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What stones are suitable for women in Taurus horoscope

Stones for a calf of the woman by date of birth

The stone of Taurus is not just a piece of jewelry. This constellation must still please, because its representatives are quite picky people.

To please them is not an easy task. At the same time, it is important that the talisman fills its owner with the necessary energy, does not enter into dissonance with the elements of the Earth, attracts various benefits to life.

What minerals are able to complete the mission? We find out in the following material.

What stones are suitable for women in Taurus horoscope

Brief description of Taurus people

Taurus by nature endowed with a calm character, practicality, sound logic and reliability. They are not inclined to commit rash acts.

At the same time, the pets of Venus are distinguished by high performance, they always do everything qualitatively and patiently expect the desired result. We are ready to listen to recommendations from the side, however, the last word must remain with them.

Taurus is very friendly and friendly, indulgently perceive the shortcomings of other people, especially their loved ones. In the amorous life they are characterized by loyalty, interested in creating one family until the end of life.

Taurus highly values ​​family values, seeks to be surrounded by beautiful and expensive items.

This constellation perceives everything happening realistically. Give preference to a narrow circle, but the closest friends, than the fleeting, however, superficial communication.

Readily come to the aid of his inner circle, that the words that deeds.

This was a review of the positive aspects of Taurus personality. But, of course, they also have negative aspects.

For example, an angry Taurus is capable of losing control over his emotions. In this case, you will not envy others …

Another negative quality of the people of the sign is laziness. Taurus can be difficult to take active steps to achieve their goals.

And sometimes they do become real home tyrants.

Lesions are perceived and experienced by them very hard. Although outwardly, the Venusian pet will not give a look, but inside it will be torn by negative emotions.

If Taurus is really bad, he really needs support from the outside.

This constellation loves finances. With unfavorable aspects in the horoscope risks becoming Scrooge.

In the jewelry gives its preference to precious minerals. Although it benefits from semiprecious gems too.

The main task of the stones for Taurus — to attract financial success and help achieve their goals.

With the same, which gems are best suited for representatives of the constellation — let’s look further in the article.

Universal stones of Taurus according to the sign of the Zodiac

Green emeralds personify wisdom. For the people of this constellation, they will contribute to the development of memory, teach philosophical thinking, eliminate manifestations of melancholia and depression, and, in general, improve mood.

In addition, the emerald will protect its owner (owner) from any evil influences from the outside. But it will suit only those Taurus, who have pure and noble thoughts.

And if you are overwhelmed with anger — the stone cannot be worn, as it can cause harm.

What stones are suitable for women in Taurus horoscope

For the beneficiaries of the goddess of love and beauty of Venus, a large earthiness is characteristic: they rarely think about spiritual matters. Sapphire will help to break away from the sinful Earth and turn to the perfection of your soul.

Also, the mineral will push to the correct, balanced decisions, will direct the efforts of Taurus in the right direction. Plus will teach to contain their feelings and protect them from fleeting love affairs.

Sapphires will bring particular benefit to those representatives of the sign who, according to the Eastern horoscope, act as Pigs and Rats.

Jasper and agate

These two gems will become a reliable protection from all who abuse the kindness and sincerity of a benign Taurus. Jasper scares away energy vampires and also normalizes health.

Agate — contributes to the awakening of the sixth sense, will develop in people the sign of the ability to anticipate the future and the gift of eloquence.

  • agates of white and yellow shades soften the character of Taurus;
  • green — attract success in the business sphere of life;
  • black — act as monetary talismans;
  • Blue and striped agates — eliminate depression, improve mood.

Aventurines and chrysoprase

Stones increase performance. At the same time, aventurines activate creative development, provoke the emergence of new ideas and ideas.

Also, the gem will take on the role of a talisman for people who own a business. True, Taurus should be careful when wearing aventurine: it is fraught with the awakening of excitement, it can push on an unjustified risk.

Chrysoprase on their part eliminates laziness and idleness. Activate in Taurus the desire to move on, to realize their dreams in life, attract business success.

The greatest benefit will bring born in the years of the Horse and Dog.

Rose Quartz

Speaking about the ideal stones of the woman of Taurus, it is impossible not to mention the pink quartz. This gem is a great family talisman.

It helps to improve relations between relatives and neighbors.

And those of the fair sex who dream of making a personal life as soon as possible should definitely wear it in jewelry.

What stones are suitable for women in Taurus horoscope

Rose quartz will also be useful for men. Tauruses: it will heal eye and respiratory tract pathologies. Most affected by those born in the years of the Goat and the Monkey.

Turquoise and malachite

Both semi-precious green minerals are considered ideal for the constellation Taurus. Turquoise will help its owner, adding perseverance and dedication to it, plus, will protect against unjustified risks.

In addition, the blue gem attracts true love to life, ensures family happiness.

Malachites protect from any adverse effects and the machinations of enemies. Eliminate from the head of evil thoughts, forced to part with past insults.

Their lithotherapists recommend to wear to all those who have heart disease.

Corals and chalcedony

Coral is another stone-talisman of Taurus. It eliminates fatigue, stress, eliminates fears, panic attacks, depressive states, helps to increase vitality.

Chalcedony also affects the emotional sphere of life: it successfully copes with outbursts of aggression. He also derives the melancholic representatives of the sign from this negative state.


True, there is one «but» — most of all, they are suitable for those born in the third decade (from 12 to 20 May). For the birthday of April, diamonds will not bring special benefit.

And for the first category — they will bring the body into a tone, will give a charge of energy. Also help get rid of nervous tension, negative emotions.

More diamonds attract financial well-being to the life of their owner, contribute to the awakening of noble feelings in Taurus.

The greatest benefit brought to the world in the years of the Tiger and Rooster in the Eastern horoscope.

Grenades and topazes

Both of these minerals act as wards from various pathologies. They are suitable for active representatives of the earth constellation.

Topaz blue shades successfully treat depression, improve mood. But it is better to refuse to wear yellow stones.

Pomegranates will provide a cleansing of the body, will favorably affect the processes of blood formation.

What stones are suitable for women in Taurus horoscope

Lapis lazuli and moonstones

Lapis lazuli — very interesting gems, found in blue, purple or blue hues. They strengthen friendships, set up their owner for success, normalize relations in the business sphere of life.

The moonstone will be a great love talisman. It is shown to be worn by young people of both sexes in order to quickly meet their soul mate.


Gem is more responsible for the business sphere of life. Crystal improves intelligence, makes Taurus more eloquent.

If Venus’s pet will use jewelry with this mineral — it will improve its business connections, will gain success in any of the business areas.

Also, crystals of rock crystal will have a very positive effect on health, eliminate the effects of stress and fatigue.

What stones are suitable for Taurus women horoscope

To find out the perfect stone talisman for a woman of Taurus, you must first carefully examine her character. The girls described constellations are distinguished by incredible tenderness and sensuality.

They act as wonderful hostesses who appreciate the warmth and comfort of their native hearth.

But the Telchiha can also make an excellent career. They always carefully consider all their steps, and the tasks entrusted to them perform as “excellent”.

The following minerals are great for the beautiful half of the mark:

  • Turquoise. The stone of a beautiful blue shade is advised to use very young ladies. Turquoise will help to attract a large and bright feeling to the girl’s life, protect her from lightheadedness and deceptions. But green turquoise can safely wear adult women. In this case, it already symbolizes motherhood, health and family well-being.
  • Caholong. Very similar to pearls, but in fact refers to the agate. Cacholong is a mother’s gem, it facilitates the upbringing of babies, plus it attracts well-being and money to the house.
  • Opal. Speaking about a suitable stone of a woman of Taurus according to the horoscope one should not forget about opal. He is another love mineral. Promotes attraction of love, saves from disappointment on the personal front. A business-woman sign with the help of opal energy is better to find mutual understanding with his boss and clients.
  • Rose quartz. Another of the minerals of love magic. Most suitable Telchikha, born in the last month of spring. Also, the gem will improve intellectual abilities, suitable for academic staff of this zodiac sign.
  • Aquamarine. It acts as an excellent love amulet that makes the constellation girl more sensual. Plus, it improves friendly and business connections.
  • Tourmaline. Favorably affects the state of health, is able to maintain an attractive appearance until old age. Jewelry with tourmaline is worth buying those representatives of the mark who practice some kind of creativity. In this case, the stone will develop a fantasy, will constantly throw up new and new ideas.

Stones for a female Taurus by date of birth should recover in the alloy, which is composed of copper. Gold is called the most suitable metal (the exception is turquoise, a silver frame is more suitable for it).

What stones are suitable for women in Taurus horoscope

If girls of the constellation dream to attract love into their lives, they should buy a flower pendant or a tender ring with a matching stone. Family ladies should choose a ring or a bracelet with minerals.

And, being in an interesting position, a Taurus woman should acquire a clean stone and wear it under her heart.

Mascots for the male half of the mark

Selection of a stone for strong representatives of the constellation should be done with the utmost care. It is important that the products emphasize the status of their owner.

Taurus is clearly not the constellation that agrees to wear cheap handicrafts.

Such a man seeks to take a stable position in society and gain financial success. He is distinguished by the calmness expressed by the business vein, although by great stubbornness on the other hand.

It is important that the mineral meets all its needs.

Based on this, astrologers have compiled a list of amulets for a man of Taurus:

  • Black agate. Will save from various pathologies, nervous overstrain. More agate attracts business success, improves the material sphere of life. Allows you to be a versatile person, not relying solely on a career. In the case when Taurus has to constantly communicate with people, he should buy jewelry with cacholongs — white agates.
  • Emeralds. Minerals increase communication skills, make it easier to establish contacts in business life and with relatives. Plus they contribute to the enhancement of creative abilities, eliminate melancholy, as well as manifestations of greed and mercantile spirit.
  • Amazonites. Become a real find for not too decisive Taurus. The stone will fill them with faith in their own strength, make the decision-making process easier, attract money luck. Young guys products with amazonite will make more courageous, help them find a pair.
  • Sardonyx or orange onyx. Gems will facilitate the conviction of others in the correctness of the representatives of the earth constellation. They will be ideal for timid Taurus men who find it difficult to be the first to talk to women. Regular wearing of such an amulet will bring real feeling to life.
  • Zircon. The younger brother of the diamond will help in disentangling insidious intrigues and resisting deception.

The strong half of the constellation can wear minerals in key chains, cufflinks, pens and rings. It is important to give preference to untreated stones — they have collected more positive energy.

Periodically it is necessary to clean your amulet, for which use spring water.

What stones are suitable for women in Taurus horoscope

Forbidden Gems

Now let’s talk to those stones, which can not be worn by this constellation. These are any minerals related to the Fire Elements. First of all, amber — it is able to bring into life Taurus diseases, difficulties and drive them into depression.

Will make more aggressive, mistrustful.

In the case when the product with amber was presented to you, try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Ideally, find the person to whom it is suitable, and present the mineral to him.

In addition to amber, wearing accessories with the following stones is not recommended:

  • pearls — will attract diseases, make Taurus more aggressive and suspicious;
  • obsidians — people of the sign are distinguished by their self-sufficiency, and products with a gem will force them to rush from side to side without realizing their true vocation;
  • amethysts — will enhance the already having laziness, plus will drive into the world of illusions that for practical Taurus means total defeat;
  • pyrites — will push for the adoption of rash decisions that will cause regret in the future;
  • heliotropes — are capable instead of determination to develop the quality of a “mumble”, incapable of defending their interests and opinions;
  • gagaty — will destroy the vital harmony of Venus’s pet. Make a good-natured person a real sociopath.

Now you know which of the precious and semi-precious minerals are suitable and which are not cheerful Taurus.

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