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What is angelic numerology, what do coincidences mean: the definition of messages by the hour, time

Angelic numerology: what do the messages mean and how to decipher them?

Every person throughout his life every day is faced with numbers. They surround us at home, at work and on the street. People are so accustomed to them that they almost do not notice.

Through numbers and numbers, a person constantly receives clues from angels. You just need to see them, do not miss your attention.

Understanding what these messages mean is not so difficult. Any combination has its own hidden meaning.

The founder of numerology is Doreen Verce, American clairvoyant, metaphysician, philosopher and psychologist. She began her research by encountering personal experience with the help of celestial forces through numbers.

Thanks to the tremendous work of studying the divine messages done by Doreen, the decoding of such messages is now available to everyone.

It often happens that with a quick glance at the clock we see the same numbers over and over again, and on the way to work or during a walk, the same numbers of cars and houses come across. All this is the attempt of our guardians to shout to us.

About angels, humanity knows from ancient times. Someone believes in them, someone does not, but absolutely everyone at least once in their life felt their help or warning. Some are able to hear the inner voice, others are able to notice different signs.

All this is an attempt by higher powers to protect us from harm and to direct us in the right direction. Figures are just another way to help people.

Therefore, when we notice the same numeric characters, it is necessary to pay attention to them. And if certain combinations are pursued day after day, it means that the heavens literally went into a scream, trying to attract attention.

What is angelic numerology, what do coincidences mean: the definition of messages by the hour, time

Different dials surround people throughout the day. They are on the hands, walls, signs and pockets.

Each time, checking the phone, a person marks the time by the edge of consciousness, even if he does not look at the watch on purpose.

Symmetric and repetitive numbers that attract attention can and should be noticed in order to be able to decipher them in time and correctly.


Short interpretation

Quick fulfillment of desires

Good news from a man

Do not plan anything important.

Open your heart to new offers.

Get a party invitation message

Watch your words

For you to open someone else’s secret

You will meet your loved one

Do not hold your love partner, let him go

Luck is already at your door

The problem requires a different solution.

Avoid serious losses.

There will be a conflict with the authorities

Your detractors will make another move

Stay away from fire and water.

Listen to good advice, do not ignore it.

Offer from a loved one

Danger from human in shape

Rise at work or profit

Do not take large amounts with you, you may lose

An influential person will be your patron

Today is the key point that will change a lot

You have to start your own business

New stage in love relationships

A very pleasant meeting awaits you

Today, your enemies will be stronger

Wait a well-deserved reward

Now it is more important to be close to your loved one

You will be in an awkward situation.

Listen to the advice of a mentor or older friend.

Chance of new tender feelings

Transfer the trip to another day

Be careful driving

The deal will bring a good profit.

Misunderstanding may arise in a family

Avoid quarrels and scandals.

The acquaintance will grow into a bright novel

You will meet a very nice person

New acquaintances can bring trouble

Watch your health, you are in danger

What is angelic numerology, what do coincidences mean: the definition of messages by the hour, time

The basic values ​​of repeating digits are presented in the table:

11, 111The appearance of units means good news. Before you open up new opportunities. Dreams and deepest desires will begin to be fulfilled. Numerologists consider this number as a response of the universe to mental requests. So watch carefully what you think. Now thoughts become especially material.
22, 222In numerology of angels, the combination of twos means that you are on the right track. The actions were correct, and the result will not take long. Do not change directions, continue on the same path. You can not relax, to succeed just one step
33, 333One of the best combinations. It means that the heavenly patrons are near. You are under their protection. In a difficult situation, contact them, and help will not be long in coming.
44, 444This is the number of enhanced security. It means that not one keeper is near, but several. They protect from troubles, guide the best way. Success and luck are very close. Great time for bold decisions and action.
55, 555If the combination of the fives pursues you, then you need to prepare yourself morally for drastic and drastic changes in your life. Perhaps they will be for the better, but they can be negative. In any case, change is inevitable. Accept them with dignity
66, 666No need to be afraid, in angelic numerology, this combination of numbers has nothing to do with the «devil number». But it encourages a person to look at himself. Perhaps, in pursuit of material values ​​and carnal pleasures, you completely forgot about the soul. A guardian angel is trying to reach your heart. It is worth stopping and listening to him
77, 777Seven in itself is a figure of fortune, and when there are several of them, you can count on great luck. It is important not to miss the moment, then any undertaking will bring maximum success. But luck is not infinite. You need to be prepared for the fact that you have to pay for luck and some losses are inevitable.
88, 888This combination has the meaning of natural completion. The next stage of life passed, it’s time to close this door and go towards the future. It is necessary to determine the direction of your movement, because there will be no going back
99, 999Nine is the number of an angel. This is a signal that the keeper is calling to you. Something important and necessary was started, but not finished, some business needs to be completed. Only then can you fulfill your mission.
00, 000The value of this combination of numbers is very similar to the combination of fours. You are protected. Now you can not be afraid of anything, relax and be at peace. It may also mean that another major round of life has come to an end. Something big and important is over and there is a new stage ahead

What is angelic numerology, what do coincidences mean: the definition of messages by the hour, time

In addition to the obvious signs, when the same numbers often repeat, you should pay attention to other combinations. It is worth asking your advocate for help, and she begins to crumble like from a horn of plenty.

Tips surround us all the time and we must try not to miss them.

According to Doreen Verce, angels do not always send messages to their wards using the same numbers. Sometimes people regularly see combinations of different numbers.


Thoughts are material, it is impossible to forget about it. You need to send them to the implementation of the desired and then you can be confident of success.

Do not lose sight of the little things, they are very important now. It is in insignificant things that lies the solution to the urgent problem.

Direct communication with your angel. Now you can ask and ask, the answer will come very quickly

Foggy and blurry combination. Always leads to change. Listen to intuition.

If you feel anxiety, you need to be alert. When the soul is warm and calm, all is for the best.

You must stop and allow yourself to rest. It’s time to take a break and arrange a vacation from all things. Only peace, dreams and positive emotions.

Good luck on your side, the direction is right, you need to continue the path without stopping. Do not forget to thank your advocates for their support.

An important stage of life is coming to an end. Nothing can be changed, we must look forward and start moving towards something fresh.

The result of your labors is not far off, new doors will open as a reward. You can safely go ahead and not be afraid of failures

It is necessary to change the direction of thoughts to get what you want. Perhaps you need to reconsider its position on some issue.

What does the combination with the two, means, you can learn from the table:


Everything happens in the best way. You are protected. Do not be afraid of difficulties, you can risk, fortune is now on your side

Heavenly forces support you. Good moment for bold and decisive action.

Events or news that can change the usual course of life. We must not forget about prayers, then everything will turn out in the best way.

These numbers portend some great purchase, purchase, or gift.

Good news will come soon, the debt issue will be resolved, help in studying or working will arrive

Now you need to listen to your inner voice especially carefully, he will point the right direction.

Damage compensation, clarification of the situation, the end of the black band of life

If you need help, you can safely ask her from God. Every word will be heard, the answer will appear very soon.

The values ​​of combinations with three are as follows:


This combination indicates that you need heavenly support. But to get it, you need to voice your request

It is worth preparing for change. Receive them as a blessing from above

Prayers were heard, goals approved. The keeper will not leave without support, everything will turn out

These are signs of approval. You are on the right track

The direction was chosen correctly, do not change it and continue to move on

Something is hindering you, not letting you go forward to your fate. Perhaps these are past grievances or relationships that have become obsolete. It is necessary to let them go

The signal that something important has escaped your attention. We must try to understand what was missed.

Combinations with the four signify the following:


Big changes are coming, but don’t be afraid, they will lead to something very good.

We need to think about spiritual values, it is now much more important than all material

Heaven approve of your actions and predict undoubted success.

You are on the verge of a new stage of life, and the previous important stage is completed

One more hint indicating fast changes. You need to take the situation seriously and listen to your inner voice to correctly determine the direction

These numbers are reminiscent of the need to sincerely believe in the help and unconditional love of the heavenly guardians.

If there are combinations with a five, then the angel warns about such changes:


In financial terms, an improvement is expected. Possible large purchase or gift

Spiritual acquisitions. There will be events that will help enrich your inner world

You should expect major changes in life. So that they pass without loss, you need to get rid of fear and boldly go forward.

It is necessary to let go of the past, it is an obstacle on your way. It’s time to open new doors

All changes occurred by the will of heaven. This is a gift to be gratefully accepted.

Interpretations of combinations with six are presented in the table:


This is a clue that faith needs to be strengthened, and the soul needs to be enriched. And also we should not forget about gratitude for what has already been given to you

To get something new, you must first leave the old. You can safely let go of all that has become obsolete

You need to focus on your spiritual development. Otherwise, problems can not be avoided.

Such combinations are the voice of conscience. You need to listen carefully to him. You have to be honest, otherwise you have to pay for cheating.

Combinations with the seven can warn about such changes:


You did everything you could. This circle is completed, new goals and paths lie ahead.

It is necessary to reset unnecessary and outdated ballast, then moving forward will become noticeably easier.

Someone from close people need help and support. Higher forces are trying to render it through you

If you carefully consider the messages of angels, you can avoid a variety of unpleasant situations in life. Interpretations of the combinations with the eight and the nine mean the following:


The rapid development of events in life at the moment is no accident, it is necessary to saturate the inner world with the right emotions

Prayers will be heard and help will come very soon, do not be afraid to ask, in faith your strength

It is necessary to forgive and let go, and to take losses meekly. They are not accidental, only unnecessary things leave you

To get help from the universe, you just need to be attentive in your life’s journey. Each person constantly receives messages in which clues lie. They are the date of birth and the various numbers that surround us daily.

Angelic numerology allows you to see them and correctly understand.

And in order to communicate with the keeper productively, you need to follow simple rules:

  • it is necessary to learn to concentrate on trifles, to notice even the smallest details;
  • asking for help or advice, you must be especially careful not to miss the answer;
  • having received a hint, you need to try to decipher it as soon as possible;
  • if the path is specified above, do not ignore it.

Guardian angels are always there, support and preserve. They use the language of numbers to transmit their messages at the right time.

An attentive person with a well-developed intuition will definitely see them and draw the right conclusions.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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