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What are the most dangerous women apart from the zodiac?

Rating of the most dangerous of separated zodiac signs

If you correctly use the knowledge of astrology, it becomes possible to solve many everyday life problems. For example, at the initial stage of a relationship, it is worth finding out the zodiac sign of your chosen one, thus you will understand how much easier it will be to lure him and fall in love with yourself.

Of course, it’s great when only you use astrology to build happy relationships with your beloved. But the appearance of rivals on the horizon, who will also use various methods to select your cavalier, destroying your love union, is not excluded.

If this happens, astrology will also come to your aid. This is explained very simply — knowing the zodiac sign of your rival will make it easier for you to understand the strategy of its behavior along with the seriousness of intentions.

Therefore, do not rush to panic and play the picture scandal — it is better to read this article, in which we give a list of the most dangerous parties in the zodiac sign.

Rivals air element

Insidious seductress, related to the air element, can try to win back another man just because they themselves have experienced a love failure. And, it should be noted that this happens quite often, because the aerial girls are constantly faced with disappointments, attributing to their men unreal qualities that do not exist in reality.

Rival Twins. You can not worry much if you suspect your loved one is treason with a representative of this sign. The fact is that such a lady is not very serious about love hobbies.

It is characterized by inconsistency, so she would rather choose an option to find a new “victim” than to fight with you.

If your lover began to pay attention to such a girl, probably she, like Sirena, managed to talk to him and lure him into his network. But do not worry — this pressure will end very quickly.

What are the most dangerous women apart from the zodiac?

Rival Scales. It is distinguished by diplomacy and excellent intuition, therefore it can be a real threat.

Such a girl is likely to begin to engage in various intrigues, you can’t get the truth from her, because Libra never chooses open war, preferring to confine to a “dark game.”

Therefore, wanting to eliminate such a rival, it is necessary to act decisively, with pressure, and then she will disappear herself, starting to search for a more affordable version of a man.

Rival Aquarius. A woman of this sign with a very small probability will decide to tear down someone else’s union.

Perhaps she can use your loved one as a friend, but is unlikely to go further. She does not need this, as she herself is rather attractive for the opposite sex and does not have time to fight off potential cavaliers.

Rivals of the fire element

Women belonging to the signs of fire, the first thing rush to independence.

Rival Aries. It is distinguished by coarseness and self-confidence. Such a lady is quite active and chooses the line of behavior of a real hunter.

Therefore, if your contented woman likes her, she will do everything in her power to “conquer” him. How to act in order not to lose your beloved and discard this amazon?

You just need to get it out of balance. Aries woman in a fit of emotion becomes a terribly ill-mannered brawler who does not control her own words with actions at all.

When your chosen one sees her real, then he will most likely stop all communication with her.

What are the most dangerous women apart from the zodiac?

Rival-Sagittarius. Differs in big prudence. She will always express her sympathy to the man, listen to all his complaints, give him the necessary support, which is always a plus for her.

At the same time, she is not inclined to throw herself on the neck, just the strategy of behavior chosen by her provokes the fact that the man himself comes to it.

However, such a lady has a very big minus: she seeks everything and always keep under control, including her lover. Because of this, in order to cope with it, it is necessary to choose the opposite tactics of behavior: to refuse suspicion and in no case find out how your elect spent his time.

In this case, a man can very quickly feel the difference.

Rivals water element

If your competitor belongs to the element of water — it’s time to sound the alarm. Such representatives of the fair sex are emotional, mysterious, romance and sexuality.

Cancer Rider. Is a real angel in the flesh.

She has the appearance of a very modest and defenseless girl, which makes every man feel like a real hero and protector next to her, which, of course, is very flattering to his vanity. Especially if his wife is a strong and independent lady.

To cope with a rival Cancer, you must fight for your lover and provoke her. And with the disappearance of the innocent mask of a defenseless angelic creature, the illusion will very quickly fade away that it cannot fail to push the man away.

Lady scorpio. It is a very serious separation. She is a real femme fatale.

Possesses intelligence and sexuality, which helps her to achieve almost every member of the opposite sex without much effort. How to eliminate it?

Remember that rival Scorpio is just crazy about money. You just need to focus on its mercantile spirit and its own disinterestedness.

Competitor Fish. Possesses intelligence and sensuality, but also differs by amorousness and inconstancy.

She is unlikely to be able to remain faithful to one man, will pay attention to other representatives of the stronger sex. It is necessary to show your lover how windy and changeable she is and you will surely win the victory.

What are the most dangerous women apart from the zodiac?

Earth rivals

Women of the earth element are characterized by prudence, stubbornness, tactical force and caution. They are accustomed to think carefully about each act, calculating each action and can be in the shadows for a long time, waiting until a convenient moment arrives.
Competitor-Taurus. Differs in external attractiveness, well-groomed and femininity, which certainly helps to «lure» men.

In this case, women Taurus waiting for the right moment, and only then attack. But over time, representatives of this sign are beginning to need stability and will put forward insistent demands to that effect, which will probably scare a man away.
Rival-Virgo. Women in this constellation in very rare cases choose for themselves the role of mistress.

They consider this a humiliation of their own dignity, and therefore men are rarely addicted to competitors-Devas. If the connection did happen, it means that the Virgin really experienced a feeling of love.

Capricorn rival. In most cases, Capricorn women are not addicted to strangers men.

They have several other priorities and, still at a young age, they strive to put everything in their future life “on the shelves”.
Do not forget that love with harmony should always be present in your couple, complemented by respect and mutual understanding. Only in this case, your lover will not even look in the other direction, no matter how insidious opponents try to lead him away.

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