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What stones are suitable for twins women by horoscope

Stones for women twins by horoscope

Gemini is a very complex, changeable sign of the zodiac. The nature of the representatives of the constellation is very multifaceted, though, they often suffer from their own inconsistency, inability to bring to the end, the tendency to gossip and other negative features.

The ideal gemini gemini, what should it be? He is simply obliged to harmonize their inner state, fill them with power (both physical and spiritual), and also protect them during numerous trips.

In this article, I propose to deal with what stone suits the Gemini most of all on the Zodiac. We focus on the beautiful half of the sign.

What stones are suitable for women twins on a horoscope

Stones mascots for Gemini

Wards of the planet Mercury should, when choosing jewelry, pay their attention to the gems listed further.

And the most suitable black minerals shade. They will act as powerful amulets that neutralize any types of influences from the outside (damage, evil eye, love spell and others).

This will bring particular relevance to those representatives (and representatives) of the constellations who have an increased susceptibility to the world around them.

Another valuable help of agate for Gemini — a stone will help to cope with the «split» of the person, and after all they often suffer from it!

In addition, agate will enhance the creative energy, will contribute to self-expression in one of the types of art. And add prudence and logical thinking — the main shortcomings of these individuals.


We must immediately make a reservation that the gem has an ambiguous effect. He is able, both to broaden his horizons, and to increase the propensity to conduct gossip (Gemini, as is well known, is the only thing that lets him wash the bones behind someone’s back).

But aquamarine has one important function — it allows you to find that fine line between “really want” and “need”.


Alexandrite is truly a wonderful mineral for unstable natures. With him, they easily find mutual understanding.

Wearing alexandrite jewelry, you will get rid of your inborn and so annoying anxiety and reach a state of inner balance.

In addition, alexandrites have a positive effect on the physical health of Gemini: they help purify the blood and normalize cardiac activity.

With the help of the energy of the mineral, the spirituality of the children of Mercury is increased, plus their observation is enhanced, the ability to catch even the smallest trifles, which sometimes have a fateful character.

And the stone itself is just as unusual as the representatives of the constellation described — it’s not for nothing that it often changes its color too.

What stones are suitable for twins women by horoscope

Amolite and ammonites

A typical situation with this constellation is: the head is full of thoughts and ideas (many of which are quite good), but in practice, due to frequent mood swings, none of the cases are brought to a logical conclusion.

For the solution of such a problem, astrologers advise to turn to the power of ammolite. Carry a stone on your right hand, it will give you enough patience and strength to cope with all the tasks.

Gemini is an active constellation, constantly in a state of motion. Beryl will help them to realize their desires in the material world and run forward even faster!

As you know, a quality that a sign lacks greatly is patience. In this regard, the people of Gemini so often do not bring what has begun to its logical conclusion.

This greatly affects their overall success in life: after all, with external popularity, the result of work is often very modest.

Beryl will be able to solve this problem — he motivates to always finish what was started and cope even with difficult life problems.

Constantly changeable Gemini change their mood, plus often fall into depressive states. Often suffer the problem, which of the two decisions to take.

Thanks to the energy of the heliodors, they will become more self-confident, plus they will begin to live every day with a positive.

Plus, the mineral makes people sign wiser, pushes for scientific or creative discoveries, warns of nervous exhaustion.


The gem will perform the function of a loyal assistant for representatives of the constellation on the love front. In addition, it will contribute to the improvement of communication skills and learning more flexibility in solving complex problems.

Choosing is another Gemini weakness. But, wearing jewelry with rock crystal, they will be able to cope with their weakness.

From now on, they will not have to rush in despair, not knowing what decision to take.

What stones are suitable for twins women by horoscope

Speaking about the stones for Gemini women, we should not forget about the pearls. They will protect against making ill-considered decisions that are dictated not by common sense, but by an overly active and fussy temperament.

In addition, products with pearls will save people of this sign from the bad influence of others, envy and revenge.

As for the representatives of the fair sex, the mineral will help you choose the right profession, competently make difficult decisions. Fill with the uniqueness of such contradictory individuals.

Another very suitable stone as a talisman. From it you, as from a magic amphora, can draw, when needed, wisdom and composure. But this is far from everything: emeralds relieve from annoying nervousness, aggressiveness and anxiety typical of these people.

Improve the ability to absorb new information, which is vital when you regularly have to communicate a lot.

In general, if you need to eliminate the frequent mental suffering from your life and do not torment other people with your whining, buy a product with emerald and you will be happy!

A find for Twins and Twins. The gem fills the latter with the strength necessary to solve various problems of life.

It also attracts good fortune and makes casual people calm.

The Morganites provide success to their owners in a number of undertakings, make them more successful, put them in a state of spiritual harmony, and protect them from violence.

Turning to him for help, you will achieve the desired stability, and will always be in the flow of creative inspiration.

Which stone is suitable for Gemini women? Of course, obsidian!

He will add to the faithful persons faith in their own strength, eliminate characteristic indecision and attract many positive changes to their lives.

Obsidian is probably the only one of the stones that can be worn constantly to this constellation. From it, girls and boys of the sign will receive the necessary energy, inner strength, but without manifestations of aggressiveness.

Gem is ideal in the fight against personal flaws, protects from engaging in dubious adventures, allows you to gain control over your thoughts.

What stones are suitable for women twins on a horoscope

Thanks to the mineral, all those who enter such an interesting constellation will increase their self-esteem, become more principled, gain a strong spirit. They will be able to feel how great their intuition is, and the process of memorizing and assimilating new information will become easier.

In general, interest in the sciences will increase.

However, astrologers are in a hurry to warn you that the stone cannot be worn all the time. So take breaks from time to time and take a break from it.

Only in this case, it will have the desired effect.

Rutile Quartz

Gemini woman’s stone according to the horoscope, giving personal happiness — rutile quartz. If you are in proud loneliness, from which you wish to arrange your amorous life, rather run to the jewelry salon for jewelery with a gem.

The problem promises to be solved, and in the very near future.

But this is not all — for the Twins there is another benefit of the mineral, it will allow you to express yourself and realize your abilities in life.

Using the power of this mineral, really sharpen their intellectual abilities, as well as increase concentration. If you wear a stone in bracelets — the ability to eloquence, the gift of convincing other people will awaken.

Also carnelian will add Gemini endurance, disability. And attracts the soul mate into life, making the representative of the Air element lucky in love.

Eye of the Tiger

If you belong to the sign described, then you probably know that your weaknesses of the personality are: short-sightedness and frivolity. Having acquired earrings, a pendant or a ring with a tiger eye, it is realistic to learn a new vision and perception of what is happening, to develop the sixth sense to the maximum limit, plus to awaken in oneself the various abilities that were hidden before that.

The stone should be used as an amulet to all those individuals who are associated with social work. It can even be argued that the gem «opens» the eyes and will be able to clarify most of the situations that are not clear to you in life.

What stones are suitable for women twins on a horoscope

If you were born under the Zodiac constellation Gemini, it means that you are distinguished by great curiosity, mobility, and have creative inclinations. Thanks to wearing jewelry with topaz of different colors you will be able to achieve enlightenment and learn to truly enjoy everything that happens in life.

Watch out for gems, ranging from completely transparent to light golden hues.

Applying the amulet with topaz, you will finally reach the ghostly hitherto state of the “golden mean” between utopian ideas and common logical sense.

A blue version of topaz will do. It will increase perseverance and develop concentration.

Will act as a source of balance, spiritual harmony. Also, the stone will allow to master another important skill — to learn to devote one’s attention to one goal, without spraying energy on trifles.

Mercury cubs are very sociable, but often the communication is only superficial. Chalcedony, on the other hand, will teach them about organization, so that they can separate important tasks from secondary ones and deal with their solution.

In addition to such a beneficial effect, jewelry with chalcedony will favorably affect the state of health, relieve from many impairments of well-being, help to cope with negative emotions and improve the overall situation.


Chrysoberyl is one of the talismans of the people of the Air element. He gives the last inflexible faith in himself, a sense of spiritual harmony and peace.

Turning for help to the power of the stone, all those born from mid-May to mid-June will be able to make a successful career.

But this is by no means all: the mineral improves the energetics of the people of the mark, favors any undertakings in their lives, makes Gemini more successful and calm, and saves them from negative external influences, even if it was directed by various magical actions.

Another of the mystical gems of the constellation. Only these dual and impermanent personalities will succeed in extracting maximum benefit from stone.

For example, people-Gemini often lack the vigor, positive emotions. All of the above is successfully offset by wearing jewelry with citrine.

The mineral will teach a weaker half of the constellation to better understand the true motives of others’ behavior, increase its intuitive abilities.

A semi-strong gem promises to give success in the financial sphere of life.

What stones are suitable for twins women by horoscope

These interesting stones perfectly interact with the energy of a dual sign. Under the action of the radiation of a stone, Gemini is motivated to say goodbye once and for all to their inherent idleness, to put their thoughts and affairs in order.

Zoisites also take over the function of a talisman, protecting the Mercurian pets from various misfortunes.

Gems by date of birth

What stones are suitable for Gemini women according to the horoscope? Let’s find out.

  • Born in the first decade (from 21 to 31 May) the beautiful Twins are distinguished by well-developed intuitive abilities. But often they suffer from a lack of awareness, and therefore misunderstand their own emotions and express them to the outside world.

Such bright and extraordinary personalities should take advantage of the power of the minerals obsidian, moonstone, rock crystal and agate.

  • Appearing on light in the second decade (from 1 to 10 June) ladies are very energetic, they always go right through when they want to get what they want. It’s not atypically passive for them to sit still, on the contrary, girls always achieve what they want due to their ability to solve very complex tasks.

For them, jade, pearls and citrines become ideal talismans. Stones will help to restore energy, will save from the attacks of detractors, plus strengthen the sixth sense.

  • Those persons of the sign who saw the world in the third decade (from 11 to 20 June) for the most part very proud and recalcitrant. On the other hand, they gladly share their spiritual warmth with those around them, their very presence already markedly enhances the emotional atmosphere. It is best for them to turn their attention to jewelry with inserts with tourmalines, topazes and sapphires.

What are the minerals banned?

Although it is believed that «girls’ best friends are diamonds,» the situation changes dramatically when it comes to girls-twins. Astrology, on the contrary, advises them not to wear such heavy gems as diamonds and rubies.

This is due to the fact that the energy of the semi-precious stones is able to take away from the changeable ladies the inherent ease of nature from nature. But they will add their more static character, which will not allow to fully manifest itself.

And at the end of such an interesting topic, I want to offer you an equally interesting video:

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