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What the hell dream of Freud and Miller’s dream book, Esoteric and other dream books

Dreamed of a black puppy — remember your behavior and state of the dog

As you know, a dog is a friend of a man; therefore, a dog seen in a dream can be safely associated with the appearance of a new friend in real life. But why dream of a puppy, besides black coloring?

Dream interpretation reports that illusion does not promise particularly bad events, only signals the danger of betrayal and uneasy troubles in reality.

What the hell dream of Freud and Miller’s dream book, Esoteric and other dream books

General aspects of decoding sleep

For the correct interpretation of the night scenario, not only the color of the dog is important, it is necessary to recall the behavior of the animal, its appearance and the end of the sleepy picture. Usually, the appearance of puppies in a dream snolocovateli associated with the emotional state of the owner of sleep.

If the puppy is black, some dream books associate the image with a bad mood, from which the dreamer wants to get rid of.

  • A hint at the environment. Taking part in the appearance of puppies into the world — a warning about the appearance of multiple troubles in reality. They will have a good ending if all the brood dogs are born healthy. If you took a black baby in your arms, the new friendship will grow into deeper feelings.
  • Financial nuance. According to some interpreters of dreams, the image of a black dog in a dream indicates not just a true friend. It will be a rich and generous person, and for the dreamer — a wealthy patron. To see in a dream not a black puppy, but a white gentle dog is a sign of fast financial support.
  • Warning value. If you happen to watch a dead dog, the dreamer should be wary of dishonest people in reality. To avoid the betrayal of imaginary friends, as indicated by the dark suit, will help caution. Misunderstandings will pass by if the puppy is buried under the sleepy scenario.
  • Request for help. If the owner of a dream picked up a little black dog on the street, in real life the help of the dreamer will be needed by his friend, which will bring restless troubles to the spectator of the illusion. Feeding a baby in a dream expresses in reality the gratitude of a close friend for support.

The contradictory interpretations — the black color of the puppy is attributed by the authors of the dream books to negative emotions, while the baby itself is considered a symbol of joy. However, the aggression of the animal promises obstacles and troubles in reality.

How the dream is interpreted by the authors of famous dream books

According to statistics, puppies bowl dreams of women. The baby symbolizes tenderness and affection, love that has accumulated in the soul.

In a sweet way, the subconscious of young girls and expectant mothers shows a desire to share the ocean of their love. Men like phantasmagoria rarely dream because they are more restrained in feelings and emotions.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

The treatise of the famous psychoanalyst considers the images of dreams in the light of the sexual fantasies of the dreamer. Why dream about a picture of a black puppy?

Illusion symbolizes the hidden desires of the owner of sleep, of which he is ashamed to inform his other half. In addition, such a dream manifests fear for its reputation as a reality because of the connection with a person to whom the dreamer has long felt sympathy.

  • A girl playing with a dark kutenka in an illusory scenario warns you that you should not play with the quivering feelings of a man in love. Reckless behavior can turn into a gap.
  • A man’s dream, in which his beloved woman frolics with a dark-colored dog, warns about flirting with his beloved with another man in reality. If the dreamer happened to see himself as a black puppy — in reality he needs to be alone.

An interesting interpretation of sleep with puppies near the mother-dog. The illusion of a man promises in reality a meeting with a woman, much like his mother.

For the ladies, this is a signal of future acquaintance with a handsome man, and a rather young man.

What the hell dream of Freud and Miller’s dream book, Esoteric and other dream books

Esoteric dream book

  • Feeding a dog on the dream book is considered a warning about a traitor among the closest environment. This is a recent friend.
  • Sleepy vision with a playful kutenko — a sign of the appearance in the real environment of the dreamer children or youth.
  • If the little dog fawns, it is worth waiting for the return of the former love partner. A flock of puppies foreshadows a meeting with younger friends.
  • If a black puppy dreamed of in a dream is benevolent and wags its tail, a completely unexpected person will become your friend.

Dream Miller

According to the author, the appearance in the house of a small dog dreams of petty troubles in reality, which will prevent the dreamer from doing important things. A dream with a playful little black baby promises a quick love affair with the sleep master, but the relationship will turn into suffering because of the future thoughts of the mercenary thoughts of the future partner.

A snoot catcher associates night dreams with a dead dog and disappointment with a loved one.

Opinions of other interpreters of dreams

  • According to the Nostradamus dream book, the illusion should be interpreted as the speedy conclusion of an alliance with a faithful person. A small dog presented in a dream is a meeting of a poor ally, a destroyer.
  • The appearance of a black puppy in a dream, according to Wanga’s dream book, foreshadows troubles for his best friend, who hides his problems. It is worth asking if a friend needs help.
  • A vision with a dog black color spells unexpected surprises. Their volume should be associated with the size of the little dog, and the abundance of fleas on the puppy — to minor troubles.
  • Illusion with a stray animal manifests sin in the soul, which is imprinted in the dreamer’s subconscious. The runaway kid warns about an alluring perspective, but the owner of sleep will not use it.
  • If the dreamer receives a puppy of any color as a gift in the night scenario — this is to the gifts of fate. If the animal is purebred — in reality there will be an influential patron.

According to the authors of the Psychological Dream Book, a dark puppy in a dream is a forerunner of many waking problems, which will take a long time to solve. And to the detriment of the main type of employment.

Interestingly, newlyweds dream spell the imminent appearance of the firstborn, and the man of old age — grandchildren.

What the hell dream of Freud and Miller’s dream book, Esoteric and other dream books

What is the dream of an illusion with a black puppy? Treatise Thelomena considers the dream a harbinger of finding a mentor in real life, as well as strengthening the authority of the dreamer among his own people.

Playing in a dream with a young dog promises to receive good news, as well as gifts, including cash.

If the animal is confused underfoot, hindering movement, this is a signal of danger, about which the contemplative of sleep wants to warn a younger friend. Therefore, do not neglect the tips of the brain.

But when referring to the dream books, you should consider your feelings from the sleepy picture.

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