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What are the rituals and rituals of the Nativity of Christ: to attract good luck, health, fulfillment of desires

Christmas Rites: for love, financial stability, good luck in business and health

Christmas Eve is filled with special magical powers, so January 6 and 7 are considered the most prosperous days for rites and rituals. On Christmas night, a person can ask about anything: about attracting love, money, good luck, about healing the sick.

The main thing is to believe in your words, and then the desire will surely come true.

Rites on Christmas Eve are simple and do not require special knowledge. The magic power at this time of year is at the peak of its capabilities, desires come true quickly enough, so you first need to think whether their performance will bring true joy.

The ancestors believed that the Nativity of Christ must be properly met and followed by certain customs so that the year would be fertile and generous:

  • Slavs believed that physical labor on Christmas Eve is impossible: it can attract evil spirits to the house. Therefore, cleaned and cooked festive dishes in advance.
  • On holiday women were not allowed to do handicrafts. It was believed that this could bring on blindness.
  • On the eve of this day and on the holiday itself it was impossible to quarrel and sort things out. According to beliefs, as Christmas will be held, this will be the whole year. Therefore, at the festive table should always reign love and warmth.
  • Some adhere to the rule not to wash on Christmas Eve, but it has not become a tradition. Someone important to swim before the holy holiday and bring cleanliness in the house.
  • Conjure, conduct ceremonies and conspiracies can only be 6 and 7 January. On other days, such things will be considered sin.

What are the rituals and rituals of the Nativity of Christ: to attract good luck, health, fulfillment of desires

Now, some signs may seem very strange, but before people sincerely believed in their reliability.

What are the rituals and rituals of the Nativity of Christ: to attract good luck, health, fulfillment of desires

On Christmas Eve, you need to be extremely careful: if you have to lose any thing, the whole next year will be financially unstable. This foreshadows large material losses and losses.

However, in case some thing is found, it promises a monetary year, generous and fertile.

It is considered a good sign to find a piece of jewelry or something valuable.

If you had to pour a drink at the holiday table, omen promises a good year. Luck will accompany a person in all his endeavors and affairs.

But in this case we are not talking about alcoholic drinks: drinking at Christmas is considered a sin.

To bring good luck to your home, you need to follow some rules:

  • On Christmas Eve buy a broom and put it in the corner in the kitchen. Decorate the whisk with a red wide ribbon.
  • At the door you need to hang a spruce wreath, which you can buy in the store or make yourself at home.
  • Before the arrival of guests need to light candles, and when people go into the house — put out.
  • A bright holiday is important to meet not only in a clean house, but also with a clean mind and conscience, so on Christmas Eve, you must ask for forgiveness from all who have been offended.
  • In the past, people believed that on Christmas and New Year, a brownie should be appeased. To do this, they put on a festive table a glass of red wine or put candy for the oven or under the bed.

What are the rituals and rituals of the Nativity of Christ: to attract good luck, health, fulfillment of desires

Ancestors believed that the found spoon on the bank of the river or the sea will bring the new owner the fulfillment of his cherished desire. Water has always symbolized stability and peace.

And the spoon is a symbol of the fact that heaven has heard requests.

The walker should concentrate on his desire and mentally repeat it.

Rituals and rituals are an integral part of the Nativity of Christ. The most common desire at this time is a plea for the health and healing of the patient.

On January 6th, you need to purchase a linen towel and speak it for healing. With this towel, starting from January 7, you need to wipe the patient every morning until he is fully cured.

Conspiracy words: “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I speak from seventy-seven ailments, from any pain, from a night beat, feigned dryness, from a cancer-eating, epileptic fit, from damage, from a night cramp. Mother Theotokos washed Her Son, wiped her with a linen towel.

God bless my flax too. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Whom I (name) wring this flax, from that I will erase all seventy-seven ailments. Key, lock, tongue.

Amen. Amen.


To add vitality, you can say 3 times before washing: “The Savior was born, the light appeared to the world. I will be saved by (name) through Jesus Christ. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Amen». Then you need to wash with water.

It can be liquid from the tap, mineral or holy — there is not much difference.

The patient can help his body recover faster. To do this, every morning, starting from January 7, he must mentally visualize his healthy image.

Mental representation will allow to cope with an illness and to go on the mend. On the 40th day, you need to take white bread and feed them birds in your yard.

If this is not possible, it is necessary to build a birdhouse.

The patient can draw an angel on paper and cut it. After that, looking at the figure, you need to clearly speak your desire three times.

Then draw an angel with one eye and safely hide the drawing so that no one can find it.

The second eye needs to be drawn when recovery begins.

Before the holy holiday should keep a forty-day fast. But there are times when it is impossible to do this. In such a situation it is recommended to show moderation in food at least for the holiday itself.

For this, juice is suitable — any steamed grains. This dish must be eaten all day, and with the arrival of the first star, you can begin to eat other foods.

Ancestors believed that such a ritual cleans not only the body, but also the soul.

The rite of passage on a loved one is considered one of the most common at Christmas. It can be carried out and to strengthen the existing relationship.

  1. 1. On a clean sheet of paper to write the name of the beloved.
  2. 2. Ignite the red candle.
  3. 3. Wax, which will remain after its burning, you need to drip on a sheet, fold several times and tie with red tape.
  4. 4. Folded square should be hidden in personal belongings, so that no one could find.

In this ritual, the answer to the question of interest can be found if you think of it for a prophetic dream. On the night before Christmas, you should sit by the window, put a lighted pink candle, a pebble of the same color, a wooden comb and a fresh rose or rose-scented perfume on the windowsill.

  1. 1. Looking at the flame of a candle, you should say: “I want to meet the contender! What will help me in this? «
  2. 2. After that, different thoughts will start to come to your head, they need to be recorded in a column. At the 50th entry should stop.
  3. 3. Paper should be put under the pillow and think about your loved one before going to bed. In the dream should come valuable information.
  4. 4. In the morning, waking up, you need to rewrite everything from the bottom up, that is, the 50th entry will be the first.
  5. 5. For the next 7 days, you need to periodically light a candle and think about your future beloved.
  6. 6. All interesting answers can be found on paper using intuition.

If you have encountered unrequited love in your life, church candles can eliminate the problem. To do this, January 6, you need to buy 2 soft candles.

  1. 1. At midnight, you need to scribble your name on one candle and the name of a man on another.
  2. 2. Then sit down alone in an empty room with the lights off and twist the candles together. To make them softer, they can be slightly melted.
  3. 3. After that, they need to be set on fire and, looking at the fire, imagine that the young man is near and loves the girl very much.
  4. 4. When the candles are burned, the remaining talisman heart must be made from the remaining wax and always carried with you.

To attract the men of your dreams, you must perform a ritual with slippers for marriage:

  1. 1. On the morning of January 6, you must go to buy slippers for yourself and for your future elect. To perform the ceremony should be in a good mood. It is necessary to imagine that a man is already present in life and that he is buying shoes.
  2. 2. After paying for the purchase, the shoes must be unpacked and put in a bag so that men’s and women’s slippers fit as much as possible to each other.
  3. 3. Returning home, it is important to try to avoid negative thoughts.
  4. 4. Having come home, a woman should immediately put on her slippers, and put the shoes of the future man in the bedroom, heels to the front door, and toes to the bed.
  5. 5. After this, you should say: “I am waiting for you, my love! Come quickly to my home! «

If a woman wants to strengthen the already existing relationship, she needs to perform the same ritual, but say other words: “Like heaven, water and earth, be with me always! «

In this ceremony, the color of the shoes is of great importance:

  • Red slippers will bring in the relationship of former passion.
  • Black will strengthen the love affair.
  • Green will bring wealth and prosperity.
  • Funny, funny slippers will make life a couple of carefree.
  • Brown and beige will bring peace and stability.

If you can not get pregnant for some reason, you need to go to church and ask God to give a chance to give birth to a healthy baby. You can also perform a ceremony that will increase the chances of having offspring.

To do this, a woman on Christmas Eve needs to stand on her right knee on the threshold of the house, hold a glass of holy water in her right hand and say: “Mother, Most Holy Theotokos! Itself to me to fly off, and no, so messengers went, son or daughter, I pray you help me.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Now, and ever, and forever and ever.


After that, you need to drink water. They say that the Virgin Mary will put a seed in a glass, which will be a child.

To attract financial well-being to the house will help hay. Previously, sheaves were knitted and installed in the yard and in the fields.

Now not everyone has such an opportunity, so a little hay should be tied up with a red ribbon and placed in the center of the festive table. Hay can be put under the tablecloth, which laid the table.

To make the year fertile and money-rich, you should prepare 13 dishes for Christmas and put everything on the table. Each of them must be tried at least once.

All that remains after the holiday should be wrapped in beautiful napkins, go out and go to treat people — acquaintances and strangers.

January 6, you need to take a saucer with rice. Krupa before this carefully bust and get rid of debris.

Together with a saucer in your hands, you need to stand in the center of the room and throw rice up, saying: “Ten will be born out of one, one hundred out of ten, one thousand out of a hundred, so that I, a slave (s) (name), will be born «.

Rice can not be raised until January 8. On the desired day, the cereal is harvested in gauze or a white scarf, tied with a red ribbon and hidden behind an icon.

To have a lot of money, you need to constantly work. However, there are also magical rituals that will help to quickly get the desired wealth. There are some rules, signs for attracting finance:

  • Houses are not recommended to whistle as households and guests.
  • In a residential area can not nibble seeds.
  • Do not recalculate pennies. They need to give to the poor or spend.
  • It should immediately buy a new wallet, if the old began to break.
  • Money in your wallet should be in order. Do not crumple and crumple them.
  • Money should only be in your wallet, not in your bag or pockets.
  • Dried horseradish in a wallet attracts money.
  • You should purchase a piggy bank of gold or green.
  • Accounts and receipts should be stored in a red folder.

To always have money at home, you can perform a flower ritual:

  1. 1. For this, on January 7 you need to buy a new flower pot and fill it to the brim with earth.
  2. 2. Then install three candles in it and set them on fire, saying: “As the twelve months are ringing, so would the purses of the servant of God (the name) thundered and thundered. As roosters scream twelve times, so do twelve dawns of money they keep money and say to themselves twelve times: "Money to money, wallets to wallets, all mine with me and all the money to me"».
  3. 3. After that, the candles should be extinguished.
  4. 4. The flower pot can not be moved from the place exactly 12 days.

The ritual is held every day until the candles burn out to the end.

If it happened that a new month appeared in the Christmas night, this is a good sign. It is necessary to take out all the money that is in the house, and show them a month.

At the same time, to say: “As the month floats across the sky, let the money float to me and float”. The words are spoken three times.

For the ceremony will require three coins of any value, three green candles and oil for the bath.

  1. 1. Coins should be put in the bathroom, in the place where the stream of water will flow.
  2. 2. Place the candles on the edges.
  3. 3. Then you need to open the tap and, dripping oil into the water, say: “The river is flowing from a distance, from the edge of the gold to the semi-precious sea. As there is no end to it, neither will there be end to my wealth. Be in my opinion! «
  4. 4. After the bath is set, you need to sink into it and relax. At this time, you should present yourself as a rich and successful person.
  5. 5. After a few minutes, you need to dive into the water with your head 8 times, and then carefully dry off and go to sleep.
  6. 6. In the morning, the coins should be pulled out, wrapped in a white handkerchief, wrapped in a red ribbon and put in a wallet.

The ritual is simple enough, but effective. He helps to achieve the desired goals in the coming year, as well as to get strong support from outside. You need to make it on the night of January 7th.

You will need a deep white saucer without any drawings.

  1. 1. At the bottom of the saucer you need to write your goal with a green marker.
  2. 2. Then pour a little holy water and put it in the courtyard or on the balcony at exactly midnight.
  3. 3. In the morning, when you wake up, you should read over the saucer: “The Savior was born, the world was transformed, salvation was found, the solution came. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, help me, help the slave (s) (name) to decide the matter, to reach the goal, to break through the obstacles. Let (briefly state the essence of the problem) be solved according to Your word. Amen. Amen. Amen».
  4. 4. Then you need to bring the saucer into the house and wash with water.
  5. 5. Only after this ritual can you go out on business.

The goat is considered to be the main symbol of the Nativity of Christ, therefore its figurine should certainly stand on the festive table. Next you need to put what the goat likes to eat.

The animal next year will protect the family, banish evil spirits and bring good luck in business.

You must make a wish immediately after the star of Bethlehem appears in the sky.

It is believed that on the eve of the bright holiday the sky "open", therefore, people go out at 3 o’clock in the morning, look at the stars and speak their dreams out loud. You need to think, sincerely believing in their execution.

On January 7, you need to light a candle in front of the Savior’s icon and pray the whole next night.

For happiness to always be present in life, and desires are quickly fulfilled, you need to go to church all year. On the holiday should put a candle to one of the saints.

When you leave the temple, you should look into the sky and say: “Open, holy sky, give me a golden happiness. How many bright stars do you have, so much so that (name) happy tears would be for me.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. «

It is believed that on Christmas angels descend from heaven who observe how people live. In order for an angel to fulfill a cherished wish, on January 6 or 7 it is necessary to write it on a piece of paper, and then put it on a window sill and go to bed. After that, it is undesirable to talk to anyone.

The guessing person should be left alone with his thoughts and constantly imagine that the desire has already been fulfilled.

Dreams that can harm no one will surely come true soon.

Angels may not look into every house. To get their attention, you need to put a candle on the windowsill, preferably a church one.

Sometimes instead of them on the glass hang garlands that mimic real stars.

Those who especially need the fulfillment of his wishes, can resort to the prayer of the saints.

On the night of January 7, before going to bed, you need to say: “Apostles are holy, pray for me, God’s servant, before God. Ask for my forgiveness for sins, the fate of an easy, joyful life.

May the Almighty keep me from the wiles of the devil, heavy ailments, sorrow and sadness. Let him reward me with love disinterested, wisdom, patience, so that with firmness and worthy of the problem, the difficulties that have fallen to my lot, to overcome. Amen. «

After this, you need to light a candle at home before the icon and go to bed.

Female representatives have long wanted to preserve their beauty and youth as long as possible. Such rituals are performed exactly on the night before Christmas.

Holy water is poured into a shallow bowl and two church candles are lit. The girl needs to sit in front of the mirror, dunk a clean towel in the saucer and wipe her face, saying: «As water drains from your face, so is the ailment.»

In the pharmacy you need to buy beeswax. From it it is necessary to roll a sausage with a diameter of about the little finger and cut it into as many pieces as kilograms are planned to lose weight.

Cutting off each piece, pronounce: "The first kilogram leaves, the second leaves" — and so on.

Then all the pieces need to collect and melt into one big ball. It should be put under the pillow.

At bedtime, it is important to imagine yourself already thinner. In the full moon, the ball should be put in the room that receives the most moonlight, around the wax circle outline. You can do this with chalk.

Every morning, you must cut off a piece of the ball, imagining that an extra kilogram is cut off. The ritual is held until the wax is finished.

The sacrament will not be able to help the girl, if she relies only on magic and does not take any action to lose weight.

To protect yourself and your family from various misfortunes, as well as to get rid of pressing problems, you can resort to the rite with slippers. To do this, before the holiday you need to take out your slippers to the street (you can use insoles from other shoes instead) and set them on fire by saying the spell: “Everything that is worn, everything that has been burned, served and unnecessary, will burn here, free it from disaster.

Let it be so».

You can make a protective plot for the whole house. To do this, you need a cross on the human body.

You should stand on the threshold of the house and turn your back to the front door. Then say, “Lord, take the nine arrows from me. Protect from a knife, court, water and fire, from slander, on the shelter and body of the assailants, and from damage to the black, on blood made. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


This rite can be performed independently only 6 January On any other days, the ritual is considered magical, which means that if it is performed incorrectly, it can attract evil spirits to the house.

Candle color plays an important role in any Christmas ritual:

  • Blue help achieve their goals.
  • Red responsible for love affairs.
  • Yellow help get rid of stress and depression.
  • Brown improve health, give vitality.
  • Pink attract the sympathy of the chosen person.
  • Whites used in divination.
  • Purple remove damage and the evil eye, cure disease.

Even on such a holy holiday, not every wish can come true. Therefore, in order to increase the chance of being heard by heaven, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  • Before guessing you need to get rid of all negative thoughts.
  • If the desire is associated with an increase in financial profit, a particular subject should be made up, not money.
  • In a love dream, it is important to make a fortune with a given man, and not to get rid of a rival.
  • On Christmas, only positive wishes are fulfilled that cannot harm someone.
  • It is recommended to write down your dream on a piece of paper and indicate the date and time, and then hide it in a secluded place. In a dream, on the night of January 6-7, an answer will surely come.
  • If it was decided to conduct some kind of conspiracy, it should be done with a pure soul and heart.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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