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What events foreshadows the horoscope of Aquarius on March 2018

Accurate horoscope for Aquarius for March 2018

With the arrival of spring in the life of Aquarius, positive changes will begin. March will begin with unexpected, but very pleasant gifts: someone will meet their love, someone will be promoted, and someone will receive the news of a big win or inheritance. In addition, the month will be filled with interesting events, many of which will remain in memory for many years.

The Aquarius horoscope for March 2018 advises you to engage in spiritual and intellectual development, as well as plan your business for a month in advance in order to manage everything.

What events foreshadows the horoscope of Aquarius on March 2018

General astrological forecast

March will be a turning point for Aquarius, during which changes will begin to occur in all spheres of life, and only for the better. You should not be afraid of changes and try to prevent them, then they will pass more calmly and will not leave negative emotions behind.

Stars advise Aquarius to prepare for the fact that sometimes there can be ambiguous and rather complicated situations. But do not panic and try in every way to rectify the situation — it is better to just wait out this period.

In March, Aquarius is expected to meet interesting people, some of whom will linger in his life for a long time. Among the new acquaintances, representatives of this zodiacal sign will be able to find true friends and a person with whom they want to build a romantic relationship. In addition, March will bring an influential patron, who will become a reliable comrade, a wise adviser and a reliable assistant.

Thanks to him, many Aquarius will be able to start a profitable business, improve their social status, and improve the quality of life.

Any undertakings in March will certainly be crowned with success, so this month it is recommended to take on business and projects, the implementation of which you have long postponed. Of course, you should first think over your actions to the smallest detail in order to eliminate possible risks, and only then proceed to implement your plans.

What events foreshadows the horoscope of Aquarius on March 2018

Health horoscope

March will be full of events, because you want to have time to do a lot in a short period, so it is not surprising that Aquarius can feel constant fatigue. In addition, due to changes in the professional sphere, the list of responsibilities will increase and, accordingly, the body will receive a large load.

As a result, the nervous system may suffer, which is fraught with insomnia, apathy and depression.

In order to improve your health, you must first strengthen the immune system. It is necessary to enrich your diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs and berries.

You can also start taking vitamin complexes. In addition, sports will not be superfluous, and it will be enough to do morning exercises.

It is better to refuse large physical loads in March, since Chance of injury.

If in the beginning of spring Aquarius catches a cold, then you should not think that it will pass by itself — you need to see a doctor. In no case can not self-medicate, even if you think you know how to overcome the disease. Special attention to health must be shown to those Aquarius who have chronic diseases.

To avoid aggravation, you need to take preventive measures.

What events foreshadows the horoscope of Aquarius on March 2018

Horoscope career and finance

Many changes in March 2018 in the life of Aquarius will occur for reasons independent of him, but some of which will have to be made independently. If the work brings neither pleasure nor a normal income, then you should safely write a letter of resignation. Do not be afraid to be left without money, because the representatives of this sign will unexpectedly receive a tempting offer of cooperation from a new acquaintance.

And, most likely, it will not be about “work for an uncle”, but about one’s own business.

Aquarius, who are completely satisfied with their profession and enterprise where they work, may not be in a hurry to quit, because the horoscope promises them a promotion and an increase in salary. Of course, all this can be expected only if you show perseverance, hard work and initiative.

But if you start arguing with your boss and upholding your ambitions, you will not last long in the new position.

In March, you will often have to travel abroad on business trips, where Aquarius will be able to acquire profitable connections. It is possible that he will decide to move to another country altogether, because there are much more prospects for development and career growth.

It should be noted that the New Moon will take place on March 17, and it is on this day that you should not plan important negotiations, business meetings and long-distance trips.

What events foreshadows the horoscope of Aquarius on March 2018

Horoscope family and relationships

With the advent of March in the life of Aquarius will begin a romantic period. Representatives of this zodiac sign will not only fight off obsessive fans, but also use their charms themselves to attract the attention of the person they like. In the future, not to be disappointed in his chosen one, the stars recommend initially to pay attention to his behavior and actions.

Otherwise, there may be a deceitful person who will bring continuous trouble.

Aquarius, consisting in a relationship, the horoscope advises to think about the family. This does not mean that you need to go to the registry office tomorrow, but it’s time to discuss a common future.

For starters, you can try to live in a “civil marriage”, in order to determine exactly, you should connect your life with this person. Unions concluded in March 2018 will be extremely happy, so you can not be afraid of disappointment.

For the family Aquarius, the spring has prepared positive changes. Relationships will be full of love, affection, and mutual understanding.

Unfortunately, it is not without conflicts, but they will all end in reconciliation and passionate kisses. Many couples will decide to have a child, which will help strengthen their union.

At the end of the month, the stars are advised to go on a journey that will give a lot of positive emotions and bring family members closer together.

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