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What are the rituals and rites of the solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse Day is especially important for people who want to bring good luck and love into their lives and dream of fulfilling their own desires. With the help of special rituals, rituals and conspiracies, you can get rid of internal fears, complexes and become more confident and decisive. On this day, you cannot start important business and make responsible decisions, since a solar eclipse contributes to the strengthening of negative factors, and a person risks making an irreparable mistake.

At this time, you need to meditate, get rid of the accumulated negative emotions and reflect on the theme of your life purpose.

A few hours before the Solar Eclipse, you need to take a douche, then lie down and relax, imagining that all fears and phobias leave the body, turning into light energy and leaving behind a feeling of lightness and joy. When the eclipse begins, you need to utter the following conspiracy: "As the solar disk is closed by the Moon, so the fate has blocked my way to my goals.

When the moon drive from the sun comes down, so with me all the excess will go away. And I will be strong and bright, like a heavenly light!

All my desires are fulfilled, and the money is multiplied. Let it be so!"

What are the rituals and rites of the solar eclipse

Rituals of a solar eclipse or in the period of corridors of eclipses (the time between lunar and solar eclipses) help to get rid of circumstances that hinder the development, and also helps to eliminate specific psychological problems (fears, phobias, complexes).

Order of conduct "Of repentance":

  1. 1. It is necessary 10-15 minutes before the start of the eclipse to light a wax candle, previously acquired in the temple, and put it to the right of himself — for men, and for women — on the left side. You need to lie on your back on the floor, without crossing your arms and legs, completely relax and close your eyes, not thinking about anything.
  2. 2. Analyze your own shortcomings for 5-8 minutes before the start of the eclipse and determine the cause of their failures.
  3. 3. At the peak of an eclipse, you need to mentally forgive all offenders, repent to higher powers, and say these words: "I leave all my problems, failures, disappointments, fears and negative emotions into the past. I apologize to heaven for all my transgressions and sincerely repent of my deeds that have hurt anyone."
  4. 4. A few minutes after the peak of the eclipse, you need to imagine in your imagination a clear picture of a happy future: all goals are achieved, the person feels in complete harmony with the outside world and has everything he needs in this life to feel happy.

You need to think only about the good, because desires that are aimed at harming others, will turn against a person who is plotting evil.

15 minutes after the end of the solar eclipse, it is necessary to extinguish the wax candle with a wooden object or leave it to burn down. We should thank the higher powers and ourselves for everything that is happening.

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