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What are the rites for the New Year to attract money, fulfillment of desire

Effective conspiracies and rituals for the New Year: desires, luck, money, love, health

Dates of the New Year holidays are a special time when any rituals for attracting money, love, health and luck are highly effective. In order for the New Year rituals to be effective, it is necessary before the holidays to cleanse the accumulated negative, to forgive the enemies, to fill the soul with positive emotions.

If desired, before performing the sacraments, you can carry out energy cleaning of the home.

After the end of the pre-New Year cleaning all the corners and doors are sprinkled with holy water. Then light a candle (preferably church) and say the words:

"Holy God, bless this house. May your love and joy dwell in it.


Then around the perimeter of the room should walk with a candle, while reading the prayer "Our Father". After that, the apartment or house is fumigated with an aromatic lamp.

Such a rite helps to clean the room from negative energy, and all the New Year rituals held in this dwelling will be more effective.

What are the rites for the New Year to attract money, fulfillment of desire

During the New Year holidays in the universe, one cycle ends and another begins. The forces acting at this time make rituals for the fulfillment of desires particularly effective.

What are the rites for the New Year to attract money, fulfillment of desire

By tradition, when the chimes beat twelve times, you need to quickly write a cherished wish on a piece of paper. Then it is just as quickly burned in the fire of New Year’s candles, pour the ashes into a glass and drink champagne.

All this must be done before the last strike of the chimes. To succeed, it is recommended:

  • Use small paper. So it burns faster.
  • Burn a note burning candle. Matches can be raw or break, and lighters sometimes do not work at the most inopportune moment.
  • Pour some champagne into the glass. So it can be drained faster.
  • Meditate during the performance of the rite of the desired. So will attract more energy to make your dreams come true.

What are the rites for the New Year to attract money, fulfillment of desire

For the sacrament will require:

  • blank paper;
  • crust "Borodino" of bread;
  • red rose bud;
  • sugar cube;
  • red pen or pencil;
  • white wax candle;
  • scarlet silk ribbon.

The ceremony is held before the onset of New Year’s Eve.

  1. 1. First the candle is lit.
  2. 2. Three cherished dreams are written on a sheet of paper.
  3. 3. A scroll is made from it, into which a rosebud, bread and sugar are placed.
  4. 4. All of this is tied with a red ribbon and "sealed" melted wax from the candle.
  5. 5. A scroll is placed under the mattress.
  6. 6. It should sleep before Christmas.
  7. 7. Then the scroll is taken out and placed on the highest place in the room, putting it on your photo.

During the year, all written wishes will come true.

If obstacles constantly arise on the way to a certain goal, you can perform the next ceremony.

  1. 1. In the afternoon of December 31, take a piece of paper and divide it in half with a thick line.
  2. 2. On the left, they write unpleasant things and problems that I would like to get rid of. On the right — the existing desire.
  3. 3. Then all the bad comes off or cut off with scissors. This piece of leaf is torn and discarded. The second should be carefully folded and put in a secluded place — in an album or box.

Already in the first months of the coming year, positive changes will be noticeable on the way to the goal.

For this ceremony on three large sheets (suitable A4) draw three bags: black, blue and red. Then inside the contour of the red bag are written all the desires and dreams.

Inside the black — problems and fears. And in the blue bag are placed all the pleasant events of the past year.

After the chimes strike at midnight, you should burn the sheet with the troubles written on it and dispel the ashes to the wind. To do this, you can go to the balcony.

This will help get rid of the troubles in the coming year.

The two remaining sheets are hidden in a secluded place. About them should be forgotten until next year.

You can conduct the rite every year.

For this technique of fulfillment of desires will require:

  • paper;
  • pen or color marker;
  • several helium balloons.

First make a wish and write a list on paper. Dreams must be formulated in the present tense.

Example: "I am getting married to Vasily". Then the conducting rite must turn to those Higher Forces in which he believes.

For example: "Heavenly angels, my faithful defenders from God! Fulfill all my dreams in the best way, to my delight and to other people for the benefit".

When it is New Year’s Eve, a list is tied to a string of balls. He is released into the starry sky.

This technique is similar to the previous one. Take a helium balloon of bright color — red, orange, blue or green. On it a wish is written with a marker.

In the evening of December 31, you should go outside and with faith in the speedy implementation of your plan to release the ball into the sky.

Under the chiming clock, 12 grapes are eaten, while making a wish. If this is done, the dream will come true within a year, and the most thoughtful one expects "sweet life".

On the eve of the New Year, you can make your own wish card. It draws whatman paper and divides it into nine squares.

Each of them is responsible for a certain life sphere. In the middle of your photo is pasted:

What are the rites for the New Year to attract money, fulfillment of desire

In each of the sectors paste pictures that depict the embodiment of a dream. The photo should like the most conducting ritual.

It is signed by its name, or simply put a signature on it.

On the New Year, you can hold a ceremony with dumplings. They will tell each of the guests or household members which of their dreams will come true next year.

For the New Year’s table is preparing a dish. In each of the dumplings put the subject, symbolizing a specific wish:

  • coin — on wealth, profit;
  • thread — foreshadows interesting travel;
  • ring — to the wedding;
  • dill — for good health;
  • a piece of apple for a calm, peaceful year;
  • cucumber — to fulfill the cherished dream;
  • caramel — love affair.

The magic of the famous psychic Daria Mironova helps to realize the six desires. On December 31, at 23:00, six wax candles should be lit and special words said six times. After each repetition, one dream is recorded on a piece of paper.

At the same time, it indicates the desired date of its execution. Get six small notes.

Magic words sound like this:

imor ttot oprilpova

nikamo onnauto moonite ”.

At midnight under the chiming clock all the notes are burned. Ashes from them dispel the wind, saying the words:

"All desires will return, the bird of happiness will turn around".

To make the dream come true in the coming year, they create a symbol for it, which accurately reflects the essence of the desired, and hang it on a spruce:

  • aspirants to have a child can hang a pacifier or a child’s toy;
  • for a girl who dreams of marriage, suitable ring or other object from the wedding paraphernalia;
  • I want to visit hot countries — a booklet of a travel company or sunglasses.

There are no restrictions on the application of the method. On the holiday tree you can hang any object associated with the embodiment of a dream.

No additional items are required for the following magical rituals. Wards and prayers can be read at any time of the specified day.

December 31 should forgive all enemies and detractors, thank God for all the good things that happened in the outgoing year. Then the plot is read:

"My gracious God, be next year with me. Send me and my family a whole box of all good, gold and silver.

Give Your blessing to rest, not to part with You for a moment. Holy angels, archangels and all the heavenly host! Save us from evil and defend.

Do not allow the servants of the Lord (the names of family members) neither black days, nor ungodly people, nor bitter tears, nor serious illness. Stand in defense of the servants of the Lord (names). My word is strong and molded.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen".

Is read January 1:

"At the sea-okeyan the storm raises a wave, and the Most Holy Mother of God covers up for Jesus. Past along the path twelve young girls go, but in the hands of the wealth are. The Lord asked them: "Where are you girls, walking past me, what are you carrying in your hands?" And the young girls-maidens answered: "We carry to God the Father for the blessing of twelve months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December ".

Bless, Lord God, and Thy servant (name) for the whole year, too. Amen".

Read on the first day of the coming year:

"In the holy city of Jerusalem, and in the Jordan River, under the new raft, under the old shield, under the moss-covered stone, the holy letter lies. It was given by God to the earth, sealed with seven seals, and no one has guessed it. Someone understands the letter, yes, on the first day of the year, he will read it — the Lord will give His blessing, yes absolution.

And in the letter that the Virgin dream. Mary dozed off, a wonderful dream saw. As if three Angels flew to her, but the message of God passed: "This is the Virgin Mary, waiting for the Infant Christ, whose kingdom there will be no end.

Grace, Mary, will come upon you, and the Savior will come to people in the world". Whoever reads this dream on the first day of the year will not find trouble, tears and death this year. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


The festive energy reigning during the New Year holidays will help to open a money channel and speed up the resolution of financial problems in the coming year.

On the New Year’s table cook carp and eat it with the whole family. During the cleaning process, fish scales are collected and stacked for drying on the window sill. Paper makes symbolic "wallets" and on a pinch in each of them scales are poured.

Such a purse should get each of the household. One is placed in a dwelling in a secluded place. If you have enough scales, you can give envelopes to friends or colleagues.

Then every person who receives a wallet will not have a financial need all year.

On December 31 and during the New Year holidays it is recommended to recalculate coins and bills as often as possible. At the same time, large sums of money should be voiced (even if in fact it is insignificant).

The sacrament is performed as follows:

  1. 1. On December 31, a green wax candle is lit.
  2. 2. Looking at it, you need to mentally concentrate on the amount of money that I would like to receive in the New Year.
  3. 3. The amount is written on a piece of paper.
  4. 4. On the reverse side you should write your name given at baptism, or the name of the person to whom the ceremony is held.
  5. 5. On top of the note have a bay leaf and a coin.
  6. 6. The paper is folded so that the entire contents is inside, and then put in the bag.
  7. 7. It is stitched or knotted.
  8. 8. Then gently (so that it does not ignite) is held over the fire of the candle.
  9. 9. Once again, focusing on the desired amount, utter the words of the conspiracy.
  10. 10. Candle must burn to the end.
  11. 11. A bag is carried with them as a talisman or stored in a desktop drawer.
  12. 12. A year later, the bag should be buried under any fruitful tree.

"Dazhdbog generous, give me (name) money. Let my purses be filled over the edge. Reason yes every good I delhi.

Let the river flow golden in my pocket rubles. From circle to circle".

The ceremony is suitable for those who would like to become a businessman next year or expand an existing business. Spruce is decorated with real money bills. The larger they are, the more effective the rite.

In the denomination of the banknote must necessarily be one. The number of bills depends on the last digit of the year.

For example, in 2019 there should be 9 of them eaten. So the numbers 1 and 9 will join on the tree, forming the year number — 19.

To swim in money next year, you can take "money" a bath. Upon waking on January 1, a few coins are thrown into the bathroom (after clearing them). Fill with water.

Going into it, conducting the ceremony presents how it will swim in luxury and money next year. After some time, the coins are collected in the package, and the water comes down. Trifle will be the monetary talisman of the next year, which will attract wealth.

It can be stored in a special box or a small bag.

The rite cannot be drunk. In this case, it will not work, or its result may be the opposite.

The sacrament helps to attract cash wealth for the whole year. Preparing a coin in advance.

It should be thoroughly washed, since on a festive evening it will be at the bottom of a glass of champagne. It will also require a small piece of red velvet fabric.

The coin starts talking in advance:

"Bowl with good poured to the brim. May, in the New Year, wealth find a way for me, and let the money flow into my pocket like a river.

As the coin glitters in this glass, so let the money in my hands flash, my purse is filled. That said, it will be fulfilled.


Under the chiming clock, the coin should be thrown to the bottom of the glass and dry the champagne to the bottom. Then the coin is wrapped in cloth.

All year, you can carry it with you as a strong money amulet.

To conduct this ceremony, you will need two copies of a blank page of the workbook. On each of the sheets is written the desired date of recruitment, position, signed.

Everything should be arranged as it is usually done in the personnel department. On the reverse side, thanks are written to the Higher Forces for the fulfillment of the desire.

For example: "Thank you for the high-paying job, thank you very much!".

One sheet of photocopies is hung on the Christmas tree, and the second is put in the northwestern area of ​​the dwelling (according to Feng Shui, it is responsible for financial well-being). When, after the holidays, the fir-tree will be removed, the sheet is not thrown away, but put in a purse or purse and carried with them as a talisman.

December 31 should be on a sheet of paper to list all the debts, up to that ruble. Opposite them indicate the lenders. After that, soda is poured onto a sheet of paper and quenched with vinegar.

While soda will fizz, you need to start clapping and shouting: "Redeemed!", imagining that all debts are repaid in practice. The rite helps, if not get rid of all loans during the year completely, then significantly reduce the amount of debt.

The morning of January 1, they speak to themselves from financial failures. This is done during washing. Water should be poured into the container and 12 times, breathing touching its surface, say:

"In a bright hour, I, the servant of the Lord (name), speak in a strong word, for the whole year. Let not famously come to me, and the trouble in my house does not nest.

As in the open field weeds grow, so my luck does not end. So be it".

Then wash with water, not wiping off after that with a towel.

In a simplified version of this rite practiced by American mystics, you just need to "wash face" banknotes in the morning of January 1st. It will bring cash luck for the whole year.

On the eve of the New Year, you can hold special rituals to improve well-being, visual appeal. The effect of the sacraments appears gradually and lasts until next year.

The place for the holiday tree must be chosen so that the tree is reflected in the mirror, but there is space for passage between the tree and the reflecting surface. To get rid of the disease, should in the New Year holidays from time to time becomes "between two trees": present and reflected. In this place is going to positive energy with healing properties.

To gain health next year, it’s enough to stand for a few minutes. At the same time reflect on what kind of ailments would like to get rid of.

It is read before a mirror in the morning of December 31, without getting out of bed. To increase the impact of words, you should pronounce the text three times:

"I will rise from the bed soft to the clean river. I will ask the parental blessing for good luck, yes happiness, yes unearthly beauty. I draw some water in the star well.

Voditsa is the most expensive of all diamonds and gold rings. Tall white stone chambers are a mile away.

And that water is girlish beauty. In it I will wash my white face, may the young men and old men, old men, old women, and young girls, and elderly widows love me.

I will be more beautiful than the month of the clear and sun red. I would see my beauty every so every hour. Every day, yes, every moment, she would have fallen into their souls and so on.


The festive atmosphere of the New Year will help lonely people to attract love, find a soul mate. For those who are already bound by relationships, magic will help make them more harmonious.

The ceremony is held on December 31 before the start of the holiday feast. A red silk ribbon (a durable woolen thread will do) under the tablecloth is tied around the legs of the table. For each one, the words of the plot are pronounced so that the breath touches the tape:

"New Year came to the house, all gathered around the table. Joy was born, and the old multiplied.

To all of us get together again in a year, and not be a misfortune to anyone".

The ritual is performed by the master of the house. Preferably no one to talk about his conduct.

If the spouses are constantly in quarrels, by the New Year should be purchased not one but two ate. They are tightly tied together and put in one bucket.

Then dress up like a spruce one. In the New Year, the relationship between the spouses will improve.

For girls who want to get rid of loneliness, the following sacrament will help. For it will require:

  • a sheet of colored paper pink;
  • pen with red paste;
  • pink or red envelope.

A sheet of paper should be divided into four columns:

  • in the first one it is written what features the future lover should possess;
  • in the second — what disadvantages can you put up with;
  • in the third — that the girl is ready to give in return;
  • in the fourth — what qualities should not be in the future lover.

When all the desired qualities are painted, the sheet is placed in an envelope, sealed and placed under a spruce or in another secluded place. He must lie there until the old New Year.

On January 15, the letter is burned, and the ashes are blown away by the wind.

Held every morning from 1 to 7 January. For the sacrament will require a glass of pure water.

Words are spoken on the water for 7 days, and on the 8th glass it is necessary to dry it on a stomach on an empty stomach. The plot reads like this:

"In the New Year I will go, blessing, with a saving cross. I will go to the royal palace, to the rich threshold. I will go under the images of the saints, I will step into the royal chambers.

And there are noble fellows sitting there, boyars and merchants. I, the servant of the Lord (name), pass by them a notable pava.

All well done nobles admire me, and their zealous hearts are worried. Both the merchant and the noble fellow looks at me. I choose myself the spouse of the handsome and the rich.

I will marry, I will leave — the husband’s wife. No sooner said than done.


The sacrament allows you to get rid of the torments of unrequited love, to cause feelings in the chosen elect. For the ceremony will require:

  • red candle;
  • Golden thread;
  • crystal dish filled with water;
  • mirror.

On New Year’s Eve, you should dissolve your hair and dress in everything new. Before the onset of midnight, a candle of red wax, tied with gold thread, is lit.

A burning candle is placed in a dish with water, putting a mirror under it. Then the words are pronounced:

"The power of fire, let love (name) turn on me. May it be passionate and hot as fire, pure as water. Let it be like a mirror, deep.

As the fire reaches the water, so my dreams will come true. Key, lock, tongue".

On December 31 a ring is made of red and blue woolen threads. There is a conspiracy 7 times. After that, the ring hides under the pillowcase.

It should be kept there until next year, shifting when changing pillow cases and not showing anyone. If a wedding takes place this year, the ring is burned.

"Cornucopia, ringing beeps! The sea is blue, the harbor is calm, the ships are crystal.

In the envelope is a new golden engagement ring, and in chests there is wedding clothing. Truth and faith, advice and love.

Terem rich bed feather. I, the servant of the Lord (the name) and my beloved, the servant of the Lord (the name), it is time to go.

No sooner said than done, the ring golden engagement ring will not be covered. Amen".

For the ceremony will require:

  • ripe red apple;
  • paper;
  • pen or pencil.

First, inedible entrails are removed from the apple. The name of the beloved is written on a sheet of paper and rolled into a straw. The sheet is placed in the place where the core was located, and the words are pronounced:

"The apple dries out from the hour, and the servant of the Lord (the name of the Lord) longs for me and suffers. I’m all welcome, I’m all sweet, and (name) white light is more expensive.

He will pass to me through a hundred paths, across the sea and forests, through meadows and wide fields. The key plot is locked and the key is lost.


The apple hides under the spruce for the whole of New Year’s Eve. Then you should put it in a secluded place. As long as the apple dries out, different men will be attracted to the social circle of the fortunetellers.

At the same time, it will begin to yearn and "dry" her chosen one.

Entering the New Year, you can take a bit of a festive atmosphere with you. A special meditation will help. To do this, during the celebration should retire for a short time (7-10 minutes) in the next room.

Having turned away from other thoughts and concerns, listen to the joyful laughter of close people, friends. Inwardly thank the outgoing year.

Feel the expected New Year all over the world.

At the end of the meditation, you can mentally say to yourself: "Old year has passed. Now comes the New, which will bring more joy.

Everything will be alright. There will be no bad place in my life". Meditation provides a powerful impulse of energy for life.

It should be used in the New Year to fulfill desires and translate intentions.

In anticipation of the coming year, you can not wish for failure to another person. It is important to forget all the insults and to celebrate the holiday with pure thoughts.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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