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What to expect Streltsy in 2018 — learn from the horoscope

What promises Sagittarius horoscope for 2018

According to the horoscope for the 2018th year for Streltsov, it is time for changes and surprises (mostly pleasant ones). Representatives of this zodiac sign are attracted by novelty, so they are not upset about what is happening.

In more detail about what to prepare for in the next twelve months, this article will tell.

What to expect Streltsy in 2018 - learn from the horoscope

General characteristics of 2018 for Sagittarius

Approaching changes will be both visible and deep nature. The main karmic task for Streltsov for the 2018th year is to find the true essence of your life, to understand worldview and religious aspects for yourself, and also to pave new ways with the help of meditative practices and spiritual exercises.

A sufficiently large number of Streltsov will be able to overestimate the past years, make an analysis of their value system, understand their beliefs with the principles, and also stop at a deep change, and after — new roads in life. If the inner work is successful, then at the end of the year Sagittarius should be unreal lucky: the desire that he so long and reverently cherished is realized in life.

Horoscope for the 2018th year portends Sagittarius the beginning of life «from scratch». A representative of this constellation will be given the opportunity to realize their ideas, to improve their lives, both in the matter of personal relationships and in career topics.

In the coming year, the Streltsy people will be able to forget about the depressive states, negative mood, on the contrary, they will be filled with optimism, inspiration and motivated to new achievements.

It is necessary to show your resourcefulness with diligence, thanks to which it will be easier to find a common language with others and get a wonderful result. All the next twelve months in the life of Streltsov will come new friends with friends.

Thanks to communication with one of them, you will be able to discover new horizons for yourself and quite possibly decide to engage in creative work. You will have new ideas and enthusiastically begin to implement them.

At the same time, do not forget that the main problem of Sagittarius is its natural maximalism. He loads himself so much with various duties, leaving to work with his head that he often forgets to take a breather.

The patroness of the 2018th year — the Yellow Earth Dog will constantly throw up Sagittarius various projects that require immediate implementation.

Many Sagittarius will be torn from one business to another, wanting to be in time at the same time. It may seem to you that you have infinite vitality, but in an instant your energy risks running out.

What to expect Streltsy in 2018 - learn from the horoscope

According to the 2018 horoscope, Sagittarius must prepare themselves for various surprises. Some of them will please you, and the other part — on the contrary, will disappoint and may even knock out the rhythm.

The most important thing is that you do not think to give up and do not give in to a pessimistic attitude.

It is worth learning to maneuver in an uncharacteristic mode of life, and then the sour “lemon” will instantly become a tasty lemonade. Of course, for the whole year there will be such moments in which you will feel like a loser, but do not be in a hurry to get upset: very often events, seemingly unfavorable at first glance can lead you to success.

We must always remember about it and not complain about life. Trust the Universe and give it the opportunity to realize your desires, creating the right conditions and wait for the situation to “ripen”.

It is not recommended to try to force events and to cycle on the result — the execution of everything you planned will happen, the main thing is just to show a little more patience.

Characteristic of the love and family sphere of Sagittarius in 2018

In 2018, the stars foreshadow Sagittarius the appearance of a strong romantic experience. True, it should be noted that interesting dates and love adventures can appear in the life of both single and family members of the sign.

Strelets Troops will not once tempted by fate.

It is worth considering whether a fleeting affair is tantamount to family well-being achieved with such difficulties. Decide in advance what is more important to you — peace, mutual harmony, peace in the family or a temporary release of adrenaline in the blood.

Although on the other hand, if the relationship does not please you anymore — no need to cling to them. In the new 2018 year, you will definitely meet someone, and also, probably, will acquire a new feeling.

Some Sagittarius will want to start life from scratch in 2018, parting with all unfulfilled hopes, others will come up with the idea of ​​expanding their family and they will start thinking seriously about having a baby. Strong married couples are more likely to go on the second honeymoon, and lonely Sagittarius will be busy with new love adventures and it is likely that they will meet a person with whom they will find happiness.

What to expect Streltsy in 2018 - learn from the horoscope

The most favorable time for adjusting personal life will be the end of spring, the whole summer and the beginning of autumn, and also the time before the New Year. It is likely that you will meet a very pleasant person, being on a business trip, visiting your friends, or you will have a holiday romance with a serious sequel.

In addition, you should look at your closest circle, look at old friends with a new look. It is very possible that you will find there someone who has long felt for you something more than friendly sympathy.

In general, in 2018, different chances and opportunities open up before you and all you need to do is to take advantage of them without losing them. Also in the Year of the Yellow Dog, Sagittarius will feel such a strong love for all those around that they are likely to be ready to hug and kiss even a stranger.

As for relations with relatives and friends — the situation here will not be so positive. Quarrels and conflicts will often arise.

Summer will be especially hard.

Many representatives of the constellation Streltsov in 2018 will have a desire to arrange their life and they will make maximum efforts to improve it. It does not exclude the purchase of real estate, the implementation of major repairs, renovation of furniture and other interior items.

Sagittarius Health Horoscope for 2018

In general, we can talk about a sufficiently good health condition of Sagittarius in 2018, of course, provided that he does not take on too much of everything at once. It is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle, refusal from harmful food, proper sleep, as well as minimizing stress, different types of physical activity and then good mood and good health will be provided to you.

The 2018th year is ideal for starting a new sport. Or, alternatively, just buy a subscription at the fitness center closest to you.

Financial horoscope

In the matter of wealth, the year will be very calm and stable. A regular increase in your budget is foreseen.

But, truth, the money will come and go very quickly.

Take care of the question of rash spending, because force majeure can happen anytime. It is worth protecting yourself from them.

Horoscope of work and business

This year, Streltsov foresees various business contacts. Many people want to change their place of work or start a completely new business direction.

Someone will decide to engage in freelancing, and someone else will open their business. The most important thing is that you believe in your strength and not be afraid to do something new.

But at the same time, it is worthwhile to act very prudently and carefully, not to forget to confirm all contracts in writing and always to demand guarantees without leaving anything to be faithful.

Adhering to all of these recommendations, you can ensure an interesting and happy life for the whole of the next year!

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