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What does the Pisces zodiac sign symbolize?

What does the Pisces zodiac sign mean?

The tattoo in the form of the zodiac sign Pisces is in high demand today. The symbol is presented as an inseparable connection of two fish that swim in a different direction. Such a tattoo provides a complete description of people representing a given constellation, who are distinguished by reverie, the ability to be in a series of realities at the same time, but at the same time preserve sound rationalism.

In this material we will reveal the detailed meaning of this tattoo.

Astrological characteristic of Pisces

The zodiacal circle is represented by only 12 zodiac signs and Pisces are in it in last place. The Pisces constellation includes all people born in the period from February 20th to March 20th.

Pisces are creative individuals who notice in everything that they are surrounded by something more than just an outer shell. Such people are characterized by deep insight, they are always imbued with the very essence and it is for this reason that they are often not understood by others.

What does the Pisces zodiac sign symbolize?

Fish belong to the water element, and the planet Neptune protects them. For Pisces, the typical throwing between past and future, as well as a constant internal spiritual imbalance.

At the same time, such people have high ideals and expect a lot from life. A tattoo with a picture of Pisces will help a person concentrate on the most important thing in his life, without exchanging trifles.

Astrology experts believe that it’s quite problematic for Pisces to quit addictions and now we are talking not only about alcoholism or smoking, but also, for example, about lies or laziness. A tattoo with a sign of Pisces will help its owner become “on the right path” and will save him from bad thoughts or personalities.

The Importance Of Tattoo Fish

Tattoo Fish has the form of two crescents, which unfold their outer parts relative to each other and are connected in the center with the help of a perpendicular line. The tattoo symbolizes a pair of fish that, although spread out on opposite sides, have a very close relationship with each other.

It is believed that the tattoo personifies the famous Yin and Yang, and also acts as a symbol of balance and harmony between everything that surrounds us in the world.

The symbolism of this zodiacal constellation symbolizes the aspiration for creative self-expression, family happiness and career success, since it is the water element that is responsible for this. The image on the body can also tell about the desire to start an independent life, care in the «free swimming».

In addition, another meaning of the tattoo is described — the desire to get to the true essence of things, to find the truth and the potential of new opportunities within themselves.

It is necessary to know that this tattoo with the image of Pisces can change its value, and in a very radical way. Since Pisces is in the last place in the zodiacal circle, in astrology it symbolizes the completion of life cycles, death and transition to another world.

For this reason, deciding to perform such a tattoo, you should be careful not to use a lot of dark colors.

Much better to stuff a Pisces tattoo

It is noteworthy that in astrology, the heel is considered to be a suitable place to perform a tattoo. In this case, the tattoo will turn into an effective talisman for the person.

But, of course, there is no special point in making a tattoo in such a strange zone: first, neither the owner himself nor his surroundings will see such a tattoo, and because of constant contact with the shoes, the figure risks to lose its shape and erase quickly enough.

In order to achieve star patronage, select a site located in the region of the Achilles tendon (though keep in mind that stuffing a tattoo in this place will be quite painful). Also suitable side ankle area.

Another suitable area to fill the talisman is the wrist. In general, if you do not see a special magical meaning in this process, then you can perform tattoos on the neck, on the shoulder blades and in the abdomen area — so that everyone who is curious cannot see them.

What does the Pisces zodiac sign symbolize?

An interesting moment. If you pin a Pisces tattoo on a shin, then you will be able to significantly enhance all your emotions and feelings.

But it is necessary to abandon this area melancholic and suspicious individuals.

Color of the tattoo

It is very important that the Pisces images are bright enough, noticeable and impressive — then they will “awaken” their creative nature in their future owner. Therefore it is necessary to opt for purple, lilac or lilac shades.

They will focus on the bright and pure soul of Pisces, as well as on their constant inspiration with innovative ideas. Plus, the indicated colors perfectly match the watermark character.

But you can also choose blue, green or blue shades.

Refuse the use of dark dark colors performing a tattoo with the sign of Pisces.

The most acceptable tattoo style

Due to its originality and the creative beginning of Pisces, you should pay your attention to the unusual styles of performing a tattoo. True, you can often face unsuccessful decisions when different techniques are combined at the same time.

But it would be better to choose for yourself one option or, maximum, add a few elements of a different style to the main idea.

Very well suited for tattoos with the sign of Pisces technique watercolor. In this case, the sketch is drawn with paint or gouache.

As a result, you get a slightly careless and fancy image. At the same time in the style of watercolors are often used in different bright colors and «streaks of dyes.»

Also, a Oriental-style tattoo will look pretty good. His homeland is the East, so it is characterized by bright colors and dense colors.

True, you can not perform the symbol itself of this constellation in this style, but it is permissible to use different oriental details to ennoble the tattoo.

It is not recommended to choose aggressive styles such as chicano, thrash polka, old school or new school. They are absolutely not suitable for the spiritual organization of a given constellation and will enter into discord with it, which will provoke a confusion in life and even greater instability.

What additional elements can be decorated with a tattoo

Astrology experts offer various methods by which you can enhance the positive effects of tattoos on your destiny.

  • First of all, you should add the Neptune planet patronizing you to the picture or decorate it with other important attributes — pearls, amethyst, water splashes, wavy lines, daffodils, poppies or jasmine flowers. It is also allowed to decorate the design with the help of shells, shells and small pebbles.
  • If you want to focus on your creative nature or the inclination to dream, you can add esoteric attributes or space objects to your tattoo. Tattoo fish will be very profitable to look, if you put on it meteorites, planets and satellites.

What does the Pisces zodiac sign symbolize?

At the same time, there is a difference in the use of auxiliary symbolism in representatives of different sexes:

  • So experts advise girls to use crescents, water lilies or images of water lilies. Also quite interesting combinations in which there are raindrops or waterfalls.
  • For guys, instead of the perpendicular line in the central part of the tattoo, you can depict a snake, and instead of crescents — use metal rings with different patterns.

And, of course, the most important point is that you really like the tattoo, it gives you positive emotions, and by no means the other way around. Then she can turn into your reliable talisman and will bring only good things into your life.

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