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When it is possible to guess in January: from what and for what number

When it is possible to guess in January on love, the future, money

Winter divination is known since the times of Ancient Russia, when paganism was widespread. You can start guessing from the evening of December 31, on the eve of the New Year.

The period from the Christmas Eve (January 6) to Epiphany (January 19) is traditionally considered the time of the most accurate predictions. These two weeks are called Christmas Eve.

It is believed that the further divination from the Christmas Eve is, the less truthful will be its results.

During the January divination in the predictions you need to look only for a positive, good sense. Negative results should not be given much importance.

There are many variants of divination in the winter. Everyone chooses the best numbers and time independently.

Most often, women want to look into the future. It has long been interesting to girls to find out what fate has prepared for them.

When conducting divination for the Christmas holidays and Epiphany, the divine should:

  • Dissolve the hair. Long female hair has long been considered a magnet for evil forces. And if they are dissolved, the evil one will certainly turn his attention to the divisive.
  • Remove all the wards and jewelry: body cross, earrings, rings and bracelets.
  • Carry out divination only in an empty house, room. The most successful place in the old days was the hallway.

To protect against the action of evil forces, you need to outline around a circle with a candle or a poker. If you are wondering a group of girls, everyone takes each other for their little fingers.

The last day, when divination is not considered a sin, is January 21.

Candle color plays an important role:

  • When divining love is better to light red and white candles.
  • On fate — blue and purple.
  • For success in business and finances ignite green and gold.

When it is possible to guess in January: from what and for what number

On New Year’s Eve, fortune telling is most often carried out in a company. They can be truthful and humorous.

With the help of simple actions you can find out what awaits everyone in the next year.

New Year’s are divination from December 31 to January 3.

When it is possible to guess in January: from what and for what number

Everyone picks up any book they like. Before you begin the process, you should mentally ask a question.

The main thing is to formulate it succinctly.

After this, the guesser sets the page number and lines (top or bottom). If the line fell out with an incomplete sentence, you need to read it entirely.

The expression will be the answer to the question. On the same book you can guess no more than three times a night.

When it is possible to guess in January: from what and for what number

This fortune telling is usually carried out on the old New Year. Before going to bed, the healer must put a pillowcase inside out on a pillow.

He himself puts on his pajamas inside out and lies on the bed with his head where the legs usually look.

In the morning you need to look at which side a person woke up. If the right cheek was on the pillow, his desire would soon be fulfilled, if the left one was, the time for execution had not yet come.

Guessing on coffee spend on the old New Year. Drink need to drink insoluble and sugar free. After he is finished, the cup should be turned up and down three times on a saucer.

After the third time, you need to wait a bit until the rest of the coffee flows down, forming shapes.

Their interpretation is presented in the table:

CastleGuessing keeps someone’s secrets
HouseFamily welfare, idyll
FlowerThe flowering of the soul, the formation of a guessing person
GoalArrival of guests
SmokeFuss, pleasant chores around the house
RiverJourney, long road
MountainIncrease vitality, success in business
Bear wolfInfluential patron
FoxSly friend, flatterer
FlyBad encounters, serious illness
Hare rabbitBustle
DogLoyal friend and comrade
CatFast trip, vacation abroad
Figures of peoplePleasant meetings, dates with loved ones
HeckSoon will have to face the tricks of evil spirits

Guessing need to mentally ask a question and turn on the TV (radio). The first thing he hears, and will be the answer.

This may be an excerpt from the song, transmission, monologue lead.

Best of all include those channels where you can hear something positive.

Taking the cards in their hands in order to know their future with their help, the guessing person should remember:

  • You can not lie in front of the cards. Wickedness on the part of women would entail a lie of cards.
  • You cannot use a deck that was previously used in games and solitaires.
  • Before fortune telling you need to ask the cards a clearly formulated question without too much information.
  • In the process of divination, you need to keep it in your head all the time. If divination is carried out on the beloved, it is desirable to present his image.
  • Before the fortune tune, you should turn off in the house or at least in the room all electronic items: TV, radio, computer and telephones.
  • Guessing is necessary by candlelight.
  • You can not tell fortunes in the church holidays.
  • The process must begin after sunset, best after midnight.
  • You can not tell anyone about the results of divination — otherwise it will be a joke.
  • Women should be seduced on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Men — on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Refrain from divination is necessary on Sunday.

Find out if the cards are going to tell the truth or tell lies in two ways:

  1. 1. Carefully shuffle the deck and put it in stacks in the form of a square — two piles at the top and two at the bottom. Stacks need not be made equal. After that, open the top cards from each pile and see: if horizontally, vertically or diagonally the cards match in rank, then the cards will now answer with the truth.
  2. 2. Shuffle the cards and begin to lay out three pieces per column. Stop when the diamonds come out (card wondering if she is not married). Next to it will be two cards, the value of which must be viewed. If they talk about the events of the past week or month, then today the maps are set to tell the truth.

A young unmarried man is made up by the king of diamonds. Married — heart. If a man is much older than a guessing person or occupies an important position, then he is a club king.

An unfamiliar guy is the peak king.

You can learn about the near future and past events with the help of a simple gypsy fortune telling. For him, you need to take a pack, shuffle it and move some of it to your left hand.

The shifted cards are laid down.

Cards of nine pieces lay out in three columns, the rest lay. The first 3 rows represent the past, the second — the present, the third — the future.

So you can guess not only yourself, but also others, without possessing special skills.

Rank / ColorDiamondsPeaksHeartsClubs
SixEmergency roadEvening long roadMeeting a romantic characterBusiness trip, business trip
SevenRomantic meetingUpset, tears, sadnessWaiting for a dateConversation with serious people
EightImportant talk about the futureFirst large profitDispute, conflictImportant conversation with relatives
NineDevelopment of a relationshipIllness, troubleThe development of a love affairEasy money promotion
TenThe beginning of a relationship, loveUnreasonable plans, empty hopesDreams, future plansAttachment to someone or something
JackAnxiety and troublesA waste of time and energyChoresProblems, the need for assistance from
LadyNice girl friendRival, jealousy, angerFavorite woman, sometimes motherA lady who wants to hurt, stop
KingSomeone’s son, unmarried man, young manMan of noble bloodMarried manPowerful man
AceBig news, big newsDrink, feast on important occasionFamily hearthImportant thing

Although the church remains opposed to any fortune telling, the tradition of guessing from January 6 to 7 is still preserved. Many believe that divination during the Christmas holidays is a harmless divination, which is not considered a sin.

Christmas divination should be carried out only on the holiday itself and on its eve — on any other days they lose their relevance and do not bring any results. It is allowed to guess at the Christmas eve, or the so-called fortune-telling week — the period between Christmas and Baptism.

For the process of divination in the old days used different objects. They, according to predictions, could protect a fortune-teller from tricks of evil spirits. In the quality of such attributes were:

Previously, traditionally used only church candles, but now it is allowed to use any other.

With the help of the cards you can find out the true attitude of the beloved to the girl, as well as what he thinks, dreams of.

On Christmas Eve, after sunset, an unmarried girl should go outside alone and ask for the name of the first man he met. It is believed that this is exactly what will call her betrothed.

If the stranger did not give his name, the girl this year is destined to be alone. If the woman was the first one to meet her, the wondering could live all her life alone, without her second half.

You can find out who exactly becomes a lover with the help of four jacks. For this, a fortune-teller should make a man for everyone.

If the boyfriends are less than 4, the rest of the cards will remain mysterious strangers.

  1. 1. Jacks face down lay out in random order in a horizontal line.
  2. 2. The remaining cards are shuffled and put alternately under each jack of 8 pieces.
  3. 3. Then the cards are opened.
  4. 4. Paired cards (that is, with the same value) are put on a jack. This action is performed with each jack.
  5. 5. Unpaired shuffle and re-lay.
  6. 6. This action is performed 3 times.
  7. 7. Then you can watch the result.

If all 4 cards of the same rank fell under the jack, then their value is exactly doubled.

SixGuessing herself, you need to take the first step if a man is dear to her
SevenA man wants to know better guessing, before calling her on a date
EightA man wants to talk seriously, but for what reason — it is unclear
NineA man can not even admit to himself that he loves guessing
TenStrong sympathy from the man
LadyGuy has another sweetheart
KingThe chosen man is terribly jealous, you need to be careful with him
AceThe strong passion of a man and the desire that the divine belong only to him

Before going to bed, the fortune-teller puts all four kings under his pillow and says: «Suicide-disheveled, dream about me.» The interpretation of a dream depends on which king dreamed of the girl:

  • Diamonds — a young man, rather sentimental, but behind him the guessing will be like a stone wall.
  • Chervovy — a husband will carry a woman all his life in his arms, but he will be extremely jealous.
  • Peak — the future husband will be a medical or military man. This is a middle-aged man.
  • Trefovy — The betrothed is much older than the fortunate one.

When it is possible to guess in January: from what and for what number

You need to make a well yourself from matches or thin rods. It should be placed next to itself or under the bed.

Going to bed, you need to say: «I am a married man, come, I will be transferred through the bridge.»

In a dream a man must appear, who will translate sleeping under the arm through the bridge. If a devil appeared instead, the girl will remain alone for a long time.

Divination can be done in two ways:

  1. 1. Take a glass of plain water and put it under the bed or next to it. Before going to bed you need to eat something salty, and then go to bed. Before that, you can not talk to anyone. As soon as the fortunate one will go to bed, she should say: “A condemned mumbler, come, give me a drink”. According to legends, in the dream, the contender comes and waters the girl with water. If in a dream no one came, it is considered that this year she is too early to become a bride.
  2. 2. In the second embodiment, you must take the comb. The main thing that they combed only guessing. The object should be put under the pillow and say: “I’m contented, come, make me comb”, and then go to bed. In the dream, the beloved will come and comb the girl.

One of the most dangerous and terrible fortune telling It is considered divination with the help mirrors. You will need 2 candles of red or white color, as well as 2 mirrors of the same size.

The room should remain only guessing. Unauthorized people and animals should not be. The girl needs to remove all the jewelry and cross, dissolve hair.

First, turn off the lights in the room and only then light candles.

Mirrors must be placed opposite one another, and candles must be installed on both sides.

It is necessary to make so that, looking in one mirror, the girl saw reflection of another, that is the lit mirror corridor, but not herself.

The fortunatee sits down on her knees in front of the mirror, says: “A married man is married, come to me” and begins to peer into the mirror corridor. With this, divination begins.

Sometimes, before someone comes, it can take a long time.

In addition to the most contented in the mirror, you can see evil spirit, or even a deceased person. Therefore, as soon as someone other than the betrothed began to look through the mirror, the girl should quickly say: “Chur me! «And put a thick cloth over the mirrors.

If you do not say the right words in time, a red mark for life may remain on the face of the fortuneteller.

You can learn about your destiny with the help of threads or the king of diamonds.

The card will be able to answer any exciting question. To do this, before going to bed, you need to hold a card in your hands, ask her a question, and then put her under the pillow.

In the dream, the answer will come. It may not be direct, but expressed by any symbol that should be subsequently interpreted.

Christmas divination is carried out as follows: five threads are fastened to the girl’s back: white, black, red, green and blue. In what sequence they are attached, wondering should not know. Then she should remove one thread and see its value:

  • White — in the coming year, the girl will marry her lover.
  • Black — worth paying attention to the immediate problems.
  • Red — life lucky enough to live with your loved one in complete idyll.
  • Green — The future husband will be rich and of noble birth.
  • Blue — Before gaining respect from the outside and realize their dreams, the divine will shed a lot of tears and overcome many life challenges.

Professional tarologists do not recommend using these cards on their own, without any knowledge. However, now there is enough information to study the simplest decomposition and their interpretation.

One of the simplest is considered to be a single Tarot card. It can be used if the guessing person asks a question, the answer to which can only be “yes / no”, “good / bad”, “to be / not to be”.

From the deck should remove the senior arcana and shuffle them. Then take out one card and see its value. The direct knowledge of the arcana is then ignored.

Attention should be paid only to its upright or inverted position.

ArkanAnswer in direct positionThe answer is upside down
JesterThe question remains unanswered.Yes, but there are obstacles.
The EmpressYesNot
The emperorYesNot
PriestessThere is no clear answer to the questionYes
HierophantNo to material questions, yes — to spiritualNo answer, need to rephrase the question
LoversYes, when it comes to emotionsNot
ChariotYes, if we are talking about travel, transport, travelNot
HermitYes, if we are talking about training and educationNot
Wheel of FortuneYesYes
TowerNotNo (except for real estate questions)
StarYes, but you have to waitNot
MoonThere is no exact answer, the fate of the person has not yet been resolved or the question is asked incorrectly.
The sunYesYes, but you have to overcome the obstacles
WorldYes, when it comes to travel, education, career, new work. No — if about loveOpposite values

If cards suddenly fell out of hand, then divination should be postponed until the next day.

Will the year be successful, tell the flame of a candle. In the dark room you need to be alone.

Windows and doors should be tightly closed. Only if these rules are observed, the candle ignites. According to her flame, you can current the events of next year:

  • Bright — evidence of damage to success and money.
  • Calm, quiet — measured life without serious shocks.
  • Dull — loss of luck indefinitely.
  • Extinguished quickly — a series of serious problems and life tests.
  • The candle does not light up — to the disease.

Epiphany divinations are held from January 19 to 20. It is also possible to conduct a divination and on the eve of Epiphany, on the night of January 18-19.

Praise for the beloved is allowed after the Baptism, January 21. Further similar rituals will be considered a sin.

On the evening of January 18, a fortunate one needs to hang a clean white towel on the street and say: “Bride-in-dress, come, clean up”. After that, go to bed without talking to anyone.

In the morning she looks at the state of things. If the towel is slightly wet or even wet, then this year she will become a bride.

Guessing you need to take your mitten (not the glove) and, going out into the yard, throw it up with the words: “Will I be a bride this year? «

If the mitten fell with a thumb up, this year the girl will marry.

For fortune telling, you need a felt boot or a boot from the girl’s left foot. The fortunate woman should, at midnight on January 19, go to the crossroads and turn her back on her house (or the side from which she came).

Then you need to say: “Sucker-mummers, from where should I wait for you?” »Throw shoes over your left shoulder. The sock of the boots will indicate the side from which the matchmakers should wait.

If the boot pointed at the girl’s house, this year she will be left alone.

January 18, the night before Baptism, in a bucket you need to pour clean water, preferably thawed. After that, the container should be placed on a flat surface and say: “How many children are waiting for me in the future? «

In the morning, waking up, you need to go out and look at the frozen water. The number of cavities indicates the number of girls, and the hillocks indicate boys.

If the ice remains smooth, the wondering may not have children.

Such divination should be carried out only in frosty weather.

Not only girls, but also guys can use these divinations.

For this ritual will need:

  • a basin of water;
  • half walnut shells.

On the edges of the pelvis are attached pieces of paper with the words: «Wedding», «Children», «Money», «Luck», «Health». In the nutshell set the church candle. If not, you can take a regular white candle.

The shell is lowered into the center of the pelvis and asked: “What awaits me this year? «What paper will float the shell, that is to be expected in the coming year.

If a whole company has gathered for fortune telling, it can be done a little differently. Instead of predictions write the names of the audience.

Walnut is also lowered to the center and ask any question. For example: “Who is the first to marry?” «,» Who is waiting for well-being this year? «.

What will bring next year, you can find out with the help of paper. It is necessary to take a shallow plate, put a crumpled piece of paper at the bottom (do not take a newspaper sheet, because it burns quickly) and set it on fire.

By bringing the plate to the wall and turning off the light, you can see the shadows replacing each other. They are interpreted according to them.

In a deep plate you need to pour clean water and light a candle. When it starts to melt, it should be tilted to allow the wax to drip into the water.

In the water, it quickly freezes, forming different shapes. It is for them to judge the next events:

PersonNice meetings, new promising acquaintances
ChildPleasant troubles
CrossFuzzy contours are interpreted as a series of small events, clear — as a serious long-term illness.
StarGood luck in business and endeavors, fast glory
AnimalIn the environment appeared foe
FlowerWedding for this year
TreeDirected upward branches promise success in business, downward — failure
CirclesStability, moderation
Geometric figuresDifficulties in life, new challenges
Damn, settled to the bottomLong girlhood

To learn about the financial component of the next year, you need a live rooster and 4 saucers:

  • first you need to pour the grain;
  • in the second pour water;
  • in the third pour salt;
  • in the quad put a ring.

Saucer put on the table, and then release the rooster. Guessing asks the question: “What awaits me this year? »Then you need to look at which saucer the bird went to:

  • With grain — A woman can get a big financial profit.
  • With water — wealth is possible only if a girl makes a lot of effort.
  • With salt — the year will be full of tears and financial losses.
  • With ring — the girl will become the bride of a rich man.

Tarologists believe that fortune telling should be carried out on certain days according to the lunar calendar, since the final result may depend on it. The 28th lunar day is considered to be the best time for divination in January.

Divination in the first decade of the month for lunar days:

  • 1 — the future is not defined. Any divination is deceptive.
  • 2 — allowed to use only wax and paper. Questions should be asked only about the upcoming events.
  • 3 — it is not recommended to guess, so as not to bring down the series of favorable events.
  • 4 — you can admire the water and the ring. Complex rituals are not recommended.
  • 5 — you can only use mirrors. You should only ask about love and your own experiences.
  • 6 — guessing is allowed on any items and at any time.
  • 7 — do not ask questions about love. Allowed to ask about relationships with relatives, friends and colleagues.
  • 8 — it is recommended to guess on the playing deck. You can ask questions about the past.
  • 9 — you need to refrain from fortune telling.
  • 10 — you can ask a question about the family — both your own and your partner.

The second decade of the month:

  • 11 — you can ask any questions. Guessing is on fire.
  • 12 — in divination, you can use the book. It is allowed to ask about everything.
  • 13 — wax and paper will be able to tell about the events of the near future.
  • 14 — the crystal ball will tell about the true purpose, life path.
  • 15 — possible divination for any question and with the help of any paraphernalia.
  • 16 — coins and bills will be able to tell about the financial situation and status of a fortuneteller.
  • 17 — on this day the question of love and marriage is relevant.
  • 18 — should refrain from divination and pay attention to the signs of fate.
  • 19 — the fortunetease will be dangerous, you should abandon it.
  • 20 — Asked questions may relate to the social status of the fortuneteller, his relationship with his superiors and colleagues.
  • 21 — fortune telling may be associated with human creativity.
  • 22 — you can ask questions about success, wealth, financial situation.
  • 23 — guessing is not worth it.
  • 24 — you can ask questions about the property.
  • 25 — should be seduced only in extreme cases. On trifles, the higher forces do not need to be disturbed.
  • 26 — it is not recommended to guess.
  • 27 — higher powers should be asked about travels and new beginnings.
  • 28 is the best day for any kind of divination. You can ask about anything. As an attribute, you need to choose the one with which the connection is stronger.
  • 29 — you can only ask about what you plan to get rid of — about illness, work, love relationships.
  • 30 — only important questions should be asked. Complex rituals and multistage rites can be used.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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