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What is the compatibility in a pair of man-maiden and female twins?

What will be the compatibility of a pair of female twins and a man-virgin

Today, an increasing number of people come to the conclusion that entering into a relationship is worth paying attention to your partner’s zodiac sign. Astrology is a very ancient science that helps to understand the features of your personality, as well as the personality of your partner, and talks about the chances for a successful relationship building.

In this article we will talk about the compatibility between the male Virgo and the female twin.

What is the compatibility in a pair of man-maiden and female twins?

How compatible are Gemini and Virgo in love?

Classical astrology says that these two signs are completely incompatible with each other, although the aerial Gemini and the earthly Virgo have a common ruling planet — Mercury. Mercury will set the relationship, above all, the intellectual component, while pushing the emotional sphere into the background.

Will it be a plus or a minus?

If we talk about the business sphere, it is rather a plus. Consider a specific example: Virgo is the head or owner of a business, to which a new employee Gemini gets a job.

The latter are always full of new ideas that seek recognition.

It turns out that, if we consider business relations, then Gemini can fully self-realize successfully in them. And in this context, such a couple will be able to express themselves in the best way possible.

Such a relationship even got the name “Patron and Counselor”, while the “patron” is the wise and business-like Virgo, and the “advisor” and ideological source is Gemini.

As for the love and family life, in the beginning there will be deceptive well-being, but it will not last forever. As with Gemini and Virgo, the intellectual component prevails — they understand each other quite well.

But, unfortunately, their emotional balance is not reached. And without emotions it is impossible to create a harmonious atmosphere in a pair.

After some time, Gemini begins to irritate the boring, and sometimes even the boring behavior of the Dev. Virgos are not able to cope with the frivolous and uncollected Gemini, as well as the lack of a methodical approach to life.

What is the compatibility in a pair of man-maiden and female twins?

In the same case, if Virgo appreciates the constant generation of new interesting ideas by Gemini and its impetus to accomplish great things, then she can be carried away by her for a certain period of time.

If we drop the sensual component of relations and take common goals as a basis, then Virgo and Gemini will be able to complement each other wonderfully. Virgos often themselves suffer from their own pragmatism and practicality; therefore, at an unconscious level, they are attracted to bright personalities who have creative abilities, such as Gemini.

The twins need stability and deep feelings, for this reason, the personal characteristics of the Virgin may well attract them. In such a union, the Virgin will take on the role of support for Gemini, provided that the roles are clearly and harmoniously distributed and that the existing borders are not violated.

And then a fleeting interest can lead to a fairly strong and long-term relationship, but on one condition — Virgo sees Gemini real potential, and Gemini — keeps her loyalty. Although problems and omissions may soon appear — Virgo will begin to doubt whether she has focused her attention on that person, since the Twins tend to change their decisions with impressive speed and inconsistency.

And the Twins will be wondering what worries their partner and why he feels a sense of jealousy «to each pillar.»

Main conflicts in a pair of Gemini-Virgo

If disagreements arise, partners are unlikely to wish to clarify their true causes. Because of its natural inattention and quick emotional changes, Gemini may not be able to see that the Virgin was offended by them.

The cause of conflicts and problems is the fact that, in their emotional realms, the signs refer to elements that are too far from each other.

Of course, the Twins will try to sort things out: they will start arguing and prove that there is absolutely nothing for Virgo to worry about. They will probably even manage to convince the Virgin of this, but only for a while.

Virgo is used to constantly analyzing everything that is happening, so she will soon again find «weak points» in the words and actions of her beloved.

If we consider the worst case scenario, then Gemini will consider the Virgin a petty bore, and Virgos, in turn, will consider their partner to constantly show off windbreak, whose words and actions cannot be trusted.

The positives of this pair

If it so happened that the Twins and the Virgin still entered into a relationship, of course, in their pair you can find different positive aspects. Even despite the strong coldness of the Virgin (because of which there is no passion in their relationship), in such a pair there will be a sincere admiration for each other, reaching adoration.

This is due to the fact that man-Virgo, by its nature, suffers from a lack of its own feelings, and the emotional and expressive twin lady will add new bright colors to the neat and pedantic life of Virgo. And in return, she will be very grateful to her partner, who can teach her orderliness and composure.

As for the surrounding of such a pair — it is difficult to say that they have strong sympathy for her. In fact, such people rarely have a large number of friends because of their irony, sharpness of mind and language, as well as intellectual arrogance, which not everyone can cope with.

The partners themselves will harmoniously complement each other in the intellectual sphere and will experience a feeling of real pleasure, conducting long and intelligent conversations about the philosophy of Kant and in dreams of the reorganization of our imperfect reality.

The main advantages of such a pair are: intellectual harmony, orderliness, mutual understanding.

Cons couples «Gemini-Virgo»

Of course, each of the advantages can very quickly transform into a minus, if the partners stop making concessions to each other. For example, a man-Virgo is characterized by excessive pickyness, he is by nature a curse, capable of disrupting any person from himself with his biting remarks.

And the first to suffer is the emotionally unprotected Twin Woman. She will perceive every joke in the bayonets and in response will say such taunts.

What is the compatibility in a pair of man-maiden and female twins?

The man-virgin is piously convinced that his mission is to daily bring up everyone around him. Therefore, he risks becoming a true home tyrant, who, however, will try to save the family to the end.

A gap in such a union always occurs at the request of a Gemini woman, who gets tired of constant remarks and tight control. At the same time, the Virgin is not very greedy for praise, as she believes that none of all people on earth is preparing, cleaning, washing and doing other things right. His “generosity” extends only to remarks, so not all zodiacal constellations can cope with such psychological violence.

And even more so it will suffer from the freedom-loving, kind, sincere, even a little and windy lady Gemini. If the Virgo man cope with his passion for criticism, then this couple will be quite successful.

The main disadvantages of the union include: criticism, pettiness, the feeling of constant discontent, taunts and remarks.

It turns out that compatibility between a female Gemini and a man-Virgin is a rather controversial issue, which will depend primarily on the personal efforts of both partners and their desire to preserve the relationship.

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