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What promises to be October 2018 for Gemini on a horoscope

What to expect the Gemini in October 2018, according to the horoscope

The horoscope for Gemini in October 2018 says that the representatives of this constellation will often not know what decision to take because of the large number of uncertainties, both in the field of love and career. What else will the second month of autumn bring to Gemini?

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What promises to be October 2018 for Gemini on a horoscope

Features of October 2018 for Twins

Astrologers promise representatives of this dual constellation a lot of changes in mid-autumn. Although the Twins still retain their success, but from time to time they will be forced to engage in upholding their position, their authority.

But at the same time they will receive support from people who love them.

All the difficulties that periodically arise on the horizon will be successfully compensated by creativity and love from the close environment of Gemini.

By their nature, the Twins are very ambitious, but in October 2018 they will have to moderate their ardor. At times, it may seem to them that everything is bad, they even risk stopping to dream and the culprits of this are obvious — these are dangerous antagonist planets.

On the protection of the well-being of representatives of the mark will remain only their most powerful and loyal patron — Mercury.

Certainly, Mercury has tremendous power, but even it will be difficult from time to time to cope with the space attack of the planets that will start attacking Gemini, trying to ruin their lives (especially its personal sphere). But Mercury will be able to keep his position, so that the financial area of ​​Gemini’s life will not suffer.

True, for this it is important not to bump into dreams, but to work more, because otherwise your income level will remain in the same place.

Now let’s talk about the pest planets, which in the second month of autumn will decide to do everything possible so that the Twins no longer believe in their uniqueness and become a gray mass. They will perform Neptune with Uranus and the Moon.

But in no case do not despair — remember that this is all only a certain difficult period that will not last forever and when it ends — the situation will definitely improve. Yes, and periods of depression are inherent in all people from time to time, the most important thing is that the breakdown is temporary, not permanent.

What promises to be October 2018 for Gemini on a horoscope

In addition, the Twins in October 2018 will want to look for a new ideological position, to be interested in what is happening in the world in general and in particular in politics. Representatives of the sign will change their attitude to what is happening.

In matters of energy, October is quite tense at times, so the Twins should devote as much time as possible to rest, restoring their energy balance for full-fledged work or study.

Characteristics of love and family life

People-twins will perceive their personal life in October of this year a little indifferent and detached. Although their second half will give them the maximum of their care and attention, providing an excellent opportunity for emotional relaxation.

The partner will try in every way to “draw out” his beloved person, mired in his own thoughts and personal experiences, into real life, but these attempts are unlikely to succeed. Unfortunately, the time is coming when representatives of the Gemini sign are so difficult to resist the negative influence of the antagonist planets that they probably prefer to stay with their not quite adequate opinion.

As for the romantic relationships at work, then from the tenth to the fifteenth there is a high probability of a stormy showdown, which will be triggered by the painful jealousy of Gemini and their desire to take a loved one under their complete control. Also, getting some unexpected information is not excluded.

Gemini will overcome thoughts about the true value of relationships between people.

With regards to single representatives and representatives of the sign who have not yet had time to meet their soul mate, by the middle of this autumn they will acquire a new image in the eyes of the opposite sex. If earlier they were a bright star, alluring and attractive, now they will turn into a kind of touching character that makes you want to take care of it and protect it.

This will be actively done by your fans, and you will be watching this detachedly, trying to stay alone with yourself.

What promises to be October 2018 for Gemini on a horoscope

Characteristics of the sphere of health

If the representatives of this constellation do not adhere to the correct daily regimen, and while they are at work all day, they will spend most of their time at home on the Internet — then very soon they will encounter chronic pathologies.

The biggest danger in October 2018 lurked for the respiratory system. Therefore, you need to carefully protect yourself from hypothermia and always engage in the prevention of disease.

The appearance of ENT pathologies is not excluded, especially if you have a tendency towards them by nature.

In cosmetic terms, it is now a great time to perform anti-aging procedures, resort to complex cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing manipulations.

What will be the scope of money in October 2018

Considering the monetary sphere of Gemini people, one can speak of its instability. Different expenses will arise, the majority of them are related to personal affairs, as well as family and household needs.

In the first week of the month, Gemini will be forced to pay off old debts or make long-planned purchases. As for the second half of the month, it promises to be more successful — now you will have a lot of additional benefits and benefits, also this time for good purchases.

Horoscope business and work

Astrology experts say that all October-month Gemini people will be engaged in negotiations concerning their old work. They will not face failure, but the desired result is also unlikely to be achieved.

A more understandable development of the situation will become clear by November — in the last month of autumn you can hope more that your problems will be solved in a positive way.

The planetary situation in October 2018 will tell about the emergence of certain differences that will negatively affect the general state of the labor process. Remember also that it is always better to find out all the problems personally (this applies to colleagues and superiors), and not to be silent about them, hoping that everyone understands everything.

After all, the reason for the disagreements during this period of time will be related to various omissions.

Recommendations from astrologers for October 2018

  • In the period from the 1st to the 7th, representatives of the sign will have enough energy and strength to, as usual, do two things at once. Success at this time can be expected from trips and contacts with business partners.
  • From the 8th to the 15th of October — look for new treasures, if you are thinking about a major purchase. However, it is now better to look for options, and not to make the purchase itself, so study all the information about it as closely as possible.
  • From October 16th to 22nd — immediate action will be required of you. If you need a risk — do not think, but take risks. But think carefully about all the features of the situation in which you are.
  • From the 23rd to the 31st of October, there is a high probability that they will have to revise and adjust their plans. But it will be more correct than thoughtless actions with the subsequent loss. Be patient and think carefully about all your actions now.

This promises to be the second month of autumn for Gemini people.

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