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What are the surest signs of the zodiac: dedication and probability of betraying husbands and wives according to the horoscope

The most faithful signs of the zodiac: the devotion of husbands and wives according to the horoscope

The most faithful signs of the zodiac, according to astrologers, combine such qualities of character as constancy, devotion and the desire to build strong relationships. It is important to remember that it is impossible to make unambiguous conclusions about the fidelity of a person, based only on data on the date of his birth.

It is also necessary to take into account his worldview, attitude to the matrimonial life and individual character traits formed under the influence of the family and society.

Below is discussed in detail:

  • the behavior of men in marriage, depending on their horoscope zodiac sign;
  • relationship to conjugal vows;
  • probability of betrayal on their part.

Loyalty and dedication of men in marriage.

What are the surest signs of the zodiac: dedication and probability of betraying husbands and wives according to the horoscope

The first place in the list of the most devoted husbands belongs to Capricorn men. Representatives of this sign are responsible for choosing a life partner. Having fallen in love, they achieve their chosen one in all possible ways, demonstrating stubbornness and determination.

Being married, Capricorns sacredly honor the oaths given at the altar, the holiness of the family bond is inviolable to them. Next to such a man, a woman feels safe and confident, because she knows that the beloved will never betray her, changing her from the other.

What are the surest signs of the zodiac: dedication and probability of betraying husbands and wives according to the horoscope

Pisces are romantic, they believe in sincere love and dream of a happy marriage with a girl destined for them by Fate. For Pisces to be happy in a relationship, it is important for them to constantly feel the love, tenderness and care of their second half.

If they get it all, then they won’t even think about looking for relationships on the side.

Man Pisces takes pleasure only in a relationship with his beloved woman. Short intrigues without feelings they are not interested.

What are the surest signs of the zodiac: dedication and probability of betraying husbands and wives according to the horoscope

Man-Virgo is a faithful and reliable partner in a relationship. He is restrained in the manifestation of feelings, so rarely does romantic acts. He demonstrates his love to his wife not with beautiful words, but with decisive actions.

By nature, he is a very loyal person, so he does not give reasons for jealousy to his beloved.

Marriage with a man-Virgin will be a quiet and safe haven, in which there will be no room for quarrels and serious conflicts. A man in love will care about his wife and will do everything to make her happy.

A Taurus man is the ideal of a reliable husband who surrounds his family with love and care. Representatives of this sign are convinced that the family should be created once and for all.

Being supporters of the traditional family lifestyle, they strive for a serious relationship and are responsible in their choice of spouse.

Taurus is a very jealous husband, therefore his chosen one must be faithful to him and even in his thoughts not to allow the possibility of relations on the side. For his part, he reciprocates her and piously honors his marriage vows.

Scorpio husband is a caring family man who sincerely loves his children and spouse. Throughout his life, he has been striving for the formation of a happy family, so it is important for him that the marriage be based on sincere love and affection.

Scorpio is very jealous and suspicious, so his chosen one must be faithful to him. In turn, she can be sure that the spouse will reciprocate her and never betray her feelings.

Often, Libra men have several marriages in life, since they do not differ in loyalty and consistency. Scales, husbands, easily addicted and change his wife, not testing remorse.

Only a woman with a strong and decisive character will be able to achieve loyalty from Libra, sending their loving in the right direction.

Representatives of the mark are not the same; a sense of rivalry only boosts them. If a Libra man loves someone, then he frankly confesses his wife to treason and will not hide his extra-marital affair.

In his youth, Aries men often give birth to novels and never miss an opportunity to have fun and relax in pleasant company. Marriage changes their outlook on life and makes them appreciate family relationships.

Aries man sometimes admires attractive girls and gives them his attention, but rarely moves from words to deeds.

One of their reasons, which pushes representatives of the sign into treason, is the need to prove to oneself its attractiveness in the eyes of women.

If Aries himself forgives some liberties, he will not tolerate intrigues from his wife. Betrayal of the spouse is a good reason for divorce, since Aries do not tolerate being cheated.

Behind the mask of a hard and brutal man with a determined character lies a sensual man who sincerely believes in true love. The Lion Man surrounds his darling with care and attention, seeking to satisfy her slightest desires.

Representatives of the sign respect the institution of the family and honor the oath given to the beloved at the marriage altar.

Lions are not inclined to change. Having chosen their life partner, they are sure that this is the best choice in their life.

Cancer is one of the most controversial signs of the zodiac. The crawfish spouses are for the most part faithful to their second half because they do not want to destroy their marriage.

They are willing to fight hard to maintain safety, peace and tranquility in the family.

Astrologers note that among the representatives of this sign there are a lot of men who start relationships on the side. They do not brag about their victories on the love front, therefore, often no one knows about their intrigues.

If, unexpectedly, the betrayal of a Cancer man is revealed, he will come up with many excuses for his deception.

For years, Gemini men have been searching for the ideal woman, which exists only in their dreams and fantasies. Therefore, there are often several marriages in their lives.

Lovers of big noisy companies and fun entertainment, Gemini husbands barely take on the obligations associated with the traditional way of the head of the family and diligent spouse.

Due to their nature, Gemini is difficult to remain faithful to his wife, in love, they are constantly looking for new experiences.

The Sagittarius man is a born seducer, in whose life there are many novels before he decides to link his Destiny forever with a single woman. His wife should be ready for adultery, since it is very difficult for Strelets to remain faithful in marriage. However, intrigues on the side are not taken seriously.

Sagittarius quickly falls in love, but cools even faster, so his relationships outside of marriage never last long.

The lack of consistency in the relationship are famous Aquarius. They highly value their freedom and do not like being tried to be restricted. Change a man-Aquarius can only if he is strongly interested in another woman.

In general, he always remains true to his wife and tries to resist temptations.

Married to Aquarius, the girl should respect her husband’s personal space. This is one of the pledges of a happy and strong union with a representative of this sign.

The zodiac horoscope of loyalty and devotion to wives in marriage is discussed below.

If you start from the astrological forecast, then the ideal wife would be a woman-Virgo. She combines all the qualities of character that allow her to become a wonderful wife, loyal friend and passionate lover for her man.

Marriage with a woman, the Virgin, will be happy if she respects her husband, who must have high moral principles.

Almost perfect spouse, combining all the qualities that a man wants to see in his wife. The Gemini woman is intelligent, feminine and reasonable. Once having fallen in love, she forever remains faithful to her chosen one.

She only notices her husband and sincerely admires him. Other men pale in his background, so she never even thinks about treason or fleeting intrigue.

Taurus woman is a passionate person, so she always has many fans and admirers among the opposite sex. She needs a faithful and faithful partner and is ready to become herself for him.

The wife of Taurus will never dare to betray, because she is not ready to risk her marriage.

If a sign representative stops receiving signs of attention from her man and her feelings for him fade away, she will frankly tell him about it. It is not typical for her to look for bright emotions on the side.

The Lion Woman is a passionate and loving nature, who dreams that in her marriage passion, romance and true love should be combined. She expresses her feelings to the chosen one and takes care of him.

A man can be sure that his wife-Leo will never change him, because she respects her choice and does not look for novels on the side.

The main goal in life for a Cancer woman is to build a strong family. She believes in sincere love and dreams of finding happiness in marriage with a faithful and reliable man. Having met her elect, the representative of this sign will do everything to ensure that their relationship is harmonious.

The thought of treason seems to her unpleasant. Therefore, having married, she will be faithful to the end.

Aquarians are owners of an unpredictable character that surprises others. Sociable, cheerful and energetic woman-Aquarius often takes part in all sorts of adventures, sometimes too brave.

In search of the perfect man, she can marry several times in her life. In every relationship, the wife of Aquarius never allows herself to be unfaithful and treats her spouse with respect, keeping him loyal.

A Capricorn woman is serious about choosing a spouse, so marriage usually comes out as an adult. She is attracted by smart, determined and wealthy men, in the marriage with whom stability will be present.

Made once a choice, it never changes.

Capricorn is firmly convinced that her man is perfect for her in all respects, so she does not accept the novels on the side.

Scorpio girl — a passionate, emotional nature with a strong character. She always listens to her heart. One meeting is enough for her to understand that her second half is in front of her.

If she decides to marry, it is only because she does not doubt for a minute that the choice made is correct. Scorpio’s wife never changes her husband because she regards the relationship on the side as a betrayal of her love

Women-Libra, like a magnet, attract fans. The reason for the popularity of the opposite sex lies in the combination of femininity and mystery.

Libra’s personal life is filled with bright events, so they often marry more than once. Astrologers note the amazing loyalty and dedication of the representatives of the sign.

They value their relationship, so they never cheat on their other half.

Woman Pisces loves her chosen one faithfully and deeply, devoting all of herself to a relationship with him. For the sake of her husband, she is ready to do anything, but very often in her life she meets unworthy men.

Disappointed in marriage, a woman-Pisces decides to change, if she is fascinated by a romantic and gallant lover.

In marriage, a Sagittarius woman remains unpredictable, so relationships with her are never boring. She loves a beautiful and bright life, so the spouse must constantly delight and amaze her.

The Sagittarius woman takes the marriage vows seriously, trying to be faithful and loving spouse. If she decides to commit adultery, it is only because she truly loves a man and does not want to give up her happiness.

Attractive in appearance, bright and determined Aries woman has a difficult character, so it is difficult to build a strong family with her. She copes well with household chores, but work and entertainment always remain in the first place for her.

Aries is a faithful and devoted wife, but only as long as she truly loves her spouse. The only reason she decides to commit adultery is falling in love with another man.

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