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What is the designation of planets in astrology?

The designation of the planets in astrology

The designation of planets in astrology is as important as the characterization of the signs of the zodiac. Planets act as sources of energy of the Cosmos, they can influence a person, both harmoniously and disharmoniously.

The impact of the planets applies to public and personal, intimate human life. The planets are the characters of the horoscope, which activate many events.

What is the designation of planets in astrology?

Planets of the Solar System

Each of the planets has its own characteristic features, which are stable. In astrology, the Sun and the Moon (which actually appear as luminaries) are also referred to as planets.

In total, there are 10 basic celestial bodies, here they are:

The first seven planets, including Saturn, create a septener (a septener is a division into 7 parts). In ancient times, astrologers took into account only the planets of the septener, and even now the higher planets (that is, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are not involved in the calculations.

But in traditional western astrology all 10 celestial bodies are taken into account.

The septener describes the main seven effects. A higher planets prepared the role of higher octaves in the septener.

They are able to influence the history of the Earth, in connection with which they are also called collective planets.

Having considered the natal chart (horoscope) of a person, having familiarized himself with the influences of all the planets in it, we will receive a unique personality characteristic: characteristics of character, behavior, problems and a model of the whole life.

The basic properties of the planets in brief

Differs masculine principle. Associated with vital energy, spirit, strong will, energy of creation, creativity, well-being.

Helps to achieve fame, honor, respect (or shame and tainted reputation).

Differs female principle. The moon is associated with the Soul, mental and subconscious processes, imagination, adaptation, motherhood, fertility, family, nation, heredity, fluids.

Responsible for achieving popularity, life changes.

It is an intellectual planet. Shows the energy of interaction, thinking, the ability to understand, gives a person critical and analytical skills, the ability to make connections. Associated with a sense of balance, nervous system, organs of speech and hearing.

It gives to trade and business, thirst for knowledge.

It teaches the correct assessment of feelings, allows us to comprehend harmony, beauty, emotions, sensual world. It is able, both to provide peace with concord, a state of happiness, and to lead to discord, rupture, and disappointment.

Shows the energy of activity, impulsiveness, will, masculinity, determination, but rashness, unbridled animal instincts, quick temper, focus on success, competitive spirit, selfishness. Associated with inflammation, wounds, accidents.

Associated with orientation, setting goals, wisdom, justice, philosophical thinking, religiosity, social and cultural values. And also with a worldview, a state of happiness and well-being, abundance, wealth or extravagance, a burden to careerism. Sign of Jupiter look at the photo below

What is the designation of planets in astrology?

Corresponds to the laws, concentration, limitations, endurance, seriousness, responsibility, sense of duty, perseverance, patience. Also responsible for fate, time, slow but sure achievement of success.

Or on the other hand, it is connected with interference, obstacles, obstacles and deprivations.

Unusually original, eccentric, spontaneous, intuitive planet. Has the energy of illumination, inventive ability, altruistic, unexpected, self-willed.

In the body is responsible for arrhythmia, nervous disorders.

Neptune has supernatural and extrasensory abilities, leading to genius or self-deception, illusions, fantasies, dissolution, fermentation. Associated with meditative practices, penetration, the deepest layers of the soul, prophetic dreams, inspiration, lies, disorders, chaos, alcoholism.

This celestial body is associated with transformation, extreme situations, a higher will, forces of destruction and creation, mass actions, chain reaction, pressure, mysticism, mafia.

Classification of planets

There is a division of all planets according to different principles. We will consider the most basic of them.

Male and Female Planets

  • The first category (male) is represented by the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus. They tend to more external, active manifestation.
  • The second group (female) — consists of the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune. According to their functions, these planets perceive energy from the outside, passive in their manifestations.

The planet Mercury is interesting in that it can change, becoming, then male, then female. This is due to its position in the natal chart, and also aspects with other celestial bodies.

This is how planets are divided in modern astrology, although some sources suggest a slightly different version. True, by and large all differences affect Saturn: some experts believe that this is a male planet, while others call it female.

In principle, this does not play a big role, since all the planets can express their characteristics, which are masculine and feminine. The position occupied by the planet is important here.

So, if it is “in front of the Sun”, it turned out to be in the eastern hemisphere or hit the male sign — even the female planet will begin to fill with certain male qualities. Similarly, the opposite is happening.

What is the designation of planets in astrology?

Separation by elements

  • The fiery planets are the Sun with Jupiter, Mars and Pluto;
  • Air bodies — become Mercury with Uranus;
  • Earth — it is considered to be Venus with Saturn;
  • By water — the moon with Neptune.

Auspicious and harmful

  • In the category of favorable include: the Sun, Venus and Jupiter;
  • And to the evil they went away: Mars with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Mercury is again neutral here, it will carry out the impact of the planet with which it formed a union or has a strong aspect.

The night light (the Moon) is mainly favorably favored, but it is changing rapidly, it also tends to reflect the celestial body with which it has come into close contact.

Also, some of the authors of astrology believe that Neptune can be attributed to good bodies. But it should be noted that this planet is a great illusionist, even if it has no negative aspects.

She can very quickly change her “face” from good to bad.

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