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What is a natal map and how to decipher it

What is a person’s natal chart, what does it consist of?

Natal chart is of great importance in the process of drawing up the horoscope. What is it and how is it decrypted?

About this and many other things you can learn from this material.

What is the natal chart

The natal chart acts as the birth chart of a particular person. This is a scheme in which the state of the Cosmos is depicted as symbols, which took place at the time of the birth of a particular person.

The natal chart in most cases contains images of the celestial sphere, as well as the luminaries with planets oriented along the Earth’s horizon in a concrete way.

What is a natal map and how to decipher it

To build a natal birth, an astrology expert needs data on the time and place of the birth of a person. As a rule, the place of birth is always accurately known, and major difficulties may arise with determining the exact time of birth.

Why do astrology experts put such high demands on the exact time of birth?

From the standpoint of astrology, each time period is unique, the originality of the cards and the appearance of people who tell about the personal characteristics and the fate of the subject are different. And the more reliably they know the time of birth, the more fully the natal map reflects the human individuality of each person and the more detailed information can be obtained from it.

How to read the human natal horoscope

Moment 1. Elements with temperament. Before analyzing planets with signs, the main and weak elements in the horoscope must be determined. About human temperament can be found on the air, water, earth and fire energy.

The elements will tell about the main background of the personality on which the unfolding of significant events will take place.

To make it clearer, you can imagine that you started to create a picture. Then the planets with the signs of the zodiac will perform the embodiment of sketches and first sketches.

And the temperament will be shown as a background.

Moment 2. Sun, Moon and Ascendant. After determining the basic background of the horoscope, you can begin to analyze the significant functions of the mental and mental components.

The sun is the core, the personal center and the true essence of life, for which man is born in this world. It is the solar sign that has the strongest influence on astrological predictions.

For example, the Sun, which is in the sign of Taurus, symbolizes beauty, matter, finances, practicality and simplicity. The sun personifies the power that provides the fullness of the world, the power that makes you get up every day in the morning and brings happiness and success.

Moon acts as a center of psychic energy, perception of the world, as well as a point of inner comfort. The moon affects the basic needs of a person, how it changes, and also affects the ability to adapt to different life circumstances.

Ascendant — will tell about your manifestation in the universe. He will tell about the features of the physical body, as well as about the perception of you by others, the material embodiment of the soul.

Analyzing the Ascendant, you can learn about the social and earthly tasks of the individual.

Moment 3. Collect map details.

The next step will be to add to the psychological portrait of personal planets, based on which you can get information about the various functions and tasks:

  • Mercury — will tell about your way of thinking, ability to learn, work with the flow of information. He is also responsible for communication, commercial acumen, questions of life, logic or creative abilities.
  • Venus — associated with the manifestation of love, the sensual sphere, is the point of pleasure and attractiveness, for men it symbolizes the image of her beloved. It acts as the significator of marriage. This also includes the field of pocket money, easy income and spending, and more — art and creativity.
  • Mars — personifies aggressive energy, the method of dealing with difficulties, problems, upholding their life position and behavior in conflicts. Also tells about the beginning of various cases in general.

What is a natal map and how to decipher it

It must be remembered that in addition to the main characteristics of the planet in a sign, aspects that make significant additions to the existing characteristics are also of great importance. So, for example, Mars in Aries makes a person passionate, quick-tempered and hot.

But the presence of a square from Saturn will help cool it a little, make it more systematic and sustained.

Moment 4. Identify problem areas. Virtually every horoscope has its weak points: affected planets, problematic Homes and various tense moments.

Often this becomes the cause of difficulties and misunderstanding in the process of interpreting the natal horoscope, when in one question everything turns out just fine, and in the other — problems arise.

We can speak about the defeat of the planets in the following cases:

  • tense aspects prevail;
  • are in signs of exile and fall;
  • burned by the sun;
  • associated with Lilith and evil stars.

The presence of intense areas in the map provokes various problems, blocks and complexes with which a person will be forced to cope.

Moment 5. Event Plan. Many are alarmed by the process of decoding the natal chart precisely because of the difficulties of transition to certain life events.

Even astrologers with great experience are often confused at this point.

Responsibility for the event plan rests on Homes or sectors of the map. If explained in a different way — Houses will show where a person will need to influence that or another planet with the help of certain circumstances.

For example, finding Mars in the 8th house will tell about the conflicts on material ground.

What is a natal map and how to decipher it

In order to correctly interpret the horoscope, it is important to evaluate the following points:

  • steward — is generally responsible for a specific area.

life, through which the realization of the House takes place;

  • cusp — provides a characteristic;
  • the planets in the inner plane will tell about powerful positive or negative factors affecting the state of affairs in the House.
  • for the sphere of money and finance — the planet Venus and 2 and 8 Houses are responsible;
  • for career and work — the planets Jupiter with Saturn, as well as the 6th and 10th Houses;
  • the Moon and Venus are responsible for the love-family sphere, as well as the 4th, 5th and 7th Houses;
  • for the sphere of health — the planet Moon with the Sun, and at home 1, 6 and 8;
  • for the ability to learn — the planet Mercury is responsible and the 3 and 9 Houses;
  • and questions of karma and spiritual self-improvement are under the responsibility of the planet Jupiter, the Lunar Nodes and 1 house.

I would like to believe that you now understand how the decoding of the natal chart should occur. In conclusion, we offer you a brief plan according to which this procedure should take place:

  • first determined temperament with the elements of man;
  • then they analyze the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant;
  • after that a psychological trail is created;
  • Finally, diagnostics of weak points in the horoscope is performed.

We hope that this article was informative for you and helped to get all the interesting information about the natal chart. In any case, if you want to make your natal chart, we advise you to seek help from a professional astrologer.

After all, only the expert will be able, after conducting the calculation and having compiled the corresponding natal horoscope, to find out all the features of your personality.

And finally, we recommend watching interesting video material on the topic:

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