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What years are the sign of the Rat zodiac, the characteristics of men and women born at this time

Year of the Rat: characteristic of women and men born during this period

Born in the year of the Rat (Mouse) are endowed with special charm and charm. People are always drawn to these people, but this sign is reluctant to come closer. Rats dislike attachment and shun responsibility.

They give warmth to their soul only to the most worthy and decent friends and loved ones.

Often a Mouse makes a deceptive impression on people. The representative of this sign seems to be calm, balanced and affable, but in fact it is rather nervous and often agitated. By nature, the Rat is aggressive and vindictive, it instantly falls into anger and loves to quarrel.

Astrologers call this sign the creator of chaos. However, the Mouse itself does not notice its shortcomings, it firmly believes in its own oneness and ideality.

In eastern astrology, the beginning and end of the year are associated with the lunar calendar. For those born in January and February, you must consider the dates in order not to be mistaken with the choice of the governing animal.

In accordance with the element of the year, it is customary to add a color characteristic:

  • water is blue;
  • the ground is yellow;
  • metal — white;
  • tree — green;
  • the fire is red.
    What years are the sign of the Rat zodiac, the characteristics of men and women born at this time

Periods of birth of rats (mice) and the ruling elements:

Beginning of the yearThe end of the yearElement
28. 01. 196004. 02. 1961Metal
15. 02. 197202. 02. 1973Water
02. 02. 198419. 02. 1985Tree
19. 02. 199606. 02. 1997the fire
07. 02. 200825. 01. 2009Land
25. 01. 202011. 02. 2021Metal

Thus, those born after January 28 in 1960 are under the rule of the white metal Rat, but those born in 1961 before February 4 also belong to its management.

What years are the sign of the Rat zodiac, the characteristics of men and women born at this time

Representatives of this year of birth, some things bring happiness. Astrologers recommend Rats to use them as talismans.

Also pay attention to the bad days, numbers, colors and other moments.

Significant aspects in the life of rats:

MetalSilver, platinum
StonesPomegranate, amber
Flowers and plantsSandy grass, orchid, hyacinth
TalismansRing, horseshoe, the happiest — mouse figure
Unsuccessful colorsPink blue
Happy colorsRed Black
Lucky numbers1, 4, 5
Bad numbers2, 3
Happy years of life14, 45, 51
Bad years of life17, 32
Good day of the weekMonday
Unlucky day of the weekFriday

What years are the sign of the Rat zodiac, the characteristics of men and women born at this time

Year of the Rat gives the ward a special ingenuity that allows this person to quickly adapt to any situation. In difficult moments, the Mouse does not give in to emotions, it does not panic and is not lost.

This is a resourceful and thoughtful person, namely the Rat is able to organize and calm others around on a sinking ship.

Those born this year always look to the future, they are ready to give up their short-term desires in order to achieve success in a few years. Rats can save money, very often these people make huge capitals thanks to their intelligence and practicality. With a representative of this year of birth, you can safely get down to business, because the Mouse will never get involved in a dubious adventure.

In addition, this person gets along well with those from whom he gets some benefit.

Astrologers note that there are no equal in the business of Rats, these are excellent diplomats and businessmen.

The mouse does not like to lie to people, but it does not tolerate being deceived. The representative of this sign is tough on dishonest people. If someone offended the Rat, then we should expect retribution, because this person does not leave evil unpunished.

It is easy to inspire confidence in relatives, the mouse can be relied on. She often reveals secrets, because she never condemns others and does not gossip.

However, the Rat naively believes that others behave in the same way, therefore they are often disappointed in people.

Advantages and disadvantages of Rats:

Positive featuresNegativequalities
  • Self-discipline
  • Honesty.
  • Cheerfulness.
  • Responsiveness
  • The intransigence.
  • Ruthlessness
  • Stubbornness.
  • Arrogance

What years are the sign of the Rat zodiac, the characteristics of men and women born at this time

A mouse cannot imagine its life without love. She always maintains relations with several members of the opposite sex, so as not to be alone.

The rat is rather amorous, but if he finds a faithful and sincere chosen one, he gives himself completely to him.

The man of this sign can beautifully care for ladies. He conquers the hearts of women with gallantry and generosity. But the girl Rat keeps his talents before marriage.

She is not wasted on fleeting novels, with gentlemen behaving strictly and with restraint. This lady is revealed only in family life, when she is 100% sure of her chosen one.

In the marriage of the Rat are good partners. Men of this sign are responsible for family responsibilities, they provide household members with everything they need, but in return they expect a lot.

The wife of the Rat guy must be an excellent housewife and wife respecting her husband, otherwise the marriage will quickly fall apart.

Woman Mouse — the perfect companion of life. The comfort reigns in her house, the children of this lady receive a good upbringing, and the spouse is surrounded by care and affection.

Rats are rarely bred with partners. Push them to break can only betrayal.

In other cases, people of this sign are looking for compromises and are still fighting to preserve the relationship.

Intimate life Rats is filled with passion and romance. In bed with this sign is always present diversity. Mice do not like boring sex, always try to come up with something new.

The man of this sign is aimed at giving pleasure to his partner, he does not think about himself.

The woman of this year of birth is rather selfish, in sex she is interested in her desires. Therefore, the elects of this lady should try to get something in return.

If the partner does not satisfy the Rat in an intimate way, then she will look for pleasure on the side.

There are few real friends of the Rat. She is too demanding on people, so few can pass her careful selection.

However, the Mouse easily won the sympathy of others, she has many friends, who sincerely consider themselves her best friends.

If someone manages to get into the close circle of the Rat, then in her face they get a faithful and reliable friend. The mouse is not capable of treachery, but it does not forgive others’ meanness.

Rats really look at things, so do not dream of unattainable peaks. Representatives of this sign choose practical and profitable professions.

If the Mouse realizes that success in some activity does not work out, then it changes direction. Often, these people quit their jobs and learn new professions in order to show their talents.

However, the ambitions of this sign are directly related to salary. The rat is not interested in the status of director or chief specialist if the salary suits her at a lower position.

The mouse can not be called a workaholic, she tries to work less, but earn more.

In business relationships, these people behave with restraint, do not allow themselves to move into crony relations with colleagues and management. Subordination is important to them, because thanks to her Rats keep a distance in the team and maintain respect for themselves.

In the Chinese horoscope, a person’s character largely depends on the element that controls the year of birth.

Characteristics of the character of rats born in different periods:

Animal elementCharacteristic
WaterThis Rat is wise and insightful. She is very energetic, rarely sits on the ground, she is constantly fascinated by new ideas. Water Mouse has the gift of persuasion, so she has a lot of followers and admirers of her talent. The foresight of this person allows him to build long-term relationships. However, this Rat spends a lot of effort on maintaining its own reputation, as it is afraid of losing popularity.
WoodenWooden Mouse is endowed with a sharp mind and sense of humor. It is not necessary to enter into verbal fights with her, because she will always be the winner among them. This Rat is affable and extremely sociable, a crowd of like-minded people always gathers around her, but close people should be more vigilant next to her. A man of wooden elements constantly uses others to translate his ideas, but gives nothing to anyone in return
FieryThis is a passionate and impetuous rat. She is extremely impulsive: first she acts and then thinks. In any company, such a person seeks to take a leading position, and if he does not succeed, then he builds intrigues for those who hinder the achievement of a goal. This Mouse will never obey someone else’s orders, it is better to give up the case than to surrender to someone else’s leadership. Of all the rats, this one lives the hardest, because its absurd nature does not allow it to get along with people.
EarthlyTerrestrial Mice are characterized by balance and pragmatism. This person does not build illusions, he looks at the events and really never risks. This is a rather conservative and limited Rat. She does not like to innovate, in all prefers to act proven methods. Most often, an earth sign achieves its goals longer than others, but it does everything qualitatively.
MetallicThis is a tenacious and self-confident Rat. She will never miss her, and if something is badly lying, then someone else will grab it without a twinge of conscience. This Mouse less often than others thinks about the consequences of their actions. She is optimistic about the future, but she lives in the present moment. It is difficult for her to give up momentary comfort for the sake of a grand goal, because tomorrow this Rat seems incredibly distant.

Astrological description of the guy-Rat indicates his excellent health. This man is rarely sick, he always watches his appearance, does not allow himself to succumb to pernicious addictions.

Alcoholics and drug addicts are rarely found among Mice. A man of this year of birth has an iron will, therefore, is able to cope with bad habits.

Guys-Rats early maturity, but not in a hurry to leave the parental home. This man has a deep affection for his mother, even after marriage, he often visits his father’s nest to get valuable advice.

He is unlikely to marry if his parents disapprove of his choice, therefore in the life partner Rat chooses a decent and economic lady. However, the external brilliance of the fatal beauties attracts him like a magnet.

Only a bright and self-confident girl can win the heart of this guy.

Girl Mouse brisk and mischievous. She likes to have fun, but avoids bad companies.

This lady is monitoring her reputation, it is important for her to respect her around.

The rat is pretty proud, so cares about appearance. This girl can hardly be met on the street without a beautiful hairstyle and perfect makeup.

It always looks like it came off the cover of a fashion magazine. Usually, female Rats have a good figure, as they keep fit with exercise.

In a healthy body, a healthy mind is their motto.

To win the heart of the Mouse is difficult. This lady does not allow to herself gigolos and lovers of fleeting novels. Since childhood, she dreams of a friendly and happy family, so the choice of a life partner is taken very seriously.

As a partner, the Rat chooses a strong and wealthy man, next to whom he feels confident about the future.

Each Rat (Mouse) is endowed with special character traits according to the sign of the zodiac. When characterizing the personality, it is necessary to take into account the influence of the constellations.

Zodiac signCharacteristic
Aries (21. 03 — 19. 04)This is an energetic and persistent personality. Often these Rats are overly straightforward, so they push people away from them. Aries is impatient and impulsive, it is difficult to get along with him, but for loved ones this person is ready for anything
Taurus (20. 04 — 20. 05)Rat-Taurus is incredibly charming and affable. She has many friends, but this Mouse does not have enough time for everyone. She is always busy with something. Taurus — notorious workaholics, their life is full of care and important things. You can always rely on them, but it’s unlikely that you will have fun
Gemini (21. 05 — 21. 06)Moving and independent Twin Mice live the same day. Their mood often changes, so it is impossible to understand such a person. This Rat is easy to go through life, she succeeds a lot, but because of the inconstancy inherent to Gemini, they have a bad relationship.
Cancer (22. 06 — 22. 07)This is a gentle and affectionate Rat, but only the closest ones receive warmth and care from her. With strangers, Mouse Cancer keeps its distance, protecting itself from lies and betrayal. The representative of this constellation is extremely vulnerable, so he is afraid of allowing people to come near him
Leo (23. 07 — 22. 08)Leo’s grace and refinement The rats create a burning mixture. This man is a born leader. He is invulnerable and fearless, able to cope with any rival. However, the nobility inherent in the constellation of Leo often pushes the ward to concessions, so people respect and value him
Virgo (23. 08 — 22. 09)This is a fussy and restless Mouse. The Maiden-Rat in all is striving for order, she is overly careful in everyday life and in affairs. Her whole life is planned for the years ahead. If something unexpected happens, this Rat is lost. She does not like when there are changes in her routine
Scales (23. 09 — 23. 10)Mouse-Libra is a delicate and interesting conversationalist. You can hardly get bored with this man. Scales are intellectually developed and erudite. They will always find a fascinating topic for communication. However, the true thoughts of this person can not be known. Such a Rat has a personal opinion on everything, which it leaves to itself, so as not to spoil relations with others
Scorpio (24. 10 — 22. 11)This is a dangerous combination of two sharp-tongued characters. The venomous poisonous Scorpion can defeat any rival, and in combination with the resourcefulness and lightning reaction of the Rat, this man becomes a dangerous enemy to anyone who dared to cross the road. But close people in the face of such a Mouse gain strong support and support
Sagittarius (23. 11 — 21. 12)Charming and sociable Sagittarius-Rat is able to conquer anyone. He is an open and honest person, he is cheerful and optimistic, always finds a way out of difficult situations. This Mouse is energetic and initiative, but very often it grabs several tasks at the same time, but in the end none of them brings to the end
Capricorn (22. 12 — 19. 01)Born under the constellation Capricorn man is patient and thorough. This Rat is firmly on the ground, it can not be broken. Exposure of such a person can only envy. However, it is very difficult to get along with him. Capricorn Mouse is a pessimist and critic. He finds negative features in everything and focuses attention on them.
Aquarius (20. 01 — 18. 02)This is a carefree and frivolous Rat. She lives as she likes, and if something does not suit her, then this Mouse simply turns aside. Aquarius does not like to deal with the hardships of life, his fate — it is a holiday and fun. A serious relationship with this person is difficult to build, such a Rat at any time can leave the place and go in search of adventure, forgetting about responsibility to loved ones
Fish (19. 02 — 20. 03)Good-natured Pisces and calculating Rats create a strange combination. This person seems sweet and responsive in appearance, but you can never say exactly what is on his mind. Astrologers note that Mouse-Pisces is an unpredictable and rather insidious representative of the zodiac. You can rely on him in a serious matter, but you should not count on his constancy in the details

The compatibility of people in the eastern horoscope is greatly influenced by the ruling elements. Chinese zodiac signs get along well if their element is controlled by their birth years.

In the following table, each year is marked with the color of the corresponding element:

What years are the sign of the Rat zodiac, the characteristics of men and women born at this time

Characteristics of the relations of the Rat (Mouse) with representatives of other characters:

SignRelationship characteristics
Bull (Buffalo)This is a strong and mutually beneficial alliance. Here there is an understanding on an intuitive level. Silent Bull calmly perceives a talkative Rat, the partners seem to complement each other, although they have completely opposite traits of character. Sometimes Mice gets bored in this pair, so she is looking for entertainment on the side. However, in general, this union can be called strong and unbreakable.
TigerBrave and courageous Tiger is able to make a good pair of Rat. In this tandem, relationships are built on mutual respect and passion, but often couples of these signs break up due to adultery. Here everyone lives an independent life, not controlling the behavior of the partner, and the excessive freedom for these signs results in an affair on the side
Rabbit (Cat)Fussy and active Rat brings confusion into the life of a quiet and calm Rabbit. They often set up tumultuous romances, but they cannot stay together for long. The mouse constantly deceives the naive Kota, so one day he does not withstand the rat tricks and runs away from her.
The DragonWith the Dragon in Rat perfect compatibility. The mouse admires the intelligence and insight of the chosen one, and he highly appreciates its practicality and prudence. Relations of these partners are built on friendship, representatives of these signs rarely quarrel, because their opinions are almost always the same.
SnakeThis is a rather complicated union. The snake and the Rat cannot find a common language, but if there is a love fire between the partners, they cannot resist the mutual attraction. Representatives of these signs are very similar, but that’s what prevents them from building good relationships. Here both are selfish and stubborn, so quarrels and scandals happen to them because of every little thing.
HorsePartnership with the Horse is beneficial to the Rat. The mouse deftly controls the elect and quickly «sits on his neck.» Sometimes the Horse fulfills the instructions of the Rat all his life, without noticing that it is simply used. However, most often this union falls apart. There must be someone who opens the Horse’s eyes to a cunning darling, then she drives the Rat out of her life.
Goat (Sheep)Goat and Rat make up an excellent pair of friends, but their love does not add up. Here partners tire each other with fussiness and vigor. Both sometimes need to rest in peace and quiet, but their life rhythms do not match. When the Sheep wants to sleep, the Rat dances and has fun, and vice versa.
A monkeyTwo cunning and quirky signs are unlikely to find joint happiness. Insightful Rat sees all the tricks of the Monkey and gets annoyed when her partner tries to deceive her. Here everyone is looking for his own benefit, but he tries not to give anything in return. Usually, these partners break up in the first months of the relationship, but if they decide to start a family, they will have to change radically, otherwise their life together will become a living hell.
CockProud and absurd Rooster — not a pair of Rat. However, they are madly drawn to each other. They often have bright, passionate novels, but you should not count on long-term relationships in this alliance. Both partners are hot-tempered and aggressive. If their opinions do not agree, then they solve questions not only by scandals, but also by fights.
DogKind and faithful Dog will make a good batch of Mice. In this alliance, there is no struggle for leadership, partners treat each other with respect, they try to make concessions in everything. It is with the Dog that the Rat is able to find true happiness.
Pig (Boar)The only thing on which this union can be based is passion. The boar and the Rat are able to survive together many wonderful moments of pleasure, but as soon as they get out of bed, they realize that nothing binds them. Mice are alien to the seemingly foolish interests of the Pig. The boar does not understand the seriousness of the situation, therefore it is constantly trying to impose its hobbies on the partner. As a result, the rat breaks off the relationship, leaving Pig in perplexity
Rat (Mouse)Two Rats get along together perfectly, but their union idyll does not last long. They understand each other well, but that is why they keep themselves aloof. There is no mutual trust in this pair; each implicitly expects the other to deceive and betray him. Very often, these partners quarrel on the basis of jealousy, express suspicions of treason, pushing themselves to intrigues on the side.

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