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What rituals exist on the day of the vernal equinox

Rituals on the day of the spring equinox: health, money, love

The day of the spring equinox, which most often falls on March 20, less often on March 21, has been endowed with a special sacred meaning since ancient times. The end of winter is celebrated at this time, special rites and rituals are held. All of them are aimed at finding happiness in love, health, financial well-being, getting rid of the problems that have accumulated over the year.

Also on this day, guessing on love, marriage and the near future.

  • frost on this day promises another four dozen cold days;
  • it is necessary to count forty times during the day, then the spring will be warm and bring good luck;
  • if someone quarrels at this time, conflicts will haunt the whole year;
  • the wish for the vernal equinox will surely come true.

What rituals exist on the day of the vernal equinox

For fortune telling, baked special baking in the form of larks and various small objects were placed inside. At the festive table, the larks sorted and interpreted the future depending on the subject that came across:

  • bead — for pregnancy;
  • little ring — to marry;
  • earring — to love;
  • coin — to wealth;
  • button — to purchase new clothes;
  • carnation — to sadness.

There was a special fortune telling on love. For him it was necessary to take a birch sliver, wrap his hair and throw in a bowl of water, asking whether there will be a new love or marriage. If after this sliver:

  1. 1. stayed in place or floated away from the questioner — the wedding is not expected;
  2. 2. moved towards the girl — the wedding is just around the corner.

To find out if the marriage would be happy, they baked three pancakes and folded them in half. One was smeared inside with honey, the other was salted, the third was left empty and allowed the girl to choose. If you came across a pancake with honey, then the future family life will be sweet, happy.

Salty foreshadowed tears, and without a filling meant that life would be moderate — without much joy or sadness.

What rituals exist on the day of the vernal equinox

For the holiday of spring home should be prepared in advance. Before you start preparing a festive table, you need to clean the house of the accumulated negative, throw away all the objects that have become unusable, clean the floors and windows well.

A few days before the holiday, it is recommended to observe moderation in eating and drinking to cleanse the body, to maintain a positive attitude.

After wet cleaning it is useful to go around all the rooms three times, holding a lit church candle. The bite left after cleaning the premises should be discarded immediately.

Then proceed to cooking. Meals choose to your taste, but be sure to bake cookies in the form of birds, pancakes and paint boiled chicken eggs.

What rituals exist on the day of the vernal equinox

At this time, you can gain luck in finance and love, improve health. The rituals on the day of the vernal equinox have special power.

To get rid of the problems accumulated during the year, a special ceremony is held. Unnecessary things are prepared for him in advance, at sunset a large fire is erected in a suitable place. When it flares up, they throw into it a prepared with a plot:

"Spring came to us again, took away all the sorrow, burn, burn clearly so that it does not go out".

After the fire has burned, you should jump over or step over burning coals. This ritual clears the energy of any negative, attracts good luck in all matters.

You can spend it alone or in the company of loved ones. If a ceremony is conducted by a group, everyone present must necessarily step over or jump over a fire, this will greatly enhance its effect.

When making a fire, it is necessary to comply with fire safety measures.

During the road to the venue of the ritual and back jokes, laughter, songs are welcomed. A positive attitude during these actions is extremely important.

It increases the effectiveness of ceremonies many times.

Slavic runes possess special strength during the spring solstice. Our ancestors used them to appeal to the gods for help.

Many follow these traditions to this day. Starting from March 20, you should put on the household items and hang the following runic symbols inscribed on pieces of paper one by one or in any combination:

What rituals exist on the day of the vernal equinox

Bereginya strengthens the family, allows you to get pregnant, bear and give birth to a child. Supports the elderly.

What rituals exist on the day of the vernal equinox

Dazhdbog protects valuables and money from thieves and fire, helps to gain financial well-being, contributes to the health and reproduction of domestic animals and houseplants.

What rituals exist on the day of the vernal equinox

Lelia attracts male attention to women, makes love to the boy he likes, makes girls more attractive, animates relationships, kindles passion.

On the evening of March 21, paper with inscribed runes is collected and burned, pronouncing all its desires. After that, the ashes are let in the wind.

The day of the vernal equinox is best suited to start new affairs, moving from one state to another. In order to start a happy life with a clean slate, you can arrange a special portal — the door to a bright future. To do this, any doorway that needs to be decorated with a willow branch and ribbons of five colors will suit:

On both sides of the opening you need to put two candles. On the morning of March 21, you need to stand in front of the portal, and, looking at the window in which the rising sun is located, read the plot:

"All sorrow and hardship, Stay in the past year! The sun is gaining strength, Happiness in the house arrives. Step through the fire — the forces of darkness are winning.

Together with the new Spring. Filled with beauty, strength, wisdom, peace. Happily wide open the door!"

After that, they take a step forward and, without turning back, repeat this movement nine times. In conclusion, they thank nature, the earth, the Creator for life and for the warmth of the sun.

On the night of March 21, a rite is held to promote health and get rid of all diseases. For this, in the morning they gather in a bucket of water and leave it until the evening. When the sun begins to set, they read the conspiracy words above the water:

"Red sun rolls across the sky, goes to sleep, leads behind itself: shaking, aching, pain in the womb and head takes away from the slave (his name) from now on and forever, like a watery goose, so I have all the sickness".

Repeat these words over and over again until it is completely dark. Then they turn the bucket over, trying to keep the whole body washed, including the head.

If such actions are carried out annually, many chronic diseases will recede, and health will become strong.

At the spring equinox a prayer is good for reading to fulfill any desires. If you cannot get what you want for a long time, you can turn to St. Martha for help. The text of the prayer is:

“O Holy Martha, You are the Miracle! I appeal to you for help! And completely in my needs, and you will be my assistant in my trials!

With gratitude, I promise you that I will distribute this prayer everywhere! Humbly, tearfully I ask — console me in my worries and burdens!

Submissively, for the sake of the great joy that filled your heart, I tearfully ask you — bustle about me and my family so that we can save our God in our hearts and deserve the Savior Almighty Mediation, above all with the care that now gives me … (further desire, for example, help me find a well-paying job; help me meet my beloved and create a happy family; etc.) … … Tearfully ask you, Assistant in every need, defeat You, as you defeated the snake, until lay near your feet! «.

Read the words of this prayer most effectively in the morning of March 21, at the time of sunrise. Repeat it should not be recommended to read only once.

You can contact the saint for help anywhere, at home or in the temple, the result will be in any case.

Throughout the holiday, you should do good to your close and surrounding people. Both gifts and gifts to the forces of nature are welcome. You can visit elderly relatives, treat them with your own hand baked dessert.

The closest people can make small, but nice gifts.

Do not forget about mother nature. It will be good to care for any tree, loosen the earth over the roots, water it.

If the tree has not yet awakened, it is enough just to address it with words of gratitude for the clean air, shade and the beauty of the foliage, fruits (if the tree bears fruit).

It is not forbidden to thank the earth itself, take a cup of milk and, having said a few kind words of gratitude to the whole earth, pour the milk out of the cup. The expression of love for nature and pronouncing the words of appreciation will not remain unanswered — nature will reward a polite person with health and luck.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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