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What does the coincidence of numbers on the clock mean, how to interpret the same numbers

How to decipher the coincidence of numbers on the clock — the secrets of angelic numerology

With the advent of electronic dials, people increasingly began to pay attention to the coincidence of numbers on the clock. Equal, mirror or paired combinations of numbers, often caught in the eye during a certain period of time, mean a certain message from the Guardian Angel.

Adherents of the so-called angel numerology believe that the higher forces in this way are trying to convey to the person information about upcoming events or to warn against rash actions.

Angelic numerology helps to determine the meaning of messages encrypted in numbers on the electronic dial. Especially it is worth considering if a person’s gaze meets the same combination of numbers for several days in a row.

You can learn about what the universe will present in a short time, by deciphering the esoteric. Combinations of the same numbers are not so many, and they all carry positive information:

Same numbersValue
00:00Any wish made in the near future will come true. But it can be associated only with good intentions and should not pursue selfish goals.
11:11Four repeating units suggest that it is time to get rid of addiction, whether it is a craving for addictions in the form of alcohol or smoking, or a burdensome relationship with a man or a woman
22:22If the clock shows four deuces, soon a person will be waiting for a new acquaintance, promising a long-lasting romance or a true, devoted friendship.

There are much more paired numbers and combinations consisting of three identical numbers. Among them are both favorable and negative messages:

Time to act, to implement their recent ideas and ideas. Help will come from an old friend or a stranger. You should not give in to doubts and feelings, but you must go to the intended goal.

A combination of three units means good prospects for any idea, positive emotions and material stability.

Not far off is an invitation to one of the entertainment events — a trip to a restaurant or cafe, a wedding to someone of friends or relatives, a date or an outing in the countryside

All secret becomes clear, and the correctness of this postulate will have to make sure in the near future. Angels send a sign that a person will have a fascinating investigation or the solution of someone else’s secret

Those who are alone, three triples promise to meet soon with the second half. Lovers waiting for a romantic date, married — the revival of the cooled relationship

There were no such happy days for a long time. Luck and success are the indispensable companions of a person who has seen such a combination on the clock.

Solving the urgent problem is quite realistic: you need to drop stereotypes and look at it from a different angle

Trouble cannot be avoided: problems in communication with a teacher or higher management, misunderstanding on the part of close people or relatives are possible

Enemies, detractors and envious people are just waiting for a miss. Possible revenge or deceit on their part, so you need to be alert

Probably meeting with a wise or powerful person who will give good advice and help resolve the situation

Life is beautiful, and the day ahead will prove it. You need to be ready to meet a new friend or soulmate.

People in military uniform are a source of increased danger. It makes sense to bypass the municipal buildings in which law enforcement or military units are located

The combination promises success in the work — recognition of leadership, moral or material encouragement, promotion

Endangered personal finances or household property. In order not to become a target of thieves, you need to be vigilant — do not leave the apartment unattended, keep a wallet with you, do not trust outsiders personal data

Two dozen promise big changes in life. But how they will be — good or bad — depends on the strategy of the person’s behavior

Success in personal life and love relationships, harmony and understanding with a loved one, a pleasant surprise from the second half

The evil value of the mystical number 13 promises trouble and hostile intrigues of ill-wishers. Before you do something, you must carefully consider your words and actions.

Good luck, frank declaration of love, marriage proposal — these are possible scenarios for the current day.

There is a way out of a difficult situation, it is enough to seek advice from relatives or friends. Their moral support will help make the right decision.

Danger lurks on the road. Drivers of motor transport need to be more cautious at the wheel, and it is better on this day to completely refuse to travel. Pedestrians need to follow the rules of the road

An unfavorable sign that indicates a possible attack by hooligans or robbers. However, if you do not stay up late at work and do not walk in the dark on deserted streets alone, threats to health or property can be easily avoided.

Another combination of numbers that could cause a car to break down, a traffic accident or a dangerous situation on the road

The probability of success in any endeavors is now higher than ever. You need to tune in to win and move boldly towards your goal.

Spouse or sweetheart can start a scandal. You should not succumb to the temptation to win the verbal skirmish, you need to try to maintain your own peace of mind, and it is better to prevent a quarrel at the initial stage

Two numbers, obtained as a result of the addition of three sevens, promise to see you soon with a man who becomes a faithful and faithful companion. This may be a new acquaintance or the return of faded love relationships.

Envious and detractors are not asleep. They can treacherously invade your life, so their plans and inner thoughts should not be trusted by strangers.

Pairs of numbers, which are a mirror image of each other, also have a special meaning in angel numerology:

Pair and triple numbersValue

Do not start a new business, otherwise all efforts will be wasted.

It is useful to review your attitude towards your family and friends, criticize them less, try to find a compromise in a disputable situation.

A close man will disappoint with his behavior. Misunderstanding, controversy and deceit on his part will be the reason for the final break.

The coming day is likely to be unsuccessful. But if you show vigilance, then everything will cost

Sign of angels that be careful when handling water or fire. Otherwise, do not avoid injury or misfortune associated with these elements.

An influential person will patronize and help if you find the right words to talk with him, find the right outfit, flash your wits and show your strengths.

Meeting with an old friend or a new acquaintance. Most likely, this is a man of the opposite sex who will become the second half or will radically change plans for the future.

All the bad left behind. A bright streak in life begins, which promises fulfillment of desires and success in business.

Possible troubles related to work. To avoid trouble, you need to carefully draw up contracts and reporting forms, observe safety and labor discipline rules.

A short novel will surely end with a break in relationships. So do not tune in to a possible marriage.

Unstable emotional background can lead to a quarrel with a loved one, close relatives or co-workers. For the next 24 hours it is recommended to be patient and not to succumb to the provocative attacks of others

Mirror two and unit foreshadow pleasant changes in life, for example, a long-awaited pregnancy, change of profession, implementation of creative projects

Health problems can be avoided if you go through an unscheduled medical examination. Early diagnosis will help prevent serious illness.

Signs of fate are sent to a person to get his attention. Tips will be true only if the same, paired or mirror numbers on the electronic dial were not spied on specially. It is foolish to hope for the truthfulness of such a fortune telling, looking at his watch every minute and trying to meet the desired combination. But if you see the magic numbers completely by accident, then you should try to understand the information encrypted in the message of the Universe and listen to the advice of the Guardian Angels.

What does the coincidence of numbers on the clock mean, how to interpret the same numbers

Experts in the field of psychology, esotericism and spiritual practices have long deciphered the secret signs recorded in different numerical combinations. They argue that a hint from above can be hidden not only behind the same numbers on the clock. It is worthwhile to take a closer look at the numbers on the numbers around us in everyday life:

  • cars;
  • travel and theater tickets;
  • residential and municipal buildings;
  • cash banknotes.

Each number has a certain meaning, but the most important hints are encrypted in combinations of three identical numbers. Their interpretation can be seen in the table:



Three units located nearby call for quick action. If a business is started, it should be completed in the near future. Any delay is threatened by the fact that the planned will stretch indefinitely. In addition, you should pay attention to your own security and do not lose vigilance.

This combination indicates that you should not hurry in making a decision. We must act carefully and thoughtfully, because the whole future life depends on it.

Having met a combination of three triples, you can be calm. Higher forces control the fate, everything goes well

If a person is pursued by combinations of three fours, a gray streak, loneliness and dull everyday life has come to his life. The Universe, giving such a sign, promises support from relatives, relatives and friends. The main thing in this situation — do not lose heart

The sign, consisting of three fives, warns of upcoming difficulties in solving important cases. But if you show restraint and do not get off the intended path, the victory will not take long

Seeing the so-called number of the devil, do not be afraid and despair. Three sixes only warn that it is impossible to go ahead to the intended goal. The Guardian Angel Message recommends curbing your desires and emotions, abandon what is not particularly necessary at the moment. Otherwise there is a risk of being left with nothing.

One of the most favorable combinations, promising dizzying success. Not without reason the number 777 is considered to be advantageous when playing on slot machines or so-called one-armed bandits. To see three sevens is a happy omen in the religious and mystical belief of Kabbalah. If such a combination was found on a purchase receipt or a train ticket, then major changes for the better will happen in the near future. You can safely start new business, plan trips, embody creative ideas — all initiatives are simply doomed to success

The combination of three eights appears when a person is doing well. At this point, it is worth remembering about the transience of life, to plan new achievements, to think about self-development and self-improvement. The number 888 indicates that there are many new opportunities ahead, which are quite realistic

The sign of the angels, symbolizing loyalty, selflessness and sincerity of man. Three nines mean the coming changes that will require a responsible approach, spiritual strength and intensive labor.

A great combination testifying to the love of the Creator. Sign of favor and care from higher powers

The most truthful are considered combinations that fall into the field of view of a person on Tuesday and Thursday. Even the dreams of prophetic dreams seen on these days of the week tend to come true.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

Mirror numbersValue

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