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What will please Lviv horoscope for October 2018

What has prepared a horoscope for Leo in October 2018

Horoscopes are an interesting way to slightly lift the curtain of the future and find out what it hides from you. Today, there are different versions of horoscopes — an individual natal personality card, a horoscope for a year, a day, a week, and a month for specific signs of the zodiac.

The latter option is perhaps the most popular. In this article, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the horoscope for Leo on October 2018.

What will please Lviv horoscope for October 2018

What to prepare for proud Lions in October 2018

Representatives of the zodiacal constellation Leo in the second month of autumn will dramatically pull on various cardinal changes of themselves and their surroundings. Lions will begin to feel much more subtle, where is the truth, and where is the lie, which is now very much around us.

They will no longer want to live in a world of lies, so they will begin abruptly and without fear to sever contacts with people who are deceiving them.

Thanks to this “selection”, the Lions will realize that in reality they have very few true, sincere and true friends.

How stars and planets affect lions now

The appearance in the character of Lviv of the deep life wisdom by the middle of the autumn of 2018 will be due to the precious gifts presented to them by heavenly patrons.

In October 2018, the most powerful planets of the solar system go over to the side of Leo. At the head of them, of course, is the traditional patron of the sign — the bright star Sun.

And Mars and Jupiter are called to his aid.

The strength of these planets is so impressive that it can save the crowned Leo from any kind of misfortunes and problems. In this case, the Sun and its companions in the process of controlling the fate of Leo will wish to go even further. They will make every effort on their part, so that in October Leo will be able to rest a little.

Such a «stop» is necessary for him to take up thoughts about his future life and about what he really would like to get from her.

And while Leo is busy with meditations, the Sun with Mars and Jupiter in turn will begin to give him their valuable recommendations.

So, Jupiter will advise to stop communicating with false and insincere friends.

Sun — motivates more time to give your person.

And Mars — throws ways and ways to protect themselves from aggressive external influences.

From time to time, Lev will be forced to distract himself from such pleasant cooperation with his supreme defenders in order to begin to cope with the attacks of a single pest planet of the month. It is now becoming Mercury, which will begin to encroach on the financial sphere of life of Lviv.

Therefore, in order to protect themselves, the stars advise now to rationally distribute their budget and not to make rash spending and acquisitions.

What will please Lviv horoscope for October 2018

What happens in the personal life of Lviv

By the middle of autumn of this year, serious changes are taking shape in the amorous life of Lviv. For example, if you are already in a serious relationship, then thoughts will start to arise in your head, why did you choose this person for yourself?

So, if you have already faced with betrayal on his part or you are in this relationship purely out of habit, then you will surely think whether you need them in principle? It is likely that the Lions will decide to free themselves from the bonds of this novel and go on a single voyage.

The same «kings of animals» who have not yet managed to find their soul mate, will be engaged in a thorough analysis of the circle of their fans in search of something worthwhile. In this case, the Lions will quickly begin to say goodbye to all those who show an exclusively consumer attitude towards them, setting themselves mercenary goals.

Therefore, we can say that for Leo, the search for real friendship and true love now begins, and until that time he will keep in touch with a very limited circle of people.

What will happen in the field of health Lviv

Particular caution should now be shown to those representatives of the mark who suffer from chronic musculoskeletal and bone pathologies. They should adhere to reasonable physical activity, plus constantly engage in prevention.

In general, October 2018 is a wonderful period of time to carry out rejuvenating manipulations, in particular on the basis of salt and high temperatures — for example, it shows the implementation of warming scrubs, the use of sea salt-based products, trips to the bath. The result from them will be much better than you can imagine!

Astrologers are also in a hurry to warn Lviv-motorists, so that they behaved very carefully during the whole month while driving.

Characteristics of the monetary sphere of life of Leo

In the matter of money, there will be some deterioration in comparison with the last September. Spending money relating to both business and personal areas of life is not excluded.

If you borrowed money from someone, you will have to return it just in this period of time. And if someone, on the contrary, owes you, it is very unlikely that he will pay back the debt.

As for acquisitions for the soul and comfort, style, they promise to be successful in this period of time. But more significant purchases are fraught with difficulties.

If possible, it is worth refraining from arranging loans in the specified time period.

Overview of the scope of work and business

The horoscope for Lviv on October 2018 speaks about the fact that now it is worthwhile to postpone your labor feats until better times. You probably at this time will have to work hard on the implementation of «rough» work.

Your main task in October is to maintain calm, friendly relations with colleagues and normalize the climate in the team.

What will please Lviv horoscope for October 2018

In the middle of autumn a lot of anxiety and fuss will come to your life. Leo-entrepreneurs will face frequent visits from inspection bodies or dismantling of old legal issues.

However, having the old training, they will be able to withstand all life tasks with dignity.

In the first couple of weeks of the month, conflict situations with associates or business partners are not excluded. Therefore, the stars strongly recommend that you postpone significant negotiations and meetings until better times.

As a result of any failures, you may have fears of losing all that you have achieved with such efforts.

With regards to contacts with non-resident partners or colleagues from other states, they will have temporary success. Probably, it will be necessary to refine new projects or make changes to old ones.

Recommendations for October from the stars

It is worth listening to them if you want to minimize possible risks and improve your life.

  • In the period from the first to the seventh of October — do not forget that loneliness is now your worst enemy. You can not withdraw into yourself and push away from your own people who want to come to help completely sincerely when you feel bad.
  • From the eighth to the fifteenth — complete all family matters, organize a home celebration, invite old friends to visit. Now it will be very successfully able to complete everything that has been started long ago.
  • From the sixteenth to the twenty-second of October — do not step on the same rake a second time. Let your life experience teach you something, do not re-commit old mistakes. Use all your knowledge and skills to achieve your goals.
  • From October 23rd to October 30th — be more proactive, take a risk, otherwise you may lose some great opportunities.

So promise to pass the thirty days of October 2018 for the people of Lviv.

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