affairs of the Lord, glorified His Divinity, with hope and love for Him, decorating your soul with the help of decency, enlightened your heart, blissful charm

Slava: Hearing the prejudices of manners and all evil from the patience of them, they remain unshakable for their esteem, and our steadfast ones in good will of the people.

And now: Hearts, the Most pure Lady, the prayers of ours, and deliver us from the violence of the battle, and the voice of Christ, invoking the blessing in the kingdom, will hear the voodoo.

Irmos: Enlighten your repentance, Gospodi, and Your high mind, Thy world, wait for humanity.

Enlightening the faith of the people, seeing the kindness and bones of your mother, Xenia, help and love us, imitate your kindness. Enlightening the paths of your life with the light of God-prayer, Christ the Lord, every day, loved the esteem, pledged it and now, blessed Xenia, in this being you imitators.

Glory: Enlighten us, about Mother Xenia, with hope and love to the Lord, now God sees the face to face, blessed the unforgiving, Tom, for your prayer.

And now: Enlightened the darkness of nature, Bogoroditsa, Holy Truth, temzhe and enlightened from the dark enemies.

Irmos: I pray for the prayer of the Prison to the Lord and to Tom, to proclaim my sorrow, I pray thee my soul, and live, and come and pray, I am John: from aphids, Oh my Lord.

The prayer, who is the source of the present-day, now pours out, unhealthy healing, strength and strength to those who suffer, pray and give prayers to you and get rid of all the people. By the prayer of heaven and by the end of your from the ills of freedom, the whole hell is a cribless, worthy of your praise for the earth, praying for our souls.

Slava: We receive our prayers, Xenia’s mother, and we will receive our faith in your church with care, and the sickness of your body and your passion for healing your body will heal as soon as possible.

And now: By Thy Prayer of All-All, Purebearing, spare us from our enemies, visible and invisible, from sins and from all sorts of pain, I’m born to the God-Lover of God.

Kondak, the voice of the 3rd: A bright rejoicing city of Saint Peter blessed, as a great number of mourners gain comfort in your prayers, Xenia the all-good, you are eternally welcome, my God will welcome you, Xenia vseklo

Yokos: What is the opportunity, a sinful az, bad for the soul and body, to do so even in life equal to your life and the miraculous miracle? If ye slaughter harbored many of wisdom not dare ispovedati mnogago your patience and humility and teplyya to the love of Christ, but obache confidence in your intercession of the blessed, I cry to thee: Rejoice, all calling Thee soon predvaryaeshi, Rejoice, for many mourners gain thee comfort, rejoice , holy blessed Xenia, this city is commended and affirmed.

Irmós: The Jews of the Jews in a pestle, the boldly and boldly, and on the way, he received a good, crying out: blessed is the city, Lord God, for ever.

The Jewish Jewish Angel’s fireplaces from the fire are not saved, and to you, Xenia, fortify and live in the land of life: blessed is the Lord, Lord God, for ever. By child Evanshly imitated heaven in your life, the path of a past walk in affection, temzhe and we podvig on the virtuous beings of those who strengthen: they bless: Blessing, Yes, God, God, God, God, God, for the sake of peace;

Slava: The youth in imitation of Chaldeans imitated, Xenia, imitated the painter of the Christ, gave us peace, temzhe, and we, as a blessed, blissful, with the boldness of the caller: The blessing and the blessing of thee

And now: otrokovitsa Devo, stretching out on the sweetness of thy Son, yes besides dark darkness, we will get rid of your supplications, wise: blessed is the skies, Gospodi, in time.

Irmós: Victors of the tormentor and the flame to Thy grace before you, preserve Thy greenness, Opponies to the cry: Bless the whole work of the Lord of the Lord.

The conqueror of the passions was horny, Xenia, the victorious temptation of the enemy is victorious and incessantly in love: bless all the works of the Lord God. The conquering all passions of sin, you, the good, the brightest of the stars, were the harmony, brought the gods, the fallen in the sin, even in your whole life and in repentance, chanting a blessing and prayer.

Slava: The conqueror of sin was the master of grace, gracious mother, to give thanks to the Highest property. Now Heavenly has reached the skies, coming now from the Angels, eat: Bless all the work of the Lord.

And now: Walk to the brave souls, to help the Most Holy, to the Holy Baptism, and to the people of our city, to help your people, Yes, to draw their blessings: Bless all the work of God, God bless you.

Irmós: To confess God to the Lord of God, save You to the tree, clean the tree, with the good draws of the tail. To the wisdom of Christ, Christ has hastleenness, Xenia, humility, baptism, faith uncommonly, hope and love, blessedly to God, and we offer, and with the Christ, it is great.

True to you, Xenia the Blessed, make Christ’s speech: undergoing to the end, he will be saved, now with all the saved Christ, he is great.

Slava: It is true that no one, flowed to you, beneficent mother, the grace of God, departed, it is ours, and we shall, and magnify.

And now: To the Lord God of God, Tia, Devo, and Mati Slava, Hodatitsu in our hands, the Sun of the Pravda, arisen, faiths, the same high day.

Light: In the light of day, shine now, darling mate, remember yours, all faithful merry, prayer in silence; prayer is saved in us.

All these prayers and glorifications are the result of many years of popular worship of holy blessed Xenia. In the days of her life, she managed to acquire perfect love for God and people, which is still alive.

Many claim that, through her prayers, they have found a family, have found a good job, and become happy parents. However, we must not forget that such undoubtedly joyful events become the threshold of the main miracle — the conversion of the human soul to God.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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