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What rituals and rituals for lunar eclipse exist

The most effective rituals for a lunar eclipse: for beauty, love, money, change of fate

During the lunar eclipse, the most effective are rituals for getting rid of problems, debts, bad habits. A person has a real chance to reprogram his ways of interacting with the outside world, to change the negative sides of character to positive ones.

At this time, magic rituals and energy cleansing acquire special power. Relations broken during a lunar eclipse are almost impossible to restore; and the bad habit that a person ended during this astronomical event has almost no chance of renewal.

A lunar eclipse begins at the moment when the night star enters the shadow cast by the Earth from the Sun. In this case, three celestial bodies line up. An eclipse occurs only on the day of the full moon.

At its core, it is a full moon, the magical power of which is strengthened many times. This explains the effectiveness of rituals, divination and meditation, conducted during the period of this astronomical event.

When the moon is not fully immersed in the shadow of the Earth, they talk about a private eclipse. The penumbra eclipses occur at those moments when the moon passes through the space near the cone of the shadow that the Earth casts.

In this case, the lunar disk is only slightly covered with shadow.

The graph of lunar eclipses in the period from 2018 to 2028:

YearDates of total eclipsesDates of private eclipsesDates of penumbral eclipses
  • January 31;
  • July 27
  • January 12
  • July 6

Rituals and rituals that are carried out in a full lunar eclipse have the greatest power. You should also pay attention to the coincidence of the astronomical event with the date of birth. If the eclipse falls on a birthday (plus or minus a few days), the rites will be especially strong.

At this time, you can drastically influence your destiny and get rid of negative karma.

What rituals and rituals for lunar eclipse exist

During this period, a person may feel disoriented. Principles and ideals seem false and illusory. During a lunar eclipse, it is worth giving up on expectations, devoting as much time as possible to spiritual development.

The lunar eclipse provides excellent opportunities for completing the initiated processes and creating new projects.

At this time, you can:

  • Tie with a bad habit.
  • Break the bond of love that has no prospects.
  • Search for lost. In a lunar eclipse, the chances of finding the hidden increase.
  • Complete cases for which there is always not enough time.
  • Sum up the situation, rethink the experience.
  • Spend time in nature, in unity with the earth.
  • Do cleaning the house.
  • Represent the desired future. Eclipse gives the visualization of a powerful impetus to quickly turn intentions into reality.
  • To cleanse the body (through fasting, diets, detox programs).
  • Fumigate living space.
  • Meditate. Read spiritual and philosophical works.
  • Do good deeds, charity.

There are also signs according to which it is necessary to refrain from certain actions during the eclipse.

On the day when this astronomical event occurs, it is not recommended:

  • To prescribe serious medical interventions, operations (including cosmetic).
  • Make large purchases. On this day, you can not notice the flaws in the product.
  • To lend large sums of money. They can be lost forever.
  • Make important decisions. Start big projects.
  • To register marriage. He will bring only misfortune and tears.
  • Overload the body, expose yourself to stress.
  • Quarrel with loved ones, sort things out. These clarifications will inevitably lead to rupture.
  • Enter into intimate relationships for the sake of conception. A child conceived at this time will have less free will.

The consequences of negative actions committed during this period are very difficult to calculate and overcome. Therefore, astrologers and magicians recommend during the lunar eclipse not to take any action, devoting time to spirituality and self-development.

What rituals and rituals for lunar eclipse exist

This divination, carried out during a lunar eclipse, has a special accuracy. For the session should take a new deck of playing cards.

Mixing them, it is necessary to think about the most important problem at the moment — financial debts, family problems, psychological complexes.

Cards lay out one by one, waiting for the emergence from the deck of a lady, king or ace. Interpretation of maps:

  • the black king or queen symbolizes a man or a woman who will contribute in solving the problem of interest;
  • the king or dame of the red suit means a man or a woman who will support, give strength to further progress;
  • black ace says that the cause of the present difficulties lies outside (it can be the evil eye, witchcraft, revenge of the ill-wisher);
  • Ace of the red suit indicates that the cause of the problems lies in the diviner himself, and his fate is in his hands.

What rituals and rituals for lunar eclipse exist

To make any of the rites for money even stronger, it should be supplemented with the practice of visualization of wealth. To do this, the day before and after the lunar eclipse, you must mentally present yourself as a wealthy person, visualize how money comes from various sources.

This rite is aimed at improving financial welfare, strengthening cash flow. On the day of the lunar eclipse, you should purchase a new wallet.

Coming home, the old one is immediately discarded. The minute the eclipse begins, they count all the money to the smallest penny and transfer it to the new wallet. Words are simultaneously pronounced: "In the new wallet — new money".

To fix the magical effects should not spend a penny in the next day.

The next ritual is suitable for those who honestly earn money, working long hours, but receiving pennies for their labor. At the moment of a lunar eclipse, they take a coin and speak it:

"Moving to the goal in hail, heat and wind. There is a stony path under my feet, but (name) cannot push me out of the way.

I will reach my goal, I will find a rich treasure. I will have more money than on the seashore. I will become a distinguished gentleman, I will hire a cook and a servant.

There will be more money than foliage in the spring. The moon has eclipsed, I have one coin.

And as the moon is reborn, so the coin and the treasure will turn. Amen".

The coin is carried as a talisman. In the near future, work will begin to bring a truly high income, or the one who delivers will be offered to move to a higher paying position.

Before the start of the eclipse include light, pleasant music. Then follows:

  1. 1. Light aromatic sticks or aroma lamps with orange or lemon oil and take in each hand a bill of the same value.
  2. 2. Sitting comfortably in a chair and closing your eyes, stretch your arms out in front of you.
  3. 3. Holding bills on the palms, imagine how the enhanced energy of the lunar eclipse begins to charge these banknotes.
  4. 4. After taking a deep breath, as you breathe out the words: "Deep and wide, flows to me money river!"
  5. 5. Then take a deep breath again, imagining the cash flow, say the formula: "I am a money magnet!"
  6. 6. After you can open your eyes. Put some orange oil on one of the bills and put it in the wallet separately from the rest of the money. The second is to spend as soon as possible on sweets or delicacies (candy, chocolate, red caviar). Take the change from the seller can not.

The level of income will begin to increase in the next two or three lunar cycles.

To increase the effectiveness of any of the rituals of love magic before its execution, you can bring the gift of the moon. To do this, before starting the eclipse, put a glass of wine or a small plate of fruit on the windowsill, mentally asking the luminary for help in conducting the ceremony.

After the eclipse is over, wine and fruit can be eaten.

In addition, before performing the sacrament it is useful to take a shower, calm the mind with the help of prayer or meditation, internally let go of resentment and negativity.

It is performed at any hour of the lunar eclipse. For the sacrament will require:

  • clean water saucer;
  • the most favorite adornment (chain, ring, pendant);
  • pink wax candle.

Before performing the ceremony, you can use incense, to include relaxation music. It is recommended to perform the sacrament barefoot, even if the enchanter lives in a high-rise building.

This will strengthen the connection with the land.

  1. 1. After holding the decoration for a while, put it in a saucer with water.
  2. 2. Then a lit candle is taken into the hand, and it is held over the saucer three times in a clockwise direction. At the same time, the words of the conspiracy are pronounced: "The energy of the earth, water, air and earth, I urge you, call on the call: let it become more and more with each subsequent lunar cycle of love!".
  3. 3. Words are pronounced three times.
  4. 4. Then put a candle near the saucer. Until she burns to the end, you need to imagine a happy life.

The decoration is worn as a talisman that attracts love.

For the ceremony will require:

  • red paper envelope;
  • sandalwood essential oil;
  • sponge or a small piece of cotton wool;
  • needle;
  • Red thread;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • pink or red A4 sheet.
  1. 1. Lightly write your name on the cardboard sheet.
  2. 2. Then thread thread through the needle and sew through the strokes so that the name printed on the sheet of paper is printed. During embroidery, pronounce the words: "My mother gave me the name, she called me from birth. I sew my name to love, I begin my new life. My betrothed, call me to be in the caress of love. The zealous heart in the chest is knocking, and what is in the hands is safely stored. Every good fellow wishes to marry me. Amen".
  3. 3. After this, around the inscription, also with a dotted line, draw a heart and cut a figure along the line.
  4. 4. A few drops of sandalwood oil drip onto the sponge and saturate the resulting heart with the name.
  5. 5. Then put a heart

The rite begins to act immediately after it. The new elect will meet in the next few weeks.

Before carrying out the sacrament, they put on the best dress, do the styling, decorating their hair with their favorite accessory. For the rite will require:

  • two twisted wax candles (red and blue);
  • red silk ribbon;
  • incense sticks with a sweet smell.

Ritual start 15 minutes before the start of the eclipse:

  1. 1. Candles set opposite each other.
  2. 2. Gently tie them with a ribbon.
  3. 3. Light incense sticks.
  4. 4. Close your eyes, presenting a pink light around you and inside.
  5. 5. Light candles.
  6. 6. Thrice utter the words: "My soul is open to new love. Every day I’m getting closer to her. Everything in my life happens to me for the benefit and benefit of all life. My every day is filled with miracles that will lead me to my chosen one!".
  7. 7. Represent the image of the desired chosen one, his personal qualities, relationships with him.
  8. 8. Having opened eyes, for 10-15 minutes they look at the flame of candles.
  9. 9. Fire extinguish.
  10. 10. The tape is put under his pillow. The next morning, she should be put in a secret place in the southwestern sector of the room.

It is performed at any hour of the eclipse. For the ritual should take:

  • any mirror;
  • comb or comb;
  • new towel;
  • essential oil of jasmine or mint.
  1. 1. First you need to prepare a bath by filling it with water and adding a few drops of oil.
  2. 2. Having descended into it, one should relax, internally tune in to the sacrament.
  3. 3. Straight in the bath and looking in the mirror, comb your hair.
  4. 4. Looking at yourself, utter the words of the conspiracy: "The moon-girl is red! Give me the unwritten beauty, unheard of. That I was like a birch, thin and sonorous. And let my skin be young and fresh, like a child. Amen". The number of repetitions of the plot must be equal to the number of days since the beginning of the current month. For example, if the rite is held on the fifth day, then the plot is pronounced five times.
  5. 5. After pronouncing the plot, you need to get out of the bath and wipe the entire body with a new towel.

This rite of fulfillment of desires allows you to quickly materialize the most intimate dreams.

For the sacrament will need:

  • two wax candles;
  • blank paper;
  • pen or pencil;
  • satin ribbon;
  • magnet.

The color of candles and ribbons is selected depending on the specifics of the desire. If it concerns:

  • money or buying valuables — choose green;
  • health — white;
  • love — red or pink;
  • careers — brown;
  • issues related to self-development and personal growth — orange;
  • spiritual sphere, extrasensory abilities — purple.
  1. 1. When the eclipse comes, two candles are lit.
  2. 2. Write down the desire in detail.
  3. 3. Then put a note between two candles.
  4. 4. Looking at the fire, imagine their desire already fulfilled.
  5. 5. After meditating in this way for a few minutes, the words are pronounced: "The moon is the mistress of the night, filled with power and strength. Let it be fulfilled, that the heart is sweet. The moon is filled with goodness, my dream is fulfilled!"
  6. 6. Then the magnet is wrapped in a sheet with desires written on it.
  7. 7. The bundle is tied with a ribbon and carried with them until the dream comes true.

To perform the ritual should go in the middle of the bridge over the river. On the day of the lunar eclipse, it has the function of the strongest tunnel that connects the human world with the world of higher powers.

With a need to take a wallet with a trifle, dividing the coins into three approximately equal handfuls.

  1. 1. Standing in the middle of the bridge, the first handful of coins are thrown into the water, saying the words: "Sudinushka evil, stepmother step! I do not see your hard cases. Moon give my inheritance. River muddy water will leak. Dashing your and distant harm will take".
  2. 2. Then a second handful of coins are clamped in the hand and thrown into the water, saying: "I do not ask for gold silver. Please deliver from all evil. On the way, the new way, the fate of sweet-honey".
  3. 3. Taking the last handful in hand, throw it with the words: "The eclipse will pass, the water will leak. The moon is with me, life is not new over the mountain. How will the moon leave its captivity, so wait for me a happy change".

Returning home, you should distract yourself, internally let go of the desire to get the result. Changes in fate will come in the next few months.

A lunar eclipse is a special time point when a person has the opportunity to transform his reality. During this period, meditation is especially strong in order to purify from the negative, to visualize the fulfillment of the desired.

To further enhance the effect of the following practices, it is useful a week before they are held to refuse food of animal origin, to reduce contacts, to refuse entertainment.

This technique helps to get rid of the accumulated negative, complexes and problems, as well as bring the desired performance closer. For practice you will need 2 glasses of pure water, a candle and a mirror.

  1. 1. An hour before the meditation, they drink a glass of pure water and take a cool shower.
  2. 2. Half an hour before the eclipse reaches its maximum phase, a mirror is placed on the table in front of it.
  3. 3. Between themselves and the mirror set a white wax candle, as well as another glass of water. Incense can be lit.
  4. 4. Then light the candle and focus on the burning flame reflected in the mirror.
  5. 5. After that, mentally carry all the bad through the looking glass. Everything that hinders the achievement of success, interferes with harmonious relations, disturbs or distresses, should be presented as being transferred to the world of the looking-glass and burning there.
  6. 6. When there is a steady feeling that all the negative has gone, the candle is moved away from the mirror so that it is no longer reflected in its surface. This will close the portal, do not let the negative energy back. Candle must burn to the end.
  7. 7. Then pick up a glass of water and raise to the level of the nose. Looking into the water, they mentally represent how the positive energy of existing desires fills it: for example, the power of self-confidence, friendship, love, material gains.
  8. 8. Drink water, visualizing their oneness with this positive force.
  9. 9. Then a few minutes is recommended to lie quietly.
  10. 10. After completing the meditation once again take a shower.

For this ritual will require:

Half an hour before the start of the eclipse, you need to prepare a place for the practice, put on clean clothes, light candles. Before you put the clock, so as not to miss the start time of the eclipse.

The procedure for further action:

  1. 1. Divide a blank piece of paper in two. On the left, to write down everything that hinders in life is a cause for stress, anxiety and heaviness in the soul. Wishes are recorded on the right, as well as what the problem life sphere should ideally look like.
  2. 2. By the time of the eclipse, all dormant emotions — both positive and negative — must be awakened. Focusing on the physical sensations (tears, lump in the throat, tension), in the left column continue to record negative experiences: "How tired I am. ", "I’m sick of it. ", "Enough for me already. "
  3. 3. When all troubling problems are described, on another notepad sheet describe your feelings ("I feel calm", "I got a headache", "Feeling tired").
  4. 4. Then on another sheet of paper write out the praises to yourself, describing your merits in the brightest colors. This will allow to concentrate energy, redirect it to achieve the desired.
  5. 5. Re-read the desires recorded in the right column and once again ask yourself whether they are true, whether they correspond to reality.
  6. 6. On the next sheet of notepad write a subtitle: "My plans". It is necessary to proceed to this point strictly in the first minutes of the beginning of the eclipse. It is important to describe all the actions that it is desirable to take to achieve the desired goal, even if they seem completely absurd.
  7. 7. Put the written text in a secret place and do not read at least the next six months.

Getting to this practice, it is necessary to concentrate as much as possible on the process. The greater the burst of psychic energy, the faster will change the fate in the desired direction.

It is recommended that the main desire to formulate in advance, before the start of the practice.

This ritual is allowed to perform no more than three times a year. The lunar eclipse is the most suitable period for using this technique.

The ceremony is held in the evening or at night for 10 days (five daysass ="tautology-highlight">days before and five days after the eclipse). The impact of the ceremony will be felt after the first day of its conduct.

To perform the technique will need a candle of white wax.

  1. 1. Together and focusing, they write the word on a piece of paper. "I forgive you. "and then list all the people who have ever caused a grudge. You can record both the living and the dead. Both individual names and names with last names and patronymic names are recorded.
  2. 2. The text ends with the words: "And everyone whom Destiny will send on my way, I forgive and bless with all my love". Each person should be forgiven sincerely and with all his heart.
  3. 3. Then the note is burned in the flame of a candle, and the ashes are thrown out the window.

Some time after the practice, new events will begin to occur in life. They are the answer from the Universe to the spiritual work carried out.

If life improves, it means that karma has cleared. If difficulties begin, it signals the start of the process of purifying karma and the need for further work on yourself.

Parapsychologist Tatyana Arnautova proposes the following rite, with which you can get rid of the baggage of negative experiences and direct energy to achieve constructive goals. For the ceremony will require:

  • two glasses of cool spring water;
  • two alarms (one starts at exactly the time of the eclipse, the second — a quarter of an hour after its occurrence).
  1. 1. Exactly 15 minutes before an eclipse, quickly drink a first glass of water.
  2. 2. After going to head north, relax and remember a few life circumstances that I would like to get rid of (part with my husband, quit my job, get rid of the disease). For convenience, you can register these situations in advance on a piece of paper.
  3. 3. When the first alarm goes off (the time of the eclipse), you should turn over your head to the east and make a few wishes, visualizing their fulfillment.
  4. 4. By calling the second alarm (15 minutes after the eclipse) you need to quickly drink a second glass of water.

Everything that was conceived during the ritual turns into a program for execution.

For this practice, you need a stone of any size and rock. The usual street cobblestone will do.

  1. 1. Taking a stone in hand, mentally convey to him all the emotional pain and heaviness that has accumulated in the soul. You can talk to him by asking him to absorb all the negative emotions.
  2. 2. Then the stone should be thanked for absorbing all the negative information, and then throw it back.

The practice must necessarily be carried out in a deserted place so as not to harm anyone inadvertently.

Leaving from this place should be without looking back — the past should be left behind, and there is no need to look back on it. You can throw a stone into the river, imagining how all the bad carries away the current of water.

The influence of the upcoming lunar eclipse begins two weeks before the most astronomical event and lasts for two weeks after it. During this period, it is also possible to conduct magical rites, but in their effects they will be weaker than those that were performed directly at the time of the eclipse.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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