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What does a Virgo man conceal and what traits he possesses

Virgo man — the main characteristics and secrets of the sign

The most purposeful and serious sign of the zodiac is Virgo. Male representatives are distinguished by hard work, courage and a developed sense of responsibility.

Due to the influence of Mercury, the man of Virgo has analytical skills that helps him in his personal life and career. He always thinks about his actions a few steps ahead in order to eliminate risks and provide for an undesirable turn of events.

What does a Virgo man conceal and what traits he possesses

Character and behavior

Men under the sign of Virgo are old-fashioned and prim. Their things are always in perfect order, and they themselves strive to look perfect. Because of the tendency to perfectionism, representatives of this sign often have conflicts with others, because they are demanding not only to themselves, but also to those around them.

Nevertheless, this trait helps them to do their job well, because they are attentive to details, and strive to bring everything to perfection.

The main characteristic of a Virgo man is restraint. He doesn’t like to express his emotions in a passionate way, so they try to avoid situations that can cause an emotional outburst and make one feel deeply. This guy is difficult to ruffle or piss off, but still possible if you start to criticize him in public.

In retaliation, he will bring down the flow of bile and causticity on the offender, while mentioning all the shortcomings of the opponent.

Many Virgo men have such qualities as pettiness and meticulousness, which complicates their relationship with others. They are careful, punctual and diligent, and never miss a moment to criticize someone who does not possess similar qualities.

Those who are not scared away by the complex nature of the Dev, know that they are faithful friends on whom you can rely. In addition, the guys always fulfill the promise, because for them, the arrangement is sacred.

What does a Virgo man conceal and what traits he possesses


A man under the zodiac sign Virgo always looks neat — clean and ironed clothes, neat haircut, no running facial hair. Prefers modest, simple outfits of reserved colors.

In his wardrobe there are no bright, challenging outfits of non-standard cut, because The main focus is on practicality and convenience. The representative of this sign can harmoniously combine items of clothing, and knows how to dress for a particular event.

The guy under the Zodiac Virgo is sickened by the pretentiousness, so he will never spend large sums of money on clothes and accessories. In addition, he will not go to trendy barbershop, and prefer a modest barber shop, where he will make a standard haircut for a reasonable price.

Despite the fact that the guy Virgo is prone to perfectionism, he does not seek to bring his appearance to perfection. As a rule, he has the usual build — slim and toned, but not muscular.

A rather attractive, often round, face with thin features, full lips and a serious look. When meeting, he knows how to make a good impression, and endear a person, evoking trust and sympathy.

What does a Virgo man conceal and what traits he possesses

Work and Finance

Virgo — a zodiac sign is purposeful, hardworking and disciplined, so its representatives easily climb the career ladder, and seek financial independence. For men, material stability is a priority, so they carefully choose their future profession, and give preference to those that will allow them to receive a large income.

Nevertheless, despite the desire to earn well, Virgos will never engage in illegal activities, because their conscience will simply not allow them to do so.

For many guys of this zodiac work becomes the meaning of life, because thanks to it, they get not only means of subsistence, but also moral satisfaction from the feeling of their own importance and demand. Such complete dedication and thoroughness is always highly appreciated by the authorities, so it is not surprising that Virgos often receive a good award for their work and promotion.

Men of this zodiacal sign are encouraged to choose professions in the field of accounting, finance and technology. It is here that they will be able to fully realize their potential and even occupy a leadership position. In addition, such professions are fairly well paid, and the men of the Virgin will be able to fulfill their desires.

It should be noted that representatives of this sign are not prone to squandering. Even with a large salary, they are thoughtful approach to making large purchases, and before going on a trip will be a few months to save money.

What does a Virgo man conceal and what traits he possesses

Love relationships and compatibility

Since the Virgo guy is used to holding back his feelings, he may not admit to the girl’s sympathy for a long time. If a person is really interested in him, he will know her well first, before moving on to more decisive actions.

In addition, the guys of this zodiac are ready for many years to achieve reciprocity from their beloved, and having achieved the desired, she will do everything possible that she was happy.

The union with the Virgin Man is unlikely to be passionate, bright and emotional, because by nature he is calm and modest. Nevertheless, his beloved will be surrounded by care and attention, he will never betray her, and will not bother with causeless jealousy. In the intimate terms, the representative of this sign is gentle and delicate.

They love to give pleasure, and will be able to satisfy any wishes of their partner.

As for compatibility with other characters, girls Taurus and Capricorns are ideal for Virgo. They have a lot in common, in particular, they are equally pedantic, responsible and love order. Also a harmonious union can develop with Leo, since the woman of this zodiac possesses iron endurance and patience, which will help her to withstand the pedantry and pickyness of Virgo.

With Aries and Sagittarius absolutely should not start a relationship, they will initially be doomed to failure.

What does a Virgo man conceal and what traits he possesses

Family and Children

Guys born under the constellation Virgo will be good husbands. They will provide the family with everything they need and more.

They will constantly delight his wife with pleasant surprises and take an active part in the upbringing of children. But, unfortunately, the negative qualities of the character of this sign will also appear in everyday life:

  • strict order;
  • excessive criticism;
  • the desire to know about all events;
  • control of financial expenses.

Horoscope Dev men indicates that among them there are many bachelors, and this status does not inspire them with a feeling of being deprived or lonely. They will not associate their lives with the first person they meet, but will seek their ideal, even if it takes years.

Their chosen one should fully correspond to the image that once a man created in his imagination: pretty, modest, fragile, tender, purposeful, economic and intelligent. In addition, he should receive support, recognition, praise and admiration from his future wife, but not criticism and reproach.

The role of the father of a man Virgo is taking seriously and responsibly. He will help his wife in every way possible in his upbringing, and will not shift his responsibilities.

But at the same time, the attitude of a representative of this Zodiac to a child cannot be called too warm, because he does not have a strong need for constant communication, because of which their emotional connection with children will not be very strong and trustful. Nevertheless, a man will give his children decent education, and implant them with many useful qualities that in the future will help to become a full-fledged and successful person.

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