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What give christening to the boy, the girl

What to give to the christening of a boy and a girl: gifts from godparents and guests

The infant’s baptism is a long-awaited and significant event for both blood parents and godparents. The traditional options are nominal icons, a silver cross, a chain, a spoon for the first tooth, and children’s bedding.

The godmother should purchase a kryzhma for her goddaughter or godchild, and in addition you can donate an embroidered picture depicting an angel, if the woman is fond of needlework. Guests can present toys, soft pillow letters, an album in scrapbooking style for the first photos or make a gift in cash.

As a rule, the godfather buys a baptismal cross, and a godmother must acquire the outfit for the baby, in which he will be during the ceremony. All clothes should be white, but you can embroider the initials of the godson with bright threads on your shirt and kryzhma with your own hands.

For a boy, only a baptismal shirt is needed, and for a girl, a dress, headband or bonnet, socks. If the baptism falls on the cold season, you will need a warm jacket.

Kryzhma should be made of natural fabrics.

It is not necessary to give a chain complete with a baptismal cross, but godparents can take the initiative and make a joint gift. The clergy recommend choosing silver jewelery.

This metal drives away evil spirits and protects from all sorts of misfortunes and diseases. Before the rite, the baptismal cross must be consecrated.

Subjects that can be given to christening for both a girl and a boy:

  1. one. Spoon of silver. Its size should not be large. To make your gift unforgettable, you can laser engrave with the wishes, the name of the godson and be sure to specify the date and signature.
  2. 2 Personal icon. The holy image can be purchased in the church immediately after the end of the sacrament of baptism, and can be embroidered by hand. The icon should be placed near the crib so that the baby sleeps soundly and calmly. You can choose an icon not only with the image of the heavenly patron. If it was not possible to find the latter, then the image of the Mother of God or Nicholas the Wonderworker will do. You can prepare in advance for the celebration and order a dimensional icon, the size of which corresponds to the height of the child at birth.
  3. 3 Book. You can purchase a colorful and large children’s Bible in hardcover. Such a gift will be a reminder to the relatives of the baby and godparents that they should educate a respectable Christian.

For the holiday table, the godmother can prepare sweet treats with the appropriate theme or order a cake from professional pastry chefs.

What give christening to the boy, the girl

Guests and relatives can give the following gifts to the christening:

PresentDescription and recommendations
Kids toys

Guests invited to the feast on the occasion of the baptism of the baby, can present toys that are intended for infants. It can be rattles, soft pyramids, cubes, games for the development of fine motor skills. To make it easier for the child to fall asleep, you can present a musical nightlight with a starry sky, or donate a mobile to a bed with a pleasant melody.

BeddingIt can be side-protection on the bed, a set of high-quality bed linen, a blanket-bombon that can be sewn with your own hands, a cocoon-nest for an infant, a double-sided blanket. It is recommended to choose neutral and calm colors: white, coffee, soft pink — for girls, pale turquoise, blue and pistachio — for a boySilver souvenir toysIt can be a silver nipple, a baby figure, an angel, a horseshoe, or rattles made of precious metal inlaid with multi-colored rhinestones or natural stones. This gift is considered an elite and originalChildren electric carGrandmother and grandfather can present to their grandchild or granddaughter the first motor vehicle on which the child can ride in a year. Among the variety of models of electric cars you can find options for both boys and girlsHousehold appliances and electronic devicesThese can be things that will facilitate the work of the mother: a slow cooker, an electric breast pump, a baby monitor, a sterilizer, a double boiler, a blender, an electronic thermometer, children’s scales, a humidifier. Such gifts will be useful and irreplaceable for each young mother, and accordingly for her child.Clothing and Gift SetsIt is recommended to give dresses, little people, suits, jeans and all other clothes for a child to grow, so as not to be mistaken with the choice of sizePlaster kits for baby hands and feet castsThis set usually includes a photo frame, plaster and gel, which helps to get a three-dimensional imprint of the legs and pens. All materials are absolutely safe for the child, so you can make a cast at any age.

The girl close relatives can give earrings made of silver or gold. The interior doll made by the individual order can become a memorable gift.

The dress of the doll can correspond to the baptismal, and according to external qualities it should look like a baby.

The boy can give a precious coin with an engraving and with the image of a guardian angel.

If there are no suitable ideas or time to go shopping and choose a gift for the baby, then it is permissible to donate money, after putting it in a beautiful envelope with a congratulatory inscription. The amount depends on the financial situation of the person and his relationship with the parents of the baby.

Gifts for baptism can be varied, but the main condition is sincerity and good thoughts of the donor.

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