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What years belong to the sign of the zodiac Monkey, the characteristics of people born in them

Year of the Monkey: a characteristic of men and women, horoscope compatibility

People born under this sign are distinguished by eloquence and adaptability. They put their interests above all, have the gift of persuasion and incredible intuition.

They are cunning and dexterous, they can transfer the blame to other people and present themselves in the best light. After the fiasco never give up, continue to look for happiness (which is the benefit) again and again.

Usually they do it.

The monkey is energetic, inventive, hardworking, loves to build grandiose plans, knows how to benefit from any business. Such people never do anything spontaneously (although they sometimes make just such an impression), they carefully think through each step and calculate the options for the consequences.

Representatives of the mark will always take advantage of any occasion for their own benefit. If the case turns out to be unpromising, the Monkeys will find an opportunity to move away from it without much loss for themselves.

What years belong to the sign of the zodiac Monkey, the characteristics of people born in them

The years 1920, 1980 and 2040 are under the auspices of the elements of the metal and are called the years of the Metal White Monkey. The animal that is associated with this element becomes colder, more balanced and cleaner, sometimes the character of a person changes in the direction of authoritarianism and taunts.

These periods are marked by positive energy and a tendency to drastic changes. People born in these years, strive to change life for the better, but they have their own vision of the situation.

They rarely listen to the opinions of others and almost never compromise. Metal Monkeys sharply depart from the usual realities and never regret about it.

The main character traits are:

Representatives of the metallic element are individualists who are torn between moral ideals and carnal pleasures. They prefer to hide their instability behind a mask of severity.

What years belong to the sign of the zodiac Monkey, the characteristics of people born in them

A man born in the year of the White Monkey is distinguished by vigor, hard work and extraordinary ambition. He strives to become public, to achieve a high position in society.

He often succeeds, because fate favors the representatives of this sign.

Surrounding people believe that the guy achieves success due to unfair practices. In fact, this is not true. The monkey constantly works on its spiritual development, does not shun physical labor, has a non-conflict character.

That is why he is always loved by partners and employees, it is pleasant to deal with him.

A man is eloquent, has a wonderful sense of humor, becomes the soul of any company. He knows his own worth, knows how to profitably demonstrate his strengths and hide flaws.

Man is naturally endowed with creative abilities and acting talent, so it is easy to cope with any vital role.

He sets high goals for himself and with dignity comes out of the most difficult situations. The fair sex can only dream of such a second half.

The guy is able to look after nicely, gives gifts, makes compliments. After marriage, a woman will not be disappointed in such a life partner.

He will be able to provide for his family, will be a faithful, loving and economic husband. The representative of the Metal Monkey sign easily finds a common language with children, constantly cares about them and shares the accumulated experience.

What years belong to the sign of the zodiac Monkey, the characteristics of people born in them

A woman born in the year of the White Metal Monkey immediately attracts the eyes of everyone around her, especially for the stronger sex. She is very bright, extravagant, stylish and attractive.

Her demeanor, proud posture and sheer self-esteem make other women jealous and doubt her husband’s resilience to such temptations. After all, the Monkey does everything to please men.

She is born a flirt and remains so to the deepest old age.

Woman loves fun and carefree life. But if she will have to be in not very comfortable conditions, the lady will never save in front of difficulties.

She is hardworking and assertive, therefore she achieves great success in her career. The desire to manage people moves her to occupy leadership positions.

The monkey with pleasure will accept as a gift material security from the side of his chosen one. But if such a one is not found or is not rich enough, the lady will take care of her finances herself.

A very important aspect of her life is honoring others.

If for a period of time a woman is deprived of the opportunity to hear compliments from her man, she will begin to yearn and may acquire an inferiority complex. But it is worth the Monkey to find a soul mate, she will become the most loyal and devoted wife.

The woman is very economic, loves her husband, takes care of children. In this case, still remains a flirt, which is not indifferent to the attention of men.

1932, 1992 and 2052 — Monkey years, which are under the auspices of the element of water, they are commonly called the years of the Black Monkey Water. Representatives of this sign are distinguished by passivity, tranquility, tranquility and the desire to go with the flow.

Along with outward tranquility, children of water have hidden opportunities for the realization of the most ambitious plans and ideas. They are conflict-free, able to adapt, never spread about their desires.

The main character traits are:

  • deep intuition;
  • restraint;
  • sentimentality;
  • indecision;
  • patience;
  • originality.

Danger to the representatives of the element of water is excessive calm. It can be the cause of promiscuity and uselessness in life.

Weakness and passivity, inability to respond with a firm refusal makes people susceptible to the influence of harmful addictions.

The horoscope of the representative of the Water Monkey is distinguished by secrecy and mystery. This is a calm, balanced man who prefers to hide all his emotions from outsiders.

He has creative abilities, an original look at familiar things, knows how to behave in society and is able to conquer all those present.

The guy is conflict-free and well brought up, so he never feels a lack of communication. Still, he prefers solitude, because he loves to think, dream and dive into his illusions.

He lacks determination in the professional sphere or in his personal life.

Black Monkey rarely occupies leadership positions — the guy is afraid of the responsibility assigned to him. But, being a performer, will become an indispensable worker.

The man is not in a hurry, he thinks about every step, does a good job. He is always held in high esteem by the leadership who tries to take care of him.

The search for the second half is complicated by modesty and indecision. The guy will never take the first step, as he fears disappointment.

He is very vulnerable and susceptible, takes offense and trouble too close to his heart. If the girlfriend appears, the Monkey will happily open for her the world of sensuality and romance.

He will be a great family man who will never change or betray. The only condition is to be able to leave in my heart some secrets to which the guy does not dedicate even the most beloved and only girl.

His outward calm and helplessness are not a sign of weakness.

A man knows his own worth and will never allow himself to be pushed around.

A woman born in the Year of the Water Monkey is endowed with a conflict-free, calm and balanced character. She will never directly and honestly pursue a goal.

If obstacles arise on the way, she will find many ways to get around straightforward clarifications of relationships.

The girl will be cunning, sophisticated, silent about the truth. Her keen mind and innate intuition will help to get around sharp corners without the slightest loss for herself and to defend her own interests.

With her meekness and humility she easily draws people to herself, but then skillfully knows how to manipulate them.

This is especially true of representatives of the stronger sex, who at a glance in a hurry to come to the lady for help. With his diligence and original approach Monkey achieves significant indicators in life.

She occupies a worthy place in the enterprise where she works.

Very often this is due to the patronage of a high-ranking chief. For personal relationships, looking for an honest, able to compromise, a man.

A woman does not tolerate selfish narcissistic guys, she constantly needs attention to herself.

The interests of the second half should be in the background, because the Monkey wants to feel comfortable and safe. She is very independent, protects her personal space and will never open her soul to the end, even if it is the closest person to her.

Does not tolerate scandals and interference in his family of unauthorized persons. If he finds a like-minded person, he becomes a faithful wife and a caring mother.

The period of the Wooden Yellow Monkey falls on the years 1944, 2004 and 2064. The totem animal, which is complemented by the elements of the tree, is distinguished by the desire for growth, both in the spiritual and in the material aspect.

The monkey loves to take on new affairs, but the result never satisfies it completely.

For this reason, representatives of the sign constantly have several projects at once: two houses, two lovers, two works, etc. The desire to get even greater benefits does not allow to enjoy one aspect that will be perfected (it seems that in another place it’s better than here).

Wooden Monkeys have the following character traits:

  • desire for growth;
  • mobility;
  • duality;
  • intuition;
  • pedantry;
  • ambition.

The Children of the Elements have a sense of compassion, they are loving and attractive. Their negative quality is wasteful energy, which they can not properly distribute.

A monkey will be happy in a big city rather than in a small village.

A man born in the year of the Yellow Wooden Monkey is distinguished by its peace-loving character. He perfectly finds a common language with others, always ready to help.

The guy always has a lot of friends, he tries to impress and always needs praise.

If close people do not give him proper attention, he is very upset and disappointed. In the production plan, he has many talents and abilities.

But the desire to achieve quick success, ambition and dissatisfaction in the current work (Monkey does not know how to appreciate their achievements) leads to trouble.

A man rushes about, spends a lot of excess energy, risks real achievements for the sake of an illusory future. In this regard, he is forced to often change jobs, and friends turn into enemies.

In personal relationships, she always tries to shock her beloved.

He is ready to give expensive gifts, organize exotic holidays, daily surprise his chosen one. But if she ignores his attention or reacts indifferently to the guy’s efforts, the Monkey can be offended to the depths of the soul.

A girl needs to know such features of the character of her man.

If a guy finds a like-minded person (excellent intuition helps him in this), he will become an excellent husband and father.

Wooden Monkey is a real optimist, set up exclusively on the positive. She does not like to clash, finds a common language with others, is always executive and hardworking.

There is no ambition in her, the girl is ready to do any work, if only she would like her.

The bosses love and encourage such an employee. This energetic woman is accustomed to emerge victorious from the most difficult situations, and she never complains and does not seek support. He tries to help all who need help, and does it for free.

Although Monkey easily copes with any task, it will be very grateful if someone else performs it.

In relationships with men, prefers lightness and celebration. A woman does not burden anyone with her problems and appreciates those guys who do the same.

She is energetic and temperamental, loves earthly pleasures, but also capable of self-sacrifice. If a man needs serious help, Monkey without hesitation will leave his house or work and go wherever the beloved will say.

She is very faithful in family life, never allows herself to have a negative attitude towards her husband. The holiday atmosphere is constantly reigning in her house, as the woman generates positive emotions.

It is easy to communicate with all family members and people around them.

The years of the Fiery Red Monkey are the 1956th, 2016th and 2076th. The element of Fire gives its representatives energy, temperament, decisiveness in decision-making, as well as destructive force.

These are unusual people who are able to achieve outstanding success in life.

Fire Monkeys are kind, generous and idealistic people, they are devoid of fear and doubt. In all situations, sign representatives are leaders and come out winners.

The disadvantage is hot temper and periodic aggressiveness.

Traits include:

  • leadership;
  • courage;
  • intolerance to compromise;
  • temperament;
  • activity;
  • attractiveness

Energetic Fire Monkeys have great prospects for achieving significant material wealth. They make excellent leaders.

If the representatives of the sign will acquire a personal home or their business, the money will flow to them like a river.

A man born in the Year of the Fire Monkey is very ambitious, for him there are no rules. He always acts as he sees fit and does not tolerate contradictions from any side. He has all the possibilities and grounds for this.

The guy is able to work physically, he seeks to improve his intellectual level.

He will not be long in the status of a subordinate, and will do everything to take the place of the head. The monkey is very beautiful and stately, he knows how to behave, has a wonderful sense of humor and oratorical abilities.

Self-confidence and self-esteem allows him to attract a variety of women.

He is extremely sexy, knows how to effectively look, always ready to demonstrate the behavior of the gallant knight. No girl can resist his temptation.

The man always felt strength, courage and incredible charisma.

His companion, he sees a calm, balanced, able to create comfort and comfort for a woman.

She must understand the expressive nature of her husband in all situations. Possessing an intuition and an analytical mind, the Monkey always has the opportunity to see the potential of its second half and therefore rarely makes a mistake in choosing.

It can not be argued that he will remain faithful to his wife, but she will definitely be happy.

A man rarely leaves the family, he is able to turn the life of his household into a real fairy tale, because he has the material capabilities and a lot of original surprises to communicate.

The woman of this sign is different spectacular and bright. The monkey is beautiful and stately, knows how to behave in high society, has erudition and wit.

She does not differ shyness, the lady can not be caught in inexperience. Her innate self-esteem allows you to start self-improvement from an early age.

The girl got used to work tirelessly on herself, so she will never come out to people unless she feels confident. She sees herself exclusively in the manager’s chair, which she successfully achieves.

He loves his job very much and performs it in good faith, constantly moving up the career ladder.

The monkey is courageous and desperate, it is ready to embark on an unplanned journey, change its place of residence or embark on adventures.

In personal relationships, the girl is always based on pragmatics. She controls her feelings and emotions, not allowing them to prevail over the mind. Men feel the incredible appeal of the Fire Monkey, for each of them a girl is a priceless gift.

But the choice of the lady will be only a successful and worthy candidate who will meet her requirements.

In family life, a woman does not cease to be attractive and attractive to other representatives of the stronger sex. But she will never allow herself to betray and change her spouse.

The girl will behave perfectly, perfectly fulfilling the role of a good wife and mother.

1908, 1968 and 2028 are the period of the Blue Earth Monkey’s rule. Earth element suggests stability, prosperity, confidence in the future.

The characteristic of representatives of the sign is distinguished by such positive qualities as sociability and lack of selfishness.

These Monkeys are distinguished by phlegm and some inhibition. They like to interpret the most insignificant episodes for a long time, which annoys representatives of other signs.

They are able to meticulously calculate the material benefit from all the upcoming cases.

The main qualities of the character of the Earth Monkey:

  • practicality;
  • stability;
  • ability to science;
  • phlegm;
  • materialism;
  • principled

Earth Monkeys are very lucky in life. They can achieve anything they want.

The only caution is only casual communication and communication with unworthy people who are able to disrupt all the plans of the monkeys.

The guy who was born in the year of the Earth Monkey is distinguished by friendliness and courtesy. He is intelligent, inquisitive, pleasant to talk with him.

In a professional environment, he is able to achieve the highest rates.

He will not necessarily have a leadership position, but even as a subordinate guy will be respected and honored by his colleagues and managers. The secret lies in the incredible performance and sense of responsibility of a young man.

He never complains of fatigue and always tries to achieve remarkable results with his own work. Very secretive, about his true feelings and attitude is able to tell only close people.

In personal relationships, a man has a high temperament, he is able to pay attention to many girls. Each of his lovers, he will give many wonderful moments.

Wide gestures in the form of expensive gifts and vivid impressions will be guaranteed.

The only reaction that the guy expects from the girl will be her gratitude. Careless attitude on the part of the lady can plunge the Monkey into a deep depression.

Entering into marriage, the representative of the sign completely refuses relations on the side. He is completely given to his duties as a faithful spouse and caring father.

A man is able to provide his family financially, you can always rely on him in a difficult situation.

In the Earth Monkey combines all the best qualities of a woman. She is educated, friendly, practical and responsible.

Also, the girl is distinguished by diligence and diligence. She does not count on gifts of fate, does not require material support for her admirers, she only achieves everything in her life by her own work.

The representative of the mark is completely lacking ambition, so she does not strive for leadership. Respected by fellow workers, always loved and respected by the leadership.

This cute girl always has a lot of fans.

She does not know how to flirt and flirt, she behaves naturally and naturally, which attracts men even more. He places the most severe demands on his chosen one, since he prefers exceptionally serious relations

The guy must be decent and generous, not rush things and respect her as a person. The monkey is very passionate, but it is able to restrain its desires and saves them for the beloved man.

In family life will be faithful and economic wife, properly distribute the budget and always help the spouse.

She will become a caring mother; after giving birth, she will teach them the best. The positive attitude and optimism of the Earth Monkey will create a good atmosphere among the household.

To create a harmonious relationship with the Monkey, it is necessary to consider its compatibility with other zodiac signs according to the oriental horoscope.

This is one of the most promising and harmonious alliances in all aspects. A partner who belongs to the sign of the Rat will be delighted with the cheerful and charismatic Monkey.

He is happy to take all the responsibility and care, both in family life and in business. The monkey will only be glad.

In a personal relationship, this couple has no positive prospects. The bull is too pragmatic and serious for the frivolous and superficial Monkey.

They have good chances in business, they are able to achieve high results.

Merry Monkey will be interesting as a friend of the representative of the sign of the Bull, who, in turn, will become a reliable support for his friend.

This couple is attractive and interesting for each other. They are perfectly combined and complement their partner with missing qualities.

A condition for long-term harmonious relations will be the acceptance of responsibility for the two by the Tiger. This applies to all aspects.

Harmony in relationships can only be in production or friendship. Personal prospects for this pair is extremely small.

At the initial stages, the tandem will seem interesting, but in the future Rabbit will be constantly jealous, and the Monkey will become boring.

The monkey needs an experienced and wise leader, both in personal and in production affairs. The dragon fully meets these requirements.

This pair is promising only with such distribution of roles.

This tandem has very high chances in the initial stages of a relationship. Snake and Monkey will attract each other sexually, but the difference in priorities will lead to the inevitable parting.

Friendly and business contacts will be unpromising.

Business and friendly relations between the representatives of these signs are possible only for a short time and with the condition that the Horse will prevail.

The union of lovers will fall apart very soon, because they are completely incomprehensible to each other.

In a personal relationship, this couple has huge chances to live a long and harmonious life, since their interests and life priorities coincide completely.

Friendship and business will have to compromise for some time, but in the end everything will turn out well.

These people are completely compatible with each other, both in personal and industrial relations. But they have the same flaws that will annoy partners.

They will have to negotiate and properly assign roles in order to achieve significant success in any aspect.

This union will be successful only in the initial stages of a relationship. Constant fun and entertainment attract both partners, but at the end of the holiday the Rooster will have to seriously consider what this may lead to.

Joint successful business is possible only in the field of entertainment.

This is a wonderful harmonious union of two partners who complement each other with missing qualities. The dog will truly protect the family hearth, and the Monkey will teach you to enjoy the joys of life.

Guaranteed success awaits in business and friendship; mutual understanding will be strengthened every year.

This is a knowingly unfortunate union in all respects. A pig needs the support and care of a partner, and a selfish and thoughtless Monkey will not sacrifice its interests for the sake of others.

Nothing good will turn out neither in love, nor in friendship, nor in business.

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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