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What will the horoscope for Aquarius tell on October 2018

Horoscope for Aquarius for October 2018: Altruism is familiar again

What awaits representatives of the Zodiac sign Aquarius in the second month of autumn? What events should they prepare for in different areas of their lives?

About this will tell an interesting horoscope for Aquarius for October 2018, which you can find in this article.

What will the horoscope for Aquarius tell on October 2018

General trends for Aquarius for October 2018

Astrologers promise Aquarius a very active pastime in the second month of this fall. They will perform a large number of different tasks at the same time and will not feel exhausted.

The main inspiration and motivator for Aquarius now is the fact that they feel their importance among others.

In general, this role is completely new for you, although you have previously rejected it. But now, thanks to the special position of the planets in the sky, the situation will return to the original direction and the Aquarius people will become as selfless as they have always been.

How stars and planets affect Aquarius in October

The desire to once again turn into notorious altruists will be dictated by nothing more than the special position of the planets in the sky. Those who decide to take you under their patronage.

In the second month of autumn, your assistant planets will be: the familiar leader of Aquarius Uranus, as well as Sunny and Venus.

While you are under the care of your heavenly leaders, you will feel an acute need for the generation of all that is good and eternal. In this case, the most powerful will be the influence of the goddess of beauty and love of Venus.

Having listened to her prompts, you will learn to more sensitively perceive the emotional state of your loved ones, foreseeing the changes in their mood in advance.

For its part, the daylight will make every effort so that Aquarius does not feel devastated, no matter how hard he works for the benefit of others. And if last September representatives of this constellation suffered from colds, now their health will be much more positive.

Of course, such a mighty alliance will not be difficult to quickly deal with the attacks of your only enemy in October, which will be fired by Mars. From time to time, the red planet will start sending thoughts to the Aquarius mind like: «Should I really help someone other than myself?»

Fortunately, you will find enough strength in yourself to get rid of these negative thoughts and continue your eternal altruism.

Characteristics of the personal life of Aquarius

While the noble representative of this sign is trying to provide all possible assistance to others, his personal life is paused. Your loved one (if you have one) will only have to watch from the side and breathe heavily, seeing how you leave all your business and hurry to help friends and relatives.

Fortunately, the second half has enough common sense to do without scandals and tantrums and you should be very grateful for her.

For your part, you should express gratitude and tell your beloved how dear he is to you and how much he means in your life.

What will the horoscope for Aquarius tell on October 2018

This forecast concerned family Aquarius, and those who are alone now need to think: as long as you are fully immersed in the problems of others, your own personal life suffers. Questions of your own personal happiness will only worry you at the end of the month.

Then you will come to the conclusion that you will never again put other people’s problems in priority over your own in the future.

Features of health

The horoscope for October 2018 for Aquarius says that the current illness, or rather its manifestations, can be insidious and ambiguous. For this reason, you should not practice self-medication, even if you are 100% sure of the means to be taken.

Ask for help from an expert.

If you have previously encountered such a pathology — then by all means tell your doctor about the history of the disease and the treatment process. This is important, since in October 2018 there is a very high probability of making mistakes and difficulties concerning diagnostics.

Physical activity is, of course, good, but during this period of time you should refrain from them.

With regard to the care of their appearance, now Aquarius is suitable to perform rejuvenating and toning procedures, as well as water manipulation — visiting the bath, sauna, swimming pool. High temperatures will positively affect your health.

By the middle of the month, be careful when traveling by car.

What will happen to your finances

In the matter of material resources, the most significant task for Aquarius now is not just reducing debit to credit, but also saving oneself from bankruptcy. The second month of autumn 2018 is not a good time to get involved in loans and get into any kind of debt.

In this case, the stars recommend, as they themselves do not lend, and not to lend to anyone from your environment. Sometimes just such a decision is the most correct one.

In the case when you already have debtors — a very big chance of returning the debt.

Characteristics of the scope of work and business

Features of the planetary layout in this period of time gives Aquarius high professional activity. You will have a large number of different cases, and even have to choose — which of them to focus on.

Therefore, choose only the most important thing — and then you can not doubt your excellent professional future.

Even astrologers advise representatives of this constellation in October 2018 to take even the most serious matters a little ironic. With this approach, you will always remain in an optimistic mood and be able to get the most positive result.

At the same time, give up the adventure and the temptation associated with a quick decision of something, because the responsibility for such a risk will lie solely on you.

Now the red planet Mars has entered your sign, and this promises you stubbornness and flashes of aggression. Remember this from October 8 to October 18 — then you will be confronted with a strong desire to defend your own position, no matter what.

Most of all, this recommendation concerns Aquarius servants, because they increase the risk of a conflict situation with their superiors. Observe subordination and do not forget about the different methods of solving problems, among which the peaceful way is the most popular.

What will the horoscope for Aquarius tell on October 2018

October Monthly Recommendations

  • In the period from the first to the seventh, engage in building long-term plans and focus on future prospects. You now need to show your imagination and inspiration to the maximum, because the more investments you make in your dream, the better you can achieve.
  • From the eighth to the fifteenth — do not argue with fate. Some events really postpone, but it is impossible to cancel.
  • From the sixteenth to the twenty second, make a pleasant purchase, for example, a wardrobe update. And also — beware of danger from a lady who wants to use you for her own selfish purposes.
  • From the twenty-third to the thirty-first day — do not make any important decisions now, this is not the time for the onset of change in your life.

So promise to pass thirty days of October 2018 for representatives of the Zodiac sign Aquarius.

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