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What type of love do you need on the sign of the zodiac: female horoscope

What type of love do you need on the sign of the zodiac: female horoscope

Every person needs love, but everyone sees a happy relationship in a different way. For some, the most important component is passion, for someone — tenderness, and someone needs comfort. To find out what will make you happy, you can by the Sign of the Zodiac.

Sometimes we meet a person who kindles a fire in the heart. And ironically, it is this man who leaves ashes, burning bridges and feelings to the ground. And given that the hormonal storm caused by the fever of love is superimposed by the influence of stars and planets, then involuntarily you begin to wonder how these relationships have managed to hold out for so long.

Such a bitter experience was, if not at all, then most of the women. And you cannot say that you didn’t like it — even as you did, just not in the way we would like. The stars decided to give a categorical answer by telling what type of love the representatives of the zodiac constellations are waiting for in their relationship.

It turns out that women do not have excessive demands on men, except a clear idea of ​​a partner, love and happiness.

Aries woman

You like to keep the initiative in a pair, constantly competing with a man. Such an ambitious young lady, who first came to meet, called herself, invited to a date and brought to her home, it is impossible to tame. And all because you are confident and do not want to waste time on shyness and medieval prejudices.

You are not accustomed to hearing «no», as you are laid out in full, so that life always says «yes.» Aggression and assertiveness — a rather familiar state of Aries woman. Fiery temperament often burns close people, however, the partner gets the most. That is why you need a man who will take a hit, not considering your behavior as weakness or indifference.

He will know that you are too responsible for others, so he will take responsibility for your happiness on yourself.

Taurus woman

Representatives of the Sign of Taurus can be called true women. In relationships, it is important for you to take care of your man, surround him with love, take care of him, wait from work, prepare a delicious dinner, feed him, ideally with a spoon, in general, make him happy every day. Otherwise, why did the Universe reward you with such a set of qualities: you are gentle, and sensual, and open, and economic.

True, eclipses occasionally find you. The friendly woman, whom the man used to see you, turns into a stubborn, demanding, self-serving young lady. The season of whims begins spontaneously, but it always ends in the same way — with the moral exhaustion of a partner. But this is only if you are not near your person.

The one who can love you even in the form of a home dictator is the best game. Such a man will idolize you, admire you, but at the same time reckon with your opinion.

Female twins

You are a sociable and inquisitive lady: you can quote Dostoevsky and laugh at silly jokes without fear of politically incorrect statements and dirty insinuations. Bad manners and stupidity cause you allergies. And if someone advises you to find a man from the category “just to be” — gently point the expert to the door.

You are a high-flying bird, which means that at least an eagle should fly with you. Look for a man to match yourself: a smart esthete with a hypertrophied sense of curiosity. The fact is that people who do not reach out to your level, so to speak, will drag you to the bottom with an anchor. Do not forget about their amorousness, which comes to recklessness.

It is not your fault that you love deeply, passionately, desperately. Not every person can experience such an expression of feelings, and you can, and your man should accept it. You need someone to help express repressed emotions.

Cancer woman

Representatives of the constellation of Cancer perfectly mastered the technique of mirroring. You treat people the way they treat you. It’s simple.

If you are loved, you love in return, with all your heart, giving yourself without reserve. But if a man was not just cold in relation to you, but offended, changed, threw, trampled, the outcome is already predetermined — you will force a villain to repent of his deed and suffer punishment. Despite this, the stars consider you the best choice for living together.

And all because your huge heart desperately needs love. He needs a patron who will not shout about love, but will prove it by his actions. The intentions of this man will be transparent: he will do everything possible to help you cope with the heartache, to find yourself and your female happiness.

Female lion

Born Lioness in love with her remains. You are initially looking for an ideal partner for you, whose image was worked out in detail in childhood. And therefore, problems in the field of love for you — so, the play is on a couple of acts, where you, your reaction and your decision are in the main roles.

Your word is law, and who does not agree with this, please do not waste time in vain, still agree. The confidence you emit attracts men. Lack of attention is not about you, about you — his oversupply.

One gets the impression that such a Lady of Perfection does not need an assistant in life. This is not true. Even as needed, and attentive, loving, intelligent and ready to make concessions.

With it, you do not have to re-educate yourself, to suppress your ego, which means that there will be an opportunity for personal growth.

Virgo woman

Virgo is an organized and practical woman who values ​​simplicity and concreteity in relationships. She doesn’t need dramas. You are considered «cold», but you know that you simply do not see the point in a relationship in which there is no love.

And where it is, why tragedy? Man you need an appropriate. Self-organized person who will not allow the development of relations under the scenario of a soap opera. He, like you, should love to build — love, comfort, trust.

And, of course, your companion needs to be sensitive in order to understand you. You do not consider it necessary to show emotions or openly express your feelings, but this does not make you strange or detached. This is your nature, which a loved one will love.

Woman Scales

You always strive for harmony, and relationships are no exception. Your life follows a predetermined course: move from chaos to order, which speaks of you as a person who is endlessly striving for orderliness. The search for balance does not tire you, rather, it stimulates development. You value comfort, mutual understanding, peace, peace and serenity, but at the same time you are constantly drawn to meet bright emotions and new adventures.

Only a temperamental man is able to ensure your female happiness. You are a passionate person who, moreover, constantly needs emotional support, without war, bloodshed and victims. From time to time you need a scandal to blow off steam, no more. So look for a quick-tempered partner who will be ready not only to make trouble, but also to look for compromises.

Together you will learn to perfectly balance, extending it to all areas of life.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman — the embodiment of fortitude. It is flint, granite, a fortress that cannot be taken by storm. Depression, obsessive thoughts, pressing melancholy, anxiety — not for you. You are not sprayed on the little things, clearly knowing what to do and how to succeed.

You all have your own undeniable opinion. And it’s not even the fact that you are obstinate and you don’t hear anyone but yourself, you just live with your thoughts and that’s it. No one has yet succeeded in taming such unbridled temper.

And what to do? First, look for someone passionate. Sex is the only proven way to tame an enraged predator, and a pink-faced romantic cannot cope with you.

Secondly, your man should own himself. Your temperament is jealous, energetic, cruel — two such relationships will not stand, exploding from the tension.

Sagittarius Woman

You, a tireless and independent adventurer, do not fully understand why relations are needed. You don’t seem to need male support: it’s impossible to sit on someone else’s neck, because you are self-sufficient, self-confident and proud, and getting married to the joy of your grandmother is a good idea. But the main stop factor that prevents you from building a happy relationship is the fear of losing your individuality, becoming one instead of two. You want to live life to the fullest, to develop, to travel, to attend self-development courses.

It is clear that not everyone can keep up with you. So no need to customize the lagging behind, your partner has long won this race. And now he is waiting for you to run together towards a new life, which will be full of crazy things, adrenaline, happy days, freedom, experimentation, development.

Capricorn Woman

You constantly restore order in your life simply because you do not know how. The fact that every thing should have its place, you have been known since birth. So you live: plates in size, spices alphabetically, personal life on schedule.

Perfectionism has already been recognized as a disease of modern women, but it doesn’t bother you — the schedule is too tight. You are able to change any man beyond recognition in just a month, instilling in him organization, responsibility, sense of duty. But this love story has no happy ending, it all ends tragically.

And all because initially you need to look for a reliable partner who shares your values. You are an earthly sign that needs to stand firmly on its feet. This is exactly what your man will take care of — he will create a solid foundation on which, through joint efforts, a happy family life will be built.

Aquarius woman

Independent, strong, cheerful Aquarius women genuinely need love, which cannot deprive them of their freedom. The utterly ordinary desire of an extraordinary woman, and so on in everything. Your out-of-the-box thinking simply tears up a familiar picture of the world to shreds.

But you are honest, so honest that you can kill with a word. Not planned, of course, but simply «blurted out without thinking.» You live the way you want to live, choosing only the best for yourself.

Yes, you have high requirements, but you know that they deserve it. Our recommendations are completely useless to you, since intuitively you always choose the ideal candidate for yourself.

Woman Fish

Born under the auspices of the constellation Pisces, women combine a piece of each Sign. You are the owner of a dual nature, ideally combining femininity and courage, tenderness and indifference, naivety and intuition. Men adore you because your versatility is a mystery to them.

You can be safely called a creative person, who also has an urgent need for understanding. The ideal of a man for you is a person with a rich inner world, able to love and protect his soul mate. And if he is also financially secure, there is no price for him.

Astrological compatibility — a favorite topic in astrology. It is believed that the sign of the zodiac affects the fate of a person, so when it comes to the most important thing — choosing a partner, many people begin to study horoscopes. This is partly correct, but only partly. Choose a loved one to heart.

He can ideally complement you in astrological terms, and love in a completely different way — not in the way you need. First you need to hear yourself, and only then go to the tips. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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