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What is the sign of the zodiac for people born in May: the characteristics of the horoscope

What is the sign of the zodiac in May and its full characteristic

Depending on the birthday, the zodiac sign in May is different. Tauruses are born at the beginning of the month, and Gemini at the end.

These spring signs have practically nothing in common, but Gemini, born from May 22 to May 31, has some features of Taurus and are more balanced and prudent than those born in June. May Taurus has more pronounced character traits than the April, and the sign of Gemini has practically no effect on them.

People born at the end of April — beginning of May (April 21 — May 20) have a zodiac sign Taurus. This is a fixed sign of the element Earth, which is ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus has a discreet and melancholic temperament.

They are confident, conservative, diligent and restrained. They are sensitive to material goods, appreciate beauty and comfort, although they may seem boring because of their restraint and silence.

The positive qualities of the mark are:

  • Perseverance
  • Peace loving.
  • Tolerance.
  • Fidelity.
  • Discipline.
  • Landing.
  • Reliability.

Despite all the advantages, Taurus has many negative qualities. These include:

  • Selfishness.
  • Laziness.
  • Complacency.
  • Greed and mercantile spirit.
  • Grudge.
  • Aggressiveness.
  • Jealousy.

Thanks to diligence and hard work, Taurus could achieve a high result, but laziness usually wins. If this sign refuses spiritual development and gives preference to material benefits, then there is every chance to end life in solitude due to the difficult nature and excessive mercantile spirit.

What is the sign of the zodiac for people born in May: the characteristics of the horoscope

Taurus is a passive sign that prefers to wait for a suitable case instead of active action. If he finds a convenient way of expression, he is able to work long and hard. He evaluates everything according to high criteria and loves beautiful things.

Thanks to a pronounced practicality and worldly wisdom, he can become a solid householder.

Despite its calm nature, Taurus is sociable and successful with the opposite sex. Selects professions in real estate, art or finance to ensure that you enjoy life.

An excellent boss rarely leaves it, but he copes well with the role of a subordinate. He does not pursue ghostly dreams and is distinguished by a special conservatism.

In the soul, Taurus is a skeptic and a misanthrope, has a strong nervous system and a good sense of humor. He loves guarantees and appreciates the feeling of security. In uncomfortable conditions, he often falls ill.

It may become a medium, a healer and a psychoanalyst, but this will require developing a sense of empathy. In family relationships, different patience and stubbornness.

Taurus — thin, but rectilinear natures. Often they hurt people with harsh words or actions, even though they really do not want to offend them.

They themselves have a negative attitude to criticism in their own way and are able to take offense over trifles, after which they hide for a long time.

Taurus does almost everything in its favor. The main goal of life is to have a lot of money and property. If he does not receive benefits, then any interest in the activity will disappear.

With a lack or lack of finance, he becomes unsure of himself, and with an excess — arrogant and arrogant. Friends chooses solely by their abilities, in order to improve their social status or climb the career ladder.

Because of the consumer attitude quickly loses friends and makes enemies. For him, the mental qualities of people do not play any role — he prefers a benefit, which must necessarily be from both commonplace communication and love relationships.

He is unable to dream and soberly assess the situation, because he lives in the present day and perceives the world exactly as it is.

What is the sign of the zodiac for people born in May: the characteristics of the horoscope

Taurus is a sensual sign of the zodiac that loves affection and care. He is a good spouse, able to create comfort. With a permanent partner, its productivity increases.

He knows how to care and loves to make gifts. The Taurus in love becomes helpful and compliant, pleasing those who love him.

He is able to sacrifice a lot for the sake of close and dear people.

Tauruses are not demonstrative in sexual relations and need an active partner. If their second half does not suit them in bed, they can break off relationships and find a new love. With financial difficulties, sex for them becomes a means of self-affirmation, so they may have several partners.

Most often this happens at a young age when the representative of the mark is not yet ready to start a family.

In family relationships, Taurus is stable and loyal. They choose partners for a beautiful face and a good figure, but the decisive role for them is played by social status and position.

Among them are a lot of expensive mistresses who are accustomed to live at the expense of wealthy men.

Taurus, who was born in May, is an owner who does not want to share his soul mate with anyone. He often makes scandals because of jealousy and can commit irreparable acts.

Often Taurus men are tyrants in the family. They exploit the household, even without noticing it, which can cause loneliness.

What is the sign of the zodiac for people born in May: the characteristics of the horoscope

The astrological horoscope advises Taurus to control food intake, as obesity is characteristic of them. They have an excessive appetite, and when they are hungry they become angry and unhappy.

As a result of constant overeating and excess weight, they often experience hormonal problems and diseases of the endocrine system and the thyroid gland.

Tauruses are characterized by pathology of the upper respiratory tract. They suffer from diseases of the throat, sinusitis and tonsillitis. In cold weather, they need to warm the neck.

If sick, do not recover for a long time. To maintain immunity and general condition, they are recommended to travel outside the city and relax in nature.

Quite often, due to the accumulated aggression, Tauruses develop diseases of the central nervous system. They are prone to nervous breakdowns, psychosis, nervosa, schizophrenia, depression, and brain diseases.

Because of the tendency to smoke and alcohol, the liver and kidneys suffer.

A woman born under the sign of Taurus is charming and refined. She seeks to surround herself with expensive beautiful things and wealthy men. Despite the complex nature, men achieve it, knowing how subtle sensual pleasure Taurus can give.

In the absence of benefits, she often changes partners.

A rational approach allows it to avoid many problems and unsuccessful connections. Having met a worthy partner, he becomes a caring and attentive wife, who can forgive many shortcomings and support in difficult times.

He loves children and is a strict mother, but she herself is prone to hoarding and needs comfort.

In order to achieve stability, she is ready to fully surrender to work. She is an excellent subordinate, able to bring things to the end. He is not afraid of difficulties and does not panic, preferring to solve problems as they arise.

It is distinguished by tranquility, poise and mercantile spirit. With outward modesty and warmth, the relationship is capricious and selfish in kind.

Many women seek marriage with Taurus. Their self-confidence, expressed self-esteem and respect for the opposite sex attracts. They can not be called sophisticated lovers, but their passion is strong, that has a stimulating effect on women.

They are open in all manifestations of intimacy and require the same from partners.

When choosing women, such a man relies on experience and benefit. He cannot be seduced by all sorts of feminine tricks, as he is intelligent and perceptive.

At a young age, Tauruses are in love, often change partners, in a mature age they get married and usually are no longer divorced. They need peace, comfort and constancy.

Able to make every effort to ensure family comfort.

Taurus is difficult enough to piss off, but if this happens, you can see their true character. In a fit of anger, they are unable to control themselves and can commit violent acts.

Among them are many dangerous criminals who commit crimes calmly and confidently, having preliminarily planned everything and making sure that the evidence is hidden.

Up to 30 years, the highest compatibility of Taurus with the signs Capricorn and Virgo. All three signs have the element Earth and are prone to passive and sensual connections.

After 30 years, they begin to grow spiritually, so they can find the perfect partner among Gemini or Aries. After 41 years, when Taurus has already gained long-awaited well-being and is ready for a deeper relationship, a happy alliance with Scorpio is possible.

Compatibility table of Taurus with all signs of the zodiac:

Zodiac sign


Difficult, conflict alliance, which will hold only on joint creativity or the general conduct of business

Reliable relationships, where the only obstacle to a happy life is boredom and routine

These May characters are too different characters — Gemini chooses a fast pace of life, and Taurus is too slow, so starting such a relationship is often useless.

Taurus and Cancer have high compatibility and can make a good pair. They do not like frivolous entertainment and are ready to make every effort to create a cozy family nest. Conflicts may arise due to the changeable mood of Cancer, therefore Taurus needs to be more tactful.

An unlikely relationship that is most often based on deception. Taurus is able to seduce Leo with its stable financial position, but this will not save the relationship when it comes to crisis

An excellent union where partners have similar interests and worldview. Problems can only arise in bed

Signs that have opposing characters, the relationship between them is doomed to failure

Between these signs, which are completely different, a tumultuous romance may flare up, after which the partners will part without regrets.

An unusually passionate relationship where Sagittarius will inspire a partner. However, conflicts cannot be avoided: Taurus will not be able to get along with a freedom-loving person who needs new impressions

Successful relationship of two earth signs that are similar in love of reliability. They have the same interests. Problems may arise due to boredom and routine

Uneasy relationship, where Taurus will annoy the desire of Aquarius to everything new. These signs will never be able to agree on freedom issues.

Ambiguous relations in which Taurus will not be able to understand the idleness of Pisces, and those, in turn, will be surprised at the practicality of the partner. There may be frequent quarrels over completely different worldviews and interests.

In the zodiac horoscope, the Gemini period falls at the end of May — the beginning of June (May 22 — June 21). This is a mutable air sign running by Mercury.

Gemini has a strong character, vigor and sociability. They tend to curiosity and cheerful character.

They are able to establish contacts with many diverse people and are erudite interlocutors.

They prefer to live a rich life and easily adapt to any situation. People born under this sign have the following positive qualities:

  • Wit.
  • Versatility.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Diplomacy.
  • Friendliness
  • Cheerfulness.

Despite their sociability, charm and vitality, they have a number of negative qualities:

  • Gossip
  • Nervousness.
  • Superficiality.
  • Indecision.
  • Impulsiveness.
  • Tactlessness
  • Amorousness.

Gemini is an intellectually gifted sign. They easily master foreign languages ​​and have an innate acting talent.

Their distinctive characteristic is the changeability of opinions — they can change their attitude to a particular situation several times a day. They try to follow the latest fashion trends.

They are arrogant inventors with whom it will never be boring.

Twins constantly need to do something, otherwise their vital enthusiasm is lost. They are able to make ardent speeches and easily attract attention to themselves, but at the same time they superficially perceive most of the surrounding and try to avoid responsibility and obligations.

Although the Twins can do several things at the same time, they don’t always complete the job. Loneliness is destructive for them.

This sign loves to travel, play sports and get to know new people. At the same time, he is distinguished by emotional coldness, since their reason prevails over their feelings. However, the Twins are able to take care of people close to people and understand the true needs of others.

When failures are experiencing depression, which can be eliminated through labor and communication with loved ones.

They can be excellent journalists, deputy leaders, educators, and merchants.

In love, Twins are impermanent. Up to 30 years, they often change partners and prefer to enjoy life, and at the slightest difficulty they terminate relationships. They are promiscuous and are not set up for long-term relationships.

They like to flirt, and they want to please everyone. Receiving interest in return, they almost immediately begin to search for another partner.

Gemini faces these feelings extremely rarely. It is hard for passionate partners with them because of low emotional sensitivity, and with other relationships they quickly end. They consider marriage as more of a friendship, but the partner must have a high intellect, otherwise they will quickly get bored with the relationship.

The twins are ready to accept the partner as he is, but they require constant attention. This sign may marry at an early age, as they fear loneliness.

In the process of growing up, they will be excellent spouses who can give practical advice and always support. They know how to combine work, home and parenting.

Twins are excellent parents who convey vitality and optimism to children, but can sometimes be too intrusive in communicating their point of view.

Gemini is characterized by lung and nervous system diseases. They have high physical stamina, but emotionally they are unstable.

Both banal boredom and overwork can cause a sharp deterioration in physical condition. In such cases, astrologers advise them to practice yoga, meditate, take walks, and more often relax in nature.

In order to avoid problems with the nervous system, a full sleep is important, and coffee and other doping must be abandoned. At bedtime, it is good to take a couple drops of Valerian or a decoction of this plant.

They are recommended to give up stronger medicines, since an unpredictable reaction to drugs is possible.

There are frequent accidents with Gemini, so they need to always be especially careful and attentive. People of this sign suffer from arthritis and rheumatism, speech disorders, headaches and allergies.

It is extremely important for them to lead a correct lifestyle and to refuse from heavy physical exertion.

The Twin Woman is a great companion. She is intelligent, dreamy, kind, demanding, docile, but at times adamant. It is impossible to miss her — she knows how to cheer and support.

She has no interest in earthly passions, so it is difficult for her to do something serious. If you look into her soul, you can see the romantic nature, capable of strong passion.

At a young age, she is not ready for a serious relationship. In seconds, her admiration can be replaced by criticism and then approval again. This should not be repelled, since it is not at all heartless as it may seem.

She deserves not condemnation, but sympathy, as conflicts constantly occur in her soul. She can keep all the complexities of the character to herself and does not spill anger on others. Its distinguishing characteristics are:

  • Amorousness.
  • Kindness.
  • Absent-mindedness
  • Impressionability.

Twin women know how to talk and easily find fans. They dream of falling in love, but in every man they are able to distinguish only a few positive qualities, and they need an ideal. The girl is able to become a great friend who will always come to the rescue.

She may be sincerely convinced that she is in love, but this will not prevent her from flirting with others. Her nature is constantly striving for change, and if she cannot change and control her behavior, she will ruin her life.

After marriage, the Gemini woman can appear in five images. These include:

  • She will be able to adapt to everything and will be faithful to the partner if he turns out to be interesting enough. He must have developed mental, spiritual, and physical qualities. Under this condition, she will be the perfect wife who will never reproach and be a great assistant in business.
  • Stinging and cynical person, freedom for which plays a crucial role. She would never ask why her husband stayed at work, but she would not accept such questions herself. She does not have complexes and prejudices and receives maximum pleasure from life.
  • A tired woman who is depressed from homework. She doesn’t get her hands on cleaning, and as a dinner she can serve canned food. She can be a great companion who sympathizes with the partner’s adversity and is always ready to listen to him. She loves to spend money, but does not know how to earn it.
  • A kind and cheerful woman who loves children, but will not allow them to limit her life aspirations. She can be a great friend and mentor to teach independence.
  • Excellent housewife who loves homework and can easily cook culinary delights. She loves exhibitions and theaters and feels good in society. She knows how to create coziness and makes her family living conditions as comfortable as possible.

A twin woman can take on different images, which will amaze her partners. She constantly needs support and strong support, although she seems to be an independent and strong woman.

The twin born in the last days of May and the beginning of June is a lover of everything new and unpredictable. It may seem that relations with him are built easily, but this is a deceptive impression. He does not tolerate monotony, lack of freedom and repetition.

His feelings are superficial and shallow. In order to win his heart, you will have to adapt to it and have high intellectual abilities.

Gemini prefers to be where he is more fun, so it is impossible to predict where he will go in a couple of minutes and when he returns home. These men are the favorites of the public who easily attract attention. They are very afraid of loneliness, and this fear can bring them to suicide.

They prefer to communicate with the most insignificant and uninteresting people, so as not to be alone.

Male twins have excellent manners and sophisticated taste. They love and know how to make compliments.

At any time, they can change not only sympathy and mood, but also life goals. Today, he confesses his love, and tomorrow he will not even come on a date, in a few days he will make an offer, and then he will argue why he needs another partner.

Its distinguishing features are:

  • Optimism.
  • Frivolity.
  • Sociability.
  • Unorganized.

In their youth, Gemini is very generous, and in old age they become stingy. Most of their lives are not interested in wealth, so they are not engaged in hoarding. They need to beware of irregular life, as they are prone to mental exhaustion.

Their brains are ready to work around the clock, but the body needs rest. It is important for them to develop patience and compassion for loved ones.

Gemini are capable of relationships with all 12 characters, but Libra and Aquarius are the best partners for them under 30 years old. These three signs of the air element are light, liberal and superficial.

After 30 years, Gemini becomes less restless and can be compatible with Taurus and Aries. After 40 years, they are compatible with Sagittarius, which is primarily a mental sign.

Compatibility with zodiac signs:

Zodiac sign


An excellent couple that complements each other and can be both great friends and wonderful lovers. Prefer a fun and positive life, which must be filled with travel and adventure. But it will be difficult for them to build a long and serious relationship because of the inconstancy and superficiality of Gemini.

Union can not be called ideal, as these people have different attitudes towards communication with the opposite sex. If Taurus needs stability and tranquility, then Gemini is a constant change. The relationship between them is rarely favorable.

A pair of two Gemini capable of great feats. They will strive for constant expression, they love to travel and are looking for something new and interesting. Harmony reigns in relationships, but soon they may be tired of each other.

This union can not be called durable, although between partners there is a strong sexual attraction. It is likely that Cancer will not tolerate constant mockery of their feelings and refuse such a relationship

Between them reigns harmony and understanding. They prefer an active lifestyle and get maximum pleasure from every day.

There is little in common between these partners. They get tired of each other very quickly, because the Virgin considers Gemini frivolous and superficial

Excellent couple, in which almost never conflicts. They easily find a common language and will not let each other get bored.

For a long time can not be together, because they have different worldview and goals. Scorpio needs a depth of feelings, and he is prone to jealousy, but the Twins are in no hurry to plunge into the dullness of life

Fragile alliance, which breaks down at the first difficulties. These signs can be great friends, but no more

Prudent Capricorn will not be able to seriously perceive the windy Gemini, and the union is doomed to failure

A fruitful union that can lead to the creation of a large and friendly family. They love and value freedom, love to travel and strive to learn new things, so that together they will never be bored

Partners experience strong attraction to each other, but their union is fragile, as they have different temperaments and goals.

Gemini may feel comfortable with any sign of the zodiac and in any conditions, but it is difficult for them to start a long and serious relationship. They are used to getting pleasure from life, and in case of difficulties they will prefer to find a new partner instead of wasting their time solving problems.

With age, they will stop responsible, ready to build relationships.

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