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What prepared the Libra horoscope for October 2018

Horoscope for October 2018 for the sign of the zodiac Libra

Despite the fact that it is autumn in the street, Libra still has summer in its soul. Even cloudy weather will not be able to affect their optimism and energy, so this month they will be able to achieve all their goals.

Having studied the location of stars and planets, I can say with confidence that the Libra horoscope for October 2018 has prepared several unpredictable situations that can discourage even the most persistent person. The main thing is not to make hasty conclusions and not to commit rash acts, otherwise you can get confused even more.

What prepared the Libra horoscope for October 2018

General astrological forecast

In October 2018, Libra will communicate a lot and have fun, so they simply will not have time for feelings and sadness. Parties with friends, new acquaintances and visiting entertainment will allow them to feel the new taste of life. There will be no trace of Libra’s modesty — they will gain unprecedented self-confidence, which is why the views of those around will always be riveted to their person.

Courage and determination will be visible, both in thinking and in actions.

Suddenly for himself, Libra is aware that they are sympathetic to the person with whom he has long been on friendly terms. In addition, the sympathy will be mutual, and if he takes the initiative in his own hands, he will be able to find true love.

To win the heart of the person you like, you will have to act outside the box, and sometimes impulsively. Listen to your heart, because it always prompts the right decisions.

In the professional sphere, Libra will show itself from a new perspective, which will earn praise from the authorities. October is well suited for the implementation of interesting projects, besides the representatives of this zodiac sign have long had a few original ideas in stock.

The main thing is not to get involved in the work, otherwise close people will be offended because you do not pay enough attention to them.

What prepared the Libra horoscope for October 2018

Health horoscope

In October 2018, the horoscope strongly recommends Libra to take care of their own health, especially since during this period they will be disturbed by symptoms that were not previously manifested. Dizziness, migraine, nausea, constant fatigue — all this may indicate pathological abnormalities in the body, so you should consult a doctor and undergo a full examination.

Most likely, the problem is associated with abnormalities of the cardiovascular system, but it is also banal overwork that could be caused by this condition.

Those who are allergic to food should be closely monitored for what they eat. Visiting catering establishments, do not be lazy to clarify with the waiter the composition of the dish you want to order, because it is better to be safe than to swallow antihistamine tablets.

The same applies to semi-finished products — carefully read the composition of the goods, and do not buy something that does not inspire confidence.

Despite the fact that summer is over, and the next beach season will not start soon, many Libra decide to go on a diet and go in for sports. To achieve a good result, the stars advise you to turn to a nutritionist who will help you create a menu for each day and, most importantly, will teach you to eat right, so as not to gain weight and stay healthy.

What prepared the Libra horoscope for October 2018

Horoscope career and finance

Scales are hardworking by nature, so they usually have a fairly good financial income, but it is difficult to call them secured. The fact is that they do not know how to properly manage money, and often spend it on completely unnecessary things.

Weights need to learn how to save and spend money rationally, or have to look for a side job so that you do not have to constantly lend money «before wages».

In October, Libra will be focused on fruitful work and making large profits, so they will not refuse additional tasks, and will even be ready to work on weekends. Such diligence and high dedication deserves a good premium at the end of the month and even promotion, only the boss is not in a hurry with this.

Horoscope advises Libra to take the initiative and start a conversation about the promotion. Do not worry — the boss will not be able to refuse you.

Libra has an entrepreneurial attitude and promising business ideas, so in the middle of autumn it is worth thinking about starting your own business. That’s just in pursuit of money you should not get into various frauds and dubious adventures, it is best to achieve on your own and in an honest way, even though it will require great effort.

What prepared the Libra horoscope for October 2018

Horoscope family and relationships

In October 2018, Libra, who had been alone for a long time, would go into revelry, and start several novels at once. But they soon realize that they cannot go on for so long, and they have to make a choice in favor of one person.

Stars recommend to give preference to the chosen one who, in your opinion, behaves most sincerely and openly. Listen to the intuition, she really will not deceive you.

Weights, in relations, in October, you need to spend more time on the second half, and not to disappear at work. Arrange joint dining, hiking or watching movies at home. Also, do not forget to be interested in your loved one, how his day was spent and whether something is disturbing him.

You’d be surprised, but such little things help to better know each other better and get closer. Just do not plan anything big for October 9, because New Moon will take place on this day, and the planned events will not go according to plan.

Family Scales will want homely warmth and coziness, so they will make every effort to create a comfortable and romantic atmosphere in the house. Spouse, in turn, will also try to take the initiative, and even offer a joint hobby that you will certainly like.

Try to avoid disputes and gently smooth out even the slightest conflict, otherwise another scandal can lead to divorce.

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