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What not to cook for the New Year of the Pig 2019

Prohibited dishes New Year’s table in the year of the Pig 2019

For residents of the CIS countries, the New Year is considered a very important holiday, which is customarily celebrated on a large scale. The hostesses are preparing in advance for December 31 — think through what meals will be served to guests, and buy all the necessary products.

According to signs, the richer the table, the more wealth the family will have next year.

But it is not so simple, it is important to know that you can not cook for the New Year of the Pig 2019, so as not to offend his mistress. I decided to plan this wonderful holiday on my own, and I want to do everything right.

So that you will not make mistakes, in this article I will tell you what the holiday menu should be like and what products should be discarded.

What not to cook for the New Year of the Pig 2019

Gastronomic taboos

Since the symbol of 2019 loves to eat, the festive dishes on the menu should be tasty and varied. But it should be noted that some products cannot be included in the menu, otherwise the Yellow Earth Pig will be angry, and decide to teach those who have not taken into account its gastronomic preferences.

  1. Pork. It is strictly forbidden to serve pork dishes, be it bacon, ham, pate, sausage and so on. They need to be replaced with other meat products, such as poultry, rabbit or lamb.
  2. Fast food and convenience foods. Pig (Boar) prefers natural food of plant origin, therefore, only those treats that were prepared on their own, and not from frozen pieces, and certainly not from a fast food restaurant, should be put on the table.
  3. Jelly desserts. Some types of gelling substances are made from pork legs, so it is better to replace jelly, puddings, marmalade and other jelly delicacies with other sweets. Fruits, nuts, candied fruits, cookies and chocolate are most preferred.
  4. Strong alcoholic drinks. The patroness of 2019 does not welcome the use of spirits in its pure form, so instead of them it is better to include champagne, wine, liqueur and low alcohol cocktails in the menu. In addition, it is important to strictly control the amount of alcohol consumed.

To attract wealth to the house, on the holiday table there must be a dish of millet or wheat, or a container with cereal. It is also recommended to pamper the Yellow Pig with homemade cakes, to earn its patronage, and to attract wealth and good fortune to the house.

What not to cook for the New Year of the Pig 2019

Additional recommendations

Pig (Boar) is unpretentious in food, so it has no special requirements for the festive table. She does not need culinary delights, on the contrary, she accepts simplicity and ease.

The hostess of 2019 will not appreciate a large number of delicacies, but rather consider it a waste of time.

No need to excel over the festive menu, and spend a large amount of money, it is enough to cook traditional salads, usual main dishes, sandwiches and simple desserts. Fans of original, gourmet food can put something on the table, but such treats should be no more than 2 types.

Food must be natural and homemade, made from fresh and natural products. If there is no time to stand at the stove, then it is better to do with simple treats, which are quickly and easily prepared.

To appease the Yellow Pig, it is necessary to focus not on the quantity of food, but on its quality and diversity. In addition, she prefers minimalism, so the treats are best laid out on small plates and bowls.

Not only a properly composed menu, but also a beautiful table decoration will help to attract the hostess of 2019 to her. The color scheme of the decor should be light, and always in yellow tones. Candles, Christmas tree decorations, figurines in the shape of a pig, acorn or cones are suitable for decorating the table.

The choice of dress for yourself is also important, it must contain shades of yellow. As jewelry and accessories, it is advisable to use gold products, and they do not have to be precious, jewelry is quite suitable.

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