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What years belong to the sign of the zodiac Snake on the Eastern calendar, the characteristics of those born at this time

The snake is the sixth sign in the eastern horoscope, at the same time embodying the female principle «yin» and the male «yang». This characteristic causes the duality of the nature of people born in the Year of the Snake: they are calm, somewhat slow, reasonable, but in case of danger or in extreme situations, they act unusually quickly and lightning-fast, not allowing others to come to their senses.

In the West and in Christianity, the serpent personifies the basest vices and temptations, while in the East it is respected and honored, associated with wisdom, benevolence. Such an ambiguous attitude is felt by people born in the year of this totem animal: some admire them, others frankly dislike them.

However, representatives of the sign do not care: they go their own way and know exactly what they want from life.

In Chinese astrology, one or another year falls under the control of one of 5 elements, each of which affects not only the character of a person, but also the events in the world as a whole.

The order of the Year of the Snake in accordance with the elements of the Eastern calendar:


Color element

February 4, 1905 — January 24, 1906

January 23, 1917 — February 10, 1918

February 10, 1929 — January 29, 1930

January 27, 1941 — February 14, 1942

February 14, 1953 — February 2, 1954

Black (Blue) Water

February 2, 1965 — January 20, 1966

February 18, 1977 — February 6, 1978

February 6, 1989 — January 26, 1990

January 24, 2001 — February 11, 2002

February 10, 2013 — January 30, 2014

Black (Blue) Water

January 29, 2025 — February 16, 2026

February 15, 2037 — February 3, 2038

The ruling element and the color corresponding to it can strengthen or mute the influence of the totem animal, and, as a result, change its main characteristics. Fire gives the representative of the sign impulsivity, wood — mobility, earth — stability, water — calm, metal — decisiveness.

Characteristic features in accordance with the control element:

Snake Type


A person is distinguished by independence, isolation, prefers loneliness. He is ambitious, easily adapts to new circumstances, knows how to quickly make the right decision.

Metal Snake carefully plans ahead for each step, so rarely makes mistakes. A person does not stop at difficulties, does not give up in case of a defeat, always completes what has been started.

This is an intelligent and generous person, a little naive, but loyal to family and friends. All her life she is engaged in self-development and self-education, capable of becoming a highly qualified specialist in any field.

Purposeful person knows how to subjugate those around him. Vices of character include vindictiveness and rancor.

Such a person is distinguished by honesty, directness, ability to sympathy and empathy. Thanks to his sociability and charisma, he has many friends and fans.

Usually Wooden Snake chooses a job related to communicating with people. She appreciates stability, tranquility, does not tolerate outsiders interfering in personal life.

This is the most direct and honest representative of the mark, who prefers to act according to the rules. An energetic and active person is endowed with oratorical abilities, good manners and a sense of humor.

Sometimes he is rude to those whom he dislikes, does not hide his negative attitude. By nature is the leader

A person is distinguished by optimism, life wisdom, and irrepressible energy. He can be called the pet of fate, since luck accompanies him in all affairs and undertakings.

He knows how to handle finances, intuitively feels good deals. Because of arrogance, sometimes makes annoying mistakes, but draws the right conclusions from bitter experience

What years belong to the sign of the zodiac Snake on the Eastern calendar, the characteristics of those born at this time

The magical talismans and symbols of the Snake are:



Happy: 2, 8, 9. Numbers 1, 6, 8, as well as numbers containing these figures (for example, 16, 18, 861, etc.), Snake is recommended to avoid

Happy: yellow, red, black. They bring bad luck: golden, white, brown

Successful: western, eastern, south-western. Unhappy: Northwest and Northeast

Cactus, fern, heather, thistle

Among the famous people born in the year of the Snake:

  • politicians Mao Zedong, John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Tony Blair;
  • artists Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse;
  • poet Heinrich Heine;
  • writers Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nikolai Nekrasov, Nikolai Gogol, Gustave Flaubert, Edgar Allan Poe;
  • composers Franz Schubert, Johann Brahms;
  • boxer Mohammed Ali;
  • ballerina Anna Pavlova;
  • actresses Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, Sarah Jessica Parker, actors Charlie Sheen, Orlando Bloom, Robert Downey Jr.

What years belong to the sign of the zodiac Snake on the Eastern calendar, the characteristics of those born at this time

A person born in the Year of the Snake has a rare type of temperament, being a choleric and melancholic at the same time. This characteristic becomes the cause of the duality and variability of his nature: unrestrained fun is replaced by complete apathy, and vice versa.

The representative of the sign is not interested in the spiritual aspect, he seeks for material pleasures: he loves luxurious life, money, branded things, etc. At the same time, he remains in his heart a philosopher, a fatalist, interested in mysticism and esotericism.

Such a person has a rare intuition, a gift of foresight, a deep mind, therefore, he is able to give the right advice, to objectively assess the situation. Worldly wisdom and caution help him to succeed in life, not very much overworking (Snake does not like to work, because it is very lazy). The representative of the sign can easily adapt to any circumstances, can present itself from the best side.

In the company of others, he shows restraint, maintains a friendly relationship, avoids close friendship.

The strengths and weaknesses of the Snake character include:



WisdomStealthSensualityExcessive suspicion, distrust of peoplePurposefulnessLazinessA responsibilityMendacityPragmatismCunningCautionPrudenceExposureEmotional coldnessObservationLack of empathyIndependenceSelfishnessPracticalityGrudgeIntuitionVengefulnessSense of humorAggressivenessPerseverance—

People born in the Year of the Snake pay a lot of attention to their appearance, try to keep themselves in good physical shape, but care little about their health. Vulnerabilities — nervous system, kidneys, loin.

Representatives of the sign need to avoid stress, adhere to the correct diet.

His hobbies include hiking, diving, fishing, geology, sailing, rugby, tennis, swimming, and the occult.

What years belong to the sign of the zodiac Snake on the Eastern calendar, the characteristics of those born at this time

The Snake Man is a sensitive, mysterious, ambitious man with a strong-willed character. He knows his own worth, possesses incredible intuition, strives for comfort and prosperous life.

He is attracted to others by his subtle, slightly sarcastic sense of humor, external calmness, calmness, and diplomatic skills. The representative of the sign wants to live in harmony with himself and other people, therefore he avoids scandalous personalities.

If a conflict is brewing, he prefers to leave unnoticed, which is why he is considered cowardly.

Snake Man usually achieves incredible career success. To reach the cherished goal, he goes slowly, carefully thinking through every action and step.

He is not inclined to embark on dubious adventures, does not take impulsive decisions. Among the shortcomings of character are the inability to lose, aggressive reaction to criticism, pride, unwillingness to admit one’s own mistakes.

In business, such a person is a dangerous competitor, because he always acts covertly and removes obstacles by any means: meanness, lies, hypocrisy, betrayal.

Snake guy is incredibly sexy, so it attracts girls. The concept of «loyalty» for the representative of the mark — just a word. He respects strong women, but bypasses by choosing a weakly character, soft and pliable person who can be subordinated to his will.

His wife must give up his career and become a housewife, devote himself to her husband and children. In family life, a man is jealous, he is a big proprietor.

If the chosen one goes against the will of the Snake, he will quietly leave without saying a word.

The Snake Girl is a charming, feminine, attractive woman who skillfully uses her female charms to achieve her goals. She is determined, assertive, possesses "iron" force of will, penetrative qualities.

Being a lady overly self-confident, with high self-esteem, she often overestimates her capabilities. Responses to any criticism with a flash of aggression.

She is touchy, vindictive, reproaches on trifles, falls into a tantrum, faced with failures or defeats.

Throughout the life of the representative of the sign undergoes radical metamorphosis: it is then in a state "hibernation" and lethargy, it abruptly becomes hyperactive. Her morality and attitude to morality also change: the Snake woman may succumb to temptations and vices, sink to the social bottom, and then seem to be reborn and begin a righteous lifestyle.

The girl herself refers to such behavior in a philosophical way, since she is a fatalist and believes that destiny is predetermined from above.

Due to emotional instability, the representative of this sign is unhappy in love: the gentlemen do not wish to associate life with such a capricious girl. Snake tries to bind his chosen one to himself as much as possible, to tie the union to marriage and give birth to children.

In family life, a woman does not give up the serpentine habit of «popping» at the household, but on the whole she does a good job with the household, strives to maintain comfort in the house.

The fate of a person who is under the protection of the Snake depends on the season of his birth. The most happy are people born in hot summer, in dry, calm weather.

Their life is calm, smooth, without much upheaval. Fate is not so favorable to the representatives of the sign born on a cold winter night: during their life, dangerous temptations, temptations and obstacles lurk them.

So people need to gather all the will into a fist in order to adequately withstand the test.

People born in the Year of the Snake usually have a happy and carefree childhood: they grow in an atmosphere of warmth, love. Youth also proceeds calmly: Snake accumulates knowledge and experience, from the observer’s position studies the world around us, being careful in actions and deeds.

Problems arise in adult independent life, when the representative of the sign is faced with various temptations. If he can not lose control of himself and will engage in self-development, he will gain wisdom and secure a decent existence.

Otherwise, he will be mired in the routine of pleasure, entertainment, and by old age he may be left with nothing.

The snake possesses analytical thinking, is able to synthesize the obtained information, in work uses intuition and observation. He likes to work slowly, maybe for days to research something, analyze.

Being a lonely person, Snake tries to keep away from the team. The bosses openly dislike such people, because they do not tolerate criticism and orderly tone, but they don’t give in to the public in order not to spoil relations with the boss.

A person born in the Year of the Snake is devoid of big ambitions, so he is content with the role of a middle-level employee, but with a decent salary. Such a person knows his worth, so he will not work for a small salary.

From such a person could get a wise and fair boss, but laziness and lack of initiative prevent him from taking up a leadership position.

The main areas of success associated with the natural talents of the Snake. Thanks to oratorical abilities, it is well implemented in teaching and politics. The ability to understand people makes her a successful psychologist.

Observation and the ability to analyze information will help in forensic science, and imaginative thinking — in creativity.

The best professions for Snake:

  • detective;
  • lawyer;
  • Researcher;
  • psychologist;
  • teacher;
  • Social worker;
  • doctor;
  • special agent;
  • astrologer;
  • jeweler;
  • painter;
  • writer.

Snake knows how to manage finances, never spends money in vain. In her youth, she is usually not rich, but by her mature age and old age she accumulates a whole capital.

Such a person spends money on himself and loved ones: he buys expensive clothes, new devices, cars, collects antiques, invests in real estate. Snake does not like to engage in charity, does not lend, and she tries not to lend and not take loans.

A person under the auspices of this animal enjoys increased attention from the opposite sex due to its incredible charm, special magnetism, sensuality, mystery, as well as image and image: it looks stylish and elegant, dresses expensively, with taste. Partner chooses a long and meticulously: Snake satellite must be beautiful, smart, secured.

Since the representative of the sign is very prudent, he is guided not by feelings, but by cold mind, and as a result he agrees with a person not for love, but for his own benefit.

Being in a relationship, Snake takes liberties, but the partner will never forgive even the slightest mistake. A plan of revenge will bear for years and will eventually strike back at the most opportune moment.

Such a person is very jealous, eager for leadership, requires complete submission. His companion will have to try to earn his trust.

For this it is important not to make provocations of the Snake and not to try to cause jealousy. When the representative of the sign feels close to a reliable and congenial person, he will become the best friend and adviser.

In family life, the Snake tries to shift household management onto the shoulders of the household, since it is completely unadapted to everyday life and does not know how to take care of the needs of loved ones. It is important for her favorable and comfortable psychological microclimate in the family.

If passion is lost in a relationship with a partner, it either leads to separation, or causes depression in a person, since it is important for him to constantly be in a state of love.

A person born in the Year of the Snake is quite secretive and does not rush to share his thoughts and feelings. This is the perfect companion for shallow friendships that do not oblige to anything: he is witty, educated, educated, and a pleasant companion.

Any invasion of his personal space is perceived aggressively, as well as the desire to subjugate him to his will.

In order to establish contact with a person under the protection of the Snake, he must fully comply: to be well-read, erudite, to share his views on life and interests. The snake communicates only with those people who may be useful to it, so it must be interested in material wealth, connections, leadership position, willingness and ability to help in the implementation of its ideas and plans, etc. When the representative of the sign sees a real helper and like-minded person, communication will become more trusting.

The partner needs to remember that the Serpent can never be criticized, ridiculed. Otherwise, revenge will follow.

It is also not recommended to apply for leadership in relationships: such a person will not be subordinate and will hasten to leave.

Assess the chances of success of a tandem will allow the Snake compatibility horoscope with representatives of other animal patrons, presented in the table:


Characteristic, compatibility

Good compatibility in friendship and business relationships, but the chances of a happy marriage are small. Despite the harmony in the sexual sphere, there are serious contradictions between partners concerning everyday problems.

The couple will be happy in love if the Serpent cede leadership to the Bull. Strong friendships based on common interests are possible. Perhaps a lack of understanding in the business field

Two people have nothing in common. The impulsive Tiger does not accept the wise advice of the Snake. Unpromising tandem in all areas: work, marriage and friendship

Snake and Rabbit feel sympathy and mutual attraction from the first minutes of dating. To keep relationships, they need to learn to control their emotions. Good compatibility in love, friendship and business.

Chances of success are possible if the Dragon does not require much attention and gives the Snake an opportunity for self-realization. Partners complement each other, so they can not only succeed in business, but also create a strong family

In love, the union is problematic because of competition. Unity of views plays against a couple: they love and hate each other.

Friendship promises to be strong and long. Success in business is questionable, because no one wants to work and tries to shift their responsibilities to another

A happy marriage is unlikely, as people have different temperaments and views on life. Snake controls the Horse, but she does not mind looking for adventure on the side. Friendship is rarely strong, but business success is assured.

Both partners strive for a long and strong relationship, so they have every chance to create a strong family. Problems may arise due to the lack of dynamics. The couple has good compatibility in friendship, but bad in business.

This is a complex love tandem, in which the stubbornness of the Snake meets the aggression of the Monkey. Save the relationship will help common goals. Characterized by a lack of understanding in friendship and business

This is a harmonious union of two goal-oriented people who strive for comfort and prosperity. Partners have the same outlook on life, quickly find a common language, so they can become friends or loving spouses

People get along well with each other, but relationships can get boring. If partners will work on themselves, then the marriage will be happy. Friendship, like business partnership, is unlikely

Snake and Boar are rather inert, they lack sincerity and sociability in order to get to know each other. Chances of a successful marriage are possible if one of the partners takes the initiative. The same goes for friendship and business relationships.

Compose a more complete psychological portrait of the Snake will help the combination of the western and eastern horoscopes.

Snake-Aries is practical, reasonable, enterprising. She cautiously and attentively approaches the beginning of any business, thinks for a long time, before embarking on active actions.

Such a person is a conservative, cherishes loved ones, will never leave in trouble. Of the shortcomings of nature characterize impulsiveness and irascibility.

Practical Snake-Taurus knows exactly what he wants from life, has a realistic view of the world, is not inclined to senseless fantasies. Such a person is engaged in self-development, inquisitive, good-natured, but sometimes likes to command.

For the sake of loved ones, she is ready to do everything, true to her partner, loves children.

The Snake-Taurus represents a rare combination of beauty and mind, a harmonious, whole person.

Snake-Gemini loves communication, new acquaintances, gives the impression of an open and naive person. But in reality, she never shares her plans with others. For a long time, the Serpent hatches the idea, and then quickly proceeds to translate the plan into reality.

She shows gentleness and good nature, but does not allow herself to be controlled.

In love, such a person completely surrenders to his partner, but demands the same in return.

The Serpent Cancer strives for comfort, therefore it surrounds itself only with those people with whom it is pleasant to communicate. Such a person is emotional, prefers loneliness, does not tolerate vanity, slowly but steadily moves towards the goal.

He knows how to quietly subordinate to his will anyone.

The Serpent Cancer is stubborn, self-righteous, annoyed when they indicate how he should live.

Serious and sensitive, Snake-Leo perceives other people’s failures as his own, hurries to help, and therefore often becomes a victim of selfish and dishonest people. He is distinguished by honesty, generosity, kindness. Such a person does not like to waste energy in vain, in any situation he keeps calm.

The snake is unchaste, avoids quarrels.

The only flaw in such a person is egoism.

Such a person loves philosophical conversations, can support a conversation on any topic. Snake-Virgo — the perfect combination of beauty and mind.

She is a fighter for justice, never pass by offended and oppressed. The snake easily adapts to new circumstances, is faithful and faithful in love, appreciates and values ​​loved ones.

The shortcomings of nature include self-criticism and sensitivity.

The snake, born under this zodiac sign, gives the impression of a frivolous person, but in reality she is a skilled strategist. Libra is able to endear a person to subordinate to his will.

Such a person never spreads his plans, but reports on the results and achievements in fact, amazing others.

In the choice of the chosen one, Snake-Libra is cautious, and becomes a romantic next to a loved one. In order to achieve the goal, she is capable of deceit and lies.

Because of the secrecy of the Snake, there are few friends, but they are all real and time-tested. The representative of this combination of signs tends to power, is a strong and purposeful person with a strong-willed character.

Thanks to ambitiousness, curiosity, decisiveness always achieves goals.

Failures in personal life are connected with isolation.

Snake’s incredible business acumen contributes to career growth and increased financial well-being. Such a person can make money on everything.

He is distinguished by curiosity, has many different hobbies, does not tolerate routine and boredom.

In love, the representative of the sign is impermanent, therefore not in a hurry to get married. With age, he gains wisdom and constancy.

The person prefers loneliness, likes to be alone and indulge in philosophical reflections. Snake-Capricorn keeps away from the team, friends chooses carefully and meticulously.

Thanks to prudence and resourcefulness, he builds a dizzying career.

Among the shortcomings of character can be identified lack of empathy, stubbornness. In love, a person aspires to a relationship based on honesty and sincerity.

Energetic and active — the main features of the Snake-Aquarius, which is always looking for new experiences. He knows how to find a common language with people, is sociable and sociable.

Such a person always keeps promises. He is successful in the financial field. It happens to be impulsive.

In love, demanding of a partner, prefers the role of a leader.

This is a man who works hard for the good of the family. Snake Pisces strives for a secure life, respects family values ​​and traditions.

He knows how to endear others, is distinguished by emotion and determination. Due to his dedication, a person easily overcomes any obstacles.

The ideal partner for the representative of such a combination of signs is a financially secure reliable person.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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