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What character has the sign of the zodiac Taurus

What character has the representative of the sign of the zodiac Taurus

Taurus is a fixed earthly sign, creator and gourmet. He is the personification of the love of life with all its advantages, and is also distinguished by stubbornness and practicality. Tauruses know how to work, diligently working to create comfortable conditions for their lives.

Also, representatives of this sign can wait for a long time until suitable conditions are created.

Patience Taurus impressive, it is quite difficult to comprehend something new and learn unfamiliar conditions. Taurus strongly perceive everything beautiful, have a developed intuition, are inclined to analyze the situation before committing acts.

In more detail the nature of Taurus, we consider in this material.

What character has the sign of the zodiac Taurus

Ruler planet

The ruling planet in Taurus is Venus. She is responsible for fun, joy, love for people, so she gives her «wards» vanity and love of pleasure and luxury.

At the same time, in the horoscope Venus can be in a different position and play both a positive and a negative role.

  • Representatives of the sign, which patronizes the «good» Venus, are distinguished by artistry, elegance, elegance, friendliness, mystical charm, natural kindness and compassion.
  • When Venus is in the negative aspect, the person will feel “unhappy” and will suffer from suffering. In this case, the positive characteristics listed above are transformed and appear in a perverted form.

Whatever it was, if a person was born during the administration of Venus, he is very much endowed with the «symptoms» of this planet. Therefore, it is possible to compile even an approximate external characteristic of such an individual: in most cases, he has a round face, skin with a pinkish tint or blush, burning, playful, kind and cheerful eyes.

As a rule, you can talk about a large build, a tendency to corpulence, such people have a pleasant, soft voice and lush hair.

Character traits

Taurus is a bit of a passive sign that prefers to wait for the right moment than actively seek opportunities. Representatives of the sign are capable of long and hard work, they are in principle the most industrious of all the signs of the zodiac, the main thing is that Taurus should find acceptable methods of their self-expression.

Without the mind of beautiful things, they are used to assess everything by exaggerated criteria. Thanks to his brilliant practicality and worldly wisdom, together with his slow pace, Taurus is a solid householder.

He is distinguished by sociability, has musical talents, believes in himself and attracts members of the opposite sex. Typically, Taurus choose for themselves art, finance, real estate — those areas where they can enjoy life.

Tauruses are distinguished by conservatism; they are not inclined to chase after ghostly ideas.

In almost all cases, they tend to make a positive impression, have a special personal charm, but at heart are skeptics and misanthropes, have very strong nerves, a great sense of humor, and can make fun of themselves.

What character has the sign of the zodiac Taurus

Of their core values, we can call security, the presence of specific guarantees, if the situation is unfavorable — Taurus can fall ill.

Tauruses are distinguished by their ability to empathize; they, accumulating natural forces, can become mediums, psychoanalysts, or even psychics, provided they develop empathy in themselves. Sexual balance is very important for them, they are looking for a person who can satisfy their sensuality.

They have impressive patience in solving family problems.

Strengths and weaknesses of the mark

Taurus is somewhat lazy, adore pleasure, and stubborn. They are hard to cope with unpleasant events.

Outwardly they look very calm, but at the same time suffer from internal aggression.

If something bad happens to Taurus, they will complain to their relatives before the change of circumstances for the better. Differ in anger and jealousy.

Taurus will not immediately show that touched his weak spot, and will be a long time to check their fears. Subsequently, restrained aggression can turn into a terrible scandal, a trifling showdown.

But Taurus demonstrates to others only the tip of the iceberg of their experiences. They may suffer from greed, thirst for hoarding, limitedness in the material world.

The developed Taurus is distinguished by a very strong sensitivity and susceptibility of the surrounding reality, the ability of a psychologist. Filled with sufficient knowledge and information, Tauruses can, using their intuition, predict future events.

Deep down they are philosophers and mystics.

Taurus Men

They are distinguished by self-confidence, calm and reliability. They may be a bit lazy, but when they fall in love, they pay maximum attention to their other half.

Taurus men are practical romantics, comfortable with them and traveling and spending time at home.

They love and know how to cook. Very poorly tolerate criticism in his direction, as well as reticence and protracted conflict situations.

Leaving a man-Taurus ceases to feel any boundaries. After the scandals, they tend to cool down quickly, but for a long time they remember offenses.

In love, they are proprietors, jealous, but they appear as a caring husband and father. For them, appearance is very important, as well as sensuality and talent.

Taurus Women

Perform one of the most attractive female types of the zodiac. The Taurus woman is characterized by understanding, sociability, and also a sound mind.

She aspires to a beautiful and comfortable environment, flowers, the beauty of nature and romance.

Differs caring, has a cheerful disposition and a great sense of humor, strive for wealth and hoarding, but not only financial, but also spiritual.

What character has the sign of the zodiac Taurus

Sheep Taurus is very important permanent sensual pleasure. In the love sphere, they strive for consistency, and when finding sexual harmony with a loved one — they can forgive him many minuses.

In difficult times always come to the rescue.

Leading element

Astrologers divide all twelve constellations into four trigon (or elements), each of them is responsible for three signs. Taurus belongs to the earth element — which is the basis of everything stable and eternal.

The element of the earth is associated with stability, rigor, responsibility and rationalism.

Each element correlates with its own type of temperament, which indicates which vital “juices” prevail in the human body. Astrologers believe that the representatives of the earth elemental lymph prevails, which gives him peace of mind, slowness and phlegm.

Taurus has a strong and calm temperament, all nervous processes occur slowly, and therefore weighted decisions and discretion are characteristic of him.

Phlegmatic have enough specific goals that they achieve quite confidently. Taurus does not always vividly show their emotions and usually do not suffer from sentimentality.

But at the same time, phlegmatic people differ in enviable persistence in their careers, productivity and balance. To bring them out of mental balance — you need to try very well.

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