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What to prepare for in June: the horoscope will tell you about it

What will bring the beginning of summer: the horoscope for June 2018 will tell about it

Summer of 2018, namely, the first summer month, what it promises to be, what to expect from it in different areas of your life — the informative horoscope for June 2018 will tell you everything about it.

What to prepare for in June: the horoscope will tell you about it

The general trend of June 2018

In the first half of the month, many zodiacal constellations will feel that their business activity is subsiding, they will want to pause from hard working days and go to nature or to the resort. And this desire will be true — the first part of June is absolutely not suitable for making new important undertakings and solving serious issues.

By the second decade of the month, you will be able to build plans, develop long-term projects and make major acquisitions. Many people will have the opportunity to show their boss how good they are and get additional bonuses.

June 2018 is a good time to gather information, enter into partnerships, everything will be easy and simple. If you make a little effort, you can get a great result.

The most important thing is to believe in yourself and always complete what has been started.

In terms of love relationships, June promises to be an unusually romantic at times. Relationships created at this time will be distinguished by special sensuality and tenderness.

You and your loved one will feel the need for privacy in quiet, friendly places, away from the hustle and bustle.

The first month of summer is a great time to arrange romantic meetings in nature or walk along the sea coast under the moon. Right now, partners can decide to legitimize their relationship.

And the union created this month will be strong and long.

As for the family life in June, it will also be successful. Your home will be filled with harmony and tranquility.

The husband and wife will take care of each other and try to please each other. Now is a great time to start decorating your home: the result you really like, the main thing to do everything without haste.

It is also recommended to make family forays into nature, for example, to the sea.

What to prepare for in June: the horoscope will tell you about it

Of course, it will not do without a negative — one of the zodiac constellations may want to remind his partner of the insults of the past, he will begin to put forward to him accusations and complaints. If you can cope with your negative emotions, the quarrel very soon promises to come to naught.

For career issues, June 2018 is a busy and fruitful time. Special success can be achieved by people working in the field of advertising and trade.

Now for you new prospects for development are thrown open and revenues are noticeably increasing. Many will now want to start their own self-improvement, improve their skills and gain new skills in their work.

Do not doubt that luck and the stars are now on your side. The baggage of knowledge that you receive this month will be useful to you for the future. You may even be able to successfully advance in your career and find yourself in a more promising position.

Effective teamwork and dividends, we can talk about fairly serious collective achievements.

With regards to the theme of money, the horoscope for June 2018 recommends carefully monitoring your budget and calculating all expenses well. And do not tell about your plans and any important information to strangers, because they can use it for their own selfish purposes and deceive you.

In no case do not risk now with gambling, if you do not want to become bankrupt.

In June 2018, you can prepare for vigorous activity, but be careful not to overwork. At this time, the development of nervous disorders and depressive states is possible.

Stars say that it is possible to strengthen the chronic pathologies of the stomach and intestines. People suffering from allergies should now be attentive to their bodies.

And if you often encounter headaches, then change the mode of the day and sleep.

Characteristic time periods of June

June promises to be a very dual and controversial period, so all the important events are better scheduled for the first part of the month. Now we need to tune in to a new cycle concerning the renewal of energy, its beginning falls on June twenty-first at 13:08.

This is the time to reach the culmination of the male solar energy Yang, the annual peak of the creative cosmic energies necessary to develop spiritually and to improve. Therefore, you must complete all your affairs before the eighth number, while the biosphere is still in a positive state.

Please note that a very important day of June, which may even be a turning point for people, will be the sixth number. The moon at this time falls in the constellation of Pisces, as well as in unusual and even fateful aspects to the planetary bodies.

So now the Moon must connect with Neptune, the Sun is in conjunction with the planet Mercury, Venus falls into opposition to Pluto, and quadrature of Mercury to the Moon with Neptune occurs — many people can feel disorientation and make different mistakes due to this astrological disgrace.

What to prepare for in June: the horoscope will tell you about it

In the period from the eleventh to the seventeenth, there will be a time of energy restructuring, an examination of the spiritual endurance and strength of a person’s character in the struggle against temptations.

From the twelfth number of the planet Mercury will be in the sign of Cancer, which will worsen communication and bring tension in the relationship. On the thirteenth (the day of the Black Moon), the heavenly body will fall into the square with the planet Neptune, then the Moon will come at a quarter to eleven at night, leading to the creation of stagnant and disharmonious energies.

Only after the fourteenth, when the planet Mars leaves the conjunction with the negative Descending Moon node, and Venus is in the constellation of Leo, the time of emotional uplift will begin. This period will help you develop harmonious relationships or create a business, plus it will contribute to a more successful manifestation of yourself in the business sphere.

Until the sixteenth of June, Mercury will be in opposition to Saturn, this is the phase when the Moon grows and when it is necessary to develop a strategy of relationships, plans (in particular, summer holidays), as well as travels and meetings.

On the eighteenth, a more favorable period begins, when the biosphere will help to increase the energy of most people.

When the first quarter of the moon ends on the twentieth of June, and Venus connects with the Rising Lunar Knot, before the summer solstice many people will be able to put an end to their departed relationships, as well as to already unnecessary deeds. Now it is becoming quite real to get some income from the efforts that you put in earlier.

But do not forget that an excess amount of energy, which will last until the twenty-first of June, can act destructively and negatively on your relations with others. It is better to control their behavior and not commit rash acts.

After the twenty-fifth of June, a very tense time is coming, which will adversely affect your relationships with other people, plus there is a risk of accidents and even criminal squabbles. This is also due to the excess energy in the full phase of the moon on the twenty-eighth of June.

In addition, the negative aspect will intensify due to the opposition of the Moon to Saturn, but with the help of these energies, many people will be able to relinquish their old obligations, eliminate unnecessary connections and search for new interesting prospects.

Now you know what to expect from June 2018. At the end of the topic we advise you to view an interesting article on this topic:

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