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What not to do on Palm Sunday

What not to do on Palm Sunday: signs and traditions

Palm Sunday is a revered Christian holiday, which is celebrated seven days before Easter. This is the day when the Son of God entered Jerusalem, and the road was covered with palm branches. In Russia, the palm tree is replaced with verbal branches.

This holiday is celebrated during Lent, so there are certain regulations on how to spend this day and restrictions on what can not be done on Palm Sunday.

Folk omens and traditions associated with Palm Sunday:

  • It is believed that on this day you can not drive cattle to pastures. This will lead to the death of pets.
  • Girls on this day long hair combed. The comb must then be rinsed. This sign promises women beautiful and healthy curls.
  • If there is a strong wind on Palm Sunday, then summer will be windy.
  • Calm and sunny weather promises a big harvest. But night frosts report that rye will grow well, you get a lot of bread and hunger, you can not be afraid.
  • In ancient times, after visiting the temple, the willow was laid for the icon. The twig remained there until the next year. Some Orthodox people honor this tradition today.
  • Every year on this holiday Christians go to the graves of their relatives. In addition to flowers and food, there should be left a consecrated willow twig.
  • For good health, it is common to eat 9 earrings of consecrated willow. In ancient times, the buds of the plant were baked in bread, it was believed that this would give it healing properties.

What not to do on Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday has certain prohibitions that are not related to the limitations of fasting. The traditions related to the fact that it is impossible to do on Palm Sunday are the following:

  1. 1. On this day, it is necessary to limit the consumption of alcohol and meat. But fish dishes, pastries and a glass of fine red wine are allowed.
  2. 2. During Palm Sunday one cannot spend much time on one’s appearance. On the day when people remember the great Savior, it will be inappropriate to cut hair or renew a haircut.
  3. 3. It is believed that during the holiday you can not wash your hair and swim. There is no direct prohibition from the church on this. But the priests are convinced that it is desirable to perform all these procedures the day before the holiday. This does not apply to small children: if the baby gets dirty, you need to bathe it.
  4. 4. On Palm Sunday, it is forbidden to cook, wash, clean and do needlework. Clean up the house preferably on the eve of the holiday. Cleaning and cooking of festive dishes is done in advance so that Sunday can be spent at a quiet pace with your family and friends.
  5. 5. Do not leave on this day the solution to any problems. Although if things are important, you can do them even during the holiday. The main thing is to always have a positive attitude.
  6. 6. During the celebration can not work. Only allowed to care for pets and small children.

On Palm Sunday, strictly prohibited: drunkenness, assault, aggressive behavior, conflict, gluttony.

Bathing, hair cutting, makeup, etc. — all this refers to "decoration" yourself, so washing is undesirable on this day. According to popular belief, cutting hair on any Sunday is a bad omen.

Some Christians are convinced that water on this day "washes away" happiness and health from a person.

Palm Sunday needs to be fully dedicated to God. Instead of work and household chores on this day, it would be better to go to church, pray, visit family and friends.

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