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What is needed for the baptism of a child girl, the rules of the rite in Orthodoxy

The baptism of a little girl must be carried out in order to bring her closer to the church and give her strong spiritual protection in the face of the saints. In preparing for the sacrament, it is important to observe all church rules.

The day of the ceremony should be filled with spiritual meaning. It is necessary to decide in advance on who will become the godparents of the baby. The name for the child is chosen in advance.

If it is not in the calendar, then you should dwell on what is closest in sound. It is important to think about when and where the ceremony and further celebration will be held.

Homely atmosphere will be more acceptable and comfortable, but many parents celebrate baptisms in a cafe or restaurant. In this case, you must pre-negotiate the menu.

Baptizing a baby is allowed after he turned 8 days old. An exception can be made in the case when the newborn is very weak and is in a hospital.

Most often, the baptism of the child-girl is carried out on the 40th day after birth. It is believed that before this time, the baby’s mother is “unclean,” due to the presence of postpartum discharge.

Therefore, if you baptize a child before this time, his mother will not be able to be present in the temple during the sacrament.

A person can join the church and in adulthood. But most clergymen insist on the baptism of a child at an early age, since in this case the original sin is removed from it.

The optimal age for the ceremony is the period until the baby is 1 year old. Very young children calmly behave in the temple, they are not afraid when someone else takes them in their arms.

It is important to bear in mind that if a child is 2 years old and more, then at that age it is difficult for the child to calmly behave during the ceremony.

What is needed for the baptism of a child girl, the rules of the rite in Orthodoxy

If after birth the child is in serious condition in intensive care, then he can be baptized in the hospital. In this case, they will not refuse from any temple.

It is only important to find out what procedures for the conduct of baptism in this medical institution.

There are exceptional cases when outsiders are not allowed into intensive care, the parents of the child can christen the baby themselves. For this you need a few drops of water. Using these drops, the child should be baptized, reading the words: “The servant of (a) God (s) (Name) is baptized In the name of the Father.

Amen. And the Son. Amen.

And the Holy Ghost. Amen».

After that, the child is already baptized.

When the baby is discharged, it will be necessary in the church to perform the second part of the sacrament — the anointing. It is important to explain in advance to the priest that the parents themselves baptized the child in intensive care.

You can conduct the sacrament at home, if you agree with the priest in the temple.

What is needed for the baptism of a child girl, the rules of the rite in Orthodoxy

The sacrament of baptism is carried out not only in summer, but also in winter. Almost every temple is heated during the cold season and the water in the font is warm.

In the case when the temple is small and has only one door, it is desirable that someone from the family stood at the door and did not give her the opportunity to open wide open.

It is important to bear in mind that it is not always possible to dress a very young child immediately after dipping. Therefore, such babies should be baptized in separate small rooms, and not in the church itself, where it is cool even in summer.

What is needed for the baptism of a child girl, the rules of the rite in Orthodoxy

Officially in the temples there are no exact amounts for the sacraments. But it should be borne in mind that in modern churches one has to pay for electricity, repairs, fire works, to a priest.

Therefore, the price tag in the temple is a symbolic sum of donations.

If the family really does not have the financial capacity to perform the sacrament, they should baptize for free. If they refuse, then this is a serious reason to appeal to the dean.

The traditional list of the most necessary things for the baptism of a girl includes a kryzhma (an elegant baptismal diaper, cloth or towel), a cross and a baptismal dress. These attributes for the sacrament must be purchased by godparents.

The cross is bought by the girl’s godfather. When choosing, one should pay attention to the fact that it has rounded edges.

This will help avoid possible injury to the child. The size of the cross for a small child is usually within 1.5 cm.

The best material is silver or gold. Instead of a chain, you can use a ribbon.

Buy a cross should be in the temple. If he was bought in the store, then it must first be consecrated.

Kryzhmu and the baptismal dress buys baby godmother. Kryzhma is a piece of white cloth, which takes the child after the font. Now it can be a beautiful terry towel with an embroidered cross.

Sometimes on the kryzhma they embroider the date of the sacrament and the name of the baby.

When choosing a baptismal dress, the godmother should consult with the child’s mother. The baptismal set also includes a lace cap, booties, bib, tights and other accessories. The material from which the set is made depends on the time of year and age of the baby.

An important condition is that the clothing for baptism must be new. As for color, preference should be given to white or cream color, which symbolize the sinlessness and spiritual purity.

Clothing should be made from natural materials to allow the baby’s skin to breathe freely.

Most often used beautiful dresses with lace. On the head should be a hat, which the godmother can tie with his own hands.

What is needed for the baptism of a child girl, the rules of the rite in Orthodoxy

You should not buy very expensive clothes, as the dress will be used only once. After baptism, it cannot be worn in daily life.

It is important to remember that the kryzhma and the baptismal set remain in the house after the fulfillment of the sacrament and are not transmitted to anyone else. Kryzhmu can not erase 1 year after the baptism. It is used for rubbing up when the child is sick.

This contributes to rapid recovery.

The sacrament of baptism is held on any given day. It can be a day off or a working day, fasting or festive.

Church rules have no restrictions on this matter.

However, it is important to consider that each temple has its own rules and opening hours, which need to be clarified with the priest before baptism.

In order to choose a name for a girl at baptism, it is not necessary to do it according to the calendar. If the selected name is not in the calendar, then you should pick up what is close in sound and be sure to notify the priest.

Further in church notes the name which was given at a baptism is used. Based on this, you should celebrate the day of the angel baby.

When choosing the godparents, one should take into account whether these people will be able to become the spiritual mentors of the little one in the future, to help with the Christian education of the child. It is necessary to take into account the degree of acquaintance and how pleasant it is for parents to communicate with these people.

There are other features of the choice of godparents.

  • God can only become an Orthodox Christian.
  • Godfathers must regularly attend church themselves and be ready to lead a goddaughter there.
  • It is not necessary that the godparents were two. There can be one godmother for a girl, and a godfather for a boy.
  • After the ceremony is held, it is impossible to change the godparents, even if one of them changes a lot for the worse.
  • Contrary to all superstitions, an unmarried and a woman in the position can be godparents, and both girls and boys.
  • Native father and mother cannot become godparents with their baby.
  • Spouses are not allowed to baptize one child.
  • It is forbidden to be godparents who are not baptized and have not reached the age of majority.
  • It is not allowed to baptize children to people with mental and immoral disorders.

Before performing the rite of baptism, the godparents should come to the conversation with the priest. This meeting with the priest is not any exam.

The priest tells about the life of Christ, that the Gospel should be read without fail before baptizing a child, gives recommendations on how to introduce the little girl to the church.

If the godparents live far away, then they can have a conversation in the temple of their city. Upon completion, a certificate is issued, with which you can participate in the sacrament.

Before the rite, the godparents must be sure that they know by heart the prayers that are read during the sacrament.

The main one is “Our Father”:

“Our Father, art thou in heaven! Hallowed be thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, as it is in heaven and on earth.

Our daily bread give us dusk; and leave us our debt, as we leave it to our debtor; And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. ”

It is important to know «Symbol of Faith», which is read three times:

“I believe in the unity of God the Father, the Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, visible to all and invisible.” And in the unity of Jesus Christ, Son of God, the One-handed One, All the same from the Father, born before all ages; The light of the Holy, the God of the God of the God is true, born, unreconciled, united to the Father, Image is all the way. We are man and our man is saved from the heavens and incarnate from the Holy Spirit and Mary Deva and man.

He was crucified for us under Pontius Pilot, and he suffered and was buried. And resurrected on the third day according to the Scriptures. And rising to the heavens, and seventy-one at the right hand of the Father.

And the packs of the coming one, with the glorious judgment of the living and the dead, His kingdom will not end. And in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Life-Giving, Already from the Father proceeds, Already with the Father and the Son, and the Sacrifice and glory of the prophets.

In one, the Holy, Holy and Apostolic Church. Surely a single baptism for the forsake of sin

The resurrection of the dead, and the life of the future. Amen».

And one more prayer to the Virgin:

«To Goddess of God, rejoice, gracious Mary, Lord with You, Blessed be You a wife and a blessing. The fruit of your body, I, spas, gave birth to our souls.»

Before the beginning of the ceremony in the temple where the sacrament of baptism takes place, parents receive the icon of the saint, after whom the child will be named.

It is advisable to buy a special bag in which you can put strands of children’s hair cut during the sacrament.

Godfathers should come to the temple a little earlier, before the start of the ceremony. So they can quickly tune in the desired way. The priest will read special prayers over them.

Adult clothes should not be bright. Women should wear a skirt to the floor, and a scarf or shawl over their heads.

It is important to remember that parents should feed the child before baptism so that he does not get hungry.

Before performing the sacrament, it is important to know how the ritual is performed in detail:

  • For the girl, the main receiver is the godmother.
  • Immediately after the father says about the beginning of the sacrament, the godfather must bring the baby to the temple.
  • During the ceremony, only godmothers hold the baby in their hands. Parents are not allowed to do this.
  • A child should not be heavily dressed. Some priests even require diapers.
  • At the beginning of the ceremony, the little girl is holding the godfather. After bathing in the font, it changes with the godmother mother.
  • Baby is anointed with oil and immersed in the font.
  • She is dressed in special clothes for baptism and impose a cross.
  • The girl is leaning against the icon of the Mother of God.
  • The cross during the ceremony must read the prayers «Our Father» and «Symbol of Faith.»
  • After the bath, the baby is handed over to the godmother, who needs to know how to calm the baby if she starts to cry.
  • In general, this rite in Orthodoxy does not take more than one hour. After the sacrament is completed, the priest goes around the font with the child three times and bows the baby in front of the icon of the Mother of God.
  • At the end, the priest issues a certificate of baptism, which indicates the date of the ceremony, who conducted it and when the child has a name day.

After the ceremony is completed, everyone goes to celebrate the christening. Among the dishes must be sweet cakes, cereal with sugar or casserole of cereals with fruit.

When the child is already baptized, you should later go to the temple again to commune him.

There are signs and customs that are worth remembering:

  • No need to wipe the baptismal water from the baby’s face.
  • If a girl begins to cry during the sacrament, then this is a good sign, because after baptism, the baby will become calmer.
  • On the baptismal dress should not be present elements of red.
  • A small child should be baptized in a hat, which should be worn after another 12 weeks.
  • So that the life of the goddaughter was easy, it is customary to put water in a cup on the windowsill.
  • If the christening is carried out after the wedding, then this is a particularly good sign.
  • To hear the bells before the rite — to great happiness.

Photos from baptism are a pleasant memory for many years. In most cases, photo and video are not prohibited.

But it is necessary to clarify with the priest whether he will allow an outbreak during the ceremony, as some clergymen are negative about this.

Photographers should be warned to behave respectfully and with a sense of awe for what is happening. They should not distract the priest from what is happening.

If the priest does not allow taking photographs during the sacrament, then another temple should be searched. In some cases, the baby can be baptized at home, if you agree in advance with the priest.

The godparents must observe the following duties towards their goddaughter:

  • Prayer. One of the main duties of a godfather is to pray for his godchild and eventually teach him prayers. This will help the child to communicate independently with God and to contact him in difficult times.
  • Moral instruction. The godparents should, by example, show the child that they need to be kind, show mercy to other people.
  • Religious. Godfather should teach the baby the basics of religion. If he himself has gaps in this area, then they must first be filled at home.

A little girl should be given to the christening those gifts that will be practical, useful for body and soul. It can be:

  • Spiritual literature, movies.
  • Icon with the image of the Savior.
  • Silverware (cup, spoon, rattle, cutlery).
  • Beautiful clothes.
  • Doll.
  • Hygiene products for baby.
  • Cake with the image of angels or baptismal clothes.

Godmother gives her goddaughter a dimensional icon depicting the patron saint of the baby. It is made to order and fully corresponds to the growth of the child at birth.

If the godmother is able to embroider with beads, then she can present an icon with her own hand made. Such a gift will be especially pleasant and unforgettable.

In addition to the icon, you can donate the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.

The godfather can give the Orthodox prayer book, which contains the basic prayers needed throughout the life path. You can donate clothes or educational toys for a little girl.

Often parents want to please the godparents and give them small gifts. This moment should be thought out in advance and, if necessary, prepare wrapping paper or order a culinary product.

Often they give an icon packed in a box that has the shape of a cross, an angel figure.

After the baptismal rite is completed, relatives and guests are sent to celebrate this event. It can be noted at home, but if there is a desire, it is allowed to celebrate christening in a cafe.

In this case, it is necessary to provide a place where the mother can feed the baby. It is important to remember that the celebration should take place in an atmosphere of seriousness and solemnity, and not go into the usual show with dressed up people and toys.

You can invite guests both verbally and in written or even electronic form. If time permits, they make invitations with their own hands in the form of holiday cards.

When celebrating, you should not consume large amounts of alcohol, because alcohol contributes to the dulling of consciousness and desecration of the sacrament of baptism.

Godfathers utter words in which they thank the parents of the child for the honor of participating in the spiritual education of the baby. Guests express their spiritual wishes, which are filled with a spirit of prayer.

During the celebration, everyone should pray for the baptized baby.

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