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What years are the sign of the Rabbit zodiac on the eastern calendar, the nature, the fate of those born in them

Year of the Rabbit (Kota): the characteristic of men and women, the influence of the elements, the horoscope of compatibility

The Year of the Rabbit (Kota) ranks fourth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. The Japanese or the rabbit are more revered by the rabbit, and the Chinese are the cat, hence the name difference.

Such totemic animals were chosen for a reason, since they are united by one feature: they easily land on four legs after a fall. That is why people born in this year can safely be called favorites of fate. They are lucky in any undertakings and enterprises, lotteries, gambling.

At the same time, they do not abuse their luck, do not become too careless, but, on the contrary, carefully calculate the possible risks and never make rash decisions.

In Chinese astrology, there are 5 basic elements: metal, water, wood, fire, earth. Each of them has a powerful influence on the character and fate of a person.

The year of the Rabbit of a particular element comes once in 60 years. For example, the year of the Metal Rabbit was in 2011, respectively, the next time it will be repeated in 2071. You can determine the controlling element, knowing the principle: the element of metal falls on years ending in 0 and 1, water — 2 and 3, wood — 4 and 5, fire — 6 and 7, earth — 8 and 9.

What years are the sign of the Rabbit zodiac on the eastern calendar, the nature, the fate of those born in them

He is an ambitious, pragmatic and calculating person who knows exactly what he wants from life. Thanks to a sharp, lively mind, cunning and quick-wittedness, he often reaches career heights.

Honors and fame usually come in adulthood, so the Rabbit is doomed to a happy and comfortable old age.

Outwardly, he gives the impression of being closed and secretive, which is completely untrue, because a sign representative rarely shares his thoughts and plans with others. Endowed with vivid imagination and rich imagination, therefore, it realizes well itself in the field of art.

What years are the sign of the Rabbit zodiac on the eastern calendar, the nature, the fate of those born in them

Such a person has a terrific intuition and knows how to understand people perfectly. He is charming, charismatic, responsible and punctual, always conscientiously performs work and any assignments.

He enjoys authority with colleagues and friends, always listens to the opinions of others.

Of the negative qualities can be identified excessive sentimentality, vulnerability and dependence on someone else’s opinion. The Water Rabbit needs to learn how to control its emotions and not take minor troubles and troubles to heart.

What years are the sign of the Rabbit zodiac on the eastern calendar, the nature, the fate of those born in them

This is a sociable, generous and generous person who does not know how to hide his feelings and emotions. He is pleasant in communication, open and friendly, for which his relatives and friends love and appreciate him.

Wooden Rabbit prefers to work in a team, because he needs to feel someone’s help and support. Usually such a person leads an active social life.

The ability to quickly adapt to new people and circumstances allows you to build a dizzying career.

This is a friendly and open person who has a heightened sensitivity and good intuition. He is diplomatic, tries to avoid conflicts and seeks to maintain even friendly relations with everyone.

Due to quick-wittedness, wit and enterprise often becomes a successful businessman or occupies a management position.

Disadvantages of character include impatience. If things don’t go the way they would like, the Fiery Hare quickly falls into depression and loses control of itself.

This is a smart, pragmatic, insightful and hardworking person with realistic views on life. Due to his dedication, perseverance and prudence, he quickly moves up the career ladder.

The Earth Rabbit has the gift of persuasion and is able to find a common language with people, therefore, it is well implemented in business. Despite the outward openness, it is actually quite secretive.

The disadvantages of nature is laziness.

The magic talismans and symbols of representatives of the Rabbit sign include:



Happy — 3, 4, 6; unlucky — 1, 7, 8

Happy — pink, red, blue, purple; unhappy — white, dark yellow, dark brown

Happy — northwest, south, east; unhappy — southwest, west, north

Jasmine, lily, plantain

Fig tree, meadowsweet

Ruby, amber, pearl, turquoise

The corresponding zodiac sign

Since the totem animal — the rabbit — is a symbol of fertility, tranquility and numerous offspring, this year is suitable for marriage, birth of children, and building relationships with relatives and friends. Successful will be joint travel and travel.

The year of Kota is favorable for people of creative professions, diplomats, scientists.

Rabbits are charming, lovely, calm people who know how to make a positive impression on others. They have exquisite manners, sophisticated taste, love to be the center of attention.

Communication, social events, parties — their element. Quickly find a common language with others, confidently feel in an unfamiliar company.

Representatives of the mark seek physical and mental comfort. They have the ability to smooth out sharp corners, but do not like to act as peacekeepers.

When it comes to serious quarrels and showdown, they prefer to silently step aside, for which they are considered cowardly. In fact, Rabbits do not want to darken their lives with negative, so they try not to even watch the news once again.

Representatives of the sign dream of a quiet, stable life, so they are afraid of change in panic. They do not seek fame and power — it is enough for them to remain at an average level.

Rabbits are conflict-free, devoid of aggression, have long doubts and think before taking anything. They are ready to abandon the changes that can improve life, in favor of the old, but proven way of life.

By nature Rabbits are conservative, by type of temperament — melancholic. Representatives of the sign take to heart failure, because of which they may even cry and lose control, but quickly get out of this state.

Prefer to take the position of the observer, rather than act.

Table of Rabbits’ Positive and Negative Character Traits:



  • diplomacy;
  • caution;
  • prudence;
  • artistry;
  • modesty;
  • goodwill;
  • tact
  • stealth;
  • arrogance;
  • pedantry;
  • indifference;
  • capriciousness;
  • incontinence;
  • possessiveness

Rabbits are innate aesthetes, so among their favorite hobbies you can often find hand-made jewelry, home interior decoration, painting, art. It is likely that passion can grow into a profitable business.

Male Cat is a born diplomat; he is a cautious, pedantic person who knows how to present himself at his best. In extreme situations, he prefers to sit out in safety. He strives for comfort and prosperity.

Sometimes it is capricious and sentimental. In his heart, he is cunning and cunning and will not miss the moment to take revenge on the offender, although he prefers to do it with someone else’s hands.

This guy enjoys increased attention in women, because he knows how to listen and speak beautifully, and is not afraid to show feelings. He is in love, wounded and can not stand loneliness. He marries only for love and remains faithful to the chosen one.

The Rabbit man treats his wife with respect, is engaged in raising children, loves to cook and often is not averse to helping his wife with the housework.

The Rabbit man is financially successful, including because he knows how to subordinate others to his will and to use the weaknesses of others for personal gain. He is a dangerous competitor and an excellent business partner. Thanks to the excellent intuition, Rabbit sees deals with a favorable outcome in advance.

However, he often uses his gift for fraud and speculation.

Rabbit Woman — Sensual, Romantic and Melancholic Nature. Powerful sexual energy, cat-like graceful and elegant gestures and manners as a magnet attract the opposite sex to it. She is not inclined to compete with men and skillfully uses her feminine weakness.

Like the man of this sign, tends to a calm and measured life.

A girl knows how to lodge herself in society, not averse to show off her erudition and loves social events. Thanks to the artistry and a great sense of humor quickly fall in love with others. Despite the external softness and defenselessness, it has a strong will and iron character.

It does not depend on the opinions of others, cleverly and cleverly achieves goals.

Such a woman has a poorly developed maternal instinct. She will never give up her own ambitions for the sake of children and family.

By nature is a homebody, good housekeeping, likes to receive guests. Become an ideal wife for a diplomat or politician.

In general, Rabbit’s life proceeds calmly and measuredly, without any particular ups and downs during all the main life periods. In the Chinese horoscope, people born in a given year are considered lucky, so their fate develops successfully.

Especially lucky summer representatives of the sign.

The fate of the Rabbits is largely dependent on external factors: the era and the political situation. Any revolutions, wars, changes in the system will horrify a person: he is lost and cannot gather his strength.

If he does not learn to adapt to new circumstances, he may expect a sad ending.

As a child, Rabbit is hypersensitive, vulnerable and does not like too much attention to his person. Youth and teenage years pass quietly, if the family has an atmosphere of love and warmth.

In adulthood, dramatic events are possible due to the fact that the representative of the mark does not know how to fight and defend their positions.

Old age Rabbit can meet in wealth, fame and honor, or be at the bottom of the social. It all depends on whether he will be able to make the right choice at a fateful moment, learn to be stress-resistant and adapt to life changes.

A person born in the Year of the Rabbit strives for stability in everything, and therefore prefers work that guarantees him confidence in the future. It is for this reason that he is often content with the role of a subordinate and ordinary employee.

A management position does not attract a Rabbit who does not want to take responsibility.

The representative of the mark is respected in the team, finds a common language with any people. He is responsible and conscientious about his duties, so the authorities appreciate his efforts.

Rabbit gets on well with representatives of other constellations; exceptions are Rooster, Monkey and Rat.

Suitable Professions for Rabbit:

  • notary;
  • lawyer;
  • judge;
  • economist;
  • secretary;
  • librarian;
  • teacher;
  • stylist;
  • designer.

Rabbit has all the prerequisites for becoming a successful businessman, as he has an incredible business sense and an entrepreneurial spirit. Such a person is able to benefit from anything, and never goes to rash adventures.

He knows how to manage finances. Usually has an additional bank account in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Rabbit is a gentle and sensual partner who seeks complete understanding with his soulmate. He appreciates calm and stability, avoids a stormy showdown and does not accept passions and conflicts.

He likes to talk to his beloved or spouse on various topics for a long time and often to establish contact and discuss future plans.

Characteristics of the main problems of Rabbits, which lead to a rupture of relations with the second half:

  • unhealthy possessiveness;
  • inability to control one’s emotions;
  • incontinence;
  • suspicion;
  • hysteria

The representative of the mark seeks to control the partner in everything. If something does not go according to plan, Rabbit begins to find fault with the second half and accuse of all mortal sins.

Often falls into hysterics and behaves inadequately, trying to return the relationship to the previous, confidence level, but thereby achieving the opposite effect.

To keep the Rabbit, the spouse needs to create a calm atmosphere in the family, not to arrange provocations, to avoid conflicts. You may have to sacrifice your interests, but the result is worth it, because the representative of the sign gives himself to all his relatives and will do everything so that the household does not need anything.

The cat chooses a suitable partner for a long time, which would fully meet its requirements. For this reason, he may have several serious novels in order to determine his life partner. Rabbit marries solely for love on a man who can fully trust.

Otherwise, he will never go down the aisle, even if marriage guarantees him material enrichment.

Rabbit family often have many children. In the atmosphere of warmth and comfort, the representative of the mark feels comfortable, therefore, shows the best qualities of character.

He gets pleasure from the fact that he financially provides for his family, is engaged in home improvement, brings up children. At the same time, such a person would prefer to communicate with friends to the community of households.

The rabbit is a good friend who never burdens others with his problems. He is friendly, friendly, moderately sociable, non-aggressive and conflict-free.

He chooses people from his circle as a friend, knows how to keep up any conversation, is erudite and well-read, so he is welcome in any company.

Friendship with the Rabbit is more like a neighborly and friendly relationship. If a friend has minor troubles, such a person will always come to the rescue: he will listen, give practical advice, entertain, and lend a small amount of money.

All this, however, he does because in the future he expects return response.

If a friend gets into serious trouble and becomes condemned by others, the representative of the sign will prefer to limit communication with him as much as possible. The rabbit prefers not to interfere in the affairs related to crime, drugs, avoids other people’s family intrigues, does not help fallen individuals.

In general, Rabbits have good health, but they have a predisposition to colds and infectious diseases. They need to go in for sports, go to the pool to strengthen their immunity.

Frequent mood swings and depressions can lead to nervous exhaustion, so representatives of the sign should avoid stress and learn not to take minor troubles to heart.

Rabbits are calm and sociable people who are able to get along well with most other signs of the Eastern calendar. They need love, affection and care, so they feel comfortable with a sensitive and attentive partner.

They have excellent compatibility with the Dog and the Pig.

Because of the fear of cardinal change, cats are often afraid to break off their relationships, even if they are theirs. This is especially pronounced in family life.

Jealousy and possessiveness can destroy even the strongest union, so a sign representative should learn to control emotions.

This is a difficult tandem of complete opposites. Rat by nature is an adventurer and adventurer who sincerely does not understand an apathetic and cowardly partner.

She frankly despises and mocks Rabbit, continually changing masks.

Such instability leads Hare into confusion and causes a storm of indignation. Love relationships are doomed to failure because of different characters and lack of understanding.

Friendship is also unrealistic because Rabbit tends to view the Rat as a sexual partner. As for the business relationship, the smart Cat will outplay its partner, so such cooperation can be dangerous for the Rat.

Harmonious union — provided that the partners learn to listen and hear each other. The bull gives the Rabbit a sense of security, security.

Both strive for home comfort, warmth, creating a strong family, like stability and confidence in the future.

Sometimes, the Bull may be jealous of his charming and overly sociable partner, but he should discard all doubts about the loyalty of the Cat, who will never go to treason. Friendship is possible, but only in the form of a friendly, even relationship.

Successful business cooperation will require a third party who is not afraid to take reasonable risks, since both the Bull and Rabbit are terribly afraid of taking initiative and changing something.

This alliance has every chance of success, because the partners organically complement each other. Tigru is impressed by the peaceful and calm nature of Kota, and the latter by the impudence and daring of the second half.

The partners have much in common: the desire for material enrichment, the love of freedom and independence, commercial flair. The rabbit is not prone to unjustified risk, so it will be able to pacify the ardor and adventure of the Tiger.

A more relaxed partner, it is desirable to cede the palm in family relationships to a partner and become his advisor. Conflicts are possible due to the excessive diligence and caution of the Rabbit, which at times will annoy the Tiger.

Friendly relations are problematic, since partners have no mutual understanding, but in business there is every chance of success.

Representatives of the same sign get along well together, because they have the same interests, outlook on life, values ​​and priorities. There are no conflicts in the family of two Rabbits, because they understand each other perfectly and try to avoid quarrels.

The atmosphere of love, warmth and comfort reigns in their home.

Differences can arise only because of the ambitious ambitions of one of the partners, because of which one of them will have to give up and abandon the position of leader. The lack of dynamics and sharpness in relationships can lead to the fact that Rabbits are bored, but it is unlikely that one of them will go looking for adventure on the side for new sensations. Friendship promises to be long and durable.

Excellent business compatibility.

This is an ambiguous union, because partners have different lifestyles and temperaments. A good-looking and calm Rabbit will be irritated by the hot temper and impulsiveness of the Dragon, for which the heat of passion in love relationships is the norm.

For a while, the Hare will tolerate, but sooner or later he will break down and tell the other half what he thinks.

It is possible to improve relations if Rabbit becomes the head of the family, and the Dragon does not interfere with it and claim leadership. There may be disagreements in friendship, and business relationships promise to be harmonious and beneficial for both partners.

This is an excellent couple, where partners are united by the love of comfort and the desire for a comfortable life. Mutual attraction arises from the first minutes of dating.

With longer communication, the active Snake learns from the partner calmness, prudence, prudence, patience. Rabbit admires the wisdom and efficiency of the second half.

Conflicts may arise due to the indecisiveness and apathy of the Cat, which at times will lead the Serpent out of itself. Partners need to learn to restrain emotions and find compromises. Friendship is quite possible, since both representatives of the sign love to talk and share their views on life.

Good business compatibility.

This union is useful to both representatives of the signs. The horse will learn to be soft, sensitive and pliable, and the Rabbit will become more determined and purposeful.

The cat will give the reins to the hands of a partner, become an adviser and assistant.

At the same time, the Horse may take his advice in hostility and regard them as an attempt to restrict her freedom. Due to her hot temper, she may inadvertently offend her partner, so she should learn to control her emotions. Good compatibility in love and friendship, because the representatives of the signs are able to find compromises and to hear a friend.

Business cooperation will also be useful.

Representatives of the signs are very similar to each other, so their union expects success, whether it be family life, friendship or business relations. Both partners prefer to lead a measured and calm lifestyle, striving for harmony and comfort.

They are brought together by a rich imagination, vivid imagination, artistic taste. The rabbit responds adequately to the whims of the Goat and, as a rule, takes over the financial support of the family.

Despite the sensitivity and suspiciousness, the Cat is rarely jealous of a partner, since the latter does not arrange provocations and does not try to cause jealousy. Only general grief, serious financial difficulties or loss of trust between lovers can destroy this alliance.

Despite the different temperaments, the couple may have a long and strong relationship. Monkey is bribed by the partner’s care, and Kota — by the cheerful disposition of the second half, which fills his life with positive things.

Conflicts are possible because of Monkey’s excessive irritability and its tendency to cynicism, but the patient Rabbit is able to turn a blind eye to such minor flaws. The monkey periodically needs privacy, so the partner needs to be sensitive to her needs in her personal space. Representatives of the characters value relationships, so they are unlikely to seek adventure on the side.

Friendship between them is possible, but business relationships are unpromising.

This is an unfavorable union, because partners have different views on life, values, and priorities.

If the couple is a man Rabbit, he will by all means try to get his wife to become a good housewife, but in the case of the Rooster it is useless. If the Rabbit is a spouse, she will infuriate her husband with constant criticism.

Mutual interest is possible at the beginning of a relationship, but in living together, carelessness and hasty actions of the Rooster will cause conflicts. As a result, the Cat will tell the partner everything he thinks about, and he will blame the spouse for everything and be offended by the truth.

Poor compatibility in friendship, as a noisy Rooster will quickly tire a calmer friend. In business, Rabbit will become a dangerous competitor for a partner.

A successful marriage is possible, because partners value stability, are accustomed to live at a measured pace, like to engage in home improvement. Representatives of signs see in each other those features that they themselves would like to possess.

Rabbit, though able, but prefers to hide from the trouble. The dog will help him cope with difficulties, become more resolute and active.

Conflicts may arise due to the excessive ambition of the Dog, therefore she should learn to compromise her interests for the sake of a happy family life. Good compatibility in friendship and especially in business relations: partners can rely on each other in any situation and not be afraid of being hit in the back by the partner.

Successful in all respects tandem. The representatives of the signs are united by the economy, the desire for comfort and coziness, the desire to create a strong and friendly family.

Soft, attentive and sensitive Cat understands the need for a partner in solitude, so she will not be offended by the request of the Pig to leave her alone for a while.

Conflicts may arise due to the boar’s emotionality, since such a character trait irritates the restrained and modest Rabbit. Fortunately, representatives of the signs know how to listen and hear each other, so they can reach an understanding. Strong friendships are possible.

The business tandem is very promising: thanks to the joint work, the Pig and Rabbit can get rich.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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